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  1. This is my translation I guess your Spanish is fine. Translated perfectly using Google translator
  2. Supongo que tu español está bien. Tradujo perfectamente usando el traductor de Google
  3. Nice goal but either poor keeping or he had the sun in his eyes.
  4. Anyone have any idea of the squad that's been fielded?
  5. We really should get an idea of the squad on the pitch in the 1st & 2nd half before we panic but you're right, we need a recognised striker more sooner than later.
  6. He's making a habit of these long range shots.
  7. Wow, only 3 in the top 50. According to FIFA, we're in big trouble. Looks like we better start planning for 20/21
  8. That many coffees would take them 6 months to make
  9. His header page says it all..... "Your sokkah twitter source for sometimes correct but mostly bullshit stories"
  10. Trust me, in out short history, he's not alone.
  11. I'm trying to be positive. One thing he could do was draw a penalty.
  12. Well, if his knees are no good on the softer pitches in the UK, they'll be totally buggered on our rock hard summer decks.
  13. Did I miss something along the line? Hopefully an Australian passport in the next 2 weeks? Is it really happening that soon?
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