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  1. I'd like not only a win, but a commanding performance to gauge how pre-season is developing.
  2. Jerome is the only name that comes to mind. Even with his injury history and brain fades we'd need to sell the club to afford him.
  3. Two players that apparently cant hold their "lines".
  4. You'd have to believe that with a 20 to 1 page/player ratio we'll sign someone in the next 19 pages. If we generate 2 pages per day then our next signing should be announced on or before the 23rd. In theory the faster we generate meaningless rumours the sooner the club will announce, hence if we can do 19 pages by close of business we'll have an announcement right!
  5. Happens to the best of us. Just a matter of time before the beers win.
  6. Maybe, just maybe, he was a pervert, sociopath and inevitably coward.
  7. Other than hairstyle, what's wrong with this guy. He's impressive on paper.
  8. I think this is great news. I'd imagine there's not a single club that wouldn't want to have him in their ranks.
  9. What a shame to hear this news. I met him on a few occasions when I was in bands during the 90s.
  10. Your GP will also have a list of local mental health professionals some of which will bulk bill under Medicare. These scheme entitles you to up to 10 free sessions for bulk billers, taking away any further stress of fees. My best.
  11. If the monkey emoji is the only clue, then I'm gonna say it's king kong. Heard he's got a gigantic left foot. Pun intended.
  12. Where I understand your frustration, I feel a bit bolstered by our recent showing against Leeds. I think the current mix of 1st team and juniors has us in a very competitive position already, and a few calculated signings would elevate us further. I don't think we'll attract big names, but a few shrewd signings that have a lot of experience and have the right mindset when needed is where it's at.
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