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  1. Bad news, we're on page 70 and still nothing.
  2. We better hope he's taking the piss. That is not a pleasant thought.
  3. Sounds like just another day in Granville Districts. No one takes anynotice there either.
  4. I couldn't see the name originally, thanks.
  5. Of course it would, he can't score goals.
  6. Good news, I'm at the stadium to watch the Roosters run around and was frisked and scanned on the way in. Good to see it's not just us Wanderers fans that get checked. On the up side, stadium looks great, pitch is fantastic and the view from everywhere is awesome.
  7. I'd love this to be true but a 29yo, 6'2" International English striker would be hard to believe. If he was 33, well then maybe. I do hope you're right though.
  8. https://images.app.goo.gl/dtKQguUw1yMGWd2u6
  9. Ok, so we've promoted Daniel Wilmering, how about the other three available "Dan's".... Dani Alves, Danny Welbeck & Daniel Sturridge? One of these must surely be looking for a change of scenery?
  10. "Lezcano was banned 8 matches for assaulting referee Fedayi San, who showed him a second yellow card" It must be him, he will fit right in at Parramatta (and Auburn Macca's on a Friday night).
  11. That's a very sneaky "Possibly" you've inserted.
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