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  1. Don't be so hard on yourself. This isn't exactly the typical working from home scenario, and it will take a bit of time to settle a workable routine. For some people (not myself), having the same morning routine helps them set the tone for the day. Get up, shower, dress etc like you're heading to the office (or school). And as marron mentioned, your whole day at school isn't spent in one place, so why would working at home be the same? Get up, move around, make a cuppa etc all still apply. Instead of avoiding the knobhead on the otherside of the office, say hello to the cat (although mine are starting to get a bit pissed off with everyone being at home and making use of their sleeping spaces!).
  2. Yo momma fight! https://youtu.be/V4n0F9R90F0
  3. No idea what you're talking about
  4. You're not wrong. I work at home all the time, maybe a day a week normally. I can sleep in and still get to work before i would normally if I had to get the train. I have breakfast with the kids, drop them at school and have a solid 5-6 hrs to get work done. It's peaceful, and generally, I can be more productive in that time than 8-9 hrs in the office. The big difference at the moment is that EVERYONE is at home. 6 of us, in a small house. Our house is chaotic at the best of times, so trying to work at the moment is more than a little challenging. 3 school aged kids and me trying to work. Our dinning table is covered with computers and papers and cables running everywhere. Then there's the other daughter pissing and moaning about being poor and needing a job (try asking her to do some jobs around the house without getting the teen attitude), and a wife stressing to the max about money etc, and also not having a job. And if that's not enough, the wife and unemployed daughter are in the 'high risk' category for Corona. As others have mentioned above, keeping a "separate" space for work and non-work is important. That's really hard to do when we're all confined to such a small space.
  5. The fitting on the garden hose broke yesterday. Possibly the single best thing that has happened in the last 3 weeks, as i got to escape the mad house to get a replacement.
  6. [Me, laying in bed]: you're closer than 1.5 metres [Wife]: [Me]: While you're up, do you mind making coffee? And that's how I got a black eye
  7. People continue to go mental, so now Bunnings has buying restrictions on a number of products. Strangely, no mention of sausage sandwiches.
  8. Oooo, scissors too. Rock for the win
  9. Sci.. I mean paper. Always paper first
  10. Well this is all pretty ****. People getting sick and dying. Business's closing down. People out of work. Sport cancelled. Social gatherings cancelled. Schools all but shut down. I'm confined to a tinny house with 3 women (god help me when they "sync up") and 2 young boys who can only be described as disasters looking for a place to happen. MY WHOLE LIFE IS BUILT AROUND ESCAPING THIS MADNESS AND NOW I'M STUCK! Could it get any worse? Stay safe folks. Don't be ironic
  11. Bahahahaha. Can’t wait to hear corica crap on about that post match
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