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  1. You know what the funniest thing was. When Cox was running toward on open goal with no keeper, I honestly knew we still wouldn't score. My wife asked why I didn't react to any of it and I told her it's because I knew it was going to Happen. How good is being a WSW fan. You know your team is useless when you don't believe you can score from 6 yards out with no keeper in sight.
  2. I despised JP to begin with after Babbels sacking. Was absolutely gutted to see him taking over as head coach. Well what a difference 4 weeks make. It seems the white ant rumours were false and he has the team playing some solid football. I also like the way he conducts his press conferences. I'm now JP in!
  3. It's a great gesture by the club but it has to be said... these kids have endured enough over the past few months, forcing them to watch a WSW game is just cruel!!!
  4. I'll be there again... I love nothing more than watching the team i love get destroyed week in week out. It's bloody excellent. Watching SFC getting blown off the pitch in Japan at the moment is the most enjoyment I've had from watching Football in a long time.
  5. That in itself is a joke. I put in every effort possible during those horrid SOP years to attend every game so I could get my similar seat as I had at the old Parra... I was front row half way between 18 yard and halfway line at the old Parra. Where was I seated at the new Parra? Literally back row tucked in the corner next to the big screen. Cheers WSW👍👍
  6. I dont know who we should appoint but we need to get rid of JP ASAP. Thete is something about him I dont like and I'm not a fan of him managing our team.
  7. I am a member and could count on one hand how many games I have missed. I didn't even bother going tonight. I have had enough of driving 1.5hrs each way for absolute garbage like this. I dont even feel bad about it. This isnt good enough
  8. He deserves no credit for anything. I can't really say whay he deserves on a public forum...but it's certainly not good!
  9. Sullivan and Tarek were perfect changes by Babbel. It has totally fixed up.the areas we have been having trouble with tonight and we look a totally different side since they have come on. Stoked!
  10. What.a.header.... Muller is getting better and better. His 3 goals he has scored have been absolute class!
  11. Side note, not so Aussie Pat is not the player we hoped he was.
  12. Just going with a simple "not very good".... I like your optimism!
  13. We are absolutely incapable of stringing a few passes together. Totally incompetent. Between Illawarra Hawks in NBL, Dragons in NRL and WSW in Aleague, I live a depressing supporters life. These guys however are genuinely by far and away the most difficult sporting team I follow. The problem is, somehow they are also the one I love most.... Our beloved club is a mess.
  14. Play it wide, cross it on for nothing. Play it wide, cross it in for nothing. Same play over and over and over and same result over and over and over. Absolute f*cking trash.
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