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  1. Paul01

    A-league 18/19 Round 19

    Phoenix v Melb Vic (Fri) Jets v Heartle$$ (fri) Adelaide v Wanderers Perth v Brisbane Smurfs v Mariners Suspended Antonis, Hoffman, Rowles, Young? Jets also have an ACL match on Tuesday at home.
  2. Is he better than Melling?
  3. We will see. Gallop could be distracted
  4. Injury replacement then
  5. Paul01

    A-league 18/19 Round 19

    Auckland Phoenix!
  6. According to goal Australia, Riera resisted transfer offers. I can't post the article by Josh Thomas but in it is discussion of MB, systems. Based on what I saw last week in the distance, and that when he was subbed he did not slap MB's hand but was a decent handshake, I think Riera will put the effort in and possibly score. He went awfully close last week. The team needs to aggravate Isaias so he starts kicking our players and is on card. Which will make him wary about putting in a tackle. Will be interesting to see if Baumjohann and Duke can make a partnership late in the second half.
  7. Jan Kirchoff has played 2 games since he signed for FC Madgeburg. If only we had him this season
  8. Paul01

    Newcastle Jets: Season 2018/19

    Jason Hoffman out for the season.
  9. At least 800 signatures in 3 days is not bad. Maybe a few people about the FFA clauses. Just sign anonymously and it's sweet. If we get 5000 signatures whilst the inquiry and Gallop performance review, then maybe we could see the end of the MSM buddy.
  10. Trevor Morgan picks a team without a single wanderers academy player for the UEFA warm-up u17 tournement Has he turned on the club or our u16s not that good?. Multiple Smurfs selected
  11. Hamill is on 4 yellows. I'm was hoping that Ziggy would be back and Tass would partner him against Perth after Hamill picking up his 5th yellow.
  12. Match officials oh s**** with 3 closet smurfs Referee: Daniel Elder Assistant Referee 1: Matthew Cream Assistant Referee 2: Paul Cetrangolo Fourth Official: Jonathan Barreiro VAR: Kris Griffiths-Jones
  13. Yep. Cheaper than Vukovic and might keep his word.
  14. Based on what we are talking about, it it time for the first 2019/20 thread Mack.....?
  15. Duncan's contract is expiring as well.
  16. Changed from Mazda to Honda but not because of the Parrot😀
  17. Replacement left backs James Meredith (Not getting game time at Millwall or is he injured?) Jason Davidson
  18. Still like to see Gallop gone sooner rather than later. Board can wait.
  19. Bossi alert but could be good news https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/this-has-trashed-our-brand-gallop-faces-review-over-stajcic-axing-20190212-p50xam.html
  20. 420 have signed up so far. And you can be anonymous. Time to give it back to the idiot.