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  1. Yep....Sums up pretty much for me as well. I would add play for 90 min not 30 or 40 in patches.
  2. ....or formation and tactics. I have my doubts on the constant changing of our starting XI. For me it has to be Duke Muller Kamau have to start. I would start like this...... Duke Muller Baccus Dorrans Kamau Wilmering McGowan Gordon Russell (Tass instead of McGowan when fit ) Mutch Bench : Cox, Ibini, Troisi, Mutch, McGowan, Georgievski James (GK ) ....and we are missing Schwegler more than we realise.
  3. It's not Baccus fault we lost. It was a collective effort.
  4. So will folks on here concede the Mariners aren't the worse team in the comp. ? Currently up 2-0 against Glory.
  5. We had enough chances to either win the game or draw. City took their chances we didn't. We were poor at times we were good at times. That is the frustrating thing. Great passing....poor passing. Great defending.....poor defending. Jekyl & Hyde at times...that is what is so frustrating. So many good players but so many passages of poor play.
  6. Fair enough. Just asking....lol It's hard trying to stay optimistic tbh. Couldn't be @rsed having a rant as it will do naught. Onward and upward ( or doward in our teams case ).
  7. Kamau has to start. Change the formation. Conceded 5 goals in last two games. We are still in the hunt ( just ). Can't keep dropping points. The game against WU will define the season. I'm not Robinson out but I would love for him to come on the forum and answer some questions. Can we make it happen....?
  8. WTF...Troisi gets a shove in the back and no foul...FMD.
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