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  1. Thank god! https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-02-21/heather-reid-voted-off-fa-board-ahead-of-womens-leadership/13176306 The rat finally got flushed out
  2. With Ugarkovic coming into the team next season maybe the club think that Baccus will leave at seasons end with many overseas clubs watching him ATM especially if him and the team does well this season Fingers crossed he stays until we are able to get a transfer fee off him at least lol
  3. Cause he knows his better than Yeboah but cant understand why he was dropped from the squad
  4. CR might be playing that game, most tactical coaches would have a few formations up there sleeve (depending on the players on hand).. Change things up when needed but he seems to be liking this formation ATM
  5. Ibini and Natta to start, looks good.. Pumped for this game, lets go boys!
  6. https://www.sportingnews.com/au/football/news/i-was-removed-simon-hill-explains-dramatic-fox-sports-exit-as-he-slams-a-league-coverage/bgd9udxs5w721d3di6xzg69nt Good read, hopefully he comes back next season when fox are gone
  7. https://aleaguewrapup.home.blog/2021/01/23/its-just-about-getting-myself-fully-fit-and-breaking-into-that-starting-eleven-bruce-kamau-on-the-wanderers-carl-robinson-and-his-career-so-far/ Hopefully he kills it under Carlo this season, having him fight for a spot will put the other players on notice which is only a good thing for the team
  8. It was only a matter of time before he would adjust to men's coaching and now you can see their hard work paying off. Always liked the way he had the women playing and had real high hopes for them in 2019 but once the vendetta started on him and he got axed I knew it was going to hurt our chances of winning that cup dramatically. You know Staj was stabbed in the back by the higher ups in the FFA (Gallop & Reid which should have resigned) @StringerBellend Enjoy!
  9. https://www.sportingnews.com/au/football/news/second-division-will-create-australias-new-golden-generation-arnold/1j6p24vib62oe1d7ao37pk5hw5 Well his not wrong.. Hopefully they can find the money/broadcaster (even if they do the FTA/FFATV thing for the first few seasons and then find a deal with a broadcaster when we can show whats on offer) to fund this 2nd div as we need it to be professional as possible so the kids (15-19 yo) can get the experience they need to take that next step up weither it be the AL or overseas. We need to get that youth machine churning again as we have the talen
  10. Almost $60 for an away active ticket and $50 for anywhere else is definitely not worth, I'll be surprised if they get over 2500 people there
  11. Looks like we made it on Fornite for their new football event with the Smurfs and City.. Muller will be headlining for us, https://www.a-league.com.au/news/a-league-clubs-partner-epic-games-bring-football-fortnite
  12. Well I know they are still burning about not getting one over us last season, hopefully that plays on their minds a bit for us to get on the front foot.. It will still be tight game though so I think it will be a draw but praying for the W over them With more coaching from CR and match time our front third will come into their own as you can see with Muller and Cox (working much better together this season) I am seeing a lot from confidence from our defense with Ziggy included, i'm guessing his experience is helping a lot with the team in training especially for the younger fellas
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