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  1. Missing my first home game of the season, but through my alternating tears and laughter from my sick bed, dare I hope for a little good news and hope for the future by asking for the result of the youth League Grand Final.
  2. I wonder if you would have the same confidence in the quality of your glasses had a Taggart or Bautheac goal been allowed to stand and the still frame from the VAR showed a foot as far ahead of the line as was Roly's.
  3. Elrich is going to be over the moon when he reads the comments on this and the "Wanderers vs Roar" threads. Two goals scored against us and he has not been blamed for either of them.
  4. I can't quote the FIFA rules as well as others in this forum, but my understanding was that offside related to any part of the body which could legally score a goal ie. head, foot, chest, Don't recall that it would be okay if the offside was only a mm or two. At how many mms does offside become actual offside? Can't help wondering what the comment would be had it been Taggart or Bautheac,rather than Roly who had scored!!
  5. I believe Mack is rather harsh on Elrich. He may not be the quickest but he works his heart out every week. I thought he played well last night. First half he was all alone on the left as Roly seemed to want to play as an extra No. 10. Consider the interplay between Kamau and Russell, yet on the left Roly was rarely near Elrich who still managed to put some decent balls into the box. Second half, with extra support from Fitzy, Elrich was again able to put a number of teasing crosses into the box. I'd even suggest that the statistics would show more good balls into the box came from the left than the right. He may well be past his prime, but as was pointed out last week, he was brought in as a back-up and found himself first being used as a CB and now starting every week. I'm more in keeping with the comment from Paul01 that he should have been subbed off later in the game as he tired.
  6. Whoever it was, it wasn't Russell, yet Mack wants to down Elrich for every attack along down our left side.
  7. Agreed. A much better effort with Fttzy in the wide role and Roly at No. 10. after BJH's departure. Still have to convince Kamau that it is better for the team if he beats one or two players and lays the ball off rather than trying to beat a few more and losing the ball in a tackle.
  8. Harv

    Unhappy New Year

    Hard to disagree with anything you said except that I believe it rather harsh laying the blame for the first goal on Llorente. Unless I missed something the first goal came from a quick throw in down our the right side, which caught the entire team napping. That Llorente, our LB, was the only defender within a bull's roar of the action, surely raises questions about the entire defence.. Rather than Hamill giving Lorente an on field roasting, we might well be entitled to ask, "Where was Hamill et al?"
  9. Harv

    Unhappy New Year

    Apart from those details, we are doing pretty well.
  10. Harv

    Unhappy New Year

    Sorry, Sponar, but we must have been attending different matches. The RBB continues to work under trying circumstances with small crowds in these large stadiums. The fans (those who still attend) are just as passionate. But "just as vocal"!!! I think not. Season I and 2 the team walked on with the crowd on its feet and scarves held proudly and high and accompanied by loud cheering. The fans joined in the shouting of the team surnames as the ground announcer called the starting team names. Yesterday, and in all recent matches, save for the RBB, barely a scarf to be seen. The team walked on to a stadium of fans seated and to nothing more than polite applause. The ground announcer still tried to get an enthusiastic response to the his announcement of the team, but over in the eastern stand, the only response came from a small group of young fans sitting nearby. Our time at Spotless and ANZ have ripped the guts out of the atmosphere we experienced in the early years, and I don't believe it has only to do with our success on the field in those two years.
  11. Looks as if you were enjoying the game surrounded by all of your friends.
  12. RBB continue to work their butts off, even when down on numbers as at CCM game, but they get little reward at Spotless. My seat is not all that far from them, but sadly their efforts become little more than background noise rather than creating the atmosphere, Even WDWSF was only half-hearted among those near me., Couldn't even tell you whether the Proznan is still part of the program (it was at the derby but little response from supporters outside the RBB)..But keep up the good work. Your efforts are sorely needed more than ever at the moment, and Parramatta can't come quickly enough!
  13. Ans Elrich had a much happier time in a more familiar role.
  14. Harv

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    In total agreement with your comments regarding both the CB role and Roly. This is where I have some sympathy with Elrich. It was my understanding that he was bought as a cover for Lorente and/or Risdon, yet here he is every week as a starting CB. Are Ziegler and Hamill our only central defenders, or is someone else also injured?
  15. Harv

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    A worry here for all teams. At the post-match interview Honda interview indicated that he was not happy with the performances - more that we played poorly. He's looking for improvement in the whole MV team.