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  1. Im not sure if it was just a poor translation but his post on insta gave me the impression he was left in the lurch by WSW?
  2. McGowan is the worst CB we have ever had... including Borda. He is absolutely useless. Always out of position, gives away cheap penalties and turnovers. He is atrocious!
  3. Also, Tate Russell...what a player he is growing into. Will probably lose him as well knowing us.
  4. Going to be shattered to see Duke go. He is exactly the players you need to build a team around. Passionate, energetic, enthusiastic... huge loss for us.
  5. Why do we look like a cohesive team for the first time this season in our final dead rubber of a game? 🙄🙄
  6. Ill make your life easy. Article heading: What is wrong with WSW? Content: Everything Job done. Seriously though it's not far from accurate. From a club that was formed through consultation and input from members and the local area it has become totally disconnected. The community involvement us gone. Fans and members often voice their concerns with the club and it falls on deaf ears. There is a reason we rarely sign decent marquee players and can't hold onto our top performing players...money. Who does that fall back on? Our billionaire owner in Lederer. He needs to go and so does Tstatsimis. 6 captains in 6 years gone. I have been a member from the start and am considering not renewing..the club is basically dead. I kept my membership current through the SOP years with the promise of getting a very similar seat to old Parra. I was front row there but was placed in the very back row at new Parra... that in itself shows the disregard the club has for its fans. I am just about done.
  7. You know what the funniest thing was. When Cox was running toward on open goal with no keeper, I honestly knew we still wouldn't score. My wife asked why I didn't react to any of it and I told her it's because I knew it was going to Happen. How good is being a WSW fan. You know your team is useless when you don't believe you can score from 6 yards out with no keeper in sight.
  8. I despised JP to begin with after Babbels sacking. Was absolutely gutted to see him taking over as head coach. Well what a difference 4 weeks make. It seems the white ant rumours were false and he has the team playing some solid football. I also like the way he conducts his press conferences. I'm now JP in!
  9. It's a great gesture by the club but it has to be said... these kids have endured enough over the past few months, forcing them to watch a WSW game is just cruel!!!
  10. I'll be there again... I love nothing more than watching the team i love get destroyed week in week out. It's bloody excellent. Watching SFC getting blown off the pitch in Japan at the moment is the most enjoyment I've had from watching Football in a long time.
  11. That in itself is a joke. I put in every effort possible during those horrid SOP years to attend every game so I could get my similar seat as I had at the old Parra... I was front row half way between 18 yard and halfway line at the old Parra. Where was I seated at the new Parra? Literally back row tucked in the corner next to the big screen. Cheers WSW👍👍
  12. I dont know who we should appoint but we need to get rid of JP ASAP. Thete is something about him I dont like and I'm not a fan of him managing our team.
  13. I am a member and could count on one hand how many games I have missed. I didn't even bother going tonight. I have had enough of driving 1.5hrs each way for absolute garbage like this. I dont even feel bad about it. This isnt good enough
  14. He deserves no credit for anything. I can't really say whay he deserves on a public forum...but it's certainly not good!
  15. Sullivan and Tarek were perfect changes by Babbel. It has totally fixed up.the areas we have been having trouble with tonight and we look a totally different side since they have come on. Stoked!
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