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  1. No safe standing @ tonight’s matildas game , must be getting switched over for Saturday’s game .
  2. Anyone else see In safe standing area (bay 125) a couple of young ladies wearIng traditional German girl beer outfits . If only they were allowed to go to bar and bring back a couple of stein’s for us .
  3. Mack......I’m hearing JT is off to SWSydney soon and a certain ex WSW coach ( one that likes to take a % off players contract fee ) will be there as well .
  4. Where is active away bays / away bay supporters section....? They would surely have to be in the line of site of the broadcasters camera’s ....? we going to miss been 1 bay from them previously, I think I’m going to have to work on my throwing arm for the next 6 months....
  5. Riera , is the laziest striker I’ve seen in tha leagues history, he’s here on a holiday... more worried about were he’s going tomorrow....... koala park , wet & wild , featherdale or breakfast point for lunch .
  6. 100 % agree , for years we requested black shorts in .... we get black shorts & everything turns to sh.t i say bring back white shorts & change the colour of goal nets while we’re at it .
  7. Miss the whole game day experience at Parra , it was certainly buzzing.... I assume once we settle in to new stadium, NSW government will start ripping up eat street for the new light rail link , then we will be dodging temporary fencing and barricades just to get to the game . SOP has become..... get in the car , watch the game ..... and get the fu@k outta that quick. hopefully I will enjoy my 1st free Big Mac on Monday soon ..... IF WE WIN .....!
  8. Jamie always seems to have his best game of the year against WSW , he’s like a butterfly in goals . hopefully we get plenty of free kicks just outside the 18yr box .... he has no idea how to set his wall .... just ask Romeo . Also KGJ as VAR and his 3 blind mice is a worry. 3-2 WSW
  9. Bring back Strebre Delovski , the only ref I ever had any trust in ......ohhhh and jimmy the Greek ( reffed in the Granville districts comp )
  10. Can sense a win tonight, MB given them an earbashing this week at training, the email, the team should show up for 90 mins . if they put in a piss poor 1st half performance like last week, if I was MB I would be keeping the team in the centre circle for the half time break like U/10’s and not going anywhere here the sheds / tunnel.
  11. No particular order, some have been mentioned...... - Brisbane semi @ wanderland, to think meow supporters were booking flights after the 20 min . - Wellington away couple of years ago . - all ACL games & white wanderland. - Newcastle away with 10000 travelling supporters . - stadium wide f$&k the victory ( with footage of someones grandpa singing the verse ) even let my 10 year old give it to them that night . -airport arrival ( scenes like that will never be repeated in Australia ) - club letter , at start of season put a dagger in every active supporters back . - unfortunately all these good times happened in the first 3-4 years, after that it’s turned to sh@t , then again when your boss is a tight ar$e what do you expect....!
  12. Dmtd


    I was standing next to usain bolt in the men’s urinal up at central coast leagues club on Saturday night , and couldn’t help but notice ,he had WENDY tattooed on his old fella ......... i had to ask him , what does WENDY stand for ....? he replied...... welcome to Jamaica, have a nice day .......!
  13. Dmtd


    What do David Beckham and a box of ferrero Roche have in common.......? they both come in posh boxes .
  14. I know this is the eels seating layout , but I’m curious to know we’re away day supporters are going to be allocated for WSW games , will it be in the same S/E corner & will they allocate general admission seats above the active end (north ) to smurf supporters for the derbies .... active members be prepared for bottles above .....!
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