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  1. sonar

    Cricket thread

    As a kid I was the sort of fan who went to bed with the radio under the pillow to listen to the ashes....Played comp at school and then in a mens team on the weekend........ then when I finished school played on a weekend until my mid 20's.........stopped playing when I decided there were better things to do than run around in 35C+ temps on a Sat afternoon..lol At the moment I have no interest or passion in it whatsoever. Perhaps it's the overkill with tests,ODI,T20.......don't know.
  2. Yep.....lol There many of us who were quite prepared to up tools and help with the demo of Pirtek to hasten a new stadium....!
  3. To be filed under .........Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1........rumour #1436........
  4. Mine changed over a month ago......sent a message asking if I could keep the old setup.....got no reply.
  5. sonar

    Cricket thread

    Unfortunately you may be massively disappointed...lol
  6. sonar

    Cricket thread

    Shame the Kiwis lost. Would have loved to see them rather than Eng win. I started to watch but my current mehness with cricket kicked in and I went to bed....lol
  7. Disagreements from those on the left = disunity. Disagreement from those on the right = a broad church.
  8. ...regardless of the politics a big thank you to PM Julia Gillard.....who despite being an AFL devotee put that aside and put up some funds to make sure it happened.
  9. sonar

    Cricket thread

    In reality it should of been decided on who beat who in the round robin. Eng beat NZ so if it was tied they would of won it. The biggest shame was the no spare days for teams that had a no result due to weather. Being Eng rain is always on the cards....just bad luck if it rains on your game day.....a team misses out on full points....a bit unfair.
  10. sonar

    Cricket thread

    Yep, or.....the batting order should reversed with 11,10 in first with either the 1 or 2 in the opposition batting order having to bowl....lol
  11. sonar

    Cricket thread

    I told you that you put your disappointment out there too early....anything could happen .....and it did....lol Only four more to go to catch Aus.......
  12. sonar

    Cricket thread

    What a dumb review by NZ....that was plunb as.
  13. sonar

    Cricket thread

    Getting the dsiappointment over with a bit early aren't you mate.....we're only 5 overs in....ANYTHING can happen in these games....lol
  14. sonar

    Cricket thread

    Aus has a good bowling attack....Starc has gotten wickets in two world cups now......batting too hit and miss...especially Finch/Maxwelll.
  15. It's the spiders that are the chunts.....funnel webs especially so. We used to have big garbage bags into which we stored all our camping gear if we were away from the campsite after one of our mates found one crawling in his clothes. Those bastards take no prisoners, they just bite. Our scoutmaster had a saying...."experience is a bastard of a school......tests first then lessons later.".....lol
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