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  1. 100 % agree , for years we requested black shorts in .... we get black shorts & everything turns to sh.t i say bring back white shorts & change the colour of goal nets while we’re at it .
  2. Miss the whole game day experience at Parra , it was certainly buzzing.... I assume once we settle in to new stadium, NSW government will start ripping up eat street for the new light rail link , then we will be dodging temporary fencing and barricades just to get to the game . SOP has become..... get in the car , watch the game ..... and get the fu@k outta that quick. hopefully I will enjoy my 1st free Big Mac on Monday soon ..... IF WE WIN .....!
  3. Jamie always seems to have his best game of the year against WSW , he’s like a butterfly in goals . hopefully we get plenty of free kicks just outside the 18yr box .... he has no idea how to set his wall .... just ask Romeo . Also KGJ as VAR and his 3 blind mice is a worry. 3-2 WSW
  4. Dmtd

    West Coast Collapse

    Bring back Strebre Delovski , the only ref I ever had any trust in ......ohhhh and jimmy the Greek ( reffed in the Granville districts comp )
  5. Can sense a win tonight, MB given them an earbashing this week at training, the email, the team should show up for 90 mins . if they put in a piss poor 1st half performance like last week, if I was MB I would be keeping the team in the centre circle for the half time break like U/10’s and not going anywhere here the sheds / tunnel.
  6. Another Nth Qld fury / GC United ..... FFAILURE
  7. No particular order, some have been mentioned...... - Brisbane semi @ wanderland, to think meow supporters were booking flights after the 20 min . - Wellington away couple of years ago . - all ACL games & white wanderland. - Newcastle away with 10000 travelling supporters . - stadium wide f$&k the victory ( with footage of someones grandpa singing the verse ) even let my 10 year old give it to them that night . -airport arrival ( scenes like that will never be repeated in Australia ) - club letter , at start of season put a dagger in every active supporters back . - unfortunately all these good times happened in the first 3-4 years, after that it’s turned to sh@t , then again when your boss is a tight ar$e what do you expect....!
  8. I know this is the eels seating layout , but I’m curious to know we’re away day supporters are going to be allocated for WSW games , will it be in the same S/E corner & will they allocate general admission seats above the active end (north ) to smurf supporters for the derbies .... active members be prepared for bottles above .....!
  9. I remember catching a bus into nth parra as a young 7-8 yr old ( over 35 yrs ago ) and standing out the front of bike shop window ( I think it was called universal bikes , next to we’re harry’s Was ) looking at this chrome redline bike with red tuffs , then under it , there was a mongoose with blue tuffs , the same tuffs .... when they snapped you could put them in the freezer and they fix themselves , must of been an urban myth . And as the years went on ........ The good ol day’s hanging out at lucky Lils downstairs , the little malls were I used to buy my rapper pants and Kung fu shoes , when the only food court was on level 1 westfields , hassling juicy Lucy , then after that used to catch a rattler into the city and go to Mick Simmons and touch everything .
  10. Dmtd

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    After reading that tweet, it obvious that WSW management want RBB out & WST in . WST will bend over to there demands , and lead the active support chanting every 20 mins ...... WST ain’t no angels either....... never seen a flare rocket launcher at a game before until perf away a couple of years ago , but rocket launchers aren’t dangerous in managements eyes . im hoping RBB hang in there , I know they get kicked in the guts every week but it will never be the same without them.
  11. Dmtd

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    I’ve always wanted to ring the mobile number that comes up on the big screen....” feeling unsafe ring this number” and explain to who ever is on the other line , that I’m feeling unsafe / threatened been stared down at by 7 PORS officers . i wouldn’t be surprised the phone call gets answered by a call centre somewhere in SE Asia .
  12. Dmtd

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    This is madness..... how much more can the RBB take of this sh@t , before they turn around and say .......f&@k this we’re done.....! is that what the club want........? i don’t give a ....! Build us a new stadium , but without any active support we will not be a threat to any team in this comp , they will be lucky to get 15k members there , and then what do they want us to do , clap and cheer the team on ........piss off this ain’t AFL/ NRL ........Lose our active support and we’re gone ........! its getting worse and worse every year , I really feel for the guys / girls that put in for 90 mins and then have this happen at the end of the game . One last thing, has anybody ever seen gallop and his mates at a WSW home game (apart from the finals series ) he would probably have be escorted by that other grub “ raptor 13 “ . Rant over .
  13. Dmtd

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    I was just thinking....! and I’m not a very smart man ...... and this may of been bought up before. i know flares are illegal and without active support , the games are boring as batsh@t........I know , cause my little ones have their eyes on the RBB the whole game chanting and singing along. IF the club allowed a controlled device , eg; a smoke bomb as you see overseas , a non toxic one that dissipates within 30-60 secs ( similar to dry ice & water combo ) but it’s in front of RBB & something controlled by the CAPO that can only be used maybe once or twice every 15 min . It would be non toxic , legal & controled but It would have the same effect as a smoky / flare . If they can send a man to the moon and back ( which I don’t believe ever happened) surely there is something out there available.......! I know you are never going to stop someone letting of a real flare but if there was a similar legal alternative.... I bet my left testicle it would be enough to satisfy any active support area in this country. then again the FFA don’t want to satisfy its customers do they........!
  14. Dmtd

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    Interesting to see if up coming RBB tour of duty against city is in jeopardy, having pre booked flights/ acomadation along time ago for this one ......!
  15. The only thing hamill has down over the last couple of years.... is cross the ball to juric to score against al hihal at parra stadium, apart from that gombau might as well put a witches hat in the position hamill plays in .....! oh and one more thing...... FTV.