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  1. Interesting to see if the new kids get some game time... Mariners link about them if interested. https://www.ccmariners.com.au/news/mariners-land-sheffield-united-duo-loan Club info on Gem ... h looks on paper an excellent signing... https://www.ccmariners.com.au/news/karacans-hunger-restore-winning-culture
  2. As I said in the other thread 6 years ago we played a grand final... how times have changed especially for us.. Our new signing are all available this week. Jem Karacan .... very good signing... 31 year old mid closer to an 8 than a 6 or 10. Stephen Mallon on loan from the Championship league team 19 year old Irish U 23 player. Sam Graham same as above but he is English is I think still 18. This boy is a biggie kinda kid you would rather feed for a day than a week... People who have watched our training have said the two young boys from the Championship are pure class compared to what we have [maybe thats not much this year] You should win but I can always hope we can start to turn our season around... BTW Jem so far is impressing everyone hope we can keep him and not loose him at the end of the season.
  3. Midfielder

    WSW V Mariners

    Hard to believe 6 years ago we played a grand final... how times have changed for us especially ...
  4. Midfielder

    Should a Div 2 be Fully Professional from the start

    I would be prepared to say that Div 2 teams will be chosen on their financial backing or put another way an extension of the existing franchise licence system. Not saying its my preferred model, but what I think will happen...
  5. Over the weekend had one of those round a table conversations about a Div 2. Let me presuppose that most want something like this a 16 team Div 1, a 16 teams Div 2, and somewhere around the mid 20's but by 2030 P & R between Div 1 & Div 2. From there let those in the late 20's & early 30's work out the next expansion. However there are two maybe three schools of through. 1] Div 2 needs to be fully professional from the get go, PFA are pushing for this. 2] Div 2 can be semi-professional with players holding other jobs or doing other training. AAFC and regional associations support this in the start up phase. Essentially only when P & R is set up does Div 2 need to be fully professional. HHHMMM maybe 3] Div 2, semi professional with some marquee players.... who would support this maybe former NSL clubs however we discussed it so I have put it in. Anywho the conversation when all over the place, and I changed my mind a dozen times ... on balance I think semi-professional in the start up phase but not 100% convinced of this. Love to get people thoughts....
  6. Would you say the same about the EPL & the English FA as the model is the same.... don't get me wrong I want Gallop gone... An independent A-League will run its own business under license from FFA, whereas today FFA totally control the A-League... So the person that heads the A-League will decide most if not all things pertaining to the A-League and IMO that makes that person far more influential than the head of FFA.
  7. Gallop can stay at FFA does not overly matter, the new power will be the head of an independent A-League...
  8. BREAKING NEWS. News are reporting agreement has been reached and the changes will be passed by all 10 voting members. The break through is that all State Feds will get to decide what the new A-League nmodel will look like. https://www.news.com.au/sport/football/a-league/new-note-of-unity-from-states-aleague-clubs-gives-hope-of-end-to-ugly-battle-engulfing-australian-football/news-story/d593357c9c995488dde1fe5d744827fe A RESOLUTION to Australian football’s two-year civil war could be in sight, after days of negotiations brought an 11th-hour breakthrough in the battle for political control. A RESOLUTION to football’s two-year civil war could be in sight, after days of negotiations brought an 11th-hour breakthrough in the battle for political control.Less than 72 hours before a pivotal emergency general meeting to determine the power structure at the head of the game, agreement appears to have been struck among all those who will vote on a set of reforms backed by FIFA but opposed by the board of Football Federation Australia. News Corp Australia understands that all 10 members of FFA – the nine states and federations, plus the A-League clubs combined – have signed a new notice that was submitted to FFA late on Friday, calling an earlier EGM on Tuesday.The EGM will consider a set of reforms put together with FIFA’s imprimatur and which share power more widely around the game. The new notice includes amendments reached after intensive talks between the key stakeholders in the last few days, most notably adding all the states to the working group that will design a new model for the A-League once the reforms are passed. It had been feared that three or four of the states would vote down the reforms, bringing into sharp relief the prospect of FIFA losing patience and possibly suspending Australia from world football on the eve of the Socceroos’ Asian Cup defence. But the fact that all the voting members have signed the new notice has brought fresh optimism that the reform package will be passed on Tuesday, despite FFA’s board issuing a detailed argument against it. Under the reforms, the A-League clubs and the players’ association will get more votes, as will representatives of the women’s game. A variety of advisory committees would also be established, to influence the future direction of the game, as well as a working group to restructure the A-League and W-League. FFA chairman Steven Lowy has said he will stand down if the changes are passed, claiming they will give the professional game too much power at the expense of the grassroots But the new note of unity among the states and clubs holds open the possibility of an end to a saga that has dominated headlines at the expense of the A-League.
  9. Midfielder

