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  1. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/science/lasers-fire-hopes-of-clean-energy-switch/news-story/c95e88bae781899dd45b9e0ec532f020 Australian scientists are tantalisingly close to developing the holy grail of clean energy, using high-powered lasers to fuse boron and hydrogen atoms together to ­generate electricity without any emissions or toxic waste. A team of scientists at the University of NSW is developing the ­hydrogen-boron fusion technol­ogy, which is said to hold the promise of limitless, cheap baseload electricity with virtually no carbon ­dioxide emissions and zero radioactive waste. The only waste product is helium. The pioneer of the technology, Heinrich Hora, said: “The clean and absolutely safe reactor can be placed within densely populated areas, with no possibility of a ­catastrophic meltdown such as that which has been seen with ­nuclear fission reactors.” Boron is cheap and naturally abundant, with sufficient known reserves to power the world for thousands of years. Patents for the technology have been granted in the US, Japan and China to UNSW spin-out company HB11 Energy. The research, which was conceived by Emeritus Professor Hora, has been under way for more than four decades. It is a genuine moonshot on the pathway to a low-emissions world. If successful, it will follow UNSW’s other success in transformative energy technology with solar photovoltaics. The announcement by UNSW of progress on its fusion research coincides with a new focus by the Morrison government on technology to combat climate change. The Australian revealed this week that the govern­ment would adopt a technology investment target as the best way to meet the net zero emissions goal countries signed up to in the Paris Agreement. Professor Hora said Scott Morrison’s comments and a business group target of $22bn a year for investment in new technology represented “a new direction” in tackling climate change. The government is planning to release a technology road map that will include advances in carbon­ capture and storage and other emissions technologies. Work is also progressing on a coal-to-hydrogen project based on Victoria’s brown coal reserves, with delivery of a hydrogen refin­ing plant to AGL’s Loy Yang facility in the Latrobe Valley. The plant will be used as part of a pilot phase of the Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain project, a world first to establish the feasibility of supplying clean hydrogen from export from Victoria. usion research has attracted billions of dollars in funding around the world. Many are claiming to be on the verge of a breakthrough similar to that of the UNSW team. However, ­others believe the technology is 30 years away. Professor Hora said advances in laser technology had been the key to realising his theories of how to produce fusion energy without the massive amounts of heat needed by other approaches. The laser technology’s developers, Donna Strickland and Gerard Mourou, were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2018. With patents in place, HB11 will seek funding for final testing and development of a prototype. If all goes well, developers expect a pilot plant could be built within five years. The company will seek $1m for preliminary testing over 12 months. A further $5m would be needed over two years for international research collabor­ations to achieve experimental proof of concept. A pilot fusion electricity generator would require­ a further $80m. “After investigating a laser-boron fusion approach for over four decades at UNSW, I am thrilled that this pioneering approach has now received patents in three countries,” Professor Hora said. “These granted patents ­represent the eve of HB11 Energy’s seed-stage fundraising campaign that will establish ­Australia’s first commercial fusion company, and the world’s only approach focused on the safe hydrogen – boron reaction using lasers.” Professor Hora said his react­or design was simple: a largely empty metal sphere, where a modestly sized HB11 fuel pellet is held in the centre, with apertures for the two lasers. One laser establishes the magnetic containment field for the plasma and the second triggers the “avalanche” fusion chain reaction. A statement by UNSW said the alpha particles generated by the reaction would create an electrical flow that could be channelled almost directly into an existing power grid with no need for a heat exchanger or steam turbine­ generator. HB11 Energy managing director Warren McKenzie said the approach could be the only way to achieve very low carbon emissions by 2050. “As we aren’t trying to heat fuels to impossibly high temperatures, we are sidestepping all of the scientific challenges that have held fusion energy back for more than half a century,” Dr McKenzie said.
  2. Talking to a mate today and he said something I found interesting so post it here to share. He said... When you're happy, you enjoy the music. When you're sad, you understand the lyrics.
