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  1. It's just that we seem to have more of a go forward game now. Having Cox upfront has made a difference to that definitely. Meier was a mistake...?.....Babbel paid the price for bad tactical decisions....? JPdM gets the chocolates...?
  2. I questioned signing Meier because of age but you never really know how things pan out till games have been played...ala Pio,Saba. Credit to Meier for realising he wasn't up to standard and doing the right thing. I'm not going to pile hate on the guy as he just wasn' what was needed. The responsibility for his signing rests with management.
  3. .......and the go forward with purpose and speed. We look so much better.
  4. Unpopular opinion.......Babbel. Those in the know on the forum can most probably confirm but JPdM seems more hands on.
  5. Lol VAR.......bows down to ESFC again.
  6. The goals we scored were mostly from us passing accurately to a player running into empty spaces. Cox's through ball to Duke...Kamaus and Coxs 1-2 with Kamau passing to Muller for a tap in.....Schweglers ball to Duke who headed home...Kamaus through ball to Cox. We've lamented our teams poor pass options or the lack of quality in passing, our players not running into spaces...etc...last night the team showed our players DO have those skills. Sure Adelaide weren't that good but I'd rather give credit for us and our effort. PS.....4 of our 5 goals were from open play...not set pieces or corners.
  7. The 'ignore' feature is a very useful tool to use when people are being one.........
  8. The good results have been to and far between for us.....enjoy.......lol
  9. It's a bit like when we knocked the smurfs off to stop the undefeated season......hugged anyone and everyone that night......
  10. Meier is not alone in doing f all when playing for us . He's just another to join the queue At least Meier had the decency and respect to know the gig was up unlike others who have worn our jersey and who didn't give a **** and took the money.
  11. One of the best games Kamau has played...MoM. We stayed relatively focused and commited for 90 min something we have lacked. Kept a 2nd half clean sheet. Way more positives than negatives from this game.
  12. I bloody hope not.....If we lose or draw this...............
  13. ......half a dozen of one and half a dozen of the other.....lol
  14. Re the low crowd turnout ..........the club is reaping what it sowed......this is what mediocrity on the pitch brings.........a lot of fans have had enough..
  15. The pitfalls of losing visa\guest players who were standouts.
  16. That's the bottom line isn't it.High quality players on the pitch.
  17. Tbh if we can play for 90 min how we did in the first 25 min last game we will be competitive against any team .It's playing at a consistent high skill level for a whole game that we currently lack .
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