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  1. Not a bad game to watch...end to end at times. Both teams had a crack. The score could of been 3-3 or 4-4 with all the missed or blocked shots. First ever 1st round win for the club. Well done ladies.
  2. Yes.....saying someone died because they were a greenie is embarassing.
  3. Gotta love it when they phone up and say .." you are having trouble with your internet"......I tell them thats correct ...it's been that way for ages.......and perhaps it's because we're not connected to the internet and that might be the problem........they hang up.....lol ( My next door neighbour lets us use her wifi....at no cost )
  4. George Pell granted leave to appeal to the High Court of Australia over his conviction.
  5. These people have no empathy and EVERYTHING is political.....FMD !
  6. After the performance they put on I would of made all the squad walk back to the hotel.....in their match gear........including the manager.
  7. Georgievski does a lot of the media after games. Perhaps that's why he wasn't with the team when they left. I will be disappointed if we don't get a borat style......"this is empty dressing room....this is me hailing cab".....
  8. The club has been unusually quiet on the team news front since the game..? Trouble at mill. ?
  9. Spot on. sums up how the majority of us saw the game as well. Fagahni shows every week why he is the best ref and the rest are pretenders. ( Babbel most probably decided that he didn't want to risk a fine and give his true feelings on the refs. The refs didn't cost us the game but they contributed in no small manner.) Frustrating game to watch. We have quality.....I just wish it would show in attack. Does our position on the table correctly show how we have played...? Most probably not but with the crap most of us rusted ons have put up with over the past 3 seasons I'll take it.
  10. Not cold just the harsh reality. From club cptn to bench for a new club. Ask yourself this question......Who, if any, of our former players from last season would you have kept. ?
  11. Started well up 2-0 after 13 min. The refs are giving us the wrong end of calls though....lol The commentary is hilarious tbh...Vietnamese I think.
  12. That tends to happen when you use MS Paint to draw lines.....
  13. Fowler's aim seems to be to bore teams into submission....almost workrd against us.
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