  3. OK but aside from News we have... ABC, SBS, Fairfax, Ch 9, Ch 7, & Ch 10... Only the Project seems to look at the rest of the world and solutions... like they did last night with Germany... Sometimes me thinks .... reporters are writing to say inner city hard core true believers... in doing this allow the CCD space to spread rubbish.. Last night how The Project showed what Germany was doing and what is happening in the rest of the world was so refreshing and I would love to see more of it... News is beyond bad but purely blaming them masks IMO the inability of others to tell the story better...
  4. What I find interesting is in most parts of the world climate science is accepted as fact and the argument is essentially about the speed in introducing renewables and phasing out carbon based fuels and the best methods to do so. Only the USA & Australia, are casting doubt on the science and this is not commonly reported .... I honestly have no idea how educated people can look at the science and with no expertise claim it to be a put up job from the left when its was the Iron Lady herself in Margret Thrasher who first pointed out CC as an issue and the English conservative party has pushed harder than the left in the UK for renewables. The only think I can think of is the revenue to government and foreign currency for the nation is so large that it can't be done away with... the issue with this thinking is its going to take between 20 & 30 years even if we start now to get rid of the coal mines and most importantly there are new forms of revenue and industries if governments would apply thinking and investment instead of cost cutting scientific investment investing in new areas.. But back to my main point why is the worlds position on CC not better explained by our media ... its more portrayed by our media as the left gaining control ....
  5. True, Questions... 1] I this any different to anywhere in the world at any time in History. 2] Assuming the answer to question 1 ... it has always been the case the wealthy try and avoid tax... whats important then is the Tax Office trying to get taxes and does it have heaps of wins... and the answer is YES they are trying to get taxes and YES they are having many wins... BTW I have no idea how arrive at a dividend income of 1.2 million with a negative tax of $ 5, 126..... It actually works like this. You receive 1, 200, 000 in cash dividends If these dividends were fully franked you would receive $ 514, 285 franking credits. The law then requires you to add the $ 1, 200, 000 to the $ 514, 285, meaning you declare an income of $ 1, 714, 285. The tax and medicare on income of $ 1, 714, 285 is $ 804, 525 .... less the franking credits of $ 514, 285 ... meaning you pay $ 290, 230 in tax . So the company has paid $ 514, 285 & the taxpayer has paid $ 230, 230 which is $ 804, 525 tax on an income of 1, 714, 285 or 46.93%
  6. Like gun control in the US we cannot get a debate on the Australian Tax system without many ill informed, lacking knowledge people claiming to be experts.... rarely is the actual position on any issue shown in proper context or without cherry picking lines and total miss-representation by almost everybody.... I am gonna claim a knowledge and experience base... I hold two undergraduate degrees in Accounting and Business, a post graduate diploma in corporations law and a post graduate Masters Degree in Taxation Law. Aside from being in public practice since 1986, I have worked at TAFE NSW where I set the syllabus for the Taxation subjects / units to met CPA, CA & Tax Agent requirements and lectured at two Universities where I was heavily involved in the development of the Taxation subjects again for CPA, CA & Tax Agents Board requirements. Beyond this I spend roughly 70 hours a year in professional development on Taxation .. Whether people wanta believe this or not is up to them... but the ATO by world standards is an excellent organisation and by world standards or sorry say European & North American standards our tax laws are less complex. The point on who does not pay tax is almost at every level.... and the excuse many use is everybody does it so why not me... To the ATO huge credit they have cracked down on corporations and have had a lot of success almost totally unreported.... Some examples ... Google ... https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/dec/18/google-to-pay-4815m-in-major-win-for-australian-tax-office Google, facebook, mircosoft ... https://www.ato.gov.au/Media-centre/Media-releases/ATO-nets-another-e-commerce-victory/ Shell ... https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/aug/25/ato-slugs-shell-with-755m-bill-in-fight-against-multinational-tax-avoidance BHP ... https://www.ecovis.com/global/the-wins-keep-coming-for-the-australian-taxation-office/ Gold .... https://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/mining-energy/huge-victory-for-ato-in-gold-gst-case-as-250m-assessment-against-ebs-refining-upheld/news-story/7c6c7c07d4300cd04dd66586308c11a4 So the argument that corporations get away with murder is totally out of date... NOT SAYING its all good, but the effect of the above cases has been estimated to be in excess of 7 billion annually. The next two big issues are over claims on deductions and the black economy... both these areas have very talented task forces involved today the same people with won against the corportations over the past 6 years or so... We need taxes to pay for things... enforcing tax law as it stands will do this... and as Ed showed with his links the dollars are massive...
