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  1. Hopefully Kosta blossons this season and is signed to a multi-year deal. I heard Rallis talk about him a few months ago and there are multiple A-league clubs wanting him.
  2. Paul01

    World Cup 2018

    The real Martin Tyler doing the commentary on SBS coverage. Not Optus until halftime
  3. So is Grozos = or better than Arzani?
  4. I think you mean Stefan Kiessling and according to Transfermarkt he is retired. Maybe being hired as an assistant coach for attacking.
  5. Paul01

    World Cup 2018

    Its looks like sour grapes from FoxSports. That said rather watch BBC feed on Optus Sport than listen to Basheer.
  6. Paul01

    World Cup 2018

    I liked it when our much maligned right back Rizo picked Erickson's pocket in the second half. His positioning is much improved on the Hungary game.
  7. So who are 6 and 13. I think 33 is Tate Russell
  8. Yes. Carrusca had No 6. Then again Bridge took back No 19 from Melling before the season started.
  9. Probably another Saba but not as tall.
  10. Paul01

    World Cup 2018

    Hasn't changed much in Zurich. France could do us a favour if they win 1-0 or 2-0. if we could win 1-0 or 2-0 with that result over Peru we are through on goal difference. A 2-1 win by France would result in the fair play rules coming into use.
  11. Paul01

    World Cup 2018

    And if we get through we will face the might of Croatia with Modric and co. At least Mile should understand them.
  12. Paul01

    World Cup 2018

    I think Postecoglou has messed with Robbie's head. Still thinks he needs to play wingback.
  13. Paul01

    World Cup 2018

  14. Paul01

    World Cup 2018

    Yes. Multiplier is 4 for WC Games. A win is huge. However, FIFA are about to a system similar to ELO ratings.
  15. Paul01

    World Cup 2018

    Maybe he and Van Bommel can start a Roo Academy in Holland. Aren’t they at PSV next season? and it would be great to sack Arnie before he even gets a game.