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  1. Games that affect the positions in the top 6 23/01 Fraudsters v Perth 23/01 Adelaide v Melb Victory 26/01 Melb Victory v Perth Perth could be on 9 pts by the end of this match week with 2 wins Adelaide could be on 7 points with a win or if they lose and Nix win by 2 goals then Adelaide and the Smurfs will both be out of the 6.
  2. And now the Smurfs are out of the top 6, despite the Adelaide result on Wednesday.
  3. Get ready for the Weasel excuses with backup from Slater
  4. The Mullet doesn't look so good tonight
  5. And the Cove chanting again F***wits
  6. Why didn't King get a yellow card there?
  7. Well well, Smurfs can't take a trick tonight.
  8. He was on the side line at the 65th minute. Does that count for accuracy?
  9. And what's even better is Slater is on commentary. Currently Sea-Poachers FC top of the league
  10. Suck s*** smurfs VAR disallowed goal.
  11. Now I have dilemma Planet America or the game!
  12. Ben Abraham Was a prisoner in the northern beaches during lockdown. 200% better than Ams
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