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  1. What the FFA is basically saying is the main attraction....ie....football....is not good enough so we have to invent or try other ways to get people in. Better to focus on why the main attraction is failing to draw in fans than try gimmics. It's a game of football....not a music festival or a circus.
  2. sonar

    Memberships 2018/19

    I love my bucket hat....better than the cap.....great for keeping the sun out when mowing.....lol.....I would rather have the option to chose what type of cap/hat. I have given away EVERY baseball cap I have been given.
  3. sonar

    Memberships 2018/19

    My guess is that with no major sponsor named ( as yet ) the club is scrimping on the packs to save $'s.
  4. We've won the two games that matter......FFA Cup......We seem to be leaking goals in our trial games,( though the players may be under instructions to play a certain way ). I guess we just have to wait and see what transpires when the season proper gets underway. 0-3 against the Mariners doesn't inspire confidence. Big test coming up.
  5. The club should of done everything to keep him. One of the few shining lights in a poor season.......sigh .
  6. .$20mil sound a lot......though I think if you have 5000 fans who have a meal/drink/snack in Parra before the game it would still be a sizeable amount per season added to the economy at Parra. I rarely buy inside the ground these days...prefer to eat beforehand.I still think they will be excited to have us back.......lol
  7. sonar

    A-League 2018/19 Predictions

    If we finish 8th ( which I highly doubt ) we will have a new manager for the return to Parra. Babbel should be sacked for 8th in a 10 team comp. I think top 4 for us.
  8. sonar

    AFC Champions League 2018

    Get rid of the East/West separation.....tick AFC Cup.......tick No Home and Away games......A big no. I would be disappointed if we make the ACL and could not see us play. I know we got smashed in our last appearance but as a fan you have to be prepared take the pain as well as the pleasure when you go to watch your team. It would be a shame if the AFC went down the path of not giving fans a chance to see their club(s) compete at home.
  9. If you're going to have 20 teams per comp for prom and rel then there has to be auto relegation....at the end of regular season ( regardless of finals ) bottom 2 from A league go down top 2 from second tier go up....then the teams who finish 18th,17th 16th and 15th play H & A prom & rel ties against 3rd,4th,5th and 6th from 2nd tier. If you want to improve the standard of the league then every game has to have meaning. Finish in the bottom 6 and you may be relegated....same for 2nd tier...finish in the top six you may get promoted.......incentives all around. No dead rubbers....or not many.
  10. Yep. No local tribalism anymore. It's been corporatised and sanitised. Our game is unfortunately heading the same way ( we have a boy and girl foxes as mascots ) with ex nrl head Gallop leading the way...may god have mercy on us all......lol What I find intriguing is that local businesses ie cafes and eateries should be the ones pushing for local games at local home grounds. I'm sure the cafe owners at Parra cannot wait for the Wanderers to return.
  11. For the majority of the A league season we will be the only one playing there. NRL finishes at the start of our season and doesn't start till near the end. Let the NRL types play on effed up pitches week in week out.....we will still get the best of it.....and it won't be SOP.
  12. Depends on what your device is. This may help..... https://www.tomsguide.com/us/stream-video-tv-pc-mac-phone,news-18335.html
  13. At least he has been consistent.....consistently ****.........lol
  14. Starting Line up..... https://twitter.com/wswanderersfc/status/1034719829410729984
  15. fairy...they have a history of pyro.......lol....Cumberland Oval......lol