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  1. The boys had their cross country at school yesterday. Being a small school, they usually join up with a couple of other local small schools that are close by, but not this year thank you covid. Anyhow, the oldest boy comes in beaming, showing off his first place ribbon! He's not super sporty, so this is kind of a big deal for him and I'm pretty stoked. We finish our high fives etc and he casually mentions "yeah, there's 3 of us in the senior boys, and 2 of them didn't come to school today. I won by default anyhow" and walks away still smiling. Whatever. The record will still say he won, and he'll still have the ribbon to show for it
  2. I'd wager that Europeans voted against us based on the time difference making it hard for them to broadcast the games and make money out of it. **** them. It's our time (and New Zealand's too I suppose). This will be awesome.
  3. YouTubes way of telling you to keep your **** to yourself maybe?
  4. We had the damn thing break down over Anzac day once. Not fun. The only reason we have this stupid pump thing is because we live in a 100 year flood zone and council says we need to have it to pump our **** into sewer main. Cost us a small fortune to get installed too. To be fair, there was a grant available which subsidised some of the cost, but it's been nothing but a literal pile of **** since.
  5. Speaking of ****, our sewer pump (or at least the float switch that operates it) seems to have a fault and is tripping the circuit breaker. Thankfully (mercifully) the pump is still able to function, otherwise I'd be up to my eyeballs in other peoples ****. But it does involve opening the tank and removing the switch rod so it doesn't trip the circuit breaker. No amount of scrubbing can make my hands feel clean.
  6. (A bit of an oldie, but still funny) Flight Attendant: Is there a doctor onboard? Dad: *nudging son* that should have been you Son: Not now Dad Dad: Not asking for a graphic designer to help are they? Son: Dad, there's a medical emergency happening right now Dad: Why don't you save him as a PDF and see if that helps
  7. What do a church service in Helsinki and Mortal Kombat have in common? Finnish Hymn
  8. My credit card expired. The bank said they sent it. Never got it. Called them, said they'll cancel and reissue. Sent me another via express post. Also didn't arrive. By now my payments are failing because the old card is cancelled. Called and got another express posted. It actually arrived, along with the second card that was over 2 weeks overdue. Lol. Never got the first one though. Thanks Aust Post. Appreciate the effort.
  9. I read a comment on a parents facebook group (for my daughters high school; i"m not some weird stalker) last night when the new was shared. She said she was a teacher and had no idea this had been decided. Any other teachers here in the same boat? Interested to see how this is going to work. My daughter catches the bus to school (like many others). With buses apparently limiting passengers, how are they going to get kids to and from school?
  10. Meanwhile, in South Korea... K-League side apologises after filling empty stadium with sex dolls South Korean football side FC Seoul have apologised for filling their stadium with mannequins which actually turned out to be sex dolls. Football has returned from the coronavirus pandemic with not so much of a bang but more of a whimper with fans not allowed in grounds - and cardboard cut-outs replacing them. Stands are empty, music is played out over PA systems with no cheering and the whole thing has lacked atmosphere. To be expected, really, but at least in South Korea they have seemingly gone all out to create a certain ‘air’ to their games. Website rt.com say FC Seoul packed their stadium out with mannequins ahead of their clash against Gwangju FC. But eagle-eyed social media users suggested the dolls in question had a very different purpose to modelling clothes. It was claimed the figures were actually life-size sex dolls - though how they knew this for certain is less clear. Turns out, however, they were right, with FC Seoul issuing an apology on Instagram in which they blamed the supplier for the mix up. One fan who spotted the blunder before the club said sorry wrote: “FC Seoul put these mannequin supporters in stands which was also tried by Dinamo Brest. “But there is a strong conviction that these ‘fans’ are actually ‘sex dolls’ made by a sex doll company. “Hope it is not true, but if it is, it’ll be a huge shame.” Another posted: “Seriously, though. Imagine the thought process involved in filling your stadium with female sex dolls in football kits and thinking it’s a good idea. Nice one, @FCSeoul.” A fellow user with an intimate knowledge of South Korean football said: “And here I was worrying that the most embarrassing thing about K League being on the international stage would be the performance in the opening 45 minutes of the Jeonbuk-Suwon match.” It was also claimed that some of the dolls were holding placards promoting a local adult shop. https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/kleague-side-apologises-after-filling-empty-stadium-with-sex-dolls/news-story/34e52e05bafc381932df0a02d9d800a5
  11. Kittens and ducklings everywhere! One of our friends found some kittens abandoned by their mother (or dumped by some arsehole) a few weeks back. They're not really cat people, so they called us. They might be about 5-6 weeks old now. They were tiny, cold, and hungry. Now they're running crazy around the house, creating havoc wherever they go. Our cats aren't too happy about them and still haven't really come around, but they're tolerating them at least. They're very cute, but have no idea of 'personal space', and will come and sit on my shoulder while I work (once they tire themselves out of course). Both mumma ducks have nests. Seems like a weird time to be breading, considering how it's getting colder, but who am i to argue with nature. One hatched 6 babies, how are about 2 weeks old now. The other one is probably about a week or so away from hatching if the drake actually did his business (god knows he doesn't do much else lol). We also have a foster cat (owners couldn't keep her). She's about 2.5 years old, very timid, not very social (maybe it's just our cats she doesn't like), but very sweet once she warms up to you. If anyone wants a duckling or a kitten or an adult cat, let me know and I can hook you up .
  12. if im buying them, its without for sure, due to the insane amount of cream bakers usually want to put in them. If im making them myself, it will depend on the mood im in and whats in the fridge. usually without though.
  13. OMG I didn't read the whole story. Just enough to confirm it's not a bad prank (and a couple of the comments, looking for a lol or two). If you're interested https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/alan-jones-resigns-from-2gb-20200512-p54s02.html Talkback host Alan Jones to step down from 2GB Conservative talkback host Alan Jones has announced his retirement after a long and controversial career dominating Sydney breakfast radio. Mr Jones announced his shock exit to breakfast show listeners on Tuesday morning telling them he would wrap up broadcasting on May 29.
  14. Sure, I get what it actually is. But it's described as a bump. A bump! If I want to charge at someone with the intention to knock them to the ground, I'm not bumping them. At least a hitup sounds like what the player is doing. But shirtfront? It sounds like that **** they do before the game starts where they bump and grab each others shirt. But then again, I'm somewhat of a simple person. These big words confuse me a bit.
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