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  1. My cousin fought in Vietnam........another Aus/US misguided military adventure....... https://www.5rar.asn.au/history/cite_fitch.htm
  2. Aus and the US and many other countries have allowed a rapid rise in Chinese influence because they sold out their own people at the expense of more corporate profits via cheap labour from Chinese firms. I don't disagree that China is scary but so are many others. My point was....and still remains.....that there are more than one scary regime in the world and we as a nation are not immune to turning a blind eye to situations or dictators if it suits an agenda........ https://foreignpolicy.com/2013/08/26/exclusive-cia-files-prove-america-helped-saddam-as-he-gassed-iran/ https://news.abs-cbn.com/news/11/08/16/marcos-a-us-backed-dictator-with-charisma https://foreignpolicy.com/2019/10/30/the-united-states-overthrew-irans-last-democratic-leader/ https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2018-07-03/awb-deregulation-10-years-after-oil-for-food-scandal/9935308 As you so often say........Balance
  3. Go for it.............and while your at it how about checking out ALL the reprehensible regimes currently in the world....there are more than just China.....and just as scary......and just as bad on human rights.
  4. I may be wrong here and am assuming a lot but because it happened so quickly I think JPdM left when he found out they were talking to CR and realised the gig was up....imho....
  5. For those interested in the US election and current polling......
  6. lol...Popa was the master of the squad cull....lol .
  7. I like how he comes across....we may have found our man.
  8. As opposed to us,the Brits and the US invading a country to supposedly get rid of WMD's.......and never finding any.....?
  9. I think so too, I have to say that Membership numbers this year will be interesting.
  10. They're all a worry ( US,USSR,China,India,Iran,Pakistan,Britain,France,Nth Korea...etc )....they all have nukes.....and if push comes to shove.......?
  11. sonar

    Music Thread 4

    You're welcome mate. I heard the Doors " Riders on the Storm " on the radio today and was thinking even after so many years it's still so good.
  12. sonar

    Bruce Kamau

    Is he our first ever cloud based player......? (I'll leave now ) :
  13. Not having a go when I say this but I can't see us going for marquees when players have taken a pay cut........then again I may be proven wrong.
  14. When they come out and say "we're 100% certain we have the right man...." I feel like asking what % were the other managers we;ve had........
  15. I really liked how he seemed to be just straight up and told it how it was re contracts and such. Have to feel for the guy having to front up when everything is up in the air for Newy..
  16. sonar


    Going to try this......
  17. As with any manager it's going to be results on the pitch that will decide whether this is a good move or not. We seem to be a shambles internally don't we.
  18. Tbh I really don't care who the manager is as long as we are competitive and show some spirit and guts on the pitch. The last few seasons have been a pisstake on the fans by management. Has to end sooner rather than later.
  19. I agree......I said what I did with tongue firmly in cheek....
  20. Sad, but unfortunately true................ Lederer and the owners can do whatever they wish.We have no say or financial stake in who owns or runs the club. The only feasible action/s fans can do is withold membership.
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