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  1. He'll be in U7's as he's 6 in March. I'll keep an eye out and say hi. Now watch me walk up to the wrong coach and call them a bellend.
  2. My youngest is starting at the Red Devils as his first ever team this season. I'll make sure to wear my red WSW cap so you can spot me in the sea of sky blue.
  3. I can't imagine players refusing to play for you looking that good on your resume right!
  4. Dont know what suprises me more. We've come from behind, or Slater had something positive to say about us. I'm shook.
  5. We are literally all pressure no end product. (I'm writing this to hopefully eat my words)
  6. Hmmm. Fine doesn't win titles. I think Davilla has been turning him inside out. Harsh i know.
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