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  1. Considering we are still in pre-season mode against a team only weeks away from full competition, I thought we did well. Having said that, I hope, for Elrich's sake, his role this season is as a back-up and not, as happened last season, where he ended up playing more minutes than any other team member, with most of that time as CB - and copping a lot of criticism for his efforts.
  2. I share your misgivings with all of those you have named, but I still grieve at the fact that we weren't able to see what Saba was truly capable of.
  3. While I have some sympathy for what you had to put up with following your long drive, spare a thought for those of us who watched it at home where we also had to sit through the replays, and the post-game discussion.
  4. And that's just having to go to Spotless and ANZ, never mind what went on down on the playing field.
  5. I believe we have known all year that Elrich did not have the legs for a 90-minute performance. The fact that he had to do so for practically every game this season is probably indicative of the options Babbel had available.
  6. I hope not. I would rather Bridge left with head held high and reputation in tact. I Don't care how long Bridge is able to play on Saturday, as long as Babbel gives him the opportunity to walk off on his own to get the recognition he has earned for his service to WSW.
  7. Do you think Babell is letting his beard grow so he will have something to tear out when he has nothing left on top to tear out?
  8. Baumjohann seems to be copping a lot of flack after what seems to me to have been a woeful team performance. Appears that some of his critics expect him to track back, pick up the ball himself, create his own space, make the runs himself then either score himself or set up goals for others.. We were totally outplayed in midfield last night, so I ask, ":Where was BJH's support"
  9. Totally dumbfounded. Last week we held our own with SFC and could even have come away with a win (Majok's late miss?) Sydney go on to defeat Perth, albeit a Perth without a few of their regular starting line up. We play virtually the same team against the wooden spooners and get played off the park. The only time we looked like dominating was after they went down to ten men. No sooner were the numbers equal after Hamill went off, and it was Mariners who were back on top. Go figure!
  10. I am loving the work Kamau has been putting in down the right since his move to the back four, but is he under instructions not to cross any balls into the area?
  11. Very impressive. Great view from my seats (Row 15 Upper Tier) though a little concerned about nose bleeds.. Somewhat disappointed after the build up, since we were only able to walk around the concourse and seating areas and look at a large empty space called the change rooms. Thought we might have gained at least a glimpse of how the other half lives. Kids thought the hot dogs passed the taste test with prices much cheaper than ANZ. Big winner on the day was Parramatta Leagues with membership applications. Roll on July 20 and Season 2019/20.
  12. Not sure how Bridge could earn an "under par" rating considering the entire time he was on the field he kept running into space, calling for service only to see the ball go anywhere but to him. I am also delighted to note that, in the past two months, the "Elrich Out" brigade have been much less vocal.. I realise he is past his prime, but he bleeds for the team every game, so here is my suggestion.: sign him up as a back up for the two full back and, if need be, the CB positions. Oh, hang on! Wasn't that why he was signed this season and has ended up playing more minutes that probably any other player in the team. Welcome back RBB. We've missed you. Best atmosphere all season..
  13. I seem to recall a similar comment being made around this time last season.
  14. I would have thought a world class stadium for a city the size of Sydney, coupled with safety features which would avoid another Hillsborough would be two excellent reasons for building such a stadium.
  15. Two days before election day and the ever reliable, totally independent SMH releases a report which will embarrass the current government. Now, there's a surprise! Isn't this the same party which has given us our new stadium? Perhaps the critics would also have preferred this to have been another bandaid job.
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