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Posts posted by sonar

  1. 11 minutes ago, StringerBellend said:

    I thought he was going to be ace for us 

    His major injury ( ACL ? ) didn't help. Same with O'Doherty....although O'Doherty now has an opportunity to really step up.

  2. 18 minutes ago, Midfielder said:

    Sometimes I get the feeling some on here play the man not the issue or are so fixed to a certain political view that it shades or imposes itself...  


    If you worry about China or other authoritarian regimes then I see no problem in pointing out that by our own actions....historical actions......re trade/arms.... we enable their rise and militarisation. 

    It's only when things turn to crap that people say ......ohhhh they scare me now......give me break......lol

    I still remember Howard and his AWB scandal....still enabling Hussein all the while playing the "what a **** of a regime they were." card.

    Stop taking people as fools.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Smoggy said:

    How did it work for that here. My father in law always went on about how he dodged the draft for Vietnam lol Could you be sent to fight in Vietnam by call up / against your wishes?

    Conscription........if you didn't go when called you got jailed........my cousin was a conscript.........his injuries eventually killed him.

    The war wasn't kind to him. There was a show on Aus TV called "You Can't See Round Corners" which dealt with that exact thing.....dodging the draft.


    it was brave ground breaking television all about a young man who stood up against the authorities at a time when conscription was introduced. At the time many would have seen Shorter's central character as a coward but today I guess we would all see it differently. It was a brave anti war film. We live in very conservative times today with a huge swing to the right so its hard to really say. The acting was very good although it may look a little rough by todays standards. Still I would like to see it again as I would be very curious to see whether or not it holds up.

  4. 55 minutes ago, Edinburgh said:

    I doubt even that would be enough for him

    Aus and the US and many other countries have allowed a rapid rise in Chinese influence because they sold out their own people at the expense of more corporate profits via cheap labour from Chinese firms. I don't disagree that China is scary but so are many others.

    My point was....and still remains.....that there are more than one scary regime in the world and we as a nation are not immune to turning a blind eye to situations or dictators if it  suits an agenda........






    As you so often say........Balance




  5. 1 hour ago, Midfielder said:

    Do you want a post that list all wars and who was at fault from pre Egyptian times ... 

    Go for it.........:D....and while your at it how about checking out ALL the reprehensible regimes currently in the world....there are more than just China.....and just as scary......and just as bad on human rights.


  6. 21 minutes ago, pseudonym said:

    I agree.

    Part of having a long term strategy would be to create a "Director of Football" role within the club to make sure our signings align with long term goals.

    Trying to turn around WSW's fortunes is too big a task for John Tsatsimas. Let him deal with finances.

    I don't hate Carl but it does seem like a panic decision to me.

    Had JP not left, I would have expected the club to keep him in the job for the entire season (regardless of results) while the board spend the whole year interviewing potential candidates and making an informed decision.

    I may be wrong here and am assuming a lot but because it happened so quickly I think JPdM left when he found out they were talking to CR and realised the gig was up....imho....:ninja::D

  7. 6 minutes ago, hughsey said:

    70% is a huge figure, I wonder what time period they are comparing that with (YTD, FY or season)? 

    I’m struggling to believe it would be that much particularly considering well over three quarters of last season was run as normal and the final Fox instalment ended up being paid anyway. They’ve also been running holiday clinics as usual bar the April school holidays. 

    I’m usually a pretty staunch defender of the club when it comes to money but that sounds like a bit of an exaggerated figure to me.

    I think so too, I have to say that Membership numbers this year will be interesting.

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