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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2019/aug/13/david-squires-on-the-premier-leagues-return-friends-and-the-eye-of-saurinho His back at it for the start of the PL, Beans, beans, beans.. lmaoo
  2. He can play on the left wing and can swap positions with Majewski from time to time mid game.. We can always use more wingers at WSW!
  3. Give us Holtby please!!!!!! Otherwise id be happy with Aogo, he can fill a few positions if needed..
  4. Yeah i would say the same, there are a lot of transfer windows in Europe that close early Sept https://www.fifatms.com/itms/worldwide-transfer-windows-calendar/
  5. I'm sure there is a club out there willing to offer more then we can $$ wise but if for some reason there are no more offers coming and he comes this way do you guys think MB would take him in?
  6. Hahaha too plastic looking for you aye, everyone has there preferences.. I like them more kim k but i would still smash her
  7. Are you sure your not missing your glasses mate?? lol
  8. MistahCampoy

    Aaron Mooy

    https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/mooy-joins-ryan-s-brighton-on-loan-signs-new-huddersfield-deal Off to Brighton with Maty, good move for him to stay in the PL
  9. Heres to hoping Marconi beat MC and we beat Sydney United and get drawn together for the quarters.. A western sydney derby would be fun!
  10. Nice, getting those games out of the way nice and early in the season is always a bonus
  11. When i was at the Leeds game i could feel a different vibe with the team when they came out and now after MB has had some time to build a team of his liking the signs are looking good so far especially with the new signings particularly Lopar.. He will be hard to get past this season and once Ziggy comes back he will feel more comfortable in goal also I feel ALOT more comfortable with him in goal instead of Vedran.. The boys played with a strat in mind to which they followed and got the win, proud of them! I wanted them to come out fighting and after they found there feet we were pushing into there half a lot i think with a marquee CF and a fit starting 11 we will be competitive this season which is exciting! I don't mind the formation it seams to suit our new wing backs like Kamau which has found his groove under MB i was impressed with his performance last night.. I'll say it now, In Babbel we trust!
  12. I think everyone may be too gee'd up for this one like myself.. I want to see what the boys have got against a partially absent Glory side besides us missing Duke and a marquee CF i think we may bring the fight to them tonight
  13. Ziggy on the team sheet is good to see.. I hope we can come out firing tomorrow!
  14. Man there are some flops supporting Syd fc loll some of these comments
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