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  1. Heard Greg O'Rourke on Radio National this morning. He got on the front foot. He went straight to the senior players in the 3 Victorian teams to explain what happened on Tuesday. can't blame him for the border closures.
  2. Apparently not staying on site at Narrabeen https://aleague.sportsmatemobile.com/news/96267
  3. Another one on the peak A-league events of this week David Squires on ... the Melbourne A-League teams' not-that-great escape https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2020/jul/10/david-squires-melbourne-a-league-teams-not-that-great-escape-city-victory-western-united?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
  4. Looks like a rejig of the fixtures is required "As part of the conditions of the exemption, all three (