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  1. What utter shyte...eff var.
  2. 65th min for Baumjohann bingo.
  3. As Australia is part of the International community you could post it there.....( just sayin' )....
  4. sonar

    Perth Glory

    ....or trying to sell to a dodgy cryptocurrency mob....
  5. This is all totally hypothetical but If the question was put did I want NSW to be an independent nation....not part of a union such as Europe, I would vote yes... I don't care what the other states do......if they stay part of the Commonwealth that is for them to decide. There are a multitude of independent nations that have borders with each other...in Africa, Nth America, Asia, South America etc.....not just Europe.
  6. It's not a new idea to want to go it alone, WA in fact did vote by a two thirds majority in 1933 to secede. http://www.sro.wa.gov.au/parliament/topic/westralia-shall-be-free-western-australian-secession On 8 April 1933, a referendum was held on the issue of Western Australia seceding from the Commonwealth of Australia. On the question of whether the voter was in favour of “the State of Western Australia withdrawing from the Federal Commonwealth”, a two-to-one majority vote in favour was received. https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/politics/queensland/mps-push-for-queensland-to-be-split-in-to-two-states-20190904-p52nq7.html A small cohort of Queensland politicians want to boot Brisbane. By that they mean cut the state in half and let the north rule itself with its own economy, parliament, name, flag and constitution.
  7. If it's online post a link because while I don't dispute what you say I can honestly say from personal experience that there is a big difference in playing sport in 30+ degrees as opposed to 15 C
  8. Nope. You end up in a situation we are now where one state....ie qld for eg.....can continually send climate denying idiots to stymie any sort of climate/energy reform. As the current govt has only a very slim majority they will not do anything to upset the numpties. When you have idiots like Hanson /Katter/Christensen etc whose ideals/policies/opinion hold sway over a whole country there is something seriously wrong. If as you say that state govts have all the power than the feds are surplus to requirements....get rid of one layer of govt. You don't have to pay for another level of politicians or public servants as you already have that in place. . You would by extension have to increase public servants in the areas of taxation,immigration and defence etc. If any layer of govt was to go for me it;s the feds.
  9. The difference in quality in the cooler temps is stark. Most games have been played at a faster tempo....good to watch. Tbh I wish Aus would go back to a winter comp.
  10. Get rid of Qld and thats 23 conservative and 6 alp plus Katter seats gone.....121 federal seats left ...Labor with a majority of 62 and the rest made of of the indies and Lib/nats. and you get Action on renewables and climate change.,a dedicated fire fighting air wing via defence.
  11. ...it's either that or online bingo....hard to decide.....
  12. Definition of hell....Popa v Smurfs.....lol
  13. It was tongue in cheek...well, a little bit....lol....I would not be upset if NSW became an independent country.....and I meant it about Qld. I would vote for it tbh.....It's all moot as it ain't gonna happen.
  14. I'd be happy to abolish the feds and let each state govern themselves......we don't need 3 layers of representation. local govt and a national govt would be enough....or at least **** off Qld...... https://factcheck.aap.com.au/claims/does-nsw-contribute-the-most-in-gst-and-income-tax Football internationals every weekend.....
  15. Don't take it to heart....the media always do this sort of crap (and the ABC is not exception).....depicting everyone/anyone on benifits are dole bludgers etc......
  16. I'll add this...... So.....as you can see there have been local transmission in SA......on the 23/08
  17. I can play semantics as well. The virus doesn't give a rats where someone contracted it. There were tests in SA and they have been positive...you said there were no cases for months. At the present there are clusters of over 1100 people being monitored in SA. You said you were happy to be proven wrong.....apparently not.......
  18. I think the older players such as Elrich would find the cooler temps they are playing in now more suitable than 35 C + in summer. PS.......Maybe all the BS behind the scenes in our club ( Gumby, Babbel etc ) was enough for him to say see ya. We seem to have problem in a) getting quality or b) getting them to stay or c) getting them to perform.
  19. As Popa discovered when he went to Turkey...he discovered he got sold one instead...
  20. You could try .....SportStream.tv
  21. So when they say ....""We have not got community transmission in South Australia in any way in a widespread form and this is why we're being absolutely over-cautious in this instance," she said."...... They are NOT saying there is no community transmission.........it's just not widespread. So your initial statement WAS incorrect. I am happy to be proved wrong but SA, WA, NT, Tassie four months without a community case. The articles I linked to prove my point.
  22. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-06/sa-new-coronavirus-case-closes-thebarton-senior-college/12532200 SA Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier said a woman aged in her 20s had tested positive for COVID-19, and that contact tracing had identified about 70 close contacts. Second South Australian school closure sparks fears of community transmission https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/health-wellbeing/second-south-australian-school-closure-sparks-fears-of-community-transmission-c-1211622
  23. SA ...Last reported case...... 6 days ago........ https://www.covid-19.sa.gov.au/home/dashboard
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