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  1. sorry but i am so deflated I have nothing meaningful to add.
  2. I am so over the sh-t performances of team this season and the questionable substitutions by Babbel. The management and team have sucked he heart and soul out of this club.We will try and regroup when we go to our new home but the club and team need to show a commitment to mach that of their fans.
  3. I can't put in the pics so i have put them on twitter. Stadium is fantastic and the top tier is so steep!
  4. Hey, ny Bro’s been OS for the last 2 games that we have won. He is a foundation member like me . Should I tell him to stay away for the next 1000000000000000 years !
  5. This game is really bad for my health, too much red wine and chocolate ( I am eating the remains of the box I got the Wifey for valenttines Day!)
  6. I sat in the rain last night until 80th minute (I am the idiot in the bright yellow poncho). I watched a disjointed Wanderers team with no heart or passion. As others have said our team is sh... . If the team didn’t follow Babbel’s Instructions then it’s easy, drop the f....ker’s And play a new 11 from the rest of the squad. . the reality is that many of the players are either so out of form or don’t care anymore. Vedran should be reserve for rest of season and bring in Suman. Llorente and Elrich are too slow and should be last resort. Roly is too greedy and too slow in distributing the ball , replace him with Grozo. Drop Riera and Kamau and bring in Duke, and Fitzgerald with Majok and O.docherty or Scott on the Bench. At least that would shake up the team a bit and give us some hope that Babbel is the right coach.
  7. Vedran blew it and cost us the final goal ( and why the f.k did he stay on his line and not go for the ball) but we were lazy in attack in the 2nd half, Riera was a passenger and all Makok did was foul players. The clean out can’t come soon enough!
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