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  1. Disagree with this about not putting people first . After the Ruby Princess debacle WA decided to not take overseas arrivals and iirc had a quarantine setup on Rottnest Is...off the mainland. What they did worked. ALL the state Premiers closed the borders....ALL. Why ? I tend to think that seeing what was happening overseas re people dying made the lot of them go whoa,if we let that happen here and don't do anything to curb the spread we are politically dead meat. Was it political parochialism by all of them or did they actually listen to health experts and acted according
  2. Wow...that's 10 goals conceded in two games........not good really.
  3. Others that have not returned the money include car dealership group AP Eagers. On Wednesday it announced it would pay shareholders, including billionaire and Sydney Roosters chairman Nick Politis, a total of $64m in dividends after receiving $130m in jobkeeper. A billionaire like Jerry Harvey gets $22m in govt covid subsides and you want working people to pay a levy..? Give me a break.
  4. Bullshit. So we get to the point as to why these poor people who because of covid are now desperate and have been ****ed over. "? What assistance have they received or haven't received and whose fault is it. ? The govt has a role to play, they ****ed it up. You seem to have totally ignored the question I asked about govt stimulus for the performing arts or why billionaires got subsidies and the poor folks didn't. Why is that.?
  5. No I haven't. people have suffered everywhere in Aus. I empathise with them,it's tough but you started your post by saying this......"I remember the comments from especially the WA premier" Perhaps you can enlighten me as to why our federal govt chose to join a suit in the high court against a state Labor govt and not Lib govts like Tas or SA....they closed their borders.? Or why they paid $bn's to companies who end up making massive profits and big dividends. ? Or why overpayments will not have to be paid back. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/feb/17/billionaires
  6. Good result for us...Newcastle v Perth 1-1
  7. His actions have been totally vindicated by the people in his state at the last state election. The opposition who wanted the borders opened and Mr Palmer who, with the fed govt went to the High Court to have border closures declared illegal and lost wanted the same, then they got smashed by the citizens. People are happy that the well being of people was put before profit. They voted accordingly.
  8. Nope. When you look at what happened initially in Italy,Spain and then especially in the US and Brazil now and the death toll, I for one am glad the response here was what it is. I feel for all the people who have or are suffering financially but in the long term life will get back to a semblance of normality. Dead people don't use businesses or services. It begs the question what was the announcement from the govt about saving the arts all about and whether it was just a snow job....remember Guy Sebastion got rolled out...?
  9. Tbh I would love for our club to go in a 50/50 style partnership with a big Euro club. Just my opinion.
  10. I don't dispute this at all. The point being financially the players of quality that I named will go where there is a better deal for them which usually is overseas. I can't see the club spending big $'s on juniors when there will be transfer $'s on the offing. So we get back to the point of lesser quality coming in and better quality going out. Most Aus clubs would get smashed by EPL or Bundesliga teams and struggle to compete against 2nd Tier major Euro teams which was sort of the point I was trying to make in fan expectations on quality of A League teams.
  11. We aren't the EPL or some other league with no salary cap so for that reason you have to expect a lower standard of player, as all the really really good locals will go where the financial benefits are better, as they have the right to do and the quality of visa players will mostly be players nearing the end of their careers. Muller,Meier,Riera,Schwegler,Ono,,,,,etc. Now there will be exceptions of course where we may snag a top player as a marquee or overseas junior on a loan deal etc or like Duke on loan. I expect us to lose Baccus, Natta, Willmering,Tate,Aqualina and Tass to overseas
  12. Firstly I don't give a **** about what NZ is doing,I'm not a Kiwi. Secondly, if it was me I wouldn't have gone out day after day making grand statements about how ******* good we are when in fact we suck. Thirdly, when you put the Liberal Party logo on vaccine rollout announcements from a govt Dept and it goes tits up.....you own it 100%. They are supposed to be the govt for ALL..........not the ******* Liberal Party. #EnjoyYourDay LAURA TINGLE: Tony Harris is the former Auditor-General of New South Wales. Tony Harris, what should be the dividing line between political and gov
  13. Hence..........#ScottyFromMarketing
  14. To be fair Wales came off the field, was sat down by the medicos, did the required tests and was let back on, can't blame Rudan for that.
  15. The feds are the ones who are responsible for the purchase and procurement of the vaccine. the feds were the ones who could of assured vaccine supply from the get go......the feds are the ones who said we were front of the queue.....the feds were the ones who said 4 m doses by the end of March....the feds were the ones who have said the vaccines were safe. The feds were the ones who said we would be done and dusted by years end. The feds own the cluster**** it is....all of it.
  16. sonar


    Lol....the commentary......
  17. Because of our poor form over the past 4 seasons have we got to the stage as supporters of amplifying too much errors or mistakes made by players during a game and then by extension are too critical of everything,even minor things. ? I am not blameless at all in that regard but do we or are we expecting too much? I feel we are a much better squad than the three past seasons at least. I feel if the players turn up we can compete and beat any team something I would not have said in the three seasons past.
  18. To put it mildly the vaccine rollout is in a bit of a mess...... https://www.smh.com.au/national/doctors-stop-offering-astrazeneca-jabs-over-legal-risk-20210410-p57i5f.html
  19. Yep. HAVE to beat Bris on Fri.....Season basically done if we don't.
  20. Not for me but something has to give formation wise. Start like an express train, concede than bottle it for 50 min before putting in. We are better than we have been for the past three seasons. Sorry we let Mo Adam go tbh. Rather him than Ibini.
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