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  1. Spira would be nice to have back. How long did he sign at Perth for?
  2. Jefski

    Wellington Demolish Wanderers

    Hands down, you win.
  3. Jefski

    Wellington Demolish Wanderers

    I see your Everton and raise you an Ipswich. Wanderers and Ipswich, I'm a glutton for punishment.
  4. If the thought wasn't so depressing, it would be funny.
  5. To be fair, he's still not the worst player in the field.
  6. Yeah, me too. Ricciardo retired and I turned iver ti this rubbish. Not having a great Sunday thus far.
  7. Yeah, I'd take him. He's certainly not afraid to score goals.
  8. Ah ha, Brad Smith. That's what we need, extra pace at left back. The lack of speed on the left has cost us dearly this year.
  9. If I wasn't confused before, I sure am now. BTW, who's Smith?
  10. Anyone out there still want Aspro and Clisby back?
  11. I'm with you, I really struggle watching Majok, it's the simplefundamentals he's just not getting.
  12. I'm happy to take 3 point, no matter who the opponent.
  13. Andy Harper, you are an absolute FW.