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  1. Paul01

    Roly Bonevacia

    He is on the bench for Curacao right now
  2. It's next to the corporate section and very small. I asked a question of the membership team as to why we had so many Smurfs in the Red section at ANZ in the last 3 and the reply was it was the stadium ticketing policy.
  3. Well the other FFA favourite, the Mullet, was away on NT duty
  4. A-league team of the week Lopar, Risdon, pain, durante, Delbridge, Gillespie, Jertec, Ninkovic, o'shea, Le Floprie, Duke FFA winners Fraudsters with 3 Honorable second place with 2 selected WSW, Smurfs, Brisbane 5th place Heartle$$ No placing Melbourne Victory, Sea-bogans, Nix, Perth, Adelaide Not eligible due to bye Newcastle
  5. Actually, the numbers are reasonable considering the following It was school holidays (think it was all states) The numerous press articles that the league is shite always going to impact bandwagon attendance. Especially with the media saying the league had no high profile players. AMFG should be the exception but EPL reigns supreme in most people's minds. The other issue that is nobody thinks about is economic conditions. Discretionary spending goes down in perceived bad times. Not sure what the cost of general admission tickets are around the traps. but I have read that Perth really gouge the people who choose to attend home games.
  6. Have we heard from Swiss and German recruits yet?
  7. So we finish Round 1 in second place on Goal Difference. We need to follow it with a result in Melbourne.
  8. Melb Vic v WSW Fraudsters v Perth Glory Sea-bogans v Newcastle Heartle$$ v Adelaide Smurfs v Nix Bye: Brisbane Suspended Ryan Strain (Adel)
  9. He been on the Popovic loose weight diet
  10. Paul01

    Kwabena Appiah

    Injury replacement for Yuel
  11. Appiah-kubi on the fraudsters bench
  12. I watched the reply on iview. On corners, the Sea-bogans triple marked AMFG
  13. That was before the review plus time adds on only for central ref running and reviewing.
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