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  1. Looks to me like that's what we are doing! If the rumours come through and we sign Ikonomidis, Ruka and Williams along with Natta, Russell, Tass and Ugarkovic as top Australian players and prospects IMO....add 4 foreigners ontop of that (providing we get them right) and we are looking pretty bloody solid
  2. Yep! I am from the Wollondilly so a little further south. Everyone expected me to jump ship to the cows, particularly because the games are closer to home. Nope! I'm happy to keep doing the 1h10m each way journey into Parra to support my team! Though, it would be nice to get some results in return🤣🤣
  3. If it is.....what a side they have put together! Something we struggle with it seems
  4. So his first goal for the Nix was the penalty against us yeah? I remember that being at least halfway through the season??? So his 11 goals came in the back half once he found his feet I guess. Its a better return than we have had for a while from a striker, barring maybe Duke in 19-20?
  5. I guess that comes down to the way each person interprets his actions. If I could definitely say it was a show of nationalism I'd feel the same way but in my mind I'd like to think thats not what it was. However if thats the way you interpret it I guess I understand your hesitation
  6. Fair enough, maybe I'm too glass half full but I'd like to think that's not the way it was intended. If he bangs in goals and stays out of politics, im happy!
  7. But why does that make it ok to hate an individual who as a person has not been involved in the conflict? This is the core issues with racism. Hating an individual of a particular race because of their countries belief or issue. He is a human being whether he is Israeli or Canadian or whatever and until he as a human being does something inexcusable then the hate isn't warranted.
  8. If its a political act I don't agree with it, however how many sportsman drape their countries flag over themselves in celebration? Oliviera did it in Motogp a few weeks back with the Portuguese flag. Granted there are issues with Israel at the moment that I don't agree with but it doesn't mean the bloke has to detach himself from his country all together. There are plenty of political things we do that I don't agree with but that doesn't mean I wouldn't celebrate with our nations flag if I were representing us in a other country. Anyway....enough of that, I think he will be a great signing an
  9. Some of the racist comments from our so called fans on fb and insta make me sick. So much for a team that represents the most culturally diverse region in Australia. Those fans threatening to walk because of this signing, pack up and f*ck off. The race rubbish was the reason I and many others never followed NSL.
  10. Not getting the Hemed hate Mack? 11 goals in 21 games is a decent return in his first season in the league. He looks fit, seems super calm on the ball and doesn't look to come with an ego. Also adds much needed height in the box. Im all for it. Much better than I expected us to sign. I was waiting for a winger to be forced into striker.
  11. Matt Journeyman signed with Jets. Meh, wasn't that impressed with his stint for us...though he is an upgrade on McGowan.
  12. Unpopular opinion...and im not even happy with myself for coming to this conclusion. Did anyone else notice Dukes arrival coincided with our form slump? Ibini has been horrid the whole time Duke was here. Watching Ibini play tonight he is much more active and looking dangerous. He is playing a totally different role to Duke. Duke is a God in my opinion but I'm wondering if his re-arrival unintentionally upset the dynamic of the team?
  13. My favourite part was when CR FINALLY decides to sub off a CB for for it CM it seemed we were actually going to go from 5atb to 4atb....Nope, keeping 5atb and playing a CM out of position at CB. What a perfect decision when your chasing a game and season. May aswell also bring off your leading goal scorer while you're at it....oh hang on. I've not been an advocate for the coach carousel WSW has had of late and more than 1 who has been sacked was done so prematurely in my opinion. CR has no excuse. He built this squad and on paper it is probably the best in the league. His tactical decisio
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