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  1. Raddy was going to be the key link. Imo Schwegler is pissed off with the Australian match officials. He is still quality. Muller is still not fit.
  2. WS Wanderers v Fraudsters Phoenix v Smurfs Heartle$$ v Melb Vic Perth v Newcastle Sea-bogans v Adelaide Bye: Brisbane Suspended: Dobras (vuck)
  3. Conference B Sea-bogans v Canberra Newcastle v Smurfs Bye: Wanderers Conference A Brisbane Roar v Heartle$$ Perth v Melb Vic Bye: Adelaide
  4. Heartle$$ v Perth Wanderers v Smurfs (Double-header) Melb Vic v Brisbane Adelaide v Canberra Bye: Newcastle
  5. The curriculum has changed. Schools are expected to do the social training that used to be done by families and that has clogged the curriculum more than anything else. And yes teachers aren't the same as they used to be. That is partly a consequences of changes in society. But perhaps the most critical change was the merging of Colleges of Advanced Education (CAE) into universities. When that change happened, the classroom management component of the teachers training was downgraded and the lack of classroom management skills has not helped the learning experience in schools.
  6. If Ninkovic is out probably gets 90 minutes in NZ
  7. Baumjohann bingo 85' because Ninkovic picked up a hammie earlier
  8. Listening to CoastFM963. Hard tackle on Baumjohann.
  9. How about Fox sell the coverage to Optus and just bring Simon Hill and Adam Peacock.
  10. Can’t believe that wasn’t called for violent conduct,
  11. Who’d thought that a bunch of Thugby league players can’t clean up after themselves and treat our team like sh1t
  12. Hoping to see Davilla, the cheating scum, sent off by Lucas.
  13. Womens World Cup bid now down to 4. Korea Republic pulled out so the FIFA favorite is now gone. The FFA/NZF is up against bids from the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), Colombian Football Federation (FCF) and Japan Football Association (JFA). FIFA confirm final four bidders for 2023 Women's World Cup https://www.sbs.com.au/fifa-confirm-final-four-bidders-for-2023-women-s-world-cup?cid=twgapp:socialshare:copylink
  14. Perth and Canberra played a 1-1 draw with 90th equaliser from Perth. This round also marks the end of the Smurf Women being the TV game on Sunday for three rounds.
  15. Doesn't suit the Parrot (Alan Jones) and the leather patch brigade.
  16. Scumbo has lost Laura Tingle. That is massive when it comes to the press Analysis: Yes, Prime Minister, it is a national disaster and we need a frank discussion http://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-12-14/bushfire-emergency-reveals-scott-morrisons-leadership-failure/11797826
  17. Rudan not being a nice person highlighted by Fowler and other BrisbaneRoar staff https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/a-league/aleague-news-brisbane-roar-v-western-united-mark-rudan-clashes-with-robbie-fowler/news-story/b7fce40ceb920575aee053ae298ba8e5
  18. For context, my wife is a teacher. Responsibility for is held in a federal body called ACARA. You will find the Feds fund disability students have taken significant chunks out of that area. The MySchool website, ladt time i looked, if you at the funding pages per student for various types of school is approximately like this Private schools: feds $6000-7000, state govt $1000 with the balance of funding to school fees or other (investment funds in the case of Tier 1 and Tier 2 schools) Public Schools: feds $1000, state govt $6000-7000 with the balance to school fees. The paperwork is also horrendous taking as much time to complete as preparing lessons. This is the pursuit of performance pay for teachers (as the f***ing conservatives want) On the issue of Treasuries, they want as high a student to teacher ratio as possible > 30:1 but it has proved that the best ratio is about 18:1. If we want better education across the board, then we need class sizes reduced but that means more facilities and more teachers employed.
  19. Scumbo is a Liar Author of report ranking Australia worst on climate policy hits back at PM's claim it's not 'credible' https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/dec/13/author-of-report-ranking-australia-worst-on-climate-policy-hits-back-at-pms-claim-its-not-credible?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
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