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  1. Innuendo = Italian supository.
  2. Most women think that when us men put hands into our own pockets we're playing pocket pool anyway ......
  3. Mate, some lateral thinking required....small sandwhich sized plastic bag in pocket with forementined salt already in it....handfull of peanuts into said pocket.....a bit of a shake....presto......
  4. Everyone got into the spitit of the occasion.....a lot of laughs. Family catch ups are usually very noisy...this was no different.....lol
  5. I've got a couple of old members scarves.....free patterns on the web.....needle and cotton.....making my own Wanderers designer mask. Yes...I can sew....sort of....
  6. For me being in constant contact with my 90 year old dad, masks and gloves when out makes sense....but yeah for some folks social distancing means zip.
  7. Masks AND gloves should be compulsory if you go to shops like Westfield/Coles/Woolies/Aldi...etc...at least until the "curve" is trending downwards.
  8. Definition of total chaos........= .....8 + family members from all over nsw + melb trying to have a chat via video hook up.....very funny and a lot of laughter also good to see everyone in the family in a happy mood, well and safe.
  9. Yep.....I was thinking if you have a billion then 0.5% of that ( $5m) would be loose change to these guys.Suprised the owners decided to go the stand everyone down route tbh. Then again I'm just guessing what our owners real wealth is.
  10. Perhaps the owners took a hit when the stock market went off a cliff....?
  11. https://www.trendpatterns.co.uk/blog/2020/3/27/face-mask
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