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  1. Well the league is dying. It's not even a slow death. Yet Gallop gets extended
  2. And while i'm of the belief Gombau was a terrible manager and an absolute pain to work under, reading the posts in here do make me sympathise with him. He never should've been given the job. I for one have no problems with the players revolting or speaking out. Players need to be managed, and like any workplace environment, if one is not happy they are not going to perform to the best of their abilities. It's the responsibility of the manager and the club as a whole to make the environment a positive and refreshing one. Many in here have said that we can excuse the players because of
  3. Hahahah Josep was on crack thinking we'd get rid of Riera. Happy to see him go. I'll be even happier when JT goes. And i wouldn't mind Popa being back. All this stuff about moving forward blah blah blah. The reality is we had 3 or 4 good to great seasons and only 1 dud season where owners decided to tighten up the purse strings.
  4. It's been a long day at work. I cracked up at bellend. Thank you.
  5. Hahahah political BS. ANZ actually needs a refurbishment, Allianz doesn't. Typical corrupt society we live in. We now need to lobby to have Allianz scrapped too.
  6. Cmon Mack. You can say anything these days as long as you put allegedly in the sentence somewhere.
  7. Can you comment on what "allegedly" happened?
  8. Everton are pretty much Man United's feeder club with rejects going the other way. Makes sense that you would defend them to the hilt
  9. Can you please stop referencing kopites please? Everton are shite and Liverpool cop plenty of bad decisions. We are not ManUre.
  10. I keep reading this "safe and enjoyable environment" bullshit. Reminds me of what it used to be. Can't wait to get back to Pirtek but do I bother renewing next years membership?
  11. Still don't see it. For them to have the squad they have, Carney/Zullo/Wilkinson/Wilkshere/Brilliante/O'neill/Buijs/Brosque would all be on less than half their market value. And you can't simply back end everyone as they would be way over the cap in future seasons and you can't simply release players without it counting towards the cap.
  12. A derby crowd of 25k. I think the FFA, ESFC media and our own club hierarchy have realised they've alienated enough people by now. Any further pandering to authority and the next derby will be 15k.
  13. Playing with Lustica is like playing with 10 men. Not good enough with the ball, not good enough off the ball. Just simply out of his depth but first on the team sheet for Gombau.
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