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  1. SomeGuy1977

    Memberships 2018/19

    Not that I noticed. You’d kind of expect an announcement before hand if they had one though. Kind of...
  2. SomeGuy1977

    Memberships 2018/19

    Hat (cap), magnet, special offers book, lanyard, stickers, and a little bag for the kids. Most importantly, membership cards, so I’ll be allowed into the shot hole that is SOP. The hat is an improvement on last year I think. Didn’t read the offers yet.
  3. SomeGuy1977

    Memberships 2018/19

    Membership pack arrived today
  4. SomeGuy1977

    Sydney FC: Season 2018/19

    It’s all fun and games until mum and dad stop paying your pocket money
  5. SomeGuy1977

    Amateur Association Football

    Nepean had their grand finals on the weekend. My daughters team made it to through to play the team that finished the regular season in second place. After going behind early, they powered through to a 4-1win! My daughter with an assist to level it up. Could have been more if not for some excellent one on one saves from the opposition keeper. Very much a deserved win (in my completely unbiased opinion of course). Result aside, I couldn’t be prouder for them. They’re a fantastic group who have worked hard all season. Gelled well early on, trained hard, and played with grace and sportsmanship. It will be a shame they won’t stay together next year, with some moving up to intermediates, some staying in u16, and a couple likely moving to play other sports.
  6. SomeGuy1977

    FFA Failure: The CRWG Looms Large

    Knowing the FFA, they'll **** it up and he'll end up being re-elected
  7. SomeGuy1977

    RD 4 - Mudgee (vs Brisbane) - Sat 10th Nov

    Actually you can. Train it to Lithgow and coach into Mudgee. About 5 hrs, depending on the connections. You can leave on Saturday morning and get there around lunch time. Return trip on Sunday arvo. About $27 each way from central for the XPT and coach.
  8. Come on people, we need something with a bit of a German flavour to it. Complete with a bit of pyro and smokies (if you’re into that kind of thing) https://youtu.be/QN9VEQYdnWo
  9. SomeGuy1977

    Interesting Football Stuff.

    Dunno if this is the best place to put this, but https://youtu.be/ooFxFmYytuM
  10. SomeGuy1977

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    That was my thought too. I know contracts aren’t generally worth the paper they’re written on, there seems to be some thinking and planing going on. It could also all fall in a heap and we are completely ****ed. Until then, welcome.
  11. SomeGuy1977

    Amateur Association Football

    My daughter is also playing div 2 this year. Tomorrow is their last game of the regular season. They will already finish top of the table and a win or draw tomorrow will be an undefeated season for them. Hasn’t got in the scoresheet but has had a number of assists. She’s developed a deft little turn that she uses to get around 2 and sometimes even 3 players. And then the timing on the through balls. It’s just brilliant to watch. She’s also the reserve keeper, which is where she’ll be playing tomorrow so the regular keeper can have a run. Shes not happy - she’d much rather be running and turning - but it’s what you do in a team. She’s actually not too at keeper. A bit quite for my liking, it she can manage the penalty area well enough. A chip of the old block I suppose The youngest plays U8s which is non comp, but he’s had a great season too. He plays with a great bunch of boys and the coach is pretty relaxed with them. He’s really thriving on the structure and learning / playing different positions. He had his first game back today after a few weeks off with a wrist injury (funnily enough, while he was playing with his sisters team a few weeks back lol). He only has two speeds when he’s playing. Flat out and eating oranges lol. They played short today and managed a hard earned win. I don’t get to watch all of his games as I’m usually reffing, but they’re equally brilliant to watch.
  12. *pending sponsorship deal with McDonalds and / or Apple
  13. SomeGuy1977

    Central Coast Mariners: Season 2018/19

    Track record. I see what you did there. If we’re going after untapped markets (remember there are more participants in athletics than league), we should go after the big guns. There are 700,000+ people who play golf. It’s got the second highest participation numbers in the country. They should be trying to Sign Tiger Woods.
  14. SomeGuy1977

    RD 4 - Mudgee (vs Brisbane) - Sat 10th Nov

    Yeah I know, not my problem though.