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  1. Please name every level I don’t know what is an ok level of inappropriateness to say to school kids these days, so if prob just make their exams harder or something like that. Or set tasks like “write a 2000 word essay on why <insert teen fad platform or phrase here> will never last”. Or pop maths quizzes without calculators that no computer could solve. Or set really shitty research topics. (yeah, prob a good thing I’m not a teacher I think)
  2. I heard a short post match clip from Cooney-Cross I think it was saying she’d only had a couple of sessions with the girls.
  3. That, or the RFS take you details when they show up to put your **** out. Either way, he copped the fine apparently. Reading one of the local facebook pages that I follow, I think he's going to want to leave town pretty quick.
  4. Not too far from my house, some dumb arses decided they needed a cup of tea and thought it was a good idea to light a camp fire yesterday. Not only are we in the midst of the worst fire conditions in forever, but the pub (and the bottle shop) is right across the ******* road from the camp site, not to mention the golf and bowlo being short walks away! Tourists. FFS.
  5. God I hope they finish a point behind has now. Other than a legit goal being ruled out for a BS offside call (I'm sure thats happened to us sometime recently ), I can't think of much that would burn them more than "knowing" they should have had at least a point against us had it not been for a "dodgy" VAR call way back in round 3. I'd consider joining the twit-verse just to troll Slater (and probably Harper), just to see how long it takes them to block me.
  6. Loving the defensive commitment so far this season. And when the line is breached, Lapor is up for the task. This is a huge improvement on last few seasons. Our last 2 games we've had less possession, less field position, less goal scoring opportunities, we've conceded 0 goals and taken 4 points. This has got to be a confidence builder. Still much improvement needed, but we can have a little more faith that when the goals do come (and they will), we can defend a lead with true grit. Something we haven't done in the last few seasons. The game itself, I've got nothing to add that hasn't already been said, although I'm still not sure how the first half pen shout was waved away (did the VAR even look at it?). Not the greatest of spectacles, but it's a point in tough conditions and after some injuries. I'll take it, and look forward to how we deal with WU next week.
  7. On the plus side of things, we’re almost 25 mins in, and not a single smurf **** in sight
  8. I knew I’d regret looking at that. I wasn’t disappointed. With all this salt, I reckon I’ve exceeded my intake for the year. Keep an eye out for the headline “WSW fan sues Sydney for excess salt intake”.
  9. How on earth did that happen? The article lists a bunch of aussie keepers playing locally and overseas. I find it hard to believe NONE of them rate higher than AR.
  10. Well that was fun. I’m declaring a day of celebration and am doing **** all today. Good luck getting done housework. You can **** off with those smurf bitches.
  11. no one person should have to shoulder that burden alone. we all need to pitch in
  12. 5% chance of rain is more than enough for it to happen on game day.
  13. Controversial? Notorious? Members storming the streets? With that kind of description I'm surprised we've been left to the riot squad and that the military hasn't been called in.
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