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  1. Maybe it's time to send in CR...he convinced multi millionaires to buy his snake oil he should have no probs selling vaccines to the anti vaxers.
  2. I'm glad your dad is ok WB. There is nothing worse when your parents get too old to care for themselves and the feeling of helplessness you get when you know there is nothing you can do. Been there.
  3. With people stupid enough to put their trust in non educated experts,influencers religous nutters or media personalities with an agenda, and dismiss proper science or scientific research which in the long term re covid may cost them their lives. If they don't get vaccinated they will eventually catch the disease die off and blame someone else for it.....stupidity does have a price.
  4. 145 new cases today 51 in community for all infectious period 25 in community for part of infectious period Seems the reports that we won't be out of lockdown till Sept are about right at the moment. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-20/nsw-lockdown-needs-to-run-to-september-for-delta-cases-to-drop/100307698
  5. Only in some peoples heads....... If he has recovered from injury it is a good signing.
  6. Yep. Or being infectious and not knowing till test results or contract tracers catch up. Not saying you will or do......but going out while infectious is still going into the community......if that makes sense.........I just find how they do the numbers a tad mystifying.
  7. Ed, I get it. ( Not having a go at you here ). The point being they were in the community while infectious a part of the time before isolation. Govt playing semantics with the numbers. 38 as a lower number than 62 sounds better .?
  8. In NSW.............141 new cases plus 62 infectious while in the communuty ( 38 + 24 partially, though how you can be partially infectious escapes me ).....not looking too flash.
  9. I'm a fan of him as well but to paraphrase a popular song from the 70's............Ego IS a dirty word,,,?......or........too many egos spoil the broth....?
  10. There are blogs in Aus that have been openly discussing the need for a booster jab(s).......with some medicos who post being among those in favour. If I get the opportunity for a booster shot I would take it asap.
  11. Perhaps it's just me but I'm still trying to figure out the logic of how punching a police horse in the face by one the protesters today advances their cause. ?
  12. When did you get your first jab Em.? I'm thinking I will get the AZ2 jab as soon as I am able. I don't want to be taken out by someone whose an anti vaxer etc.
  13. Mmmmm....tbh I wouldn't........ a big FU to CR. ?
  14. A mandatory jail sentence might change their minds.
  15. I agree with the sentiment @GunnerWanderer but I rather they cop a massive fine or jail first because the frontline medicos deserve better than putting their own lives at risk to save these people
  16. I'll try and find it and post but there is a video of Gladys saying nyet to other states when asked about handing over vaccines......have to laugh or you'll cry.
  17. 163 new cases in NSW 45 Infectious in the community. Not getting out any time soon by the looks of it.
  18. You could try some online srabble....... ( PS: hang in there )
  19. Yep....going to watch as well.....starts 9pm.....goes for 3 1/2 hrs.
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