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    If interested some comments on the match by Mariners fans that got in some how and on page 19 is a brief vid of the goals. Sounds very much to me like wSW were trying things and did not take the match seriously whereas we had trailest in our team. https://www.ccmfans.net/community/threads/2018-pre-season-games-yes-they-exist.6182/page-18
  10. Respect Arguably the best coach ever appointed in Hal.
  11. Midfielder

    AFL/NRL/Union/Cricket Bashing Thread 3

    http://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/mark-thompsons-house-searched-by-police/news-story/b57326d0f85cad080c0699ebac6b68ec ESSENDON legend Mark Thompson’s house has been searched by Victoria police on Friday. The former Geelong and Bombers mentor’s house was reportedly searched as part of a “wideranging” investigation. Foxsports.com.au reports Victoria police executed a warrant to search Thompson’s property in Port Melbourne and remained at the 54-year-old’s house for several hours. Victoria Police said no charges have been laid following the raid. According to reports, Thompson’s whereabouts remain unknown following the search of his property. A Victoria Police spokewoman has told reporters the raid was conducted by detectives from two divisions within Victoria Police. “Detectives from Southern Metro Divisional Response Unit and Geelong Divisional Response Unit executed a warrant at Port Melbourne on 5/1/18,” the spokeswoman said. “Detectives attended the Rouse Street address at 9.30am this morning (on Friday). “No arrests were made and the investigation is ongoing.” The Essendon premiership winner famously quit the Bombersat the end of the 2014 season following complications to the fallout from the club’s infamous supplements scandal. He returned as an AFL commentator for Fox Footy in 2017. Thompson played 202 matches for Essendon from 1983 to 1996, winning three premierships with the club. He coached Geelong for 260 matches from 2000 to 2010, including the team’s famous premiership in 2007 when the Cats defeated Port Adelaide by more than 100 points in the grand final. He was also at the helm when the Cats defeated St Kilda in the 2009 grand final. Thompson coached Essendon during the 2014 season after taking over from coach James Hi
  12. Lots of parking and the train is also an option. I would recommend Commuter Car Park on "Showground Road"" Link less than 5 minutes walk to the stadium... also parking stations on the other side of the line https://www.google.com.au/maps/@-33.4253056,151.3390525,463m/data=!3m1!1e3
  13. Hope we can win... best chance in a while we have of beating you guys... Its a good away trip if nothing else... get here early go to the beach, have dinner then the match... If not a strong swimmer try Umina & Ettalong Beach... if a strong swimmer try Avoca or Mc Masters or Soldiers
  14. Midfielder

    AFL/NRL/Union/Cricket Bashing Thread 3

    https://m.warwickdailynews.com.au/news/a-sad-day-for-rugby-league-with-brl-announcement/3284838/ A 'sad day' for rugby league with BRL announcement UGBY LEAGUE: The future of the Border Rugby League is in grave doubt after it was announced the 2018 competition would not take place. An AGM was held on Wednesday night regarding the future of the 21-year league, however only two clubs, the Stanthorpe Gremlins and Tenterfield Tigers, could form committees. BRL president Norm Crisp said it was a sad day for rugby league in the area. "Because only two clubs have committees formed, the competition will go into recess until further notice,” Crisp said. "Unfortunately Inglewood and Killarney couldn't get committees in place for 2018. "Texas were hopeful of fielding a team, but they couldn't guarantee numbers. "It wouldn't have mattered, as they would've only been the third team.” Despite the heartbreaking news, Crisp said there would still be hope the competition can re-form in the future. "In mid-2018 we'll get into conact with various people from the clubs about 2019, and will make a decision on the future,” he said. "I'm hopeful, but not optimistic. "Once we get through this stage, it is hard to re-form. I have my doubts unfortunately.” The Killarney Cutters are a side that won't participate on the field in 2018, however committee member John Towells said he is hopeful it wouldn't be the end. "It's hard to find volunteers, and getting people to step up is one of the biggest problems,' Towells said. "With the year recess it might get people keen to help. "Other clubs have had a year out before, realise what they missed and come back again. "It can take something like this to get everybody thinking.”
  15. Midfielder

