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  1. We tried to sign Castro last year but he was way to expensive and I doubt his price tag will come down anytime soon as he's playing very well and Perth have plenty of cash , I'd rather try sign some more fringe Socceroos and a fresh no name marque from Spain who actually can be bothered kicking the ball in the net from penalties (Pio)
  2. My nan can score 5 goals in that level of football it's worse then the uk Sunday league level ! The best player in Australia state league last year was Blake Powell and he's only worth 55k a year so I think it's going to be awhile before this kids score 17 in the top div of state league and gets an a league contract
  3. We played 2nd place away from home and did well with no Marques on the pitch and 2 more starting 11 out as well ! We have a decent run home with fixtures and roar and Adelaide both have very hard games coming up ! We can finish first still it's not the end of the world . My prediction is We will lift the trophy over in Wellington on round 27 in front of the traveling rbb tour
  4. i think we should look at nathan coe once he is fit again he is top 4 keepers in the aleague and galekovic and 5 -6 other gks are retiring soon so we need to sort it soon or get stuck with redmayne and bouzanis for the next 5 years i would try get coe in january as the guest player for 14 games then once bouzanis contract is done at the end of the year bring coe in the cap
  5. bouzanis has not put any effort in at all redmayne pepper nts alberto jamieson andreu dimas castelen nichols vidosic fred bench bridge cole aspro santa bouzanis our best possible team without injurys
  6. I think pepper will be starting rb untill a injury happens to a midfielder then he will move into defensive mid Also concidering aaron moys on 1.3 mill a season and troisi 1.7 mill i think fred for 750k and vidosic around 500k is absolute quality transfer business
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