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  1. Seeker Just quickly Four major renewable energies will be used in Australia.... Solar Wind Hydro Hydrogen On the 24 hours a day its obvious both Hydro & Hydrogen can function. So to can wind and solar operate 24 hours a day 365 /days a year. The process is simple you build both together in a supply position and they complement each other, wind blows more at night. ... further what happens if the wind does not blow .... its simple ... the wind never stops everywhere, and so you have two or three or more major wind stations, the wind never stops country wide. Recently the CSIRO made a MEGA to the power of INFINITY Squared to the power of INFINITY discovery... tis interesting when this one break thu could provide billions in revenue and provide full employment and build regional Australia to take the stress off capital cities... To explain, Solar cannot generate enough power to produce enough heat to run major heavy industry like steel mills... what does produce enough heat is coal especially black coal.... However Hydrogen can. The major problem with Hydrogen has been storage being as gas storage needed made the use of Hydrogen impossible for serious industrial use or for that matter even general power supply. The QLD, CSIRO, have developed a process of storing hydrogen not only in liquid form but a special liquid form that generates an incredible amount of heat and power in a tiny space.... far more power and heat that natural gas. The material used to convert Hydrogen to this liquid is found in QLD & WA in huge quantities... This is the real fun bit, you need power to convert or combine or whatever the process is [the process is a huge secret its worth trillions], you build a solar farm, the energy from the solar farm produces enough to power the conversation process. The new Hydrogen is far more powerful than oil, black coal & natural gas... This part is also being looked at, on the iron oar fields QLD, build the solar farm, build the plant to convert Hydrogen to this liquid state... then build a steel mill on the iron fields the most modern in the world, and export the steel not the iron oar... this bit may not happen but its being looked at... You won't read this sadly in western media to much... as the fossil fuel industry still has lots of pull... I think you will chuckle at the above, but aside from a steel mill being built on the iron oar fields the rest is very very very much in the planning stages ... Renewables are not a climate change argument anymore they are a financial argument... climate change benefits will happen because of the renewables as a side effect... but the CC arguments will pale alongside the financial benefits. Like I said, compare the coal process to get coal to the power station, to cleaning some glass plates every now and then ... there is simply no comparison running a solar farm up against the coal mining process ... solar is a tiny fraction of the coal mining process... battery storage is today a megga industry you can expect much cheaper batteries with far more storage capacity year on year..
  2. I actually feel sorry for you...... because what you posted is hhhmmmmm so so so so so outdated... not only outdated but beyond wrong ... There are massive nay massive is not the right word its to tame... I hope you are around when it happens... As an aside I am a swinging voter ... don't favour labour or Libs,,, I am actually greedy and vote for who can do the best for me... it started in 1972 I turned 18 6 days before the election and 18 to 21 year olds were given the right to vote... anywho all 18 to 21 year olds could get their birthday number picked and off to the army for two years and maybe off to war.. Gough said no more draft ... twas the only thing I cared about but it showed me a pollie could do something for you... so I vote for who I think will do the best for me.... Why mention the above is because I research much of what polllies say .... Mate its very simple rather the pie in the sky or Micky mouse as you say ... renewables are cheaper to build, cheaper to run, are far more reliable, and YES can function 24 hours a day 365 days a year.... Consider this ... old energy is made up of maybe a dozen oil producing countries, another dozen major oil companies, and maybe 50 huge coal mining companies ... at best 100 with I dare say less than 40 key major players.... they spend billions keeping many in the world thinking like you on renewables... My challenge in my previous posts was for you to decide which was cheaper .... very simple question the coal mining process or cleaning a glass plate every now and then... your answer Can't supply heavy industry, .... what makes you say that ... was it an engineering paper, from power companies, from banks, from finance people ... Then the clincher 30 countries are building new coal fired ... thats it then its a numbers game... so over 150 countries are building renewables ...
  3. looking that way... the abc today ran a vid on a vic boy here on holidays ... seems vic health erred in messaging and said he was clear when he was not... near unbelievable... old story but when you try and fix mistakes it takes longer you rush and make mistakes and it looks from afar that vics have made a couple of huge blunders and its snow balling the work load...and mistakes are occuring... As an aside we all remember in NSW how the gov hit certain areas regardless of who lived their, Bondi, Northern Beaches, Ryde / Eastwood, Penerith.etc... if there was even a hint of an outbreak that area would be swamped with health folk testing and very clear communication. Remember about two weeks ago now, when there was some cases in a big family gathering something like 130 people, apparently the vic government saw no reason to hit those areas hard then... then a couple of weeks latter close them down as hotspots.. Like the Ruby Princess mistakes can be made but its learning from them... I hope the vic gov, can get on top of things but unlike before it seems we don't know many of the details whereas when most were overseas folk twas much easier than the community transmission. ...
