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  1. What do you guys think of Holman? Would the Bankstown boy help fill that midfield attacking role even as a squaddie? I didn't mind him at Brissy ht://www.transfermarkt.com/brett-holman/profil/spieler/21496
  2. Is it an issue of having two slots available but no more room in the cap to add more players and with Nizic out and hopefully Verdan to follow it will free some of that cap space to bring in others?
  3. With that new tatt, he can coach us for life if he likes!
  4. Umm 4 goals conceded i think is the best defense in the league ATM but we definitely need the front four to start firing
  5. Yeah i saw them for a brief moment being escorted to the station by the riot squad As for the game it was a great effort from the team to push through that pressure and get the win, Duke is a beast and glad we made him Captain as i mentioned at the end of last season he was the man for the job as he leads by example.. Once Muller and Ziggy comes into the fold we will be hard to beat!
  6. If you can de code this above you will find the one with the itchy nek
  7. Definitely tomorrow as it will not be a proper game at home without some sort of rain, though id prefer it to be raining beer most of the game
  8. Going by there first two games, they did not impress me at all and are not the same team they were over the past few seasons (tbh recruitment was pretty poor for them this season). Also before this season started they lost some back room staff like John Crawley and a few others that were pretty important to them which will be affecting them somewhat. I believe the boys can get this done if we play like we did against the Vuck and i'm sure the boys will be fired up to tear them a new one! Some revenge would be good and they get pumped 6-0 *nek minute they turn the camera to ABJ crying in the change rooms* though happy to win this one 1-0
  9. I said this towards the end of last season when i could see MB was on the right track with the club not in terms of on field performances but in the back end. He knew what he wanted for this season and the players he wanted to keep on, had an idea of the type of players he wanted to bring in and here we are now.. Bright future ahead if all goes to plan! IN BABBEL WE TRUST!
  10. Great to see the boys get the W, keep up the hard work and it will pay off! I gotta give it to AS, i really rate him as a coach and would take him if MB wasn't around for us.. He has improved CCM a lot on and off the pitch plus given the players he has on hand it is a welcomed surprise which they showed on Sat night.. Its not that we didn't play well but instead CCM brought the game to us and we had to push a bit harder than we were expecting to, i think they played better than the Vick or Smurfs did on the weekend though just couldn't get the result (Thankfully for us)
  11. So can everyone relax now that we have a quality replacement for Rado? From the sounds of it some here were about to get the pitchforks out and head to Blacktown lol
  12. Haha i'm loving it.. Now where's my free big mac!
  13. They might as well all leave, https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/a-league-hopes-to-woo-back-active-fans-to-improve-match-day-experience-20191008-p52yob.html Trying to right the wrongs of the FFA is going to take awhile but at least they are back on the right track
  14. I rate it! It will attract the younger ones in that's for sure
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