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  1. I remember as a kid I was acting up on a weekend drive/picnic with my folks and they drove off to teach me a lesson. I can relate to both being left behind, as well as being the parent.
  2. Dear God. Look how thick our line is compared to the EPL! That's how you can tell where the dollars are spent. Our blue line is about 60mm, or 1/3 of the ball. Super accurate.
  3. Given I grew up on a farm in Forbes and played there football/Galic football team as a kid, I have every right to make comparison.
  4. Point 5. Purely based on my experiences from my son's time playing at Olympic. Walking around like a peacock, chewing gum in his loafers and chinos, strutting that BDE with the lads, doesn't have time for a photo with a kid unless mommy is fit, weekend drive is 3 years wage for someone, a middle aged eshay that knows all the dancers names... you know, basically a Telco sales manager.
  5. About $700. Problem is gopro live streaming is very clunky. Heck, even standard recording is sketchy.
  6. My "favorite" parts of the game. 1. VAR that doesn't understand 5th grader geometry. 2. Slaters inability to have a single positive, constructive thing to say about our team or imports ever. It literally makes watching a poor performance feel like your spending 'quality' time with your step father. 3. The fact that we have multiple bundesliga standard players but play like the Cowra U12 district team. They didn't have Berisha and lost Kone. We should have punished them. 4. That Diamanti is allowed to put on multiple Oscar performances, and put the refs right in his pocket. Just give him the whistle. 5. Rudan. That guys a pr*ck. Always has been, irrespective of whether he poached players in contract. Hate losing to that guy. 6. That every former player has something to prove against us, and often does.
  7. Diamanti 2 - WSW 1. I thought Gulum should look to code switch, that ball and all tackle to Duke was something missing from the Wallabies.
  8. WRGMG. Is it just me, but why does every f'n advertising real for foxsport, kayo, abc, sbs, etc. always have someone scoring against us? They never show us holding up the afc trophy do they, only the ballsack mariners shipping a goal against us! Firetruck me. Am I slowly decending into paranoid or is this blatant discrimination?
  9. Muller was stretching his legs last week, and if he gets more minutes we're gonna see the trouble he can cause the grandads at the back. 1-2 is my prediction. We got this.
  10. I also remember the swamp bar at western Sydney uni.
  11. Yeezus it was a shith*le. I distinctly remember the name as we where supporting powderfinger (way before they got big) one night and our band drank there rider "by mistake", and Bernie and Jon wanted to f'n kill us.
  12. I have fond memories (and some cracking tales) of playing at the Sando, Annandale and at Trams (above Newtown station). Half the fun was getting to gigs, but there was this guy at the time who made a living from carting all the band's around on the weekend in his white econovan.
  13. I agree. I do wonder though if MB's started listening to @Taurus with regard to "defences win you titles." The lack of forward creativity sometimes makes me feel it's not the priority, and a bit of an afterthought. Sure, it's still important to put goals in the back of the net, but if that was the strategy would we have an aging CF? Don't get me wrong our forward line can be lethal if given half a chance, and I do think our midfield is a bit paper thin and static. That being said, I think Primin is probably not only one of the best players to wear the red and black, but probably one of the best to have played in the league, but he's still human and as we saw emotionally invested in the team. I think next week we'll bounce back with a force.
  14. I'm confused. In the first sentence you say all the guys and support staff are pro's, and in the second you say it all hinges on one professional.
  15. To quote Ron Burgundy. "Well, that escalated quickly." Here's my leftfield slant on the performance. As background I've been doing research lately on a course I'm putting together per mindset training for sport. What I feel I saw from our game was what they call "The let-down" effect. It's a common condition that results from an adrenaline hangover. Now you'd think that a week would be enough time to recover from the derby win/anxiety/stress, but there's some science out there that suggests it can take a significant amount of time for the body to withdraw from stress related hormones - even at elite athlete level. Think about how you sometimes get sick after a big event or work deadline, it happens all the time. Slow and lethargic play, increased chance of injury or illness, lack of accuracy, forgetting plays or formations are all indicators. Let's appreciate there's a lot of pressure on the team externally as well to turn around fan disappointment, and if you think these guys don't know it then you're mistaken. I think with the resources that the club has at it's disposal, as well as MB's experience that the result of the game would have been expected, and they would not have seen the draw as a backward step. Happy to gauge opinions.
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