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  1. The White House is rotten to the core........ https://www.rawstory.com/2020/12/doj-investigating-funneling-of-money-to-the-white-house-for-a-pardon-report/
  2. Only after clearing customs. My point is that blaming the states is wrong because they shouldn't have to decide in the first instance. Returning citizens are a C'wealth responsibility. They have the final say on when they can return to Aus. Unless you're a "special" case like a minister,rich or own a media empire ( a la Kerry Stokes ) you have little or no chance at the present....and that is wrong. We have facilities to house people for 14 days or however long isolation is so we should be utilising them. It shouldn't rest solely with the states saying yay or nay. This is where the Feds are failing. I would have the same opinion regardless who was in govt. Lib/Lab/Nat or Green
  3. sonar

    Sydney FC

    Not so much if they finish bottom of their group....which seems likely.....
  4. This is my point. The Federal govt could bring 30K people home tomorrow....set up the quarantine and testing on Christmas or Manus or Naru for however long it takes and then release the folks to go to their respective homes. They won't do it. (PS.....It really is a stretch to suggest anyone with this point of view is the same as Trumpies MAGA'S. . )
  5. The Australian Border Force (ABF) as an operationally independent body is responsible for implementing Australia's border enforcement policies, managing frontline border law enforcement and customs activities to protect the integrity of Australia's borders. Role and functions The Department is responsible for centrally coordinated strategy and policy leadership in relation to immigration, citizenship and multicultural affairs, domestic and national security arrangements, law enforcement, emergency management, counter-terrorism, social cohesion, the protection of our sovereignty, the integrity of our border and the resilience of our national infrastructure. https://www.transparency.gov.au/annual-reports/department-home-affairs/reporting-year/2018-2019-4#:~:text=The Australian Border Force (ABF,the integrity of Australia's borders. I can find nothing that says the NSW govt is responsible......must be in the really really small fine print.
  6. Yep.......and I would add they want no responsibility if the shyte hits the fan. Blame someone else.
  7. You don't get past customs and enter the country into Australia even if you are a citizen unless the Feds say so. The Feds are the ones that issues Visas,Passports....etc and are the ones who determine who stays or goes. FACT.....Irrespective of who is in power. To say anything else is just a lie. It is not a state responsibility. The simple fact is that the Feds do not want the responsibility. Don't want to spend the money and are brushing it off as a state thing....... and want to blame others if things go tits up. We have onshore and offshore facilities that can take these people so why aren't we using them. ? The fact is State Govts have to use tax payers dollars to pay for quarantine when it should be the feds doing it. The government is abdicating it's responsibilities to own citizens and blaming the states for inaction.
  8. The bottom line still remains that the Federal Govt have the nay or yay on who enters the country. Trying to blame the states is bullshit. Now the Feds DO also have control of offshore detention ( and even onshore ) centres which can be used as a stop and check waypoint for returning citizens. Morrison won't do it because : a) he won't spend the money and : b) if anyone returns to the mainland with a positive result and gets lose in the community HE would be held accountable....not the states>. c) He would use private contractors and we've all seen how that has panned out and he wants no part of anything that can be linked to his govt.
  9. The Federal govt is in full control of our national borders and who can cannot enter the country.....full stop. This is true no matter who is in govt.
  10. ....or the other one that sells soap,candles,shampoo,scents and deoderizers and conditioners made from everything from fruit and veges to seaweed or whale scales.....Lush.
  11. sonar

    Western United

    Bigger supply of brown paper bags....?
  12. Unfortunately It's the price you pay when you destroy your own manufacturing base at the altar of corporate profit and share holder dividends (and do so with a country that has millions of low cost employees with few protections and also artificially controls it's currency) at the expense of your own people.
  13. We finish the game 2-2. Hard to comment really when all you get is a twitter feed....lol
  14. My dad is 90....he's going to be first in line I think......if he starts growing horns or such I'll know to give it a miss.
  15. There seems to be doubt cast on the trials. While everyone is hoping and praying that the vaccine(s) work ( I certainly do) I hope for everyone's sake that in the rush to get it out they get it right and none of them turn out to be another Thalidomide. I'm not an antivaxer,in fact I'll happily take the vaccines if their efficacy can be proven. I just think it's better to be safe than sorry.
  16. Whenever we got smashed in games over the last 3/4 seasons I watched.it. I think I can do the commentary word for word........ Only 10.....amateur....lol......
  17. Just adds a little to the history between the two countries........
  18. Most probably financial. Adelaide prepared to cough up more.
  19. Signed Tomi Juric https://www.adelaideunited.com.au/news/tomi-juric-returns-reds
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