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  1. Could go OK in the track cycling.. The Brits trying to payback the the Italians for the Euros....?
  2. Bit of an OK day for Aus so far....2 gold and bronze in the rowing and another gold in the pool.
  3. Construction/School starts after the 31st July....?
  4. There are now five or six places close to where I am around Penrith/St Marys that are named as hotspots. Starting to be a bit of a worry tbh. I get that people need to be out and about for medicals or food etc but if the feds don't come to the party re Jobkeeper/Seeker to the same levels as last year people will go to work so they're not forced to live below the poverty line. .....and I can't blame them tbh.......and the psuedo lock/mock down will continue.
  5. Republicans have finally realised it's the people who vote for that are dying because of anti vax messaging....
  6. I think tomorrow she should play this instead....
  7. 176 new cases.......85 new NSW cases still under investigation and 79 infectious while in the community. ouch Gladys.
  8. I.ve heard anecdotal stories with the same sort of thing happening in the US. A white guy originally from the southern states but living in NY was so concerned about the influence his MAGA bother and friends were was having on their parents getting the vaccine he got a group of fellow workers who were mostly African Americans to go with him back to his home and pretend they were on the hunt for properties from people who were unvaccinated so when they died they could buy them. A lot of high fiving in the office a month or two later when his said his mother called him and said that the family w
  9. If you're talking his form when he first came I'd agree but tbh his form fell away a lot after his bad head injury. I doubt he started many games and came on from the bench. I think our visa players have to be in the starting XI. Good pickup by CCM though.
  10. Maybe it's time to send in CR...he convinced multi millionaires to buy his snake oil he should have no probs selling vaccines to the anti vaxers.
  11. I'm glad your dad is ok WB. There is nothing worse when your parents get too old to care for themselves and the feeling of helplessness you get when you know there is nothing you can do. Been there.
  12. With people stupid enough to put their trust in non educated experts,influencers religous nutters or media personalities with an agenda, and dismiss proper science or scientific research which in the long term re covid may cost them their lives. If they don't get vaccinated they will eventually catch the disease die off and blame someone else for it.....stupidity does have a price.
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