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  1. Good yarn. After the heat of battle, explanations smooth over disagreements. Unfortunately, those post-match press conferences by Managers without decisions explained to them allows for controversy and interesting TV. However, attitudes to referees are formed by poor responses and this translates poorly to those of who officiate at grassroots. The attitude of the players is interesting. Nothing but respect from the professionals. However, in the heat of battle during a game things seem different. Just look a Brosque and Matt Simon for may off pitch show the utmost respect for match officials but on the pitch we are given a different picture. And, directly from an A-league match "We are trained to keep players on the pitch." That just does not help if serious foul play, violent conduct and abuse (of players or match officials) is not dealt with appropriately on pitch, those at grassroots enforcing the LOTG struggle with the responses from players and coaches. I call many a foul throw from juniors and occasionally adults, the response I got from one coach was "but it's the same as A-league throws" We need consistent application of the LOTG from the professional leagues to grassroots with no tolerance to abuse against anyone on the pitch e.g. Craig Goodwin telling Riera to f*** o** with no action taken by referee. Goodwin should have been sent off for that. Let alone the multiple Brosque and Matt Simon incidents.
  2. So if your still using FIFA as a guide, put up Sainsbury and Degenek.
  3. So Marconi are up against Heartle$$ this Wednesday at Bodley Park. marconi just played Sydney United in the NPL1 elimination final and lost 0-2 in Added Extra Time. sydney United Play either their semi-Final on Wednesday night. Waiting to see who they play either APIA or Wollongong. They have potential to play again on Saturday in the preliminary final.
  4. Just for Mack, Burnley Keeper Pope comes up in extra time for a corner and heads the ball against Arsenal. Stays up for the next corner.
  5. The Jets budget was cut by Martin Lee due to trump tariffs. This would affect designated players only unless McKinna has been instructed to use the salary cap floor.
  6. Lost against Malaysia 0-3 Won against Singapore 5-0. Monge with the opener. Former Wanderer Ruiz-diaz with a hatrick. Next semi-final against Myanmar
  7. Agreed but Gallop would have told JT not to mend fences
  8. Got mine last year year for Christmas. Still a few of last years available from the club store and probably a few around the various sports stores. i won’t buy any of the yellow trimmed supporter gear either.
  9. Season Launch WSW and RBB Never would have happened if Gallop wasn't gonski (on his way atm)
  10. Don't think that there was as much of a clear out this season. Aquilina and Silvera decided to trial with the Sea Bogans and are no longer with the club. Roberts and Tokich did not have their contracts renewed. Plus we have 4 of the NPL2 squad away on Young Socceroos duty. Game should have postponed until their back.
  11. Smurfs players NSW NPL1 Premiers Wollongong and won 2-0. Couldn't score with Treejack and Barbarouses on. 0-0 @ half time. Both subbed off then goals to Ivanovic and Alf.
  12. After watching the first half of the Smurfs v Roar game, I reckon Roar with a 2 goal win. Roar shut the Smurfs down crowding them and playing a back 3. Admittedly, the Smurfs were still recovering from some bug from their trip to China.
  13. Heartle$$ beat Adelaide 1-0 in closed door friendly today. Apparently MacLaren with a header.
  14. NgI was listening to The Guardian Football Podcast and there was some discussion on Manchester City fouling tactics. Apparently the CFG have analyzed where to commit fouls on the pitch without getting a card. It was observed that MC also commit fouls on a rotating basis. Sou and familiar!
  15. Didn't Paterson centre the Smurfs-Roar game and let Ninokovic get kicked out of the Game?
  16. I reckon he didn't like not having the responsibility for appointment for the professionals. And with his Queensland mate Gillett off to England and Beath not really looking the goods a a full time ref, he saw the writing on the wall and walked before he pushed a la D. Gallop.
  17. Actually, the team coach and manager were doing a good job. They were telling the young blokes (18-21 year olds) to calm down during the game. Actually, I had sent one (pretty sure he was the capt) to the sin bin for dissent in the last 10 minutes. He came back on to give me a gob full after the whistle and he got one of the reds. And I got that wonderful chestnut during the game when a defender got the ball then took out the player in the follow-through "But i got the ball first" That a free kick to one who got fouled.
  18. For those inclined, FFA Cup market by Sportsbet Heartle$$ $4.00 Adelaide United $4.50 Newcastle Jets $5.00 WS Wanderers $5.00 Brisbane Roar $6 00 CC Mariners $15.00 Gamble responsiblely
  19. Well, in one of my games on Sunday, I had to award 3 red cards for abuse (of match official) to 3 players on one team after the whistle (Also happened to be the losers). Also happened to be L3 assessment game. Assessor said agreed with positioning, awarding of fouls, management of players, use of whistle etc. He also agreed that the issuing of the 3 reds was warranted. So red card every weekend for the last 4 coming up to grandfinal weekend in a few weeks. Makes me wonder if I'll get appointed to the All Age on Grandfinal weekend.
  20. Wouldn't we only a stepping stone to his European ambitions? However, Rallis is his agent and apparently on the phone on international calls. Anything is possible.
  21. Transfermarkt has us with James Percevski signed.
  22. Well they don't understand the form do they. Heartle$$ were the poorer side against Campbelltown City yet are favourites. Adelaide beat an NPL convincingly yet at a higher price. Newcastle were lucky to beat Melb Victory with the Vuck going in cruise mode and having a thin squad. The bookies still not convinced about Brisbane after kicking the sh1t out of the Smurfs who are our at $8.00
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