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  1. Are we allowed tifo's again....?......lol
  2. sonar

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    Have you tried to log in from another PC...? That will tell you if the trouble is at your end or WSF's.
  3. sonar

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    wendy, have you tried to post what's already in the editor?....it might clear it. If you do you can always go back....edit your post....ie delete the content after posting it just leaving it blank.
  4. According to the daily terrorgraph polls show Ayres may get knocked off next Saturday.......not my electorate unfortunately.....lol
  5. Midi, Anning isn't the only one who should be removed. The Prime Minister and his party are not beyond using racism to harness votes...they have history..... https://www.smh.com.au/national/morrison-sees-votes-in-anti-muslim-strategy-20110216-1awmo.html and are silent backers of the idiot in Christchurch......they are enablers....they all need to be removed.Their sorrow is bullshit and not heartfelt. It's only when their rhetoric and bile they sprout comes back to bite them on the arse do they show any sense of decency.They make me sick. Mathias Corman shook Fraser Annings hand after he made his maiden speeech....."the final solution"....... https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/video/2018/aug/15/senators-line-up-to-shake-fraser-annings-hand-after-maiden-speech-video Senators including the finance minister, Mathias Cormann, and resources minister Matt Canavan are seen congratulating Katter's Australian party senator Fraser Anning after his speech.
  6. We'll always have the WSF archives so we can all remember the fun times of the past three seasons.....lol
  7. I sort of thought the same thing..... the c*** going on a rampage coming from here. ( Aus ) On football....... there has to come a time when you have to say enough is enough though. The same supposed pros putting in another sub standard performance.....what does the manager do ?
  8. I started playing about a week ago....got invited to join a foursome game....two players per team, .......sort of declined at first but said ok but told the guy I was terrible.....after 3 holes he said to me ..." geez.. you are terrible aren't you"...........lol
  9. This is the response that you give to people like Dutton..... https://twitter.com/UmaarKazmi/status/1106905284860174336
  10. No...no it wouldn't........I have the touch of Majok and the ability of Llorente.......lol
  11. Says a lot bout our squad tbh........You can't blame the manager for the whole of the season......not a good squad and we've been poor from the get go.
  12. Time to give the treatment to those that won't be here next season.....play them as subs at best. I'd rather give game time to those that are staying or putting in.
  13. Squad cleanout coming up.............all the good of the last month thrown away...........very disheartening.
  14. smoggy...lol...I'd rather inflict the pain on myself .....rather than have to watch 11 idiots put me through hell for two and a half years....lol
  15. I decided to play online golf instead of watching the second half....reading the comments here instead....... seems a pretty good decision at the moment....lol
  16. Jesus Christ hasn't been selected.....didn't make the squard....
  17. Mariners got done by the Nix 8 - 2.......WSW....hold my beer..........
  18. That wasn't what we needed. Bad pass by Russell. Hard road back to win this.
  19. sonar

    Music Thread 3

    I'll add this....I still have the double vinyl album......lol
  20. sonar

    Off Topic Thread 4

    There's a big difference between political correctness and hate speech. The blame lies soley with the person doing the violence and the ideaology they exspouse not a government.
  21. sonar

    Off Topic Thread 4

    I don't disagree with you and all that you have said but you have to remember that the time I was talking about and remembering was that I was young, and saw the world through a childs mind not as an adult would. The music ( of that era ) and especially Cat Stevens,just reminded me of a time when I felt safe or perhaps when I enjoyed the naivity of childhood.