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  1. Should be firt past the post are champions......but that another subject entirely....lol I agree with a top 4.....but this is the FFA and mediocrity for reaching 5th or 6th has to be rewarded.......
  2. sonar

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    They would have a hard time around my way. Next door neighbors....Tongan and Pommies on either side. Sudanese at the back, Arab and Vietnemese either side of them. Italian,Indian and Malay muslim across the road....lol......The local corner shops are the same.....Korean Bakery, Kiwi Fish and Chips, Italian Pizza, Indian Post Office, Asian Chemist, Italian corner store. PS.......should of said their ethnic background.....we're all Aussies......lol
  3. sonar

    David Squires Cartoons

    That's a pretty good effort from Squires with one exception....(his dig at Santa.....)
  4. Interesting signing. Would I be correct in saying that we now have....Vedran.Nizic,Suman,Greenwood......and now Lopar. After last season I can see where Babbel has seen we need quality as a keeper. I'm assuming Vedran would be backup only. So who goes...?
  5. He'll just take it out of the tax he doesn't pay.
  6. Ed, I will also add that who you vote for is up to you. That's your perogative and right. You are right in that we most probably wouldn't agree politically but I would never say to you that you have your head buried in the sand or are misinformed just because I don't agree with you. If people have a problem with govt policy they need to voice that complaint......to the govt.Not to people who didn't vote for them......lol
  7. Ed, sorry, but I didn't attack Midi personally. I just saiid eff off and don't complain to me.. If people want to have a sook about inaction on climate change then go to the people who are in control......The Coalition. THEY ARE THE GOVT....not the ALP.
  8. The libs paid a firm $5m to make a report called" Privatising Medicare" It wasn't a scare campaign it was based on FACT. https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/national/2016/02/09/coalition-want-medicare-privatisation/
  9. Stop effing insinuating I have no clue or I am burying my head in the sand. If people are effing stupid enough to vote for ****wits who who have done **** all for the enviorment or climate change over the last six years that's their problem. I didn't vote for the coalition. Now eff off and go complain to the people who did.
  10. So you're mad at tha ALP but not Clive Palmer or the Coalition for their dishonest tax tax tax and Death tax campaign. ?
  11. sonar

    AFC Champions League 2019

    Smurfs getting their @rses handed to them on a plate .....down 0-4.........
  12. sonar

    2018/19 A-League Grand Final

    Overheard...... Man...."The world sucks" Lady."Ah. Now I know why men lay on their stomachs at the beach"
  13. I wonder if there was another GFC or even a recession and the world economy went to **** again who would people trust to have the best policies to assist them ?
  14. legion, you and others may reject it as is your right...... but I guarantee you when the cuts to services happen,and they will, a majority of the very same people who voted for the coalition will scream blue murder. People can turn very quickly from one party to another if they think they are being shafted....ala Campbell Newman who blew an absolute whopper of a majority in Qld after one four year term.
  15. wendy,,unfortunately the one clear message from the election is people do not like having money taken off them......ie franking credit, negative gearing etc. and the coalition tactics was Labor.......TAX TAX TAX . As shallow as this sounds the only way the ALP will get back is to offer shitloads of $'s. regardless of the economic consequences. When you have a govt that intends to give billionare and millionares massive tax cuts into the tens of 0,000's per week even though that money would be better off in services what else do you do. The people of the country voted for the coalition policies. When the cuts to services start I wonder who will scream the loudest.?
  16. I'll send her a tweet and see if she replies.....lol
  17. ^^^^^^^^^^^^Great post echidna^^^^^^^^^^^^
  18. Ditto......at least give us to the start of the new season mack.....lol
  19. With compulsory preferential voting the ALP is on 49% or 4.9 people in 10 prefered the ALP as to 50.1 or 5 in 10 people prefered the current govt. The ALP needs to lift it's primary vote for sure but it isn't a write off and Shorten won't be the leader. He was unpopular.
  20. For those feeling a little down with the resilt on Saturday .......... the AEC site 4000 odd votes across 4 or 5 seats was the difference between winning & losing government. Labor needs to keep things in perspective & be confident.
  21. I agree with you and the sentiment Wanderboy but in the politics of nasty that the News Ltd/Terrorgraph/Alan Jones in particular play in..........that sentiment or peoples feelings mean northing. They take no prisioners regardless of whether a person has reformed or not. I still have memories of Bob Hawke in tears after defending his daufgter after it was disclosed she was an addict. He was called weak in sections of the media for crying......
  22. You will never get anything of an enviormental nature happening in coal mining areas until it comes dressed up in a singlet and wears thongs.
  23. Nah...it's still the Libs but Labor and the Greens have to stop working against each other and begin to work for each other.