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  1. sonar

    Football Media Discussion 2

    An appropriate course of action would be a ban for the rest of the season, an apology to the player being abused and some club sponsored counselling sessions. . One look at our supporter base and we are from every ethnic background you can think of.....I struggle to undertand some of our supporters like this guy at times.
  2. sonar

    Football Media Discussion 2

    I agree.......At the end of the day the media reach by Jones and Hadley, and even mainstream TV etc is diminishing and the majority of it's listeners would not be fans of football or members.He is preaching to the already converted. eff 'em. You will do yourself a big favour if you .....turn them off.......permanently. We know the reality is different to what is being portrayed. Why give them any time, they don't do anything positive for our club. eff 'em.....COYW !
  3. I presume the manager wanted fresh legs. We were going nowhere. When the fresh legs are Sotirio though...........To be fair his shot on goal that hit the post was a beauty. Had it gone in he would of been the hero....! His passing to team mates in general was crap. We are thin in depth for quality passing players. I'm still trying to work out what happened after the first 30min....we blew 3 points.
  4. sonar

    A-league 18/19 Rd 4

    C'mon Newcastle...now......1-1.......lol
  5. Pretty fair summary mack. We threw away 2 points.Loved the first 30 min.......but we have to play like that for 90.
  6. 2-2 flattered us in the end. What happened to the team that played the first 30min..? A lot of work to do still. There is no way we should get 2-0 up and draw.
  7. We are heading for defeat if we keep playing the way we are.......
  8. Half time can't come soon enough. Babbel needs to get into our guys....we are allowing the Roar to get back into this
  9. Big,big wake up call for the Maltilda's. You don't put your chances away you get beat. Now 1-3
  10. The Maltilda's are all over them....but only one goal. The Chilean goal was due to horrible defence from Aus.
  11. Hope there is a good crowd...full house......Mudgee will wonder what hit them when the fans fire up with "Who do you sing for".....The NRL chunts out that way will see what REAL atmosphere for your team is. COYW.
  12. Mudgee closes at 6pm and re-opens at 9.00am....lol I'm sure if you got to a pub or club and ask the locals will fill you in with what is on offer.
  13. sonar

    RD 4 - Mudgee (vs Brisbane) - Sat 10th Nov

    Did a fair bit of camping in my youth in that area....Glen Davis....Newnes...etc...beautiful country....boiling hot in summer.........effing freezing in winter...lol
  14. I think most of us who take the mickey out on Sotirio do it out of pure frustration where you are watching a game, he makes a run, a ball is passed to him. he gets in the clear, you are waiting for the cross or setup pass for a team mate, and it never arrives....game after game. Now, I understand being on the sidelines watching is different to actually playing, I have to wonder if someone needs to do extra training drills with him because he hasn't changed over the period of time he has been playing for us. I had the same frustration with Jumpei. The guy would put in, but his final pass or finishing was woeful at time.
  15. Josh Sotirio has played 86 games. (I'm starting to believe the Wanderers member who has speculated he is a former Death Eater and has had the entire coaching staff....past and present......under the Imperious Curse)