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  1. "Look at the skill of Sotirio" Is Brendan Speed rubbing it in
  2. Wish we had Jamie Mac at our club a proven goalscorer and a champion fella really down to earth his post match interview he had nothing but praise for the RBB and our new stadium something opposing players would never mention.
  3. Hopefully our Yeboah can score crackers like this
  4. So we have two teams representing the west and south west of Sydney, will the smurfs maybe in the future change their name to South East Sydney fc ?That would be a more practical name for them in my opinion but wait they represent the whole of Sydney!
  5. Or Elsey to crunch some bones
  6. Loved his passion he has won me over "In the Fuhrer we trust"
  7. that's the one seeing that grub Brosque bitch about it was so satisfying
  8. never will forget his last minute tackle on Brosque in the derby to beat the so called invincibles legendary stuff
  9. The way he setup the team that night was criminal even a friend of mine realized before kickoff that gombau seemed disinterested will never forget after the fulltime whistle i had a smurf point his finger at me and laugh with his mates i wonder if he is laughing now .Good riddance to Gumby as far as im concerned
  10. he skinned that prick ninkovic
  11. if SCG members didn"t have access to there games they would be lucky to have 10 G
  12. Hope Brosque rots there would burn up my membership card if he ever set foot in our club
  13. raul

    Dario Vidosic

    Hope it works out for him at the NIX a player who had the potential to play in bigger leagues wont forget his winner against the Roar in the semifinal and his two superb goals against the smurfs Good luck Dario
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