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  1. I don't often agree with Archie but he really nailed it on the head with this rant.
  2. I believe that on our website it said that if we beat dynamo we progress to the semi finals. There is a stream available but with Chinese commentary
  3. Congratulations to France. I was really hoping Croatia would win, what a glorious way to end a perfect world cup that would have been. Glad to see Luka Modric deservedly winning the golden ball.
  4. Grats to Russia. F everybody who doubted them and their rights to host the cup.
  5. Time for some German engineering. Welcome!
  6. Shame about Aspro, very talented young player. I really liked him, he put on a solid shift in the 16/17 season.
  7. I'd be more upset if they were trying to force memberships now if they had kept gombau. Now he's gone I'm more comfortable handing over my money.
  8. Valter43

    Jack Clisby

    Sad if true. Clisby seems like a good bloke judging from some of the videos he's done with other squad members during his time here. My fondest memory of him in the red and black will be when he straight up dropped cirio in the first thirty seconds against Adelaide last season
  9. Valter43

    Jack Clisby

    I liked Clisby. Odds on him scoring a banger with his left foot in his first game against us.
  10. He needs the pay rise to pay for all his parking tickets
  11. VAR is a disgrace. How could that goal be allowed? How is it possible to miss that? Also Lawrence Thomas is an absolute madman
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