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  1. Although I'm hoping I'm not reading this correctly, the A-league didn't rate a mention. Just 3 middle eastern clubs. Hopefully just smoke and mirrors but I'm not holding my breath. https://m.dw.com/cda/en/franck-ribery-on-leaving-bayern-munich-i-was-the-best-player-in-europe-it-was-fantastic/a-48765748
  2. With 5 goalkeepers, we might stand a chance
  3. I think VJ would have done a better job if we had our back line sorted too
  4. A very cheap squadie at the most very best.
  5. CCM must be either desperate or blind. I was at that game at Gosford and only God knows what they saw in him.
  6. Hmm, reports that Adelaide are chasing Robben
  7. I have it on very good authority that he wanted to sign for us the year he almost won the golden boot with the Nix (behind Janco in 14/15) but Popa only offered him a 1 year contract and he wanted 2 years. I think that ship has now sailed. Still a Western Sydney boy but definitely not the player he used to be.
  8. Is this a bad sign? https://mobile.twitter.com/FranckRibery/status/1130177438015737856?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  9. I'd rather he goes to LA to pick up Zlatan before getting Ribery.
  10. Spira left, it was a crisis NTS left, it was a half crisis Hamill leaving is not a crisis.
  11. Any word on an increase in foreign players?
  12. My sentiments exactly, Spira should be target No.1 and made club captain.
  13. Scott McDonald to new Melbourne team. We've been mentioning him every off season and every mid season transfer window and in the blink of an eye, he's at Western United. Is this a missed opportunity?
  14. Give him time, he hasn't ticked everything off his bucket list yet.
  15. We're moving to our new cauldron next season, it needs to be a place every away team is afraid to visit. Having a team of second rate, pre-retiree players will make us the laughing stock of the league (if we aren't already). As a member and STH, I won't tolerate a third season of substandard results