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  1. I guess it's good for us. We get the Duke back at a discounted price. As far as I'm concerned, the addition of Duke and Mutch has given us what I believe the greatest first squad depth we've ever had.
  2. The best thing CR did was to give McGowan the captaincy. Being the captain, it's now his responsibility to hold things together. It's been a great move and one I think worked until he got injured.
  3. CR said after the game that Tas was injured. He had little choice.
  4. That'll be me. We're all getting excited but I'm sure we won't see him on the field for at least 4 weeks.
  5. And especially this week. StringerBellend mirrors my sentiments. Personally, I'd prefer Princess over Bernie. She finishes a hell of a lot better than big brother. On a side note, I'm pretty happy with Cox's work rate and the way he hold up the ball. He's definitely fitter this year. If he's going home, we need equal or better.
  6. I'm not sold on Ibini. He didn't show me much last week to change my mind either.
  7. Maybe they were interested in Max Burgess. I hear he's unhappy at Western Utd.
  8. Ok, looks like McGowan got the captaincy gig. Hopefully he steps up to another level. Personally, I think it was a good appointment. I reckon he'll surprise a few people (or at least I hope).
  9. I don't have a problem either way but it would be good to choose a captain that's going to be on the field for a majority of the 90 minutes each week. That said, the extra responsibility might just bring out the best in Ziegler. Might be a good thing.
  10. Interesting comment by Troisi on FSN saying he didn't leave Adelaide of his own accord, he was "shown the door".
  11. As far as CB's go, he sure knows how to find the net.
  12. Hoping I'm wrong but I'm not so convinced about Ibini being our saviour.
  13. Wow, 23000 fans at the Solomon Islands GF and 1.5mil viewers. I'm impressed.
  14. Sponsored by Voltaren? How appropriate.
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