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  1. They should have an open day for anyone who wants to have a look at it completed. They do it for f****ing bridges....lol
  2. Missed the game but WTF !.....I didn't think the A league refs were at the Asian Cup.....lol.....is there no VAR at this tournament....? ....."Al Soma had fallen inside the area after being tripped by his own player, but Ramos belatedly decided there had been a foul."....... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-01-16/socceroos-down-syria-3-2-to-progress-in-asian-cup/10716986
  3. I'd start with Riera,Roly,Llorente,Hamill and as much as I have respect for him...Elrich.
  4. sonar

    West Coast Collapse

    It has been done before.....lol.....We stopped the "Invincibles"....lol
  5. sonar

    West Coast Collapse

    I think every team/club goes into the comp hoping to be a top 3 team............lol....and seven teams are disappointed.....lol....agree with you about us being better performers. Tbh I am not a fan of a final six as it rewards mediocrity..........should be top 4.....home and away semis and home and away GF.
  6. sonar

    West Coast Collapse

    Yep. As has been proven with other teams your visa players must be quality, perform and must be playing week in week out. Riera is a case in point where he is quality but at the moment has no form hence no goals.....or very few. Roly is up and down....and has been since his arrival and three of our visa players are injured although Zeigler will become an Aus citizen soon.Baumjohhan is good but lacks a little in the defensive side of his game.Babbel has been forced in many ways to play the youth as the senior players are at times going walkabout.
  7. sonar

    West Coast Collapse

    The really smart thing that Babbel did was to say to the press wtte...."you need to do your job and call this crap out"..........he pointedly made the comment a couple of times. He knows he will cop a fine or ban so why not use the press. Clever.
  8. sonar

    West Coast Collapse

    The first 13 rounds of last seasons and this seasons coaches...... Gombau ( His first 13 games ) Played 13 / Won 4 / Drawn 3 / Lost 6 / Goals Scored 12 / Goals Conceded 24 / Goal differential -12 / Points 15 Babbel Played 13 / Won 2 / Drawn 3 / Lost 8 / Goals For 17 / Goals Against 27 / Goal Differential -10 / Points 9
  9. sonar

    The Refereeing Thread

    The thing that angers people the most is the inconsistency with which VAR is applied. The one I remember is at Spotless ( I can't remember against who ) when the opposition player hand balled in the box, the ball went out, the VAR said it was not a pen and we got a corner, the only part of the opposition body to touch the ball was his hand.........lol
  10. sonar

    West Coast Collapse

    There's a conga line going for the title this year.
  11. sonar

    West Coast Collapse

    I'm glad he called the standard of refereeing out.
  12. sonar

    West Coast Collapse

    Not too sure about Vedran returning. Babbel was really pleased with Suman in his presser and said he thought he made some great saves and his defenders didn't back him up. The two brain fades by Vedran in recent games makes me think he may struggle to get back. Just speculation on my part and he may play Vedran but he ( Vedran ) is not having a good season.His injury hasn't helped tbh . We'll see I guess.
  13. It's been said before here we lack quality. I give Babbel credit for how the team performed in this game. We were on a hiding to nothing and only silly errors cost us a result. On the upside we have youngsters who will benefit from the experience. I think this season is gone so the best we can hope for is to be a spolier for teams in the six.....give 'em some misery. lol