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  1. SomeGuy1977

    West Coast Collapse

    Opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one. The only way I'm getting mine out there is if I charge less.
  2. SomeGuy1977

    West Coast Collapse

    Bit hursh on Suman I think. It's not like he fumbled them and they rolled in. The first one especially (with the questionable offside call), he gets clattered into, still picks himself up, somehow manages to get down and make a great save from close range, only for the defence to be ball watching. The second one he tips onto the bar, it comes out, only for the defence to be ball watching again and it's a simple enough header, which Suman still managed to get a hand to while he was on the ground having made the initial save onto the bar. I'm not sure what else he could have done. At some point, his defence needs to help him out. My 2 cents.
  3. Suman got nothing tonight from the defence or the ref. First 2 he saves but defence couldn’t help him out and the follow ups and put away. He gets smashed by an offside defender for the 3rd, and if that’s not enough, a defender gives the ref an opportunity to award a very soft pen for the winner.
  4. And normal service has been restored. We just can’t take a trick can we? Not an obvious error? Keep loving this stuff. FFS
  5. Calm down lads. They have one back. Dont get too excited
  6. I was happy just to not have to hear Harper, Speed or Slater calling the game. The half time lead is just a bonus.
  7. Why can fox turn down the mike for the RBB but we can hear arnie loud and clear? Someone should conplain about that being offensive or something edit: my Foxtel has crashed. Maybe someone complained. Lol
  8. SomeGuy1977

    The Refereeing Thread

    If you’re thinking of Kate Patterson, she’s officiating in the W-League now.
  9. Good luck boys and girls in the RBB. That’s some messed up rain right there. Especially with that lightning.
  10. What alternate parallel universe do you live in? Bitch needs some cheese with his wine. My kids are a bunch of serious wine-arses (I swear if I hear “I did it last time, why can’t <insert name of sibling who has pissed them off recently> do it” again, someone’s arse is getting kicked). Brusque makes them look like amateurs.
  11. I’m also a red member and had no trouble sitting in the GA section at ANZ. Being a derby it might be busier though
  12. I don’t even know what he said and I know you’re right