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  1. That was one of the best performances all season. We actually took control of the midfield and showed much more composure on the ball. CR got his formation and substitutions right fora change. Pity so many of the fans were missing. I reckon more than 50% of the crowd were under 10!
  2. And what was the point of bringing Muller on. He hardly touched the ball and couldn't be bothered running after it. The only spot he should have is on the next plane out of Oz!
  3. Well that was a waste of an evening. Freezing my arse off watching an insipid effort from a bunch of mainly 2nd rate footballers way past their prime. The team selection, formation and substitutions demonstrate that CR does not have the nous to coach a successful team in the A-League. The small crowd and lack of atmosphere show what the fans think of the team and their performance. I even had to put up with two Wellington supporters who decided to sit in front of me (so much for covid and sitting in your allocated seat!). One of them even had the nerve to jump up and wave his bloody flag for 5
  4. Our season is done, even if we get the last finals spot we will be the first to be eliminated. We have no heart and no fitness. Where were the crunching tackles and fire in the blood confrontations that real derbies are known for? We pussyfooted around and gave them too much space on the ball. The majority of our players walked around the park and backed off instead of tackling the player with the ball. Our squad shows no fitness (maybe we should poach the Panthers fitness coach and maybe they will last for 45 minutes rather than 15!).
  5. Outplayed by commitment, and no ability to finish. Poor squad selection and what else can I say ecxcept F………….Ck!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry but with this squad CR out!
  6. Atmosphere at the ground was a bit like the old days, the RBB were back near their best ( with flares to boot) and the rest of the crowd were engaged. The game was full of passion just like a derby should be and we beat the smurfs!!!!
  7. I am nearly speechless after this game. Disgraceful, disgraceful, disgraceful. You don’t deserve to put on the Wanderers shirt.
  8. This is the worst performance of the season. No excuses, Robbo out!
  9. It's Robbo’s fault because it doesn’t matter what formation we play our defence is sh..t. It is his selection of players to positions that needs to be fixed.
  10. Already finished one bottle of red, and the way they are playing I will probably drink another!
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