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  1. Epic... goosebumps ..... When I think some DJ's do a performance of a song in Ireland to the Irish and 27 years after the songs release people mostly born after the song is released know every word every bar... thats respect and amazing... Zombie as you have never heard it before and the crowd join in .....tis amazing... enjoy...
  2. OMG the first 34 seconds of this vid .... just listen to the first 34 seconds... and maybe the last 30 seconds...
  3. We will see how to play this game... if you do that I will post Barry Manilow...
  4. ^^^^^ The Tesla Battery Day is scheduled for 22 September not 15 September I used an date from last year and did not look up the change in time from a few months back...
  5. Seeker and others Keep your ears and eyes ready for the """Tesla Battery Day""" scheduled for 15 September ..... Rumours have been flying around the net and they are growing louder that Tesla has made or found or developed whatever is the right word a way to make batteries way cheaper with way more power... The noise about this battery day is getting louder and louder... and when this is added to manufacturing capacity Tesla is building, i.e. expected to be close to 4 million vehicles per year with two years. If you wanta look at the hype... google or youtube """Tesla Battery Day 2020"""
  6. Twas calling the ATO today on behalf of a client.... I always as an ice breaker ask what branch or where the ATO officer is working... today the ATO officer was from the Melbourne office but has been working from home since before the first shut down... the officer is at their parents as they have a small farm on the outskirts of Melbourne ... Anywho I asked whats the general mood as we get media reports of rule breaking almost on a grand scale and not from the tabloid press but the Vic gov.... The ATO officer said they were better off than most .....but the feeling of despair, anger and frustration is everywhere ... no one can quite comprehend the sheer size of the outbreak... many are questioning early data according to the officer as no one seems to accept the rapid rise from the base presented.... WE chatted away from my clients issue for a good 15 minutes .... The officer was happy to the extent, their kids were with them and their partner could also work from the parents small farm and the kids transferred to the local primary school..... however many have lost faith in their government and are starting to openly question the competence of those in charge...
  7. Australia's bush fires feature a bit in this and when the red haired women cries I found it moving. Two Steps from Hell with Kiko
  8. Just lovely... soothing ... its from one of the guys from Two Steps from Hell... love to know what the ladies think of this one...
  9. Just found this on an old blues playlist .....
  10. Tough I know but I wonder aloud if NSW should go for a short say 16 day shut down our numbers are low but we can't seem to shake them off...
  11. something very very different and
  12. Those poor folk in Melbourne.... had to be done and could still happen here as well... Am seeing for the first time a gov try to cash in on the pandemic .. the Vic opposition saying all sorts of claims and attacking the Vic gov with Sky news doing its attack thing as well... Vic opposition leader is giving those crazy tabloid type interviews on Sky with News starting to publish them on the News,com.au site... very very sad if this escalates.... Sad to see this I hope it does not spread as by and large those in both government and opposition have kinda treated this in a bipartisan way ... I think the biggest thing coming out of he Vic position is the number of people going to work with the virus and screams that we should pay 2 weeks pandemic leave for want of a better term ...
  13. Tis still on next year and this is the line up to date... https://www.bluesfest.com.au/2021-lineup/
  14. True just I want Trump out and have a small concern if they run a get rid of Trump campaign only...
  15. Just on the US election, when are the Dems going to say what they are going to do... it seems they are running on an anti Trump vote only ... heard nothing of what they plan or scant details in an agreement with Sanders over some polices but not much detail... My experience when you solely go after the other guy is no good ... it often back fires... Still plenty of time left and Trump is bad but me thinks the Dems need to also say how they will fix things...
  16. ^^^^^ the rolling sea swells come in about 7:00
  17. OK OK OK this is a blues song... OK OK OK but whoever did the vid uses a forest swamp & the sea at times with rolling sea swells... as a water baby loved this.
  18. No idea who the panel was ... and cough cough clears throat but guess who sneaked into the top 10 worlds best leaders ... and in his case all on his handling of cov 19... Saint Jacinda came in first ... but Scotty from marketing wow .. https://www.news.com.au/world/pacific/jacinda-ardern-ranked-most-eloquent-and-compassionate-world-leader/news-story/5bc8f174bbce9b611dba66ee545696f9 THE TOP 10 MOST ELOQUENT WORLD LEADERS 1. Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand 2. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany 3. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India 4. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada 5. Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland 6. Mette Frederiksen, Prime Minister of Denmark 7. Emmanuel Macron, President of France 8. Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway 9. Giuseppe Conte, Prime Minister of Italy 10. Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia
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