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  1. I heard yesterday that W-League draw is delayed because of the venue issue in Victoria. While winter may be an option for football, Marvel is not available to Melb Victory during the BBL and from April with the AwFL starting. AAMI startz getting used for the Thugby codes from March. The Fraudsters also have the problem of not having Geelong available. So much for their promise of a stadium. Whilst football plays second or third fiddle and does not have management rights to any ground, it looks like we are going to shoved from pillar to post as always.
  2. The knives are out with this. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian's admissions to pork-barrelling and not self-isolating bring her 'school captain' image undone http://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-11-27/nsw-premier-gladys-berejiklian-admissions-undo-clean-image/12924502
  3. With regard to Roberts, I thought she was good at RB when she played. I vaguely remember that she got injured so Holloway had to play right-back. If Heffernan is to sign any overseas players he will have to pull his finger out with the 14 day quarantine restrictions.
  4. Gladys rolled out the (pork) barrel https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/nov/26/berejiklian-admits-140m-grant-scheme-was-pork-barrelling-as-approval-documents-revealed?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other
  5. Daniel Andrews looks to be winning on points in his battle with Scott Morrison (Scumbo). https://amp.abc.net.au/article/12916424
  6. OooThe W-league team looks to be built on having an Australian backline and midfield. They are thin on forwards and we haven't signed any international to date. Teams looks like this atm ....................Willacy Yeoman-dale........Cooper.......Orgill.......Nevin Copus-Brown......Collister.......Price......Galea/Middeton Khamis..........Susan P Bench: Newbon (GK), Matos (Df), Chauvet (Df) We still don't have a full squad with no backups in midfield or forwards, so there must be some more signings to be finalised. Notable Australian absentees from last season: Erica Holloway (who might still be recovering from the ACL injury), Kyra Cooney-cross (MIA), Alix Roberts
  7. Squad for friendly against the Bullsh*****ers https://twitter.com/NewcastleJetsFC/status/1331832574952484865?s=20
  8. Paul01

    Macarthur FC

    Scorers Derbyshire 2, Najjar 1
  9. Paul01

    Macarthur FC

    Played a friendly against the Jets and drew 3-3.
  10. The Smurfs will be happy that they are not the main football story in Australia today
  11. RIP Diego Maradona 🥀 The football world reacts to losing icon Diego Maradona via @OneFootball. Read it here: https://1.ftb.al/ZpVHweCZHbb
  12. Yokohama F Marinos beat Shanghai SIPG 1-0 overnight.
  13. For Unlimited Victor Sanchez FIFA20 Rating 77 Graham Dorrans FIFA20 Rating 70
  14. Canberra United problems https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/7025195/united-forced-to-find-new-home-venue/
  15. Smurfs playing Jeonbuk tonight. Still have to play Yokohama F Marinos as well
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