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  1. He would be a good signing imho.....
  2. A major upside ( or downside depending on how you look at it ) will be the quality of the youth players here in Aus. Are they up to it ? Will they step up. Quite a few clubs ( including ours I think ) will be hoping the answer to both questions is yes.
  3. If you're handing out reds for dodgy haircuts there are a lot of contenders and their hairdressers.....lol
  4. I thank you for that pearl of wisdom.....
  5. Do any of our refs on here have an answer.........?
  6. Anyone else have problems accessing the forum....?
  7. I'm waiting for the day when someone finally comes out and says we were intrstructed to by the Premier.......lol Isn't going to happen of course. Funny how it's always "office staff" that are to blame isn't it.?
  8. A website called ThisPersonDoesNotExist.com has no text and no explanation, just an unending loop of faces. Only, they aren't real people. If you visit the This Person Does Not Exist website, you'll be greeted by a seemingly simple portrait. Reload the page, and another face will pop onto your screen. https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/ All computer generated images. Amazing
  9. Football Manager 2020 takes the mickey....lol While playing as a substitute club for the Wanderers and using fake players two Syd FC players were.........Chris Beath.......Kris Griffith-Jones..........lol
  10. It's part of his contract.... PS....I think he'll be ok.
  11. No rumour....announced on their website. https://www.ccmariners.com.au/news/oliver-bozanic-returns-mariners
  12. Apparently he walked out on 60 Min ( US ) ....... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-walks-out-of-60-minutes-interview/
  13. His major injury ( ACL ? ) didn't help. Same with O'Doherty....although O'Doherty now has an opportunity to really step up.
  14. Good podcast. Glad I had a listen Wil be interesting to see how things unfold.
  15. Signed Thank you, sonar, you have now signed this petition and there are 356906 signatures on this petition. PS ( I replaced my name with sonar )
  16. Rubbish If you worry about China or other authoritarian regimes then I see no problem in pointing out that by our own actions....historical actions......re trade/arms.... we enable their rise and militarisation. It's only when things turn to crap that people say ......ohhhh they scare me now......give me break......lol I still remember Howard and his AWB scandal....still enabling Hussein all the while playing the "what a **** of a regime they were." card. Stop taking people as fools.
  17. Thank god she's not a Boro supporter eh....!....her head would of been done in ages ago.....!
  18. Conscription........if you didn't go when called you got jailed........my cousin was a conscript.........his injuries eventually killed him. The war wasn't kind to him. There was a show on Aus TV called "You Can't See Round Corners" which dealt with that exact thing.....dodging the draft. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0062511/ it was brave ground breaking television all about a young man who stood up against the authorities at a time when conscription was introduced. At the time many would have seen Shorter's central character as a coward but today I guess we would all see it differently. It was a brave anti war film. We live in very conservative times today with a huge swing to the right so its hard to really say. The acting was very good although it may look a little rough by todays standards. Still I would like to see it again as I would be very curious to see whether or not it holds up.
  19. Will we play any pre-season trials or practice games. ? That will tell or give a few signs of what to expect.
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