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  1. Hello Melbourne Storm fans. Wot have I missed today so far?
  2. Will put his Socceroo spot at risk as Ange doesn’t like the standard
  3. Just great. Now we look like a complete third world country. Just great. This ship wreck needs multiple rescue boats to get us all to shore.
  4. Stand in has no AK in squad and is playing Krishna Burns up front . It’s definitely one of those danger games.
  5. No active areas at a football ground is like being seated in the foyer of the local hospital atmosphere wise. I think unfortunately some of the people running football (I understand this was club imposed to appease those who may take points away) see Madrid and Barca on tv and say to themselves that’s what we want. Little do they know is that the crowds are tourists fwiw.
  6. Victory are going to miss finals. 👇⬇️ ⤵️ Victory are are going to miss finals. ⤴️
  7. Very lucky Ljujic and Burns only played half a game, but saying that if Bridgey had put that away, you know?
  8. I can foresee a collective of managers calling this var fiasco to a head.
  9. Haha the excitement from the Spanish commentators when Desilva swooped on the balll. I think someone told them it’s Dario Silva from uruaguay
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