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  1. I'm in Canberra mate. Will give it a go, but it seems they have put a cut-off time for printing at home. Have no idea why. Limits the time available to transfer tix. I'll let you know how I go. Sorry mate - seems the club have stuffed this up and put a cut-off time to transfer or print at home tickets. According to a recent email; 'If you have misplaced your Membership card, you are waiting on a new or replacement card, or you would like to forward your ticket to a friend, you will need to download a print-at-home ticket through your MyWanderers Account to access the match.' 'The cut off to download a print-at-home ticket is 12pm Thursday 29 December 2016' The option to transfer or print at home is not available in my MyWanderers Account. Makes no sense to me. Sorry dude.
  2. Have two tickets available as I am no longer able to attend tonight's match. Seems I cannot transfer though - any idea why there is a cut off for doing this? Would be a shame to not put my tickets to use.
  3. Filly

    Michael Trajkovski

    I just yelled out beauchamp... Wishful thinking I guess.
  4. I have one (1) spare ticket in the eastern grandstand, Bay 66 for tonight's game. Who wants it?
  5. Bay 66 is my regular membership bay. Missed out on tix to the final would love to sit there tonight, have DM'd you.
  6. Filly

    Round 23 - Adelaide

    3 -Poljak 2 - Da Puzzo 1 - Beauchamp
  7. Filly

    Brendon Santalab

    If this sh*t is true about Santa, I don't want the pri*k playing for this club ever again.
  8. Filly

    Round 22 - Sydney FC

    3 - Poljak 2 - Ono 1 - Hersi
  9. 3 - Spiranovic 2 - La Rocca 1 - Mooy
  10. Filly

    Round 20 - Perth

    3 - Mooy 2 - Poljak 1 - Tyson
  11. Filly

    Round 18 - Brisbane

    3 - Hersi 2 - Poljak 1 - NTS
  12. Filly

    Round 17 - Newcastle

    3 - Covic 2 - Ono 1 - Hersi
  13. Filly

    Round 16 - Perth

    3 - Spiranovic 2 - Heffernan 1 - Ono
  14. Got to 40 yesterday out at Penrith for the wanderers W League game, and is nudging 40 today. Hopefully that southerly change will hit before kick off.
  15. Proud to say that conference side Macclesfield Town will be taking part in the FA CUP 3rd round with a 3-2 win over Brackley Town overnight. Hopefully plenty of championship/football league/conference sides get drawn against some of the big boys.
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