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  1. Just on the teck thing... still not sure how it works but it seems good from what I have read, Google have made deals with, Nine / Faifax, 7 West, News, ACM, and in negotiation with SBS & ABC... FB, have agree but have had some rule changes made and FB have a month to do deals...
  2. Gotta feel for the Vics another two local cases today as of the time of posting they have not said were they came from... Just as they tho.... it was safe to go back into the water... Feel terribly sorry for regional centres....
  3. Tis country ... but OMG what a voice...
  4. Arguably the biggest "One hit Wonder" song of all time.... also one of the most influential songs of its time... quite a few vids of this up loaded this is one of my favs... as most of the pictures are in black and white which is how reporting and news articles were published at the time... a hippe classic if there ever was such a thing...
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ When I first saw the name of the group I got confused by a similar name band from late 60's called the Rubettes AnyWho the Rubettes biggest hit and claim to fame was the high pitched voice of the lead singer... and hhhhmmmm kinda clam clothes and making fun of other bands moves... almost worth watching for the band crazy moves at times.... they had fun making this Enjoy the Rubettes .... BTW very much enjoyed the Rubens ...
  6. Greens leader got his shot in the arm today as well.... suppose that just leaves the Nats leader ...
  7. Tracy Holmes, is one of the people HR told things too and was one of the key people with articles that lead to Staj being sacked.... That she still brings up the two reports in the article which indicates HR was correct is an example of look at who writes the article ... at least Lucy at SBS has kinda admitted she got it wrong.... Its also portrayed as men want women out as well... I would love the full story to come out about what happen ...
  8. More likely MV... City are playing reasonably well ... MV are falling apart with the last of the start up investors quitting the club today... Only trouble with Popa ...... does Popa come with his kids...
  9. OR Capital Letters are the difference between Helping your uncle Jack off a horse Helping your uncle jack off a horse
  10. Kelly IMO is a perfect example of what we don't need in our leaders.... he in my world is in rare company in that I think he is a fool when it comes to economics but thinks he is a god and also he simply says and does things I find offensive... Over the years my guess is maybe 20 to 30 elected members I have felt like this about ... Joe and his Nats mob in QLD are up there... Some in the last NSW Lab gov.... From Gough to Howard, we had IMO good to excellent gov, the worst being the Fraser years... the best being Hawke and then Howard... But Kelly like """Please Explain""" an
  11. Coca-Cola Amatil has made a “huge” Australian announcement. One of the world’s best-known brands is making the switch to 100 per cent renewable electricity in Australia and New Zealand by 2025. The company made the announcement as part of its sustainability objectives to 2040 which will focus on four priority areas – water, consumer wellbeing, packaging and carbon reduction.
  12. Rumours Nats putting out feelers for Kelly to join them.... and here was I thinking at the next election he is gone... Prepared to take a bet on this... My predication is after he leaves parliament Craig Kelly will join Fox sorry Sky News as a commentator
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