  7. No you posted what the other areas were costing, maybe I worded it wrong... I was saying you posted how much other areas costs...
  8. Sonar I am not saying big corporations are innocent and that they do many things... unknown to many is our ATO is very active in this area and has had many many many major victories, some of the notable are google, Shell Oil... just in these two alone close to 3 billion dollars was raised and in the case of Shell Oil an ongoing amount of over 800 million per year.... but its good news so it never gets published. I am not saying that big corporations should not be hit harder. However what ED posted to ignore other aspects of cheating thinking its only small amounts is simply wrong... My question is the structure of our current systems of social security and taxation law, is such that it encourages cheating on a grand scale at the lower ends and when added together its a big big number.
  9. Very true... I have been to a number of ATO seminars and in only 2 items on individual tax returns the ATO believes their is almost 4.5 billion dollars... the over claims for use of phones for work purposes and travel claims.. The ATO has developed a number of computer formulas to pick these up... the travel issue alone they say cost 3 billion dollars in over refunds... No one is saying big business does not cheat, and things like transfer pricing, royalties etc are common place but to pretend its only big business is laughable.. Typical example as to what happens in some cases.... an unemployed person is on social security and over a certain amount they loose $0.25 cents for every dollar they earn. So unemployed person gets a job at a local cafe, do they declare their income and loose effectively 25% in social security plus whatever tax .... So what happens is the income is not declared so no tax is paid, social security is over paid, the cafe does not declare its income to pay the guy so no GST and no income tax on the earnings. Its a vexed question as to at what point you reduce social security when someone starts to earn income... because in a practical sense people are setting there own levels anyway... It may not sound fair, in fact when people hear about it the objections are very loud... however its by far the fairest tax their is and taxes wealth... Expenditure taxes in Australia the GST if applied to all goods and services and increased to around 18% could almost replace income tax. Then give rebates to low income earners.. Still have income tax but much lower than it is today... The cries are many against this... but the actual history is the poor person can only spend what they have, and as you get more income you spend more ... as you spend more you pay more tax... will never happen as the arguments against it are made principally by people in powerful position in social security areas who have little to no understanding of how the tax system works... the secret is providing weekly cash rebates to low income earners... to offset much of the GST they pay...
  10. I hope for the sake of the world Bernie Sanders is the next US president... This ad on youtube by Killer Mike ... F..... me .... gave me goosebumps...
  11. Only the last two paragraphs apply to this post the bit above was to be quoted but somehow the entire thing was quoted
  12. Question... the government appoint an independent body to access needs... and they ask that body to rank them in order... the government say publicly they will follow the recommendations of their independent body... as always minsters have a last right of refusal or overrule... rarely applied.. The government then largely ignore the appointed independent body recommendations ..... The government then say all accepted applications met the requirements... The minister then totally ignores the independent body they set up and makes its own chooses... Those chosen mostly happen to be in key marginal seats weeks out before an election. The government claim as all applicants on the list met requirements and minsters can over rule the independent body they appointed they have broken no laws... In a strictly legal sense that is correct... under parliamentary law ... but in the equity courts they would loose... Hand on heart, not the other thing, if you believe that is acceptable ministerial behaviour then I would be amazed . BTW two laws have been broken... Law 1..... The don't get caught law ... Law 2 ... The law of unintended consequences ... There is a thing called public trust... and its hiding behind narrow rules that destroy peoples trust in government and when someone finally says something half decent no one believes them...
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