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  1. From FTBL However Babbel expects to have all his signed players on the ground in Sydney 10 days before the Leeds clash at Bankwest Stadium on July 20...with the new faces likely to play at least 45 minutes. Babbel says he's rejuvenated too after an off-season break saw him return to his native Germany to recharge his batteries. "It was good, very important," he said at training this morning. "I saw all my family and friends and the weather was a bit better than it is here. "I'm full of energy again. We start and I'm very hungry and really looking forward."
  2. It's only the 26th June. Ray Gatt used to be a good source but he's retired. We now have Rugari and Bossi at the SMH and Smithies and Adno with Murdoch. Rugari follows the Roar and the others are Smurfies
  3. This is a translation from part of an article on German. We get a mention https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.focus.de/sport/fussball/arjen-robben-karriereende-china-oder-psv-das-ist-die-beste-option_id_10859080.html Arjen Robben: His options outside of Europe Of course, a man like Arjen Robben is of interest - especially since he is now on a free transfer. That calls clubs worldwide on the scene. Names like the Toronto FC, FC Tokyo and the Western Sydney Wanderers are bustling in the rumor mill. The first two options are the most attractive, as many old-timers play both in the North American MLS and in Japan and greatly enhance the leagues there. However, all these options have not become really concrete. A change Robbens in financially strong, but sporty unattractive leagues like those of China or Qatar can be excluded.
  4. If the guy is out of the country, then it's easier isn't it?
  5. Women's World Cup Edition David Squires on … the Women's World Cup, VAR – again – and Newcastle https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2019/jun/25/david-squires-womens-world-cup-var-again-shame-england-cameroon?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
  6. After a day out with youngster playing u14s in the Hawkesbury on Saturday and expecting multiple games to referee, being a couch potato will be good.
  7. Some peeps on here want another left back. So our first 11 looks like this ................. Lopar Russell. .Ziggy. .McGowan ..Georgievski ..........Schwegler..........Baccus Kamau......Majewski.......Yeboah ...................Duke Bench Elrich, Cordier, Grozos, Mourdoukoutas, Janjetovic, O'Doherty (after injury return), Adam?, Monge? Defence looks set but a LB like Traore would make it a championship one. Still light on for forwards.
  8. So this season, Davidson gone. Fornaroli in D'Agostino in Dane Ingham in Velapi extends
  9. Apparently they will announce Aiden O'Neill and Bradden Inman soon. Possibly Jake McGing.
  10. We have 4 senior contracts left, so unless MB and coaching staff keep a spot up their sleeve like the Smurfs and the Vuck do, we will have an experienced DM, a CF and a winger with the forward spots to go to visa players. Mack has us with 4 senior contracts available. That means we could sign a LB especially if we could offload Vedran for cap space. CCM still need a GK and the Smurfs may need one (back).
  11. We still need a winger, a centre forward and a DM. Another CB may be a possibility. Brattan appears to be the DM. CF yet to be revealed. Winger must be dependent on Ziggy's citizenship. We can still sign an NPL player who has not played in the A-league for 12 months outside the cap.
  12. Rather Traore than the red card waiting to happen if we need a left back. Traore won the Melbourne Victory Medal. Babbel should have seen him play when Traore was at FC Basel.
  13. Another blow to Fox, I think ABC set to end Foxtel retransmission deal as tight budget bites https://www.theguardian.com/media/2019/jun/24/abc-set-to-end-foxtel-retransmission-deal-as-tight-budget-bites?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
  14. Not if it's captured and used for other purposes. From the Brittanica Methane is the chief constituent of natural gas, which contains from 50 to 90 percent methane (depending on the source)
  15. Actually you can convert CO2 to methane over a catalyst and a by-product of the process is Oxygen. The trick is to do it on a large scale as well as economically. Bill Gates is not in with the oil companies is far more altruistic. He is funding the development of a cheap malaria treatment for the developing and rapidly developing countries who can't afford the medicines from the multi-national pharma companies.
  16. His movement on and off the ball is excellent. And he doesn't have the first touch of an elephant (Majok has that type of touch).
  17. I'm wondering if there was an embargo on major announcements by the FFA
  18. So the FFA development curriculum focuses too much on tactics and not technical ability. Therefore this is an FFA fail at both the macro level (curriculum) and the micro level (getting rid of Stajcic, for all his faults just before a world cup). FFA fail..............yet again.
  19. We are always second best against technical teams ie European teams. Our junior development needs more focus on skills over tactics
  20. So are we all glad that we don't have Milicic as Wanderers head coach?
  21. Yes she should have got another yellow and got 2 yellows.
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