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  1. I don't think we'll go local. Just saying. It feels like there's no single contender that's a fit, or would want the role. That ACL trophy has a lot of tarnish on it now.
  2. I thought I saw JP reading a copy of 'The Prince' at the coffee shop the other day, nekminit Babs is gone.
  3. It's a shame Arsene Wenger isn't available. It's beginning to feel a lot like Arsenal around here.
  4. Ya know, I've wondered with the depth on paper/experience that the side has, whether we've got too many cooks in the team, and not enough grunts? I once ran this project where I had the opportunity to assemble the best and most experienced team possible, and it failed dismally as no one wanted to listen and do the job required. Everyone had an opinion and couldn't take direction or there experience and ego would cloud the blueprint and end game. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite dissapointed to see how fixed mindset MB actually is, but when some of our youth get a run there's energy there that's not in the starting side. Thoughts?
  5. All we want to see is some decent penetration, ball handling, pulling the trigger, and of course some shooting.
  6. Waiting for the welcome to wsw announcement.....
  7. Doesn't mean it wasn't done. Just slow on the release.
  8. 3rd is probably job security. Many players in the league are on the downward/upward slope of their career (not peak), hence a club that has a reputation for turning over rosters year on year doesn't provide confidence. Personally, I think we've let some quality players go over the years for no other reason than we've come to believe clean outs are a strategy - a proverbial baby with the bathwater situation. I'd be curious to know everyone's thoughts on whom we should have retained but booted because either they hadn't adjusted to the league yet or where going through a slump?
  9. They are riding a wave of momentum, whilst we are sitting in a pool of stagnation. If someone gaurenteed a draw I'd take it as a heavy loss at this point will be crippling, and frankly I don't know what team will show up.
  10. This will be a real litmus to how we are internally.
  11. Sven-Goran Eriksson's CV appears to being shopped the Newy. If they did pull the trigger on babs, it'll be interesting to see what names appear.
  12. So you're asking how many company's hold onto a CEO that hasn't delivered a profit or earning per share in years....... none.
  13. Maybe not relevant, but I've worked with a former SAS trainer (one very intense individual) in the past. He said to me that at the point where you're ready to give up or don't have the legs anymore, that you're actually only at 40% of what you're capable of, and it's a strong mental strategy that gets you beyond that. Tennis and some other individual sports work on the combination of short, sharp bursts of focus and energy with technique and efficiency. Every point is played as a micro match, with a mental reset. Tennis also relies on a massive amount of muscle memory because the variables within the game tend to be more predictable.
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