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  1. LoganCircle

    Simon Cox

    He always put in 100%, it didn't always translate to success. But that's in the championship, seems he did fairly well in League one. I don't think he'd score as many goals as Le fondre (who did have a much better spell at Reading), but he's capable of getting close.
  2. LoganCircle

    Simon Cox

    We've signed a Reading player!!
  3. Should really try for Juric imo, knows the manager, knows the team, has helped us get an ACL and GF appearence and if he's serious about getting back in the NT he'd be willing to come back at a reasonable wage under the cap. It's also a massive bonus he doesn't take a visa spot. If we can get him, our squad should look something like this going into next season, ST: Juric/Majok LW: Duke/Sotirio RW: Yeboha/Kamua CAM: ?????/Grozos CDM: ?????/O'Doherty CDM: ?????/Baccus/Tokich LB: ?????/Cordier CB: Ziggy/Hammil CB: ?????/Tass RB: Russel/????? GK: ?????/Suman That l
  4. Was actually one of my favourite players while at Reading. This sucks so much. At least he isn't half the player he was for Reading.
  5. I did see some news source say he'll be under the cap, but most are reporting he'll be marquee. Keep in mind the Adrian was somehow under the cap last season while being valued more than twice that.
  6. Loved Le Fondre when he was with Reading, great signing if he's under the cap, could be a bit of a disappointment as a marquee as he hasn't been that great since leaving. Either way, gonna hurt seeing him in sky blue
  7. How many squad spots would we have left if Herd does sign? If we can sign both Nico and Bridge we'll be in a great position, even better if we can get rid of Borda and bring in a foreign midfielder or winger (with Nico at CAM)
  8. Ok, this guy is my guess https://www.transfermarkt.com/oriol-riera/profil/spieler/71671 Oriol Riera - Barca youth product, made some sort of debut at the same time as Messi (a friendly or something) and would have worked with Carrasco. Still has a year left in his contract and is getting semi regular game time in laliga though, might be a long shot.
  9. Awesome to meet lots of wanderers fans for the first time, not so awesome to travel to Japan to see your team play like that. Seeing the urawa fans live is something special, I thought we held our own though.
  10. In. Won't be able to make the pre game meet up but will try to catch the same train as those who are going.
  11. I'd be down for this, would be nice to meet you all before the game.
  12. The banner was wrong and stupid, and those responsible should be punished, and the RBB's statement was so poor that anything important they had to say was lost in the ridiculousness of trying to defend that tifo. But don't take the attention surrounding this as anything more than what it is- a media hit job. Watch the mainstream media, look at those news papers, they couldn't care less about gay rights. In fact, sometimes they even fuel the homophobia they claim to be so offended by. Maybe the people behind this banner do hate gay people, maybe they just can't understand why that image can be
  13. Boycotts to me would be extreme and not a good idea, but a lot of people are unhappy with the current situation, I'm just wondering what people think we as fans can do. If what mack says about corporate facilities is a reason to the club not to move, I don't get that. NRL team get by in those stadiums, Central coast and Adelaide get by in similar stadiums, if corporate facilities are more important to the club than the thousands of fans who turn up every week to support this team then that's worth some sort of protest.
  14. Do we know if there is an effort being made to move away from SOP next year? Does the club even realise how bad it is there? No where will be as accessible as parra for all of western sydney, but if we split games between Campbelltown, Penrith and Belmore that could work. We'd get rectangle stadiums, the club can profit from stadium memberships as well as full season memberships, and I can't speak for everyone but travelling to Campbell town and Penrith is easy for me, Belmore isn't but that's fine since its only a few times a season. Travelling to SOP every second week is awful, and it's a t
  15. This, for me, is the lowest point our history. We're playing in awful stadiums, lower crowds every week, not enough passion in our players, our fantasy of Bulut being our Berisha is shattered, Cole hasn't played a single minute yet, a lot of good players not contracted for next season while a lot of bad ones are, 3 new foreign players are duds, we sign Griffiths after being linked to Keane and Eduardo, we're playing terrible, frustrating football. I'm not Popa out but he has failed this season, he needs to accept that and tell us how we're going to compete again next year. The fans, especially
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