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  1. Looks like if we sign Dos Santos, we might have to take el gato as well
  2. Just put him on the field with most of our youth squad promoted and we will win the league
  3. https://www.transfermarkt.com/lewis-holtby/profil/spieler/55508 I would take him, he was ace at Spurs and wasn't bad at Hamburger though that was some years ago. Could be the biggest name signing we have had besides Ono?
  4. Maybe.. Could have been using us to get a better deal with them?
  5. A few other clubs replied the same day or the day after and we still have no reply from what I can see. WTF! Pull your finger out WSW, what you can't get deals like this for us and scout for players at the same time. *I'm looking at you JT* As I bet he is the kind of CEO that wants to have his hands on everything and needs to sign off on everything as well, just let your managers/team leaders do their job and whats best for the club and members.
  6. Found this site but not sure how much it can be trusted though? https://salarysport.com/football/a-league/highest-paid/ (though this is from 19/20) Duke was the highest paid after Goodwin then Hemed, so Hemed would definately be one of our marquees that's correct but Iko might fit in the "Beckham rule" if his contract is for $1 mil over 3 seasons maybe? Agree about Ruka, would be wanting very close to marquee wages as well (I'm guessing now that we have Hemed, we wont be getting Ruka as well)
  7. Thank god! https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-02-21/heather-reid-voted-off-fa-board-ahead-of-womens-leadership/13176306 The rat finally got flushed out
  8. With Ugarkovic coming into the team next season maybe the club think that Baccus will leave at seasons end with many overseas clubs watching him ATM especially if him and the team does well this season Fingers crossed he stays until we are able to get a transfer fee off him at least lol
  9. Cause he knows his better than Yeboah but cant understand why he was dropped from the squad
  10. CR might be playing that game, most tactical coaches would have a few formations up there sleeve (depending on the players on hand).. Change things up when needed but he seems to be liking this formation ATM
  11. Ibini and Natta to start, looks good.. Pumped for this game, lets go boys!
  12. https://www.sportingnews.com/au/football/news/i-was-removed-simon-hill-explains-dramatic-fox-sports-exit-as-he-slams-a-league-coverage/bgd9udxs5w721d3di6xzg69nt Good read, hopefully he comes back next season when fox are gone
  13. https://aleaguewrapup.home.blog/2021/01/23/its-just-about-getting-myself-fully-fit-and-breaking-into-that-starting-eleven-bruce-kamau-on-the-wanderers-carl-robinson-and-his-career-so-far/ Hopefully he kills it under Carlo this season, having him fight for a spot will put the other players on notice which is only a good thing for the team
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