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  1. So there can be a situation whereby I am charged for assault with no assault victim cooperating with police. The police have hauled me to court hoping I'll plead guilty and not take the matter to trial. Easy day at the office for the police then! If I do take it to trial, then the police will compel the victim to turn up to court to say "I told the police I didn't want to do anything about the nudge but the police insisted I come here and told me I will be held in contempt if I didn't show up to trial today, so meh I'm here and I've had to take a day off work to be here 😠" Sounds a bit unfair for the accused 😕😕 (and victim) . At the end of the day, I guess what Im trying to get at is this incident with GC was trivial and it need not have ended in the courts.
  2. Lets say I punch Johnno at the pub. Everyone in the pub saw it. A patron calls the police. Johnno says to the cops, "nah I'm not gonna provide a statement". Are you guys saying that because there were witnesses at the pub, the police can still charge me with Common Assault (with no statement from Johnno)? If the police were going to charge me with something, it better not be common assault upon Johnno. Because if they did, the matter will be thrown out of court and I'll have costs awarded to me for negligence by the police. The charge of common assault requires three elements: 1) A person 2) assaults 3) a victim Without all three elements, there is no prima facie case for common assault. Jess, I understand where you are coming from when you say citizens don't press charges and that it's the the police who do. It's true that police/prosecutor/crown/state/Regina (her Majesty) prosecutes criminal cases. However, some criminal offences do not require a victim (eg the offence of drug possession) but other criminal charges do require a victim. In GC's case, a charge of common assault, the police/prosecutor requires a statement from the victim for the charge to stand. With the road rage incidents, the police can prosecute the 'rager' on traffic infringements. These traffic infringements do not require the victim to come forward (much like a speeding fine - no victim required, if you speed, then you can get a speeding fine). If the police wish to charge the rager for something like assault then the police would have to track the victim down and get a statement from them.
  3. What do police need to make that decision? A statement from the softcoq. No statement, no charges. The victim/witness could've said "nah, it was a nudge, it was nothing, and i also gave George some cheek too. So lets move on". But nah, he gave a statement to police over a nudge. Soft.
  4. Assault charges require a victim. So yes, the sofcoq (the "victim") pressed charges.
  5. 3:30am Wednesday 6 September. Might have a 5 hr nap after the Socceroos match then wake up for this one. Maybe.
  6. Oh. In that case, id pick the fridge magnet every day of the week.
  7. Case

    Raul Llorente

    Zlatan has this hair
  8. I am intrigued by this 'fixture pen' they speak of.
  9. Depth. So much depth!!! (for a salary capped league) Droooooooool
  10. Case

    Raul Llorente

    Better call Raul. Welcome. We already have good LB. If you're an improvement then I'm cheering.
  11. Yeah it's a $350 add-on to the membership. Apart from the gold membership card, are all the members card red this year? Or are they different colours depending on the type of membership held?
  12. I've got a family membership (2 adults, 1 junior). The adults got a black cap each. Junior got a small red cap. I'm not a foundation member but based on the past they'll probably have a different cap. The pack is getting smaller every year (why get rid of the key ring??? why?????), although I think the quality of the scarf and cap is better than previous iterations.
  13. I like how they've included a link to an electronic copy of your membership card too (in case it doesn't arrive on time).
  14. I recognised the name. I think he replaced another underwhelming striker that was booted mid-season (Kurtishi)?
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