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  1. Only 3 NRL games till the A-league starts with one game (or possibly 2) during the 28 days. Plus there is a gap till our season restarts
  2. Just flicked on NRL to check pitch. Looks good at the moment.
  3. Paul01

    AFL Thread 2

    AFL relocates 10 teams outside Victoria due to Covid-19.
  4. Belgium were more fair dinkum with their numbers. They reported deaths in nursing homes. Most countries didn't count these deaths in their covid-19 death toll
  5. David Squires on ... Robbie Fowler's contribution to the A-League https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2020/jul/03/david-squires-on-robbie-fowlers-contribution-to-the-a-league?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
  6. Or they just shut down for a season. Or permanently would be better.
  7. Looks like confirmed the Victorian games will be in the NSW hub https://www.sportingnews.com/au/football/news/coronavirus-a-league-schedule-revealed-with-27-games-in-28-days-before-finals/6s444fdfmj0n1ocxt6sqoj8os
  8. Like your purposeful dyslexia ALF Alien Life Form But no, the Terrorgraph is reporting possible A-league player relocations
  9. I just saw a snippet from News Ltd website that Victorian teams will relocate interstate. Anyone confirm the story?
  10. Another Matilda off to England Steph Catley to Arsenal.
  11. Well our local association starts the season on Friday night with one o35 mens comp. The kids start on Saturday with one spectator per player. Bibs can't be shared for subs The rest of games are on Sunday.
  12. The players agreed to short term contract extensions. One would imagine that free agents can be signed on short term contracts as usual. There could be something in the CBA for personal leave on compassionate grounds (I hope that the case with Lopar). You need to ask an agent.
  13. NRL teams are meant to be playing home games from this weekend. Anyone know how many broadcast production teams there are?
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