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  1. This IMO is a mega huge announcement by leading industry players.... not on the same scale of Andrew Forrest climate change announcement... Below I have listed my thoughts on the reactions... but I will be very interested in how the various parties react to this news... Leading retailers including the big 2, and leading suppliers are meeting with the combined aim of taking plastic out of all supermarket shopping by 2025... The politics of life and your support base i.e say Fox in the US with Trump's MAGA nutjobs and the GOP in the US backing their crazy claims.... Taking p
  2. Hand on heart not the other thing the score HHHmmmmm RRRRGGGGrrrrraaa did not reflect the difference in the teams..... Poachers FC, lack that, deep sitting, holding, play maker, mid directing players around them.... you don't have a decent 6.... God knows until Olly arrived this year neither have the Mariners... Having said that you are in phase one of a massive rebuild ... meaning fiddle a bit here and fiddle a tad there ... take Tossier [sorry] with a clever 6 behind him he would be a different player... Keeper, a 4 and a 6... no offence to your current keeper, 4 & 6....
  3. For all the teachers ....
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Just on the above card in a phone box. Way back in 1971 my first job was at Walton's and I was in the carpet section.. AnyWho our manager was also a kinda the regional manager for NSW, and he used to go on country tours selling carpet especially to businesses.... So he is away in the country somewhere and in a highly religious part, where anything you do wrong is around town faster than the speed of sound. Head Office had lined up quite a few local business i.e. clubs, councils etc for the presentation. Manager is out at lunch and has to phone in and
  5. This is the article not sure TBH... https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/glory-to-part-ways-with-neil-kilkenny-564471
  6. Neil Kilkendy is parting ways with Glory... along with Scottie Mac ... who knows...
  7. ^^^^^^ Cows and the Mighty Mariners have the best run home... Purr & Piss Ants arguably the hardest... Poachers FC, given the Purr & Piss Ants home run are in with a chance...
  8. The two city stations announced for the Metro from Westmead to the City..
  9. I like this a lot part of side two....
  10. That is so sad..... politically aimed at a small target audience that react to key words and phases .... maybe not so small.... On the other side of things and this makes me not quite as angry but maybe even sadder is the ALP does not seem to have the ability to explain and debunk the claims made by the Carbon Gods.... Personally the idea of gas does make sense because you can use the gas lines when you produce hydrogen but many of these folk are arguing for coal... no business person or lender wants to invest in coal.... But back to the article just just just words fail me a
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