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  1. I'm more concerned about the amount of injuries we are getting during preseason. What is going on !?
  2. Every single problem area we had last year's has been solved in my eyes. A striker with an eye for goals- Meier A DM with mongrel and experience- Schwegler Wingers with speed and somewhat of an end product- Duke and Yeboah A reliable goal keeper- Lopez (though his spilled ball the other night was a concern) An AM who is willing to have a dig instead of walking it in- Majewski. A squad full of team players and genuinely keen- tick Competition for position across the squad- tick
  3. No concerns at all about Alex's pace. He has obviously been brought in as a target man. A big CF to lay the ball off to Duke and Yeboah who have bucket loads of pace is exactly what we need. Let's not forget looking through his career he has a knack of being where he needs to be to bang in saved shots...again, it's exactly what we need. How many times did chances go begging from reflections in the box because we had no one looking for it? 36 years old is also no problem in my eyes. We have a reasonably young bunch of forwards that could do from mentoring from a bloke who has successfully played his entire career in a top 5 league in the world. No doubt at all he will be a handful for any opposition. I'd say itll take more than 1 defender to get the best of him physically which leaves space for the speedsters on the wing. If our squad stays fit this season, I genuinely think we will win the league 😊😊🤷‍♂️
  4. Definitely is. As I said fox commentary last night said during the game it was "a big man from Western Europe". Rules out Mandzukic 😩😩😂😂
  5. That may be so but it was Harper who said it was "a big unit from Western Europe", not Babbel!
  6. I'm certainly not in panic mode looking at who we are missing tonight... but we are struggling massively. They are ripping our back line apart. Kwame should have buried his chance and now instead we are 2 nil dow
  7. After the big unit from Western Europe hint and Babbel saying he is a player who genuinely wanted to play for the club... It's gotta be Danny Graham. He is a big unit, is loved by Blackburn fans, has "mentality".... I'm convinced
  8. "Big Unit from Western Europe!!" Does that help?
  9. I understand that, as the club did with Jumpei back in the day, it's for salary cap/accounting reasons. However, I feel the club and Babbel in particular will be keen to land a player of actual marquee quality.
  10. I'm sure if Schwelger was marquee the club would have announced him as such. Also, there is a glaring vacancy for a striker and we also have a foreign spot available. Add those 3 indicators up and I come up with marquee striker incoming.... at some point!
  11. Personally I think developing youth and being able to sign then on Scholarship contracts is crucial in a salary capped league. Instead of wasting money on relatively expensive journeyman or cheap, useless squaddies, we are able to produce young players who are; Fighting to establish a career so are driven to perform Already fit into the club and the club knows full well what they are getting Their salary doesn't take up much cap space due to concessions Potential for the club to pick up transfer fees if they develop into players that spark interest from overseas How is any of this a negative over signing an Aleague journeyman that has never been good enough to pick up interest anywhere outside of the Aleague, has played for 7 clubs, has zero loyalty and is out there to jog around and pick up a bigger salary than a youth scholarship player. I honestly think the key to success in a salary capped league is producing good quality youth on Scholarship contracts. No other team in the league is doing it and by the time they catch on and start, we will be 10 years further established with our academy and will be streets ahead.
  12. We are dominating everything but just need a striker! Imagine a marquee striker and a fit Mitch Duke 🤤🤤
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