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  1. SomeGuy1977

    World Cup 2018

    Which, if I’m not mistaken, has Australia at -3 (all from the France game) and Denmark at -4 (2 in each game), right? Assuming that’s level as well, is it then the drawing of lots, right?
  2. SomeGuy1977

    World Cup 2018

    SO if France now beat Denmark 2-1 AND we beat Peru 1-0, that leaves Australia and Denmark on 4 points, 0 GD, 3 GF and 3 GA. Who goes through in sthe cons place in the group?
  3. SomeGuy1977

    World Cup 2018

    this game has a Vision cameo at the 70th min written all over it.
  4. SomeGuy1977

    World Cup 2018

    I had to leave this morning before the end of the Tunisia England game, so I listened to the last 10 or so mins on the radio (for those who don’t know, SBS are running the BBC feed for English). The board goes up for 4 mins stoppage time, and one of the commentators gets a little annoyed (and I’m paraphrasing a little): ”4 minutes? Did he leave a zero off?” ”What’s going on with the officials? I would think 4 minutes is the bare minimum. In fact, it’s just plain wrong” Kane knocks in the winner and his view changes completely. “England making a change now and unsurprisingly, they’re in no hurry. I have 1:15 of the 4:00 left, which the officials got right” The desperation in his voice to will the clock down to zero was pretty clear, and I think he would have given one of his Crown Jewels to skip the last 1:15. Clearly the voice of someone who is regularly disappointed.
  5. SomeGuy1977

    World Cup 2018

    https://www.afr.com/technology/web/optus-scrambles-to-fix-faults-after-nightmare-world-cup-opener-20180616-h11grz Nothing new about Optus's problems in this article from Saturday, but I liked this: :)
  6. SomeGuy1977

    World Cup 2018

    Get that up ya’s
  7. SomeGuy1977

    Sydney FC: Season 2018/19

    You’ve answered your own question there
  8. Im sure I remember them knocking the price up slightly at the end there - i only had a $5, so had to scab from my mother in law. Still less than $10 though, and far better than the P1 BS for sure.
  9. SomeGuy1977

    2017/18 UEFA Champions League

    I read a story yesterday that said an Egyptian lawyer (I think it was) is specifically suing Ramos for a billion euro or something stupid like that on behalf of Egypt. World cup dreams of a nation, national treasure etc. It was so **** that it didn't even say Salah had been approached to be part of the lawsuit. And then I watched that clip. Just wow. Maybe I need to join the twitverse so i can get my giggles more regularly.
  10. SomeGuy1977

    2017/18 UEFA Champions League

  11. And we all know what the FFA think of grassy hills
  12. But who’s gonna fly it kid, you? (sorry, couldn’t help myself)
  13. SomeGuy1977

    Sydney FC: Season 2018/19

    Don’t worry, the Asian cup is only 6 months away. You can get your fill (and mine for that matter) of him then.