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  1. Don't know if much of the younger generation would remember him or that song but then again, he did spend a lot of time stalking them.
  2. Thanks Mac. For those that can make it at that time, it would be great to get behind them.
  3. With all the top players available and a week's rest, I'm expecting (hoping) for a much better performance from our last home game. Full squad, temp in the low 20's, no excuses, it's time to shine.
  4. The less I hear about Liverpool, the better. To be fair, I thought there was quite a good time spent on the Wanderers.
  5. Very interesting watching MB on Bill & Boz tonight. He's a great thinker. Hopefully it wears off on the players.
  6. Good luck to him, now he's earning a quid feeding his kids.
  7. Watching the Bayern match earlier today and Babel, Müller and the Wanderers all rated a mention in the first half. I hope they weren't watching the match.
  8. I thought "our" referee was sh!t, Wellington were absolutely robbed. Back on subject, it would be awesome to have our top 11 on the field all at the one time but as one comes in another goes out.
  9. Firstly, the players get paid to play and we, the fans in the stands pay to watch them so your comment is void. Secondly, all these variables and reasons you've listed are completely understandable and agreeable, people can't arguing that. It was just another flat game of football which we have become so accustomed to over the last few years and are tired of paying to watch it. We have what is arguably one of the best squad in the club's history and I think we're just hoping for better than what we saw tonight. Let's just hope for cooler weather and a better performance next week heading into the bye and I'm sure, all will be forgiven (at least for another 2 weeks).
  10. That's strange, certain people have been noticeably quiet since the kick-off.
  11. Injuries aside, we need to have all 5 foreigners on the field at once. Add Georgevski, McGowan, Jurman, Duke plus (add 2 players here), and we have a different chemistry. We were woeful again tonight. The clean sheet isn't that flattering either as they were crap too. There is a bright side though, 10 points from a possible 12 when we deserve no more than 4 thus far is a positive. Surely we can't get any worse.
  12. Looks like the kid gets a start. Hope he kills it out there.
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