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  1. Ok great. In many of the interviews/comments I’m reading about him, there’s a consistent line that “he’s not about the money” - eg his return to St Pauli. I still have minor zweifeln about someone who’s going to turn 37 in January, but I’m mostly really excited. Sounds like a great guy and fantastic player.
  2. FCB, how Meier-specific is the Fußballgott thing? When I google it a lot of Schweinsteiger stuff pops up too. There’s also a song by one of Germany’s biggest bands Fettes Brot called Fußballgott, and I know they’re St Pauli fans and love Meier - do you know if it’s about him?
  3. Are you happy with the quality of the signing Taurus?
  4. Haha, amazing find. Surprised he’s not joining Robbie’s British Army in Brisbane. Recent goal-scoring record is passable, but we should remember that this is the same Danny Graham that took TWO YEARS and 28 games to score for Sunderland, so I’m more than a little cautious. And he’s 34 - same age as Berisha. Who is a proven A-League goalscorer, and an Australian. Get Berisha under the cap, and we could go shopping for another international marquee in midfield or at wingback. And why is there no chat for Bobô? He’s only a few months older, and I reckon he’d be worth more goals than either of them based on his one season here. Bottom line - I don’t think Graham is marquee material, and there are still better - and more reliable - options out there.
  5. He’s at HSV on loan now, intending to finish his career there: https://www.abendblatt.de/sport/fussball/hsv/article226995231/Martin-Harnik-plant-Karriereende-beim-HSV.html Good signs if we’re continuing to look at players of his calibre...
  6. Abel Hernandez or Marcus Berg please. Even better than Campbell.
  7. Good stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it to happen. A spine of Campbell, Raddy, Schwegler, Ziegler, Tasci and Lopar - plus Duke, Yeboah etc - would get everyone very excited.
  8. Link to the Turkish newspaper site? I think you talked up a Tasci link around 6 mths ago - and it does make some sense given the Babbel connection - but I’d like to see the sauce.
  9. The power of the forum? Well, Taurus, with a bit of help from PaperSun
  10. Are you basing that on anything or just the article that he said that he might be tempted to go back to hometown Huddersfield?
  11. Are you saying the club has probably got their man already Taurus? If so, will indeed stop speculating and just wait for the news...maybe...
  12. And can we get a replacement in a different position
  13. If they can get that gun player, great. These guys are the type of guaranteed goal scorers we can get if that’s not possible. Berisha hasn’t played in Japan - so truly a non-event rather than a misfire (but might make him within cap). Imagine if we had five gun foreigners + Ziegler + Berisha.
  14. There are guaranteed successful A-League strikers we should be looking at, unless this proposed Championship striker is an absolute gun. If we’ve discussed Bobô recently, I don’t remember it. Even at 34 and smurfy, I’d take him in a heartbeat. His 27 goals A-League season was absurd. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/bobo/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/37944 In the same vein, surely Berisha can’t stay in Japan for long. Babbel thinks the secret to the A-League is to get good Australians in and Berisha has citizenship (I think). It’s hard to look past him as striker unless you have a Bobô-standard marquee coming through the door. I still can’t stand him but that’s softened since he’d been away from the league. And if he’s going to score 13+ in red and black (like all seven other A-League seasons he’s played), I’m onboard. He’s under contract til Dec, but he’s not playing for Sanfrecce so could suit everyone for him to move. Bit hard to stomach, but this is the way to get the guaranteed goals we need. The Berisha bonus is that we would still have another foreign (and possibly marquee) spot open if he’s Aussie and we could get him under cap.
  15. Haha sure. What are Campbell and McGoldrick? Schwegler was mid-70s IIRC...
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