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  1. Paul01

    W-League 2018/19

    It may not be true but Stajcic may have told current Matilda’s players to stay away from our club. Perhaps, with Milicic as interim coach, there may be some better signings for the W-League team.
  2. Paul01

    W-League 2018/19

    After last season's abject failure something had to change.
  3. Reckon that won’t see him next round. the referees would have had their Tele-conference yesterday and Kersey would have failed on his considerations for that decision, hence the smokescreen. Pity there was no VAR intervention on the Greenwood decision
  4. Actually, the Murdoch family since they own most of the A-class (voting shares). I know that issue of connection has been reported to Optus Senior Management. But Optus are at the mercy of NBN Co currently staffed with conservative cronies who do the will of Murdoch via their political masters. I hope that if we get a change of government, that there is a Night of the Long Knives at NBN Co.
  5. Murdoch f**** us by telling Abbott to get rid of the FTTP Australia was promised superfast broadband with the NBN. This is what we got. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-04-23/what-happened-to-superfast-nbn/11037620 My brother-in-law, a diehard conservative, just moved and got rid of Foxtel. To replace it, he has bought an Android TV to connect to Kayo sports. His biggest problem is that he can't connect to the internet in the short term. He has a very strong connection with Optus and they can't help move the speed of connection any faster. So Rupert, p*** o** quickly.
  6. Paul01

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Official attendance according to Austadiums indicating 97% of capacity. https://m.austadiums.com/event.php?eventid=21519
  7. BS meter on high for this guy 'Offensive and ridiculous': Candidate's cash didn't buy spot, says LNP http://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-04-24/lnp-senate-candidate-donated-$30k-to-party-before-preselection/11040952
  8. Yep. He completely f***** up. Especially when he was 10 metres away with an unimpeded view and assistants who are mic'ed up so he does need to turn that fast. Our record under Kersey is now 1 win 3 losses out of 4 games in A-league competition.
  9. Stuart Ayres no longer Minister for Sport in NSW. Swing against this ***** was 4.9% with the margin 1.2%.
  10. Paul01

    A-league 18/19 Round 27

    Honda and Toivenen not playing in the Champions League game tonight. Are they being rested?
  11. I thought the team was gassed by 75 to 80 minutes due to fitness, especially Elrich, right up to the end of January. After the new fitness guy (after Babbel sacked the AwFL guy) came mid-season with Duke and Yeboah, the team started to win games.
  12. Paul01

    A-league 18/19 Round 27

    25-Apr Brisbane v Adelaide 26-Apr Heartle$$ v Mariners 27-Apr Newcastle v Smurfs 27-Apr Wanderers v Melb Vic 28-Apr Perth v Phoenix Smurfs play their AFC Champions League game away against Shanghai SIPG tomorrow. Melb Vic play their AFC Champions League game at home against Guangzhou Evergrande.
  13. Kurz is supposed to have a job waiting in Germany
  14. Bouzanis returns from loan to Heartle$$ next season
  15. I thought Pearce fouled him like Greenwood did but connected better. No foul though.