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  1. There is no "enemy" when it comes to sport. My experience is the more people experience live sport (of any code) the more they want to go again. I have a friend who started watching rugby, then cricket, now he's a Wanderers fan. He likes all of them. Sure, there may be suits trying to compete and pull people from one code to another but I think the more live sport people watch the better it is for all the codes.
  2. I'm glad we're getting new stadiums. I wish it was ANZ that got the knock down rebuild option rather than Allianz. But I like sport. I like watching sport in good stadiums. I'm glad they're actually getting done.
  3. If you're all keen to watch some more intense football my aa7 team is playing a trial match next Saturday
  4. Fitzgerald already done more than mahazi
  5. I just can't believe that Sotirio is starting instead of Fitzy. Fairly sure he has not completed a single successful pass...
  6. DanButler

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Can you imagine if the Facebook "fans" owned 51% of the club? It would be a disaster But then I guess it already is... So nothing lost there!
  7. Why are there no videos in this thread?
  8. DanButler

    Stop, Hamill Time!

    Wait, lustica was playing?
  9. Who cares who "opens" the stadium. I'm just looking forward to not being at spotless! We were playing at the eels stadium at Pirtek but we made it our own by our attendance and atmosphere. Let's do the same with the new one
  10. DanButler

    Mierzejewski Brace KO's Wanderers

    Someone post some pics of our new stadium plz
  11. If the social media peer pressure mob has its way the government would spend its entire budget on schools and hospitals. Then everyone would realise there's more to a budget, in fact there's more to life, than education and health. People are the worst.
  12. We will play them into form. Their season starts here.
  13. DanButler

    Wanderers Hold On In Gosford

    Is the fitness issue because of not enough to fitness training or too much? Is gombau working them really hard in order to have a solid crack at finals (assuming we make it)?
  14. Look, this is great and all, but can you please save these for after the match next time? When we manage to salvage a draw out of a certain win I like to console myself with the reminder that we have a new stadium on the way.