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  1. Might be a few Glory players and a coach on the market soon.
  2. Yeah, where is he? No PS or NM. We're in trouble.
  3. I hear you, yet we still turn up each week. I guess we're gluttons for punishment.
  4. I don't think I'm asking for much when I say, if the team played with half the heart Santa showed every time we took the field, we'd be top 2 or 3. We have the talent but no heart.
  5. I don't know about that, it seems as though, since we lost the GF in Adelaide we've been destroyed.
  6. abysmal Yep, that's one word I missed on my list.
  7. I think you wrote Perth instead of berth in the last paragraph.
  8. May I recommend you don't close this thread. Let the frustrating comments continue. Hopefully the players will read them. We as fans deserve so much better than that cr@p
  9. Mack, Here's a few words for you to use in your report. Feel free to use them all if you lik. Disgraceful Embarrassing Atrocious Disgusting Shameful Apologetic Pathetic
  10. CGJ + Beath = (insert profanity here). That said, certainly not their fault tonight.
  11. Just when you have a glimmer oh hope, this happens.
  12. We're are so bad tonight that I'd rather watch Kosmina's hair.
  13. You were right, you're being delusional. Let's hope they prove me wrong.
  14. This was the perfect opportunity to get ourselves into the top 6 and seriously push for a top 4, possibly even 2nd place over the next few weeks and they dish this rubbish up. There's just no drive or determination on the pitch.
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