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  1. like you would have the balls to dump her, itll take you another 10 years to find another girl.
  2. because people are whinging about how slow it is in here, are you still with the bird, or are you back on the hunt?
  3. ''You thought greyhounds was bad': NSW ministers lose faith in Gladys Berejiklian's $2.5b stadium plan' http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-12/nsw-ministers-lose-faith-in-stadium-plan/9533250
  4. On reflection, this probably would have been better in the marketing thread.
  5. Stop talking sense you two.
  6. I didnt know where else to put these thoughts, and it is some drunken thoughts i have, so its going on here. Listenning to the ATB podcast, they talked about the chinese derby and it got me thinking. So we have the; Sydney Derby (WSW v ESFC), Melbourne Derby (Victory v City), F3 Derby (Jets v Mariners) and distance derby (Perth v Nix). So theres 2 teams that dont have a derby, Brisbane and Adelaide. So FFA, heres some free marketing. I present to you the: THEY DON"T HAVE A DERBY SO HERES A DERBY DERBY. Thank you, I will show myself out.
  7. Those passess are amazing. Either way, who is the members spokeserson that the club is meant to have regular meetings with. maybe they need to made aware to ensure the higher ups are made aware of the situation. And tell them that saying 'itds out of their control' is a cop out and something needs to be done.
  8. I'm not sure where this belongs, http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-02/2022-world-cup-bid-shed-light-on-the-games-current-woes/9384964 As significantly, football in Australia was not just diminished spiritually by the World Cup bid. As Mersiades reveals, the amount of money, government goodwill and executive hours concentrated on a task she and others were told by FIFA insiders was futile long before the vote took place left the local game neglected. Even after losing so abjectly, Lowy devoted time and resources to "Project Platinum" in whic
  9. whatever happnened to that appeals process that the FFA were meant to put in place. I havent heard much since the original boycots
  10. Always check this site out before eating anywhere http://www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au/penalty-notices/default.aspx?template=results&abc=show&abc-field=Offence_City&startswith=H,Offence_City
  11. There was a vegetarian Indian place in Mt Druitt a few years ago. They had to start selling meat dishes because no one wanted the vegetarian menu. Didn't help them though, its now Oliver Browns.
  12. I wish he wasn't cut off. if only the rest of the media got on board, maybe the FFA might do something.
  13. On the foxtel football podcast, adam peacock was talking about a journalist getting his computer smashed by a secruity gaurd (I think at allianz, i cant remember) and he overheard some stuff between to gaurds at Newcastle on the family hill. I had to pause it after that so havent heard the rest yet.
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