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  1. UN ... F....ING ... BELIEVABLE.. Turning air to water using solar ..
  2. The reactions to the half time show are pretty mixed. I've seen some people say it was the best since Prince and some people say it's the worst since Coldplay. Others have said it was complete ass.
  3. battery day is getting closer and rumours keep growing...
  4. Clever ... but he is changing a number of things which in my wildest dreams I ever through could happen in the US. A couple of days ago an appeal by the US gove against a Fed court decision pertaining to journalist and the police in teh US. Essentially its always been assumed if you were a boba fida journalist then the police could not arrest or physically handle you... as you would be aware that has happen a number of times recently.. in a 2 to 1 over turn of the decision two Trump appointed judges backed the and said police could treat journalist the same if not worst than other protesters... like giving the police the power not only to shut down media coverage of an event but to jail journalist... This bit is beyond scary to the power of light years scary... the DOJ [department of justice] which has been stacked by Trump appointees is looking at charging or developing laws to charge the left wing protesters and jail them... essentially jail your political opponents.... Fox news in full support.... why & how Fox are so supportive to me anyway is un-explainable. .....
  5. This is very interesting... especially the first minute or so..
  6. ^^^^^ Unbelievable Also NSW up today .... hope its not a sign of increasing numbers...
  7. Social distancing for an introvert is like winning a free ticket to a Coldplay concert for an extrovert
  8. TWAS om MSNBC youtube ... and was also on a 'The Young Turks" youtube ... I will see if I can find them but they both have so many youtubes I will try ... In-explainable if it continues ... also saw an interesting comparison of conveys of middle eastern mostly young men flying flags with guns driving to support their cause and that Trump has conveys that look the same... I think Trump will loose but if he wins ... I have this horrible feeling in my gut .... In summary to come to the point the polls still show Biden winning .... but the chaos and the L & O issues he has caused .... This is The Young Turk youtube and it refers to the MSNBC and other polls..
  9. Just saw some polls in the US swing states and Trump is roaring back and is now leading in stats he was well behind in...
  10. The emergency laws in Vic are to stop movement ... in all non essential jobs... lawn mowing I guess comes under this general classification, However why are council parks essential to be mowed... if the answer is public use... then so are public footpaths on the street... Then the tradesmen partial exemption.. i.e. a Tradesman could go to one job a week and can now go to 3 jobs per week... and can work on a construction site with other tradesmen.... so going to work on a persons extension of their home is OK but going there to mow their lawn is not. As I said I think the state will win... but it is really spiting hairs ... Laws have to be applied maybe not fairly ... but be consistent .. so.... OK to mow in groups a public park .... not Ok to mow a public footpath. Ok to send a team of people to work on a house extension... not OK to mow that persons lawn... As I said Jim Lawn Mowing is about consistency in applying the law... and IMO this will be a very interesting case to watch...
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