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  1. 3 times for me mate. I left the industry the last time never to return. On one of those occasions they cancelled my corporate card and I had to pay my own way back home from Japan, as the company went into Chapter11 where everything gets frozen. Take some time off if you feel you need it, or try and find an anything job so you can hang on the payout. Alternately you could buy us an import for the squad.
  2. Oh. Is that the story where she sends him text messages encouraging him to do it? I remember it as a story out of the US. Didn't she come across as rely smug and cold and got pinged for manslaughter.
  3. "You got it". I hope the youngsters have "the right stuff".
  4. Remember those day's when discussion in this topic was on random and rumoured Brazilians and Spaniards, championships players, and former international stars. Oh... how times change.
  5. Man... thank god we've changed to Kappa, as I think we're all out of the Nike coaches kit now.
  6. Worked for 20 years as a product manager in telco, so when I heard all the rants and gear grinding about the NBN being a sh*tshow I just laughed it off as whingeing nannas that need shortcuts on their desktop to use a computer. How wrong I was.... how very, very wrong...
  7. WRGMG. Those vanish ad's on TV with those social, parenting and fashion influencers. Not only does vanish not work on stains, but I've not heard of any of these people. The dude with the spotless all white apartment is apparently a parenting influencer, and the fashion influencer is one of those shaby chic twats that likes wearing blouses that resemble tents. Who are they appealing to...
  8. Agree... I'm busy washing my hair that night.
  9. I'm thinking a player/coach/club owner role could fix it all in one swoop. Boom.
  10. May I suggest Squad Resurrection, because it feels like we're trying to wake the dead each season.
  11. I own a wanderers hat. I call it my lucky wanderers hat because the first time I wore it we won. I've worn it a dozen times since and we've lost every time I've worn it, but I still wear it and we lose everytime I do. I still call it my lucky wanderers hat even though it isn't actually lucky. I think most can read between the lines, but for those that think this is just the story of a hat my point is, the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result - i.e. our Recruitment, Management, Performance, Sport Psychology, Community Engagement. It's pretty much the same lipstick on a pig approach each season, just with a new font and new strip and we lap it up because we all have an emotional investment in the club. The problem is the supporters and the members have an emotional investment in the club that isn't reciprocated - kind of like being in a bad relationship. Personally I think we can't attracted quality players because we treat players very, very poorly and this small circle of people share intell. Former players all seem to rise against us, and show little humility or recognition for their time with us. I think the club has a massive internal culture problem. Culture doesn't improve if those running it don't see a problem or can't admit they can't change it as they treat it as a reflection on their skill. I could go on...
  12. Thank **** the seasons over. Honestly... I can think of literally 3 players I'd keep, one of them retiring and another is waying up options.
  13. Ahhh. Monday night beers. Bought a new Wanderers snapback at rebel rockdale the other day and the guy behind me is chuckling. Told me he can't remember that last time he's actually seen someone parting with actual money for wanderers gear. If we win tonight it will become my lucky hat.
  14. Next min you'll see him in the oil leagues.
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