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  1. Lol....from the Washingtopn Post.......re Biden....... " He acted about as dignified as anyone could expect, presidential, in the face of a deranged, desperate criminal with a $70K squirrel stapled to his head."
  2. A climb to the summit of Mt Druitt...?........
  3. The quality of the car has a big say in how a driver performs....ala Michael Schumacer when he went to a lesser team. He got lapped by Webber in one race. Was Webber a better driver than Schumacher,,? No. Would of loved to have seen Danny Ric in a Merc..lol
  4. Put Hamilton in a lesser car....say a Alpha Romeo........ and see how he goes.
  5. Love this guy.....lol.......
  6. Would be a shame if that turns out correct. We would of lost a lot more games without him.
  7. .......and when your're on an uphill and stopped at lights you put it in first and find the sweet spot between the engine revs and clutch and stay perfectly still and need no handbrake....lol.....used to freak my mum out all the time....she only drove autos...lol
  8. sonar

    Matthew Jurman

    Adios amigo.....take McGowan and Zeigler with you.
  9. I will also add that with the amount of traffic on the road these days I don't miss going through hundreds of gear changes on the M4 parking lot when its bumper to bumper....lol
  10. The last time I drove a manual was a few years ago when my younger brother had an op on his hand and couldn't drive, so I drove him everywhere in his 4x4. FMD...after driving that for three weeks I was glad to go back to auto....lol, ......though once you can drive a manual you never really forget.......and I still hate hill starts.....lol
  11. Well, I'll put it this way...as a very young kid I saw the moon landings...apparently......( don't remember it though....lol)
  12. Learnt to drive in a HQ 3-on-the tree. These days with dodgy knees it's autos for me....
  13. While I don't doubt it, I was talking about the Republicans Party as a whole. There would be even some Democrats ( I'm assuming ) who would agree or argue that your incarceration for wrongdoing is your own fault and imprisionment has a cost to the taxpayer and the state has an obligation to defray the cost by whatever means. Do the crime,do the time as they say. It brings up all sorts of things re criminal justice etc doesn't it.
  14. I don't think the Republicans of today are pro slavery they just love money and power more ,and will happily ****over anyone who gets in the way.
  15. There seems to be at least three or four Republican Senators that have come out and stated that they will oppose any Trump nominee...Mitt Romney is one. https://edition.cnn.com/us/live-news/ruth-bader-ginsburg-death-live-updates/h_73403b4eaf42724ec9db79154591d223
  16. ...and pockets in the shorts......rah rah style.......
  17. Across town, players from the Western Sydney Wanderers – owned by Paul Lederer, who heads up the A-League club owners’ representative body – were paid only the $1500 JobKeeper allowance, putting some in a precarious financial position.
  18. I think he was taliking about Lederer putting the cash in not the fans.
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