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  1. Looks as if you were enjoying the game surrounded by all of your friends.
  2. RBB continue to work their butts off, even when down on numbers as at CCM game, but they get little reward at Spotless. My seat is not all that far from them, but sadly their efforts become little more than background noise rather than creating the atmosphere, Even WDWSF was only half-hearted among those near me., Couldn't even tell you whether the Proznan is still part of the program (it was at the derby but little response from supporters outside the RBB)..But keep up the good work. Your efforts are sorely needed more than ever at the moment, and Parramatta can't come quickly enough!
  3. Ans Elrich had a much happier time in a more familiar role.
  4. Harv

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    In total agreement with your comments regarding both the CB role and Roly. This is where I have some sympathy with Elrich. It was my understanding that he was bought as a cover for Lorente and/or Risdon, yet here he is every week as a starting CB. Are Ziegler and Hamill our only central defenders, or is someone else also injured?
  5. Harv

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    A worry here for all teams. At the post-match interview Honda interview indicated that he was not happy with the performances - more that we played poorly. He's looking for improvement in the whole MV team.
  6. Harv

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    On the question of the penalty, I thought it was rather soft, if warranted at all. Harper, Boz and Thompson all seemed to accept the decision without question and without explanation, so perhaps someone here can tell me what I missed. From the comfort of my lay-back lounge and with only the benefit a single replay, the incident as I saw it unfold involved a ball though to Barbs who got his body between Elrich and the ball. Barbs then attempted to flick the ball over their heads, but in doing so, Elrich then managed to get his body between Barbs and the ball, With an awkwardly bouncing ball, Elrich went low to head the ball away, but in doing so caught Barbs' foot as he tried to kick at the ball from behind Elrich. That Barbs went to ground, to my mind, had more to do with his being off balance than with anything Elrich did to him. Happy to hear from anyone who saw something different, perhaps with the advantage of a slo-mo replay. Just felt this was a poor call against Elrich especially after the soft yellow he received earlier in the game.
  7. Harv

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Wot!!! Jets beat us with five regular first team players missing, and this is all we have to look forward to??
  8. I thought Roly demonstrated gutter cunning in carrying out the plan in the lead up to the disallowed goal. Having received a bump in the mouth, he reeled dramatically but received no love from the referee. He then complained bitterly to the AR who, similarly, ignored him. Feigning a dummy spit he made his way slowly forward with the game now having moved to the opposite side of the ground. With the Sydney defence by now having forgotten that Roly was still in the game, Roly suddenly found himself alone, in acres of space, with the ball at his feet, and produced a finish worthy of the initial cheers. A pity this well executed plan came undone through the intervention of the VAR.
  9. This appears to me to be a no-brainer for anyone who objects to the food prices (or the food generally) I have been taking two children with me since day 1 season 1. Bought food on the first day and vowed never again. It now costs me the price of six bread rolls and whatever filling they want,(and a few snack items stuck in the bottom of the bag) with the lot costing little more than a cup of chips. Have yet to have any questions asked at any venue on entry.
  10. A bit harsh, hughsey. You have to cut Harps a little bit of slack as he was battling the program host, Mark Levy, who was first and foremost a League man, or his occasional replacement, Billy McGee, who wanted to change the world before his 21st birthday. Even so, it seems to have been the only program on radio dedicated to discussion on what was happening in the world of football. Seems as if we're expected to listen to Macquarie Sports Radio or ABC Grandstand in the forlorn hope that football gets a mention at some time.
  11. Speaking of radio coverage, does anyone have any idea whether 2GB's A-League Show from past years will re-appear on Sundays this season, or whether it will become part of the Macquarie Sports Radio programs, or whether it will just disappear altogether?
  12. I wonder how I will get on if I turn up with the two kids all outfitted in our Wanderers' gear, and show a Parra Leagues Club membership to the guys at the entrance to the car park.
  13. Much understandable excitement as we watch the new stadium grow, but is there any word on parking for the hoped-for increased crowd?
  14. Harv

    Gombau Sacked By Wanderers

    So you're the one who still keeps the sound on while Slater is talking!
  15. Harv

    Gombau Sacked By Wanderers

    One European manager who has worked under these conditions is Gombau. How is this for a worst-case scenario : Gombau takes over Perth, has immediate success and kicks our arse next season. OUCH!