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  1. A march from the T-Way to Marconi would be cool lol We'll see how long this will last, the longer it lasts the more damage it will do to the survival of our league. Anymore than 6 months and having to put in another delay in starting the league this will allow fox which is most likely. I hear people saying that we will not get anything close to what fox are paying now for it, though Optus seems to know what sort of value football has and the profit it can make if done right along with DAZN now in the picture could see the deal worth a bit more if they are throwing their hat in the ring as well. So the new broadcast deal might be better than some might think? (Fingers crossed)
  2. I believe this to be true and the only way forward for Australian football, we have chance to press the reset button because chances are the A-league will come out worse because of all this if they continue along this line. A nature pyramid will see those who want football here in Australia to grow and flourish will do what they can to put football first unlike what has happened over the last 15 years or so under the Lowy regime.
  3. Missed this one What a legend! He should have spat in Coricas face and he then would have been immortalize in the WSW hall of fame
  4. Lmaooo The passion of south american's and their football.. Its not hard to believe when they say we are born with a football in our hands.. Well at Messi's feet at least Thanks Ed that just made my day
  5. Im open 24/7 guys during these tough times
  6. It's all about the Benjamin's.. They are more concerned about pleasing the broadcaster then the health of the players and their families. Though they are in hard position as the leagues/players are so dependent on broadcaster money to continue to run/be paid from season to season so this will go on until one of the players gets it though it will be interesting to see what fox plans to do when that happens, do they lose their money to support the game/clubs/players or take their money and run and leave clubs/players fighting for themselves to survive on their own until this is over.. So will the blame in the end be put on the government for not acting more swiftly in terms of putting in place strict rules as they will point the finger at each other (Leagues/Government) no one will want to take responsibility for this, also the government surely cant give them money when there is so many other places right now that need that money more than NRL/AFL. Wont even suggest they will give money to the a league if that were to happen as well (Ask our Slogan Bogan if he even knows what the a league is)
  7. I like what JP is saying here, hopefully the boys take them to the sword! https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/news/de-marigny-our-responsibility-represent-region-and-fans “We need to do what we have been doing for the last six weeks ... in terms of being with the ball we need to be aggressive, we need to be positive, we need to be ruthless.”
  8. Duke has to make the difference once again and Cox needs to be more clinical, it will be a hard one for the boys in the midfield but we can still do it without Schwegs.. Listening to our chants while at work is pumping me up already, i will have them banging out loud while the game is on as well seeing as we will be missing that atmosphere Here are the in and outs: Western Sydney Wanderers FC: 1.Daniel LOPAR (GK), 4.Dylan McGOWAN, 5.Daniel GEORGIEVSKI, 6.Matthew JURMAN, 7.Mitchell DUKE, 8.Jordan O’DOHERTY, 9.Nicolai MULLER, 10.Simon COX, 11.Bruce KAMAU, 13.Tass MOURDOUKOUTAS, 17.Keanu BACCUS, 22.Nicholas SULLIVAN, 23.Kosta GROZOS, 27.Kwame YEBOAH, 31.Noah PAGDEN, 33.Tate RUSSELL, 34.Patrick ZIEGLER, 35.Mohamed ADAM, 36.Jarrod CARLUCCIO, 50.Tristan PRENDERGAST (GK). Ins: 5.Daniel GEORGIEVSKI (returns from suspension), 11.Bruce KAMAU (promoted), 17.Keanu BACCUS (promoted), 27.Kwame YEBOAH (promoted), 34.Patrick ZIEGLER (returns from suspension), 50.Tristan PRENDERGAST (promoted) Outs: 19.Pirmin SCHWEGLER (suspended – one week), 60.Oliver KALAC (not selected) Unavailable: 20.Vedran JANJETOVIC (knee), 29.Daniel WILMERING (knee), Radoslaw MAJEWSKI (knee)
  9. They must be pleased to not have to be playing the Nix mid week before having to play us again now
  10. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/record-amount-of-people-play-football-manager-as-self-quarantine-increases Is it worth getting?
  11. MistahCampoy

    Aaron Mooy

    What i would give to have him back with us now lol
  12. Oh Shinji, our wandering Japanese samurai how we miss you! Definitely the best we have ever had and the club needs to find another one like him for next season if we want to be a force to be feared again.
  13. From what i saw I wouldn't say lazy just adjusting to the new team style and where he should be i guess but definitely didn't come across lazy to me
  14. Fox at it again and i wouldn't be surprised, they hold this league by its balls.. We really need a saving grace to get us away from this broadcaster!
  15. So no news on the independent front since October, which is disappointing but given the time of the year people need to spend more time with family and loved ones so ill give them that but i though by the end of Jan we would have more of an update. From what i have read they are just waiting on the paperwork to be competed as the FFA have finalized an agreement, how long this paperwork will take is another question. Hopefully before this season ends
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