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  1. We played a lot better in the 2nd half and overall a draw is a good result. Good to hear the “.....east Sydney” chant at the end!
  2. Not pretty but good to have a win! Tate Russell for man of the match.
  3. I just saw the interview with Steve Corica on Foxtel, he actually looks like a smurf! Is it something in the water or does supporting he smurfs affect your mind? !
  4. Good 2nd half performance from the Red & Black, pity we couldn't get 3 points but I will take 7 of 9 against the Smurfs any day!
  5. The Panthers and Swans both came from behind so come on the Wanderers give me the bloody trifecta!
  6. Yeboah is spent and should be subbed, Baccus needs to pick up his game or be replaced.
  7. After that performance and poor/late substitutions there is no way that JPM should have the job next season.
  8. The only players to make a real effort tonight were Duke, Lopar and Muller. Everyone else only put in 50% effort. You can't blame the conditions, as the Roar players had no problem running rings around the Wanderers players and pressing them with 2-3 players at a time. It all comes down to fitness and mentality and the Wanderers players were lacking both.
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