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  1. https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/minister-s-30m-won-t-deliver-a-like-for-like-pool-at-parramatta-mayor-20181112-p50fl0.html Minister's $30m won't deliver a like-for-like pool at Parramatta: mayor It would not be possible to build a like-for-like replacement of the old Parramatta Pool for the $30 million the government has allocated, the Lord Mayor of Parramatta says. Since it emerged that the state government planned to demolish Parramatta’s pool to make way for an improved Parramatta Stadium, the issue of who should pay for a replacement has caused consistent tension between the state government and the council. Sports Minister Stuart Ayres this month reconfirmed the government would not spend more than $30 million replacing the pool and, with the council baulking at negotiations, was prepared to build that pool on its own. “I’ve had enough,” Mr Ayres said. “And the people of Parramatta deserve a pool. If the council won’t deliver it with us, then we will do it on our own and we will make our commitment of a like-for-like pool.” The issue, however, is that the former Parramatta Memorial Pool included multiple swimming facilities. Asked on Monday if Mr Ayres’ $30 million would deliver a like-for-like replacement, the council’s mayor, Andrew Wilson, said “no”. “I can well understand the minister arguing that I've destroyed $30 million so I'm giving you $30 million,” said Cr Wilson, who supports continuing negotiations with the government over a jointly funded swimming facility. “I can also understand council saying there's four pools and all this other stuff in the old pool, we would like that in the new facility.” The council this year resolved to build a $75 million swimming facility, but a majority of councillors have at various times pushed for the government to pay either half or the entirety of that amount. The latest council motion to that effect, which was opposed by the mayor, prompted Mr Ayres to say he would simply build a pool for $30 million. “You’ll get a pool in Parramatta, exactly the same as the one that was there before. But if they want a better pool Parramatta Council has got to come to the party,” Mr Ayres said last week. On Monday Cr Wilson indicated he hoped negotiations would continue. “I was just a little bit surprised council did not want to continue that conversation on the pool because typically we have been able to negotiate things out for the benefit of Parramatta,” he said. The Member for Parramatta, Geoff Lee, praised Mr Ayres for taking control and criticised the “game-playing” politics on council. “I can assure residents that work will begin on the design and planning for the pool immediately, so we can see this project delivered for the people of Parramatta ASAP,” Mr Lee said last week.
  2. SomeGuy1977

    Two Points Ditched In Mudgee

    Yep, that’s where we were. Couldn’t work out why. Didn’t care either TBH.
  3. SomeGuy1977

    Two Points Ditched In Mudgee

    Kamau was good. Prob needs to muscle up a bit. He got pushed off the ball too easily a couple of times. Otherwise, what mack said. Oh, and to the guys giving it to Pepper all game? My boy thought you were piss funny. He was desperate to join in. He didn’t even care why lol.
  4. I bought both and then realised both games were on the same day Comp game trumps a friendly every time for me, so ended up finding a home for the Matilda’s tix.
  5. I rang Ticketmaster yesterday about that. No concession, kids or family prices. $38 a ticket. Ill bring a chair for the hill. The money I save I’ll spend on local beer I think
  6. Yeah, but this is an FFA run event. I’m greatful they let me bring my ticket in
  7. Game day mofos! I have GA tix, which has is all all non-seated on the grassy hill. What are the chances of bringing a chair for mum to sit on?
  8. SomeGuy1977

    RD 4 - Mudgee (vs Brisbane) - Sat 10th Nov

    If I want a drink? Surely you jest. But alas, I'll be driving. For me, it's one or the other. It keeps me out of trouble.
  9. SomeGuy1977

    RD 4 - Mudgee (vs Brisbane) - Sat 10th Nov

    Really looking forward to this one. I've never been to Mudgee. My wife is heading up in the morning with the boys and her mum. I can't get out of work, and the girls have end of year exams, so we'll be following in the arvo sometime. Dubbo zoo is the plan for Saturday before the game. It will still be a hike from Mudgee, but not really that much different to heading into the city from where we live. Kids are quite excited. Sunday is a bit open, but will no doubt involve a winery, some food, Remembrance Day, and a drive home.
  10. SomeGuy1977

    WSW Merchandise 2017/18

    That’s $60 for a t-shirt? Obviously Mackelmore didn’t think about inflation Also, **** that.
  11. SomeGuy1977

    A-League Round 3 2018/19

    This round was probably the least interested I have been for a long time. I’d normally have every game on the TV, even if I’m not fully watching it. This round, I watched WSW as always, but that’s about it. I checked the score in the City Smurfs game on Friday night once, and listened to about 20 mins of the Adelaide CCM game (on the way home from the W-League game). Such was my annoyance with the VAR in our game and the Vic City game in round 1. Glad the VAR didn’t make headlines again (as far as I know anyhow).
  12. This reminds me of my 'mission accomplished' moment. Back when my eldest was 5 or so, I picked up tickets to a Matilda's / Socceroos double header. When I told her the Matildas were the Aus Womens football team, she said to me "but dad, girls don't play football do they?" I was somewhat disappointed (mainly with myself) that she had that perception, and made it my mission to change it. Fast forward 11 years, it's a very different story. She can name most of the regulars in the Matildas squad (she was gutted when Ellie moved on from the Wanderers) and will proudly show off her signed jersey and tell you the story of collecting the signatures. Even my younger daughter - who has little to no interest in sport (she's too much like her mother) - can name more than a couple of the Matildas beyond Kerr and Di Vanna. On game days, the question now is, "is it the boys or girls playing?". Not just from her, but all of my kids. Mission accomplished. Your journey was somewhat faster than mine. But then again, coverage and exposure of the womens game now is much better than it was 11 or so years ago.
  13. Finished 0-1. Tested the keeper and had one cleared of the line (or close to it anyhow). Passing was off the mark, bit like the rnd 1 game against the smurfs.
  14. Trailing 0-1 at half time. Soft goal I reckon. Very physical game. Not playing badly I don’t think. Had a few half chances. Will need to lift to pry open the Roar defence.