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  1. Next min you'll see him in the oil leagues.
  2. How many pallets did you order? If the answer is none, then you're the only one to blame for making this ridiculous 'I'm a grown up now' purchasing decision. Can I ask, have you visited the bottleshop since you placed the order? Confess.
  3. I can tell you people's focus on self isolation has dropped off significantly here in the inner west. Perhaps it's arrogance or maybe that psychological 14 day commitment cycle, but if it's open it's full of people. Bunnings in Alexandria was packed yesterday. I thought I'd walk in and out, but ended up lining up with hundreds. Side note - what is with people taking there dogs everywhere! FFS.... do you really need to take 3 terriers to Bunnings. I grew up on a farm and dogs weren't even allowed in the backyard, now I can't even buy a hammer without having to dodge some untrained spoit pooch.
  4. U13 for Stanmore Hawks. Club's doing a lot of work to reinvent themselves at the moment and communication is good with weekly fitness challenges to keep the lads motivated.
  5. I thought we where fighting a virus, not letting another one back into society.
  6. Curious to know what will happen if COVID19 puts an end to this years Youth season. My lad has only played 2 games of NPL2 and had a handful of training sessions in 2020. Will they extend the season out, reduce the already small amount of games, or simply take our registration fees and tell us to suck lemons. If its the later, you're gonna see a lot of parents pull the plug.
  7. So this would be a bad time to mention that our school just messaged to say they forsee a minimum further 90 days of home education. You'd better shift from beers to making your own moonshine.
  8. Fmd. When I hear of various industries putting there hand out for bailouts I get livid. Airlines that haven't paid tax in over a decade with executives making 50k a day, and now the childcare centres asking for money. Yeezus, those centres onwers have been gutting families for years. How many poorly run enterprises have been just licking their lips at the possibility of passing the buck on incompetency is amazing. Let's debate...
  9. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that teachers will be getting a significant pay rise after this self isolation period. If you're home schooling or remote learning right now I'm sharing your pain.
  10. Fell on Black Days.... is that the one with super heavy d tuning at the start?
  11. Ahhh. Chris Cornell..... I'm thinking maybe more Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose.
  12. I can't do Coldplay.... but I am willing to throw in Keane - Somewhere only we know, and maybe Snow Patrol - Run..... Coldplay reminds me of an ex, and if I'm gonna die, it aint gonna be with that bit*h in my head.
  13. Putting my Armageddon soundtrack together now for the inevitable moment I have to drive out of the city ala a scene from Escape from New York because let's face it, my wife will refuse to drive. Who wants to help complete it for me? So far I've got some eclectic choices.... REM - Orange Crush, Tool - Aenima, America - Ventura Highway, Smashing Pumpkins - 1979, Starship - We built this city, Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus, Nirvana - Milk it, Who wants to help.
  14. News from the front line. My wife got let go from her job on Thursday. She was on probation and had only been at the business 7 weeks, after making the move from a larger, more stable global brand. Yesterday she recieved an email from the business stating they didn't feel they could redistribute her work laptop, so it would be better for all if she would agree to buy it at a depreciated cost and have that deducted from her severence! That's right folks.... someone who hasn't paid out your severance entitlements trying to force a sale of their asset on you. F'n lowlifes. Emailed the CFO and told him to arrange immediate collection of their asset, and if he wants to pull another stunt like that, or without my wifes entitlements I'll notify ASIC of my suspicions that they are trading insolvent. My point. A lot of businesses will collapse during this pandemic. Be careful people as some will not have enough cash to operate for another few weeks. Good news, my wife picked up a new job yesterday with Google.
  15. Lady down the street has 5 kids - 2 of which are foster children. Her normal weekly shop is the equivalent to current panic buying. She needs to factor providing over 150 meals per week at her house. With 5 kids and 2 adults they go through 12 toilet rolls a week. She says they've had days of going through 3 loaves of bread alone. She said she's been verbally abused twice this week. She's resorted to taking all the kids shopping.
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