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  1. A poor performance from the Wanderers. We really missed Jurman in defense .Bachus and Yeboah were awful for the 2nd week in a row and must be dropped for the next game. I expected us to do better playing against Diamante, you know he is going to play for the foul so make sure he feels it!
  2. Our midfield was hopeless. Bachus made no effort either in tackles or trying to find space. He was a passenger all game as were Yeboah and Grozo. Our left wing was hopeless Wilmering needs to feed Duke more quickly,. If not for the stellar effort of Lopar we would have beaten 2 or 3 nil.
  3. Given the problems and terrible performances over the last 3 years I expected Babbel to put a more competitive team on the field to show what we are capable of. He failed big time. We need more than press releases about big name strikers, we need competitive performances by players giving their all. I didn't see it tonight!
  4. Our performance is so disappointing,and the last goal tops it off. On this performance none of the Wanderers players would get in the first team of city! There is no cohesion from the team and no leaders.
  5. It is getting that way watching the game! We are being outplayed all over the park. So many passes going astray.
  6. sorry but i am so deflated I have nothing meaningful to add.
  7. I am so over the sh-t performances of team this season and the questionable substitutions by Babbel. The management and team have sucked he heart and soul out of this club.We will try and regroup when we go to our new home but the club and team need to show a commitment to mach that of their fans.
  8. I can't put in the pics so i have put them on twitter. Stadium is fantastic and the top tier is so steep!
  9. Hey, ny Bro’s been OS for the last 2 games that we have won. He is a foundation member like me . Should I tell him to stay away for the next 1000000000000000 years !
  10. This game is really bad for my health, too much red wine and chocolate ( I am eating the remains of the box I got the Wifey for valenttines Day!)
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