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  1. AAAARRRRRrrrr for the days of Flower Power..
  2. My call on the best female voice of the last say 50 years not counting opera or one off songs... could listen to her voice all day.... very very very rare footage... just her on a stage with a guitar nothing else... Just put this on and go about your work ...such a lovely voice...
  3. Very good article... https://skugal.org/the-us-is-tearing-itself-apart-because-its-political-system-has-failed/
  4. If you don't know the back story to this vid ... suggest you look it up and then you can see what an amazing vid this is... In brief for those that don't know its about the Troubles in Ireland when the IRA & Orange Man were in virtual open war with a strong English involvement.... much much much to it but thats a start... From the slums,
  5. That bloke did not bow low enough
  6. This is scary... Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday directed China's armed forces to strengthen training of troops and to be ready for war amid coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic's visible impact on the world's most populous country's national security. State media reports quoted the Chinese premier as saying that it was important to "comprehensively strengthen the training of troops and prepare for war", "resolutely safeguard national sovereignty" and "safeguard the overall strategic stability of the country ttp://www.msn.com/en-au/news/coronavirus/prepare-for-war-chinas-xi-jinping-tells-army-to-thwart-coronavirus-impact-on-national-security/ar-BB14DhOd?li=AAgfYrC&ocid=DELLDHP17
  7. I am an eternal optimist and sometimes see signs of hope in gloom. The coronavirus has shaken world economies. Australia is no exception. Its difficult looking forward seeing international tourism, and overseas students returning to their pre coronavirus levels and for that matter as new work practices are developed around working from home many cafes and small lunch food court business will not reopen. I guess it means we need to find new or expand existing sectors to employ people. This provides the Federal government with a huge challenge, the combination of lost tax revenue when added to future social security payments will place lots of pressure on the budget. My gut is Federal government department advisers are looking to ways of both reducing our reliance on China exports and large and quick developments of other sectors. Three iMO mega changes in policy have already taken place and each runs against what the current PM and government previous positions. First, and yes its not far enough, but the statement to reduce coal and look to both alternative and gas projects with a big push into Hydrogen. To produce cheaper costs of power for industry. Second a big boost to TAFE and re look at improving and directing courses to new work. Third is the announced IR work with unions. Just maybe, like with the coronavirus the Federal government is listening to its advisers. I am a swinging voter, with a more say Liberal aspect, but aside from 1975 when Fraser won and last year when Shorten lost I have always voted for winning PM. So Mo’s climate change stance and the liberal stance on CC overall, was the reason I switched. But as an eternal optimist I can if nothing else see a federal government at least making mostly the right calls to date.
  8. Agree both comments... The pig iron Bob comment is most apt.... I doubt there is a key government decision maker in the Federal government today, who does not see us looking for new markets and trying to reduce our reliance on China.
  9. My brain says I think you are right... My heart hopes you are wrong... That the unions have shown support for this and wanta work with the PM ... have shown no cynicism and made no comments about his past indicates to me !!!!!!!!!!! AAARRRRr ggRRR not sure but the open and welcoming support by the Unions and union leadership I find AARRGGGRRRR say refreshing like just maybe he means it...
  10. Fell off my seat... work colleagues rushed over to help... grasping for air and in dizzy disbelief I point to my computer screen... Then another person collapsed in shock struggling to get words out... So Mo announced today... careful be sure your sitting down... he wants to overhaul industrial relations... no brainier ... followed that up with he wants the Unions involved and business to develop a workable system for job creation and decent pay... he then announced all government current legislation going through parliament against unions would be cancelled.... essentially a Bob Hawke type consensus Its just a guess but maybe So Mo has had his body taken over... by something... watch the vid it only goes for about 50 seconds ... maybe I am dreaming... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-05-26/scott-morrison-industrial-relations-business-unions-coronavirus/12287072
  11. Hang in there mate I know how much it can hurt losing a dog.
  12. ^^^^^ Its been one country two systems... and you gotta feel for those Hong Kong protesters...
  13. Wonders aloud re the China recent trade threats, if we dare to criticise them at any level... I do wonder if it is kinda a bluff, so when they walk in and take Hong Kong we and other countries will simply shut up and not say boo... I heard a Hong Kong lady on the Project tonight pleading for the world to do something say something about what China is doing in Hong Kong...
  14. You can add the banks as well the 60 to 70 billion dollars in export dollars goes a long long long to our life styles ... Lazy pollies over say 25 years .... has led to an over reliance ... Why the PM did not let Europe take the lead and support them only he knows ...
  15. Maybe a separate thread but China's actions..... The latest is iron oar ... In their main paper it said...""" the Global Times declared: “China has the power to hurt the Aussie economy.”
  16. ^^^^^^^^^^^ Great vid
  17. One of my fav's... under rated IMO .... the music especially the Sacs and piano, and soft drums ... just special and the lyrics simple and few but makes you think..
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