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  1. I'd say Riera is the best forward in the history of our club..
  2. So does anyone know how many ticketed members are in active? I'm sure a reshuffle at ANZ won't be an issue, but isn't Spotless quite full already with ticketed members (even though a lot don't show up)? Would there be room to move everyone out of active and still guarantee a seat for everyone who has paid? Pretty sure the GA section will turn into active anyway.. just curious on how they could actually make this work.
  3. Seems like a good opportunity for RBB and WST to come together..
  4. So... " To Central: trains will leave Parramatta at 16:28, 16:43, 17:15, 17:43 and 18:13. These services will arrive at Granville approximately 8 minutes after departure from Parramatta then run direct to Central. Back to Parramatta: after the game, services will leave Central at 22:03, 22:16, 22:40, 23:01 and 23:31. These services will stop at Granville then Parramatta." But then: "Trackwork is scheduled to take place over the weekend of Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 January. Buses will replace trains between the following stations: Granville to St Marys. Granville to Richmond. Clyde to Carlingford." So are there bloody trains to and from Parra or not??
  5. Not sure about the homesickness reason.One of them is in Greece, the other one in Cyprus. Still a long way from home. I hope they get paid. Both players rejected the initial low offer, Alberto was then renegotiating, and only a low five digit amount stood between a new signature. Looking at the game time the players get in their new homes, and considering how we have been going, I doubt that anyone is making cartwheels over their decisions. Missed opportunities. Oh well. That's depressing. This club reminds me all too much of Arsenal. No plan B, stage fright in big games, not spending the money, inability to hold a lead, team mentality issues, consistently bottling it and walking the ball into the ******* net. Only difference is we've actually won the champions league. Lmao. It's hard enough following the gunners. Mate I feel your pain.. every. single. year.
  6. Yep.. Doesn't specify active though, only 'away supporters'
  7. There are actually two 'menus', the first one I posted, then more clearer options as per Prydz's post. All good though!
  8. Only gives the following options: Black Active Red & Black Active Reserved Area Dry Area Which one is good ol RBB?
  9. Do we only have one bay for this game? (Away supporters, Section 317)
  10. What's traffic like heading that way from Blacktown after work.. I'm guessing pretty ****? Live in Blacktown but work in North Sydney.. home around 630, but then need to jump in the car for the drive down.. I'm guessing no chance of making it to the stadium in time? Probably quicker to just train it all the way down to Ctown I'm assuming?
  11. I'm in! I've actually been keen on getting WSW cufflinks for a while.. just haven't found decent ones yet. Keep me in the loop please!
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