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  1. Soggy you should because a special advisor on the coaching panels with those insights
  2. Correct. Genreau jumps in the air and falls on Schwegler. Officiating at both the W-League and A-league games have been questioned by Fox Sports commentators. I hope the club issues an official complaints over both teams of match officials. Poor offside calls, incorrect penalty (For Maclaren), failure to send off Griffiths, biased refereeing And Sam Kerr has a dig at Australian referees by saying that's one thing she won't miss.
  3. 2 wins from 2 still the best performance by the W-League team. The best total number of points was in season 2016-17 with 13. The girls have got 46% of that total, equal on points with the Smurf Women (or is that the Matilda's?). Next Round the face Brisbane Roar away on Thursday night.
  4. He can go and sit on a rusty nail and rotate till he gets gangrene
  5. Wtf is Chris Beath thinking. Black shorts on the away team and the home team, as well as the match officials
  6. No....... Clean sheet to Lopar. Maclaren and Jamieson in a set-to after full time.
  7. Still at the pub after hearing about the delay. Still, it's the first Friday night game at home.
  8. Top of the table. Hope Adelaide Women get a result against the Smurfs tonight.
  9. The app is free. Streaming is free if your a Telstra customer probably with a minimum plan. I think it's $15 per month if you subscribe.
  10. From what Lucy Zelic (with her inside contacts at FFA) lots of isdues with the AFC. And because of the Federal Govt funding the Olympics, there are high sensitivities at FFA. And if we want to unlock Federal Govt funding then the FFA has to follow the protocols laid down by the Sports Commission.
  11. Apparently Jamieson and Maclaren were seen to be having a very heated discussion. Metcalfe is out with a hammie!
  12. Heartle$$ ins/outs/unavailable Ins: 1.Tom GLOVER (returns from international duty), 10.Florin BERENGUER (returns from injury), 21.Ramy NAJJARINE (returns from international duty), 39.Idrus ABDULAHI (promoted) Outs: 36.Kerrin STOKES (omitted), 46.Joe Gauci (omitted) Unavailable: 34.Connor METCALFE (hamstring), 40.Richard WINDBICHLER (hamstring)
  13. This us a nice story, well worth reading about our signing NSW NPLW player Vesna Milivojevics who is supposedly not big enough or strong enough to play football. Enjoy https://www.w-league.com.au/news/youre-not-big-or-strong-enough-doubters-inspired-milivojevics-wanderers-debut
  14. Looks like Donald Trump has lied based on this Analysis: 'Bombshell' impeachment testimony terrible for Donald Trump http://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-11-21/gordon-sondland-testimony-donald-trump-impeachment-hearing/11723790
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