  4. Interesting reply... my sister lives near Armidale on a small farm. They have solar and batteries, as do four farms near them.. all have solar offgrid panels and battery storage ... They have set up a system between themselves if one needs extra power they can draw from the others, and remember these are farmers [so its not that hard to do] using batteries and panels and for about four years now have never had a power bill in fact they receive funds for what they send back to the main grid.. Many people who don't believe the science of climate change, dismiss the cost saving of renewable energy and they are huge , in both construction cost per power unit and running costs. Consider this, from a running costs and tell me why you would prefer coal, if I am correct in that you think coal is better... 1] You need to find coal ... 2] You then need to build a mine... 3] The mine needs equipment and people to run the equipment. 4] You need a transport system to take the coal from the mind to a pile, plus people to operate and maintain. 5] You need a transport system to put the pile into a different transport system to take to a power station, plus people to operate and maintain. 6] You then take the coal unload it and put it in a new pile, plus people to operate the machines . 7] You then need a system to unload the power station pile and put it in the furnace, plus people to operate and maintain. Compare this to 1] Send a machine to clean a glass panels every three months...
  5. Questions aloud the following. Is the USA a capitalist country.... ?????? My answer is no its not.... the USA has a form of corporate capitalism which the spin doctors say is what built the country... In a true capitalist state you have many buyers and MANY sellers..... eg Farmer Joe takes his produce to a market where many people bid for his produce. Today however after changes to take over codes and monopolies we have created mega companies .... I think and don't hold me to this but I think Six yes Six companies control over 75% of food distribution and production world over... In the USA you have less than 10 media companies of any size ... So the USA could stand for the United Corporations of America... I don't know the answer but the top 10% of the top 1% in the USA have more wealth than the bottom 50 or 55% of the country I forget which, and the top 1% have more wealth than than the bottom 90%. IMO the USA today more reflects Europe in the days when Kings & Queens, with Lords etc ruled the place... The incredible skill of ultra wealthy is to convince half the poor people their issues are with the other poor people not them... in fact in you cut my taxes its actually good for you and you will be better off with better schools if you cut my taxes... better still if you cut my taxes and reduce social security to pay for the tax cuts poor people will be better off ... it has always amazed me how in the USA this argument of poor people will be better off by giving the wealthy tax cuts and reducing public spending ... but both sides do it... To repeat my question is the USA a capitalist country ???
  6. Correct, and thats why he and other leaders have done a good job because they listened to their experts... As an aside, and the not so much talked about side of the lockdowns, my next door neighbour works in the arts he is an expert on sound teck... anywho he has not worked since it started and he knows 6 people who have taken their lives due to financial pressure .... I feel we don't hear much from those especially in the arts who fall outside jobkeeper, many arts companies have gone broke and many middle sized operators have closed up shop.... Everyone in my family is in jobs that have never stopped .... On opening up things... medical experts need to guide us ... however people like me with really no financial worries want it extended ... but others like my next door neighbour are saying or seeing it differently .. when it safe open ... Its a real balancing act I would hate to be the one making the decision, many of my clients on the Coast their business rely to an extend with tourist ,,,, those first few weeks of the lockdown hurt them badly financially and again if you don't have a small business with rent and other overheads piling up you take somewhat a different view. Thats why its important for this to be continually led by experts ... but for every argument about keep everything closed it must be remembered that keeps maybe a million people out of work and that can make life very difficult for many of those people.
  7. If someone either has a smh account or has views left can you copy the following for me. https://www.smh.com.au/environment/climate-change/alchemy-of-energy-breakthrough-offers-mass-hydrogen-storage-options-20200702-p558dj.html Its about - "It is a game changer in how we use electricity - it's like the internet revolution." The scientist said he had spent 20 years developing the metal hydrides that can bond with hydrogen. The system uses power to create hydrogen, which is then stored until needed for electricity production via a fuel cell. Developed by New South Wales university ....
  8. hHHHHHmmmmm my good mate .... wow .... have you read the climate change thread .... I am sorry if I call things as I see them and to date all governments in Australia have done a remarkable job ....
  9. Starting to think we should close our boarder with Victoria ...
  10. I wonder aloud nay actually I do have have information in front of me or available to me to even pretend to determine if the following article is beyond foolish and raising the stakes or needed or is a wake up call.. What I can say is never in my life has are article scared me like this article has... I repeat without knowing why this has been said now and having the information as to why its impossible to judge only assume the PM is taking advise from some very experienced people. This article scares the **** out of me... https://www.news.com.au/finance/work/leaders/dangerous-and-disorderly-pm-scott-morrisons-warning-on-postcovid-world/news-story/ff769cf2e430d6dcbfe118d1fdca442a
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