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  1. I stopped reading at Taurus teasing with the striker being done deal (yay!) and the Dutton combustion discussion. Is there quick summary of the last 5 pages I can skip to?
  2. I don't know why (i suck at tipping), but im interested
  3. It's the story of "progress" apparently. Women in sport didn't exist before WAFL.
  4. I'd argue that this thread is there already, and has been for some time now. And it wasn't a slow trip either. **** this off season crap already. Edit: Yeah, Ed beat me to it
  5. Controversial? Really? I suppose to news limited, pretty much anything can be controversial.
  6. How long does this stage last? Asking for a friend
  7. Will they be streaming the GF again this year?
  8. So, has a history of dick moves?
  9. lol, yeah, well, fat fingers and typing on a phone and all that. Almost as annoying as being woken up by a bird making a racket. Almost Edit: Nah, lets just be honest. My spelling skills are no better than my typing skills.
  10. Yeah, but you just know it will be WSW that's the trail case. Didn't they have a bucket load of camera's pointed at you as you came into the old SFS?
  11. I can hook you up with some ducks if you want some first hand experience We've also got chickens, including a roster. I'd happily give him away right now. The more the prick crows at stupid hrs of the morning, the getting closer he gets to being turned into a roast. We've tried a few things to keep him quite, but he just can't help himself (I don't actually blame him; he's a roster, what do I really expect?). The latest thing we have is a collar. The premise being, if we restrict his ability to puff his neck out, he can't make a racket. I thought it sounded a bit cruel myself (he shits me, sure, but I'm not an arsehole about it). When my wife told me it was called cock ring (seriously), I just said collar the little bastard (after i stopped choking on my own laughter that is). I nearly choked again when my son (the one on the autism spectrum) asks what a cock run is. Anyhow, Roster, with his own cock ring, if you want to experience first hand how awesome birds can be.
  12. Nick Helm, the shouty guy? I didn't know he had more than 6 jokes. I've been throwing out the "You're welcome" and "It would be ideal" in my best shouty voice for years.
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