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  1. I don't have any doubt we'll win the derby.... it's just the 50 odd games either side I worry about.
  2. Ya know.... there's a lot of clubs that sack their manager after a 5-1 result to a lower ladder team. Just saying.
  3. Joining late tonight.... oh man. The sandgropers are throwing everything at us - you know when they start Castro they need a win badly. I feel we'll be better second half.
  4. If McGowan starts we'll loose this one. I'd be curious what our win rate is with him on or off the field.
  5. This years team has been a proverbial Wonderbra - we expected (and where promised) so much, but got so little when the blouse (marketing, PR, spin) came off. For me it hasn't really mattered who's come and who's gone, as our inability to have any consistency across the playing group has us fielding a new team each week. There is no secret player combination formula. We're slow and static because it's a Abbot and Costello who's on first - what's on second sh*t show. We've got defenders pointing fingers at each other like schoolboys, and I'm sick of all the CR Tony Robbins-esque hope pedall
  6. Agree, but all the best to him. He put in a shift, seemed pretty level headed and must have been gutted to get a refusal on the visa.
  7. Sorry guys, but I'm out for the chat. I've a had a stressing week and this sh*te hasn't helped.
  8. What was Ziggy to do when you're captain is ball watching on a yellow.
  9. This reminds me more of Surströmming. That fermented fish in a can.
  10. I dare say tripe tastes better than what we're being served!
  11. Harper saying we should we channel the spirit of the ANZAC's. Dude you know there's turkish people in Australia right!
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