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  1. And a few drops into the dam as well. And more planned for the next few days. Cant remember the last time I've been woken up by a storm at 4:30 in the morning and been happy about it, but gee its a great sound.
  2. Is it only O'Sullivan on the guest stint?
  3. Maybe Fowler can teach us to get shots on ******* target.
  4. Unbelievable. Exactly the kind of thing that happened last week AGAINST us. How is it not a handball? **** me. at least there’s something to entertain I suppose.
  5. Going out on a limb and calling it, the Roar player being down has been some level of entertaining.
  6. Out. Daughters birthday and she'd rather have dinner with family and friends than go to a football double header. Being a derby didn't sway her :(
  7. The Green Wattle Creek fire is nuts. Currently about 30ish kms from our place. The local RFS had info sessions last night to let everyone know what’s happening. They said It will take a week of rain to put it out. Without it, these fires are likely to burn for some time. The plans you make aren’t for the next day or two, they’re for the immediate future. the fire jumped the river a couple hrs back and they’re evacuating people from Oakdale which is directly in its path. There’s ash in the air. @Paul01 how is it up your way? You’re closer than I am
  8. I think I've mentioned our 4th cat? He was a similar kind of rescue, although there was no python involved. Benson was deserted by his mother and was hanging around a warehouse where a friend works. Scared, hungry, everything you'd expect from a stray kitten without a mum. Some of the workers would leave him some food, but he wouldn't come near them. Eventually security caught on and was going to arrange for pest control to remove (I don't think he wanted to, but he had to). Our friend managed to convince him to wait a day to give her (and my wife) a chance to catch him and find him a home. It took quite a bit of work, but they managed to catch him and save him from the extermination. We planned on finding him a home (3 cats was enough for us I said), but him and my daughter hit it off right away. She was going through a pretty rough time (a story for another time), and with some convincing, we adopted Benson and he became her "support" animal. He's quite the lump of a cat now. Thinks he owns the place now. My daughter is more than happy to tell me that "there's nothing like a fathers love of a cat he didn't want". Not the first thing that comes to mind when he tries to sleep on my head FFS. But impact he had (and continues to have) on on my daughter is pretty amazing.
  9. we have cat named Cleo as well. She's rescue, from a dead **** family who "gifted" her to the teen daughter and they decided they didn't like cats. When she came to our house, she was skinny, almost too skinny. Well, that changed pretty quickly at our place (and you know, having regular access to food etc). So much so that we nicknamed her Chunks. She's lost a bit of weight now as she gets older (she's around 10 or so), so we've adjusted to calling her Anti-Chunks or Half-Chunks. She used to be a real grump, but she's mellowed as shes aged, bless her.
  10. She threatened to leave me if I didn’t commit. I thought she was bluffing. Oh well. Good luck to you.
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