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  1. As I said in a post on here a few weeks ago...this team has an incredible ability to let you down, then get you hopes up just enough to let you down again, then get your hopes up just enough to let you down again...again. They are mind ****🤯🤯
  2. Its all good, according to rumours Demba Ba is incoming next season👍👍 In all seriousness though, he is linked with us, SFC and MVC. Id certainly take him even at 35. Stevie G would still be having nightmares about him🤣🤣
  3. Interestingly... only 38% possession by us tonight. We still managed to control the game despite this. Alot to be said about meaningful possession
  4. No chanting by RBB is a protest due to a member being kicked out for not being seated and the capo barred for 12 months for swearing... they really are trying their best to ruin whatever active support is left in this league.
  5. Can't help but think thus might point to Cox heading back to UK to be with his wife and daughter?
  6. Name a club better at picking coaches who love rotating players and making horrible substitutions as much as every coach we have ever had. Ill wait.
  7. What I love most about the disappointment machine that is WSW, is the uncanny ability to let you down twice in quick succession. So often you write them off, then they give a glimmer of hope, only to let you down again. Its so good
  8. Ahhh and we have arrived at that annual feeling of disappointment this team delivers. Its about this time of season where I start telling everyone I'm over this club, I'm not renewing membership, I've head enough.... guess what I'll inevitably do? Renew membership, turn up to every game and relive this disappointment next season. WSW, the gift that NEVER gives.
  9. Thinking Simon Cox might be on his way out. His wife and daughter, who he has never met didn't get an exemption to move over and be with him. If he left to go back I cant blame him.
  10. I genuinely think SFC has had their day and are entering rebuild phase. Take Ninko out of that team and its dog average. No Lefondre/Bobo 4 years ago strikers and Grant is pre occupied with a potential move overseas as far as I'm aware. Having said all of that, we will probably lose to them next derby🙄🙄
  11. Also, I see players like Baccus (he has been unreal in these first 2 games), Russell, Tass and Acquilina and suddenly the academy investment seems like a winner
  12. I dont get the hate for Dorrans? Last week he was average but it was his first game in the league after quarantine etc etc. Tonight he has been pretty solid I think. Nothing flashy or showy but has been pretty damn solid
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