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  1. Interesting, just read that teams will be allowed five subs for the rest of the season to make things a little easier maybe allow the younger guys to get a run in too
  2. Yeah i would say he has the job wrapped up due to the situation ATM plus keeping us in the running for the finals as that could have easily slipped away from us. I would give him the next season to prove himself seeing we will have a shorter turn around this off season as well
  3. Great news for football here in Australia! JJ seems to be the leader the game here needed so far, we can build upon this to get the game where it should be. We can only go forward from here with him at the helm, fingers crossed.
  4. If they dont do it for grassroots then they should but like i was said with the comps being in different seasons it would have been difficult to get them to hold the interest in the AL once the grassroots season was over but now that they are more aligned they can use that to their advantage
  5. So this is what AC do on their days off? lol what a great bloke https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/video/labinot-haliti-surprises-wanderers-member-kim He seems to be helping the club get back to what was missing so far, which is promising
  6. I had high hopes for the kid and still do, hopefully he comes up to his full potential and can make it back into the AL or even would like to see him killing it in the second division (when it comes around). I feel like if there was already a second division in place he would grow a lot in a comp like that and young players like him that are ready to take that step above NPL but just not ready for the AL yet
  7. When i played league back in the day under 16's and below they used to give us these kind of passes for Parra home games as we played in the Parra district, do they still do that these days anymore?
  8. If we come to that bridge then i think all AL teams if not most would want to cross it along with a handful of state team willing to find investors (local or overseas that want to see the game grow here to its full potential) and can compete (see FFA cup quar-semi finalist teams for example). I don't think they would want to be left out of playing even if this an NSL style comp as long as the broadcasting dollars and sponsors are there to support the game, it will grow to be even bigger than what the AL is I promise you that so long as we get rid of fox. Hopefully this Golden Gen Committee can do some good as well, they are on the right track with this FFA TV project. (https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/ffa-tv-good-to-go-says-golden-generation) Football is football, it will be loved no matter what style we play in though it needs to be for the community/people and not corporate (we are not america, thank god for that right now and god be with them)
  9. That is true but I couldn't give a toss if the AL isn't around anymore if it means fixing this top flight league of ours because as it stands it will not be around much longer even if it gets going post covid, it will be stripped back to bear minimum if news is correct and they (fox) only offer $10-20 million on a revised deal for next season. I would rather we scrap the AL because of the way it is setup to run with licenses and the lack of pathways for our grass root players to come up through atm (Its just not football to me if our youth cannot see a pathway for them to make it to the top through our footballing structure in Oz). Put the AL teams into a new top flight league with a handful of top state league teams (which meet the criteria to the new league) so we have a total of at least 16-18 teams in this new league and the following year or so a second division along side it a group of 12-14 teams for a national second division. We start again and get it right this time though with a new sponsors and a broadcaster that can nurturer the growth of the league and not hold it back but that might be too radical of a idea for the stakeholders involved which is sad to hear. Though with a scaled down model of the AL playing in smaller grounds and more of a community feel to the league like it was was the first a few years of this clubs life we can get this league growing again, we gota get rid of these plastic teams though and put in some teams with history and pride which already have a base of fans to support them to succeed. As we know with plastic teams, they just dont cut it here in Australia as we are seeing here with the new expansion teams that the FFA choose to bring in because of Fox.
  10. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/second-division-still-our-ambition-says-ffa-chairman-nikou Sounds like his just talking the same **** over and over, get it done already!
  11. The No Frills A-League, it has a ring to it.. 2nd division could be called The Black & Gold Championship
  12. WTF.. "Probably from the wanderers" this guy!
  13. A march from the T-Way to Marconi would be cool lol We'll see how long this will last, the longer it lasts the more damage it will do to the survival of our league. Anymore than 6 months and having to put in another delay in starting the league this will allow fox which is most likely. I hear people saying that we will not get anything close to what fox are paying now for it, though Optus seems to know what sort of value football has and the profit it can make if done right along with DAZN now in the picture could see the deal worth a bit more if they are throwing their hat in the ring as well. So the new broadcast deal might be better than some might think? (Fingers crossed)
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