    AFL/NRL/Union/Cricket Bashing Thread 3

    Like WOW to WOW TO WOW and FU AFL AFL facing concussion Armageddon Richard Earle, The Advertiser November 29, 2017 9:20am Subscriber only Ads by Kiosked THE AFL has long indulged a paranoia about the world game but Gillon McLachlan has genuine, unprecedented cause for alarm with Adelaide United chairman Greg Griffin prosecuting John Barnes’ landmark concussion claim. If a $1.3 billion, NFL-style settlement for post-career care doesn’t break the bank, a massive focus on brain injury caused by contact football codes looms as Armageddon for AFL participation. Griffin, one of the nation’s sharpest commercial legal minds, is at the coalface supporting battered footballers losing theirs, from former Essendon ruckman Barnes to 109-game Melbourne high-flyer Shaun Smith. 74% of original size (was 677x381) - Click to enlarge Former AFL star, John Barnes, talks about his epilepsy. Picture: JAY TOWN AFL boss McLachlan will earn his $1.74 million annual salary after News Corp this week revealed Barnes would front a concussion damages action, masterminded by Griffin, against the league and clubs. The NFL this year finally ratified a monster pay-out to past players, predicting up to 6000 would suffer Alzheimer’s disease or dementia linked to on-field concussions. There is no hidden agenda here from soccer heavyweight Griffin. Instead, the AFL is confronted by a time bomb decades in the making. It has been reported a dozen players will join the proposed concussion action, expected to start early next year. The Advertiser understands that substantially under-represents the numbers led by Barnes. Brain lesions, epilepsy, depression and insidious mental deterioration cited by former footballers serve as a warning to sons, daughters, fathers or mothers pursuing the game as an amateur or professional. ;"> Play Mute Current Time0:00 / Duration Time1:21 Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Fullscreen 74% of original size (was 677x381) - Click to enlarge Bryce Gibbs has opened up about returning home Brownlow Medallist Greg Williams four years ago revealed the torment of mood swings and memory loss consistent with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a disease responsible for early-onset dementia. Brisbane great Jono Brown, haunted by 20 career concussions, notes the brain “eats itself from the inside out” when attacked by CTE. Barnes, 48, laments “I’m not the same bloke I used to be” after three broken jaws and a half-dozen concussions, 17 years on from his 2000 flag with Essendon. There will be blokes from Beaumont to Bordertown with similar tales, pain and apprehensions. Soccer boasts 674,094 out-of-school-hours participants nationally to Australian football’s 366,462. The plight of players who fear neurological impairments resulting from football will focus parents on the sport of choice for their children. The AFL has spent around $120 million on a fledgling Giants franchise through a silent war on the world game for hearts and minds in Sydney’s west. The proposed federal court action by ailing players has the potential to rock the fabric of AFL, drain its broadcast rights windfall and ability to prop up Greater Western Sydney and Gold Coast. ;"> Play Mute Current Time0:00 / Duration Time0:32 Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Fullscreen 74% of original size (was 677x381) - Click to enlarge Lyon joins Fox Footy team The 2016 AFL injury survey showed the number of games lost to concussion rose from 4.2 per club in 2015 to 5.6 in 2016. Adelaide’s Brent Reilly, North Melbourne’s Leigh Adams, Melbourne’s Sam Blease, Brisbane’s Matt Maguire and Justin Clarke are examples of concussion-related retirements in recent years. St Kilda’s No.1 draft pick Paddy McCartin, 21, has sustained six concussions since 2014, leading to fears over the consequences of another blow. This writer won’t forget watching Adelaide vice-captain Rory Sloane mistake a club trainer for Bernie Vince after being concussed against Melbourne in Darwin last July. Sloane was inspirational against Geelong six days later but another head blow could have had untold ramifications, now highlighted by Barnes. Eradicating risk means quelling the gladiatorial nature of Australian football that has proven an unrivalled allure for over a century. Griffin’s case sheds light on an inconvenient truth the football industry is duty-bound to face. AFL facing a concussion Armageddon | Adelaide Now