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  1. octa9ona11

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    So this is the above tweet translated. Not surprisingly it doesn't sound like he will be coming to Aus. From Franck Ribery at FC Bayern. It is not yet clear where it will take the offensive player to. But the Frenchman doesn't want to stop. Most recently, requests from Qatar and Australia have been reported, and there is now a first trend. Ribery is moving to Qatar According to”Kicker " information, Franck Ribery is moving to Qatar in the summer. Two clubs from the emirate are to advertise Ribery, including the Al-Sadd Sport Club with the Spaniard Xavi. Markus Babbel, currently a coach at the Western Sydney Wanderers in Australia, also confirmed a request for the French. "We continue to be interested in Franck Ribery. But first the exact conditions have to be evaluated in Detail.” So a decision has not yet been made. FC Bayern München are still interested in retaining Ribery after his career in the club. A small foreign adventure, however, Ribery will definitely still do.
  2. octa9ona11

    Wellington Demolish Wanderers

    Ill be in Cambodia for the up coming derby.....and its still not far enough away from it for me. This team just finds new ways to let me down, then gives a false glimmer of hope just so they can slam dunk another round of pain. Dark times.
  3. Rudan has obviously identified our lack of pace at the back. Looking to put balls over the top whenever possible and its working every time. Could be a long night. Any finals hopes hinge completely on getting a win from.this game.
  4. Speaking of lethal back passes......
  5. Hamill has been a wall so far tonight
  6. Kamau at RB took 6 minutes to be punished. Im a huge Babbel fan but Russell in my opinion is Australias best up and coming RB.....why Markus, why?
  7. What is the story with Ziegler? I havent seen anything about him being injured?
  8. We are bad. Really bad. I just dont even know what to say. Ive been looking forward to the new stadium but i feel our club will be an absolute mess by the time that comes
  9. When did Adelaide sign King Ecbert from Vikings?
  10. So on the broadcast they are saying a WSW player has been approaching rival clubs and shopping himself to them. Any ideas on who? Im thinking Fitzy?
  11. octa9ona11

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Mitch Nichols and Wellington have parted ways. Career surely done? Or CCM will pick him up... which is virtually the same thing.
  12. I like the positive thinking... but I cant see past the 11 goals conceded in 4 games!😞😞
  13. If i win the 100m first thing ill do is buy the club and give it to the members!
  14. Holy s#!t... is this happening!? Even better, i had $20 on Yeboah as first goal scorer into WSW to win paying $18!! Cmon lads!!!!