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  1. I can’t understand why CR persists with Muller and Ibini. They walk around the ground barely breaking a sweat and when it comes time to defend have an uncanny knack to find empty space with no opposition player in cooee of them. It’s also about time Bachus was dropped, he gives the ball away too many times.
  2. Miller’s been a passenger all season, it time he got on a plane and ...... off!
  3. After 20 mins we were the 2nd best team on the park. Bachus and Kamau were ineffective after this time. Ibini, Muller and Troisi were useless as subs, they showed no heart or commitment. The only players making any really effort were the young uns’!!
  4. It sad to think that their captain Jamison is an ex Wanderers player. CR should show the players the video of this game and say that what Wanderers expect from their players.
  5. The ref helped them tonight but it we still played shite. No heart or effort from players such as Bachus., Yeboah,Kamou and Muller. I can’t understand why they are picked every week. We also need to muscle up, to teach teams they are playing the Wanderers. We have no enforcers.
  6. It was a woeful first half. Schoolboy defence gave Adelaide 2 easy goals. We had no speed in transition from defence to attack and midfield was pathetic. Muller and Yeboah were all over the park doing nothing and we gave the ball away too easy when Adelaide pressed. The 2nd half was better once Muller and Yeboah went off but our finishing overall was 2nd rate. The referring was again poor and the A-League needs to clamp down on time wasting when it starts so early in the game. We have the potential but need consistency and more effort from the strikers and midfield.
  7. We played a lot better in the 2nd half and overall a draw is a good result. Good to hear the “.....east Sydney” chant at the end!
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