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  1. Agreed, he definitely should have put that first one away without a doubt.. Needs to be more clinical
  2. Good luck to Perth next year if he does leave.. Would their be anyone we would want from that team? Oikon maybe but he wouldn't come cheap
  3. We need the N2D in place then expansion will be easier if the FFA iron out this mess we have ATM. I think clubs will have to bite the bullet and take a loss on the license fee (Maybe they can sort it out with the FFA in term of some sort of buy back thing but only get a certain amount back over x amount of seasons) Say we hold off reg for 2 seasons but we promote two teams up from N2D so we can make it a 16 team comp then start reg. Plus it will give the AL teams some time to adjust and make sure they invest to stay up in the AL. We cannot hold back this sport any longer in this country, it was held back enough by Lowy/Gallop and fox..
  4. Cox to start and Adams to cover? You think a third striker would help out if there is room in the team, We could always throw Yeboah up front lol
  5. Anyone hear anything about the new cap for next season yet? Also i cant think of anyone in the team ATM i would have as Captain to replace Duke, its hard to tell who will be around next season..
  6. Also wouldn't come in on a free transfer from the looks of it. If Cox comes back which i think he will, then i think we should be right with him and Adams.
  7. The man with the highest transfer rumor news lol.. Worth a marquee spot, i'm not too sure though i think he would still rip up the AL. I wonder if a real football god is going to grace us with his presence before he retires lol, gods gift to football as he would say it.. Zlatan!!! Muller should be coming back if all goes to plans, i don't think we have seen the best of him and hopefully JP can find some players that can fit well with him. Any news on Ziggys citizenship btw??
  8. A few million bucks for 2 seasons, he mentioned money was the deciding factor to set his family up after football. You cant say no to that and i don't blame him. He will be missing sorely wish you all the best at Al-Taawoun and are welcome back anytime.
  9. Great news! JJ has **** all over the Lowy era in just under 12 months his been in the role. Just goes to show you how much they really cared about football in this country.
  10. Ali Auglah & Rory Jordan, they are looking promising and hopefully can make a real impact in NPL1 for us. Especially Ali. Wanted to get to the game on Sat against Marconi but wont be able to make it. Fingers crossed we take the 3 points from this one!
  11. We need more like it, especially when the N2D comes in
  12. That was short and sweet lol here is the highlights for anyone that is interested,
  13. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/diamanti-calls-for-second-division-to-make-australian-football-stronger His on the money
  14. Yeah I have told him though people forget to remember the past, like some of our supporters forget we have an ACL under our belt, people might be more content if we had a GF win as well but if i had to chose one it would definitely be an ACL. I don't support what management has been doing in terms of the last few seasons with recruitment and i have hit up JT and gave him my two cents about how i feel the club is going downhill in terms of on-field performances and recruitment (though this season i think the players we had were decent compared to seasons before this) but I'm not going to stop supporting a club i love and care deeply for just because things aren't going our way (If it was like this for another 6 years then i would prob waver a little tbh)
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