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  1. Posted on the Mariners site today... interesting ..... ========== Speaking to a doctor this morning and the currently is happening at Gosford Hospital: - surgery lists are being cut in half to accommodate Covid patients - Sydney Covid patients are being transported to Gosford Hospital because Sydney hospitals are full - Public physicians, regardless of speciality, have to spend at least one week in a Covid ward. This doctor, practicing on Gosford, has to dump his patient load to go and work in a Sydney hospital.
  2. rumours we have two player signing announcements to make over the next two weeks with one being a visa player...
  3. Mariner CEO just said on Mariner TV [yes we have our own youtube TV Channel in its third year now]. Around the 21 min point he comes on... He said season will more than likely start latter in November, plus be announced in small parts i.e not the entire draw at once and NSW teams will play each other... all because of Cov 19 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOkG6V57G_4&ab_channel=CentralCoastMariners
  4. AS I said thats how I would do it as well... not that I am an expert . The hope is the Australian Constitution can be used is I guess the approach taken to say we can't be forced . The Health and safety laws say things like duty of care and reasonable steps must be taken... My guess is the defense is medical advise and medical evidence says cov is catching or more so by unvaxed folk.... and this can be passed on to frail or people pron to get sick from cov.. What would be argued as ""reasonable steps"" would be musk wearing, social distancing, maybe windows opened, but for staff
  5. KInda got caught in up in some research on this ... funny how it starts you think you know the law... then you find its not quite right... So assuming my assumptions about person at a work place told to get vaxed and says no and sues for the right not to get vaxed but still go to work. Four different laws in place. Over the top is industrial law Next is the national health and safety act Next are the federal privacy provisions. Under the health and safety regulations any organisations not only an employer is allowed to take or more to the point is required to t
  6. You are right, the far left in Australia is relatively small and has limited power... the far right on the other hand is IMO a real worry... especially now Clive is on the loose.. My comment about the far left on vaxed is there some on the far left arguing rights about not having to have the jab... one of my clients would stop coal mining tomorrow, open the country to all refugees etc... he has a small group arguing rights... its not many and they are not that loud...
  7. Maron & Sonar I made a slight mistake... The industrial acts today are based on Fed Law or most are... not state Law... Also the Work Health & Safety Act is a Fed Law.. How it will play out is what I have said above except the states won't be involved..
  8. Are you talking to me about how I think the courts will decide the issue... if so ... there is no left or right in the court case. The courts will be called upon to make a decision and will look to see what various laws say..and the evidence provided to them by the parties.. As a general principal Fed law normally over rules state law... industrial law is far more state based... whereas independence rights are mostly Fed Law.. Industrial laws clearly state and has a lot of support that employers have to provide a safe working environment for their employees .... The right
  9. No I am not. This is how I think it will play out. Say an Employer either government or large private company, insists every employee is double jabbed to attend the work place. Assume an employee does not want the jab, but still wants to go to work. The employee would take the employer to court for the right not to get the jab and I assume sight legally you cannot be forced to get the jab. The employer's defense would I assume be state gov work and safety laws / regulations, which say and employer has to provide and a safe work place for an employee. The court will the
  10. We all have personal biases. The google world allows anyone to find people / groups who share similar biases to us. Further, within our media, many journalists to me anyway seem to be on a side, rather than simply reporting. Meaning crazies on both the left and the right can find experts to support their biases. Its everywhere around us, the belief by maybe up to 40% of the US population that the election was fraud and the democrats stole the election from Trump. Media organisations equally seem to have chosen sides. Murdoch’s News has very few non-hard-core right people. The AB
  11. sigh Song is OK... music is OK.... BUT BUT this is the fashion of the mid to say late 60's into the early 70's.. it took me back the clothes and hair styles .. Enjoy
  12. Just watched a Clive youtube... He claims membership is exploding and he will fund his party the PUP far more than any other party.... further he says he is going after Labour in QLD. Mostly running on an anti vax, big gov, don't trust experts etc.
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