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  1. Surely, Fitzgerald eould have to be a better option. Mahazi has been terrible
  2. Stuff the weather, I need a win. I'm sick of losing. The hot topic should be the starting backline. I wouldn't mind seeing Hamill go to left back with Zeigler and Tas in the middle and Russell on the right. Elrich is just way to slow (especially in this heat) but would be handy cover off the bench.
  3. I thought they Hawks2767 was talking about Nichols. In the interim, I'd rate Tokich higher than BJ.
  4. Good question, I'm a fan of Tokich. I'm impressed with what I saw earlier this season?
  5. This is bulldust. How can this keep happening to us?
  6. We just can't help ourselves. No sooner do we score and then concede. This is not good for the old blood pressure.
  7. If that was against SFC, tgat would have been disallowed. I'm seriouslyover this rubbish.
  8. Suman's doing a great job thus far but he drops the ball quite a bit and kicks it out a lot. Still only 18yo so he's excused.
  9. I seen to remember earlier in the season where forearms to the head resulted in red cards. Not even a yellow for Keogh.
  10. We'd have to be fielding one of the cheapest on field starting team line-ups in a-league history.
  11. Last time we fielded an inexperienced squad like this (against SFC last season), we got smashed. Not sure I'll be holding my breath hoping for a result tonight. Just praying that I'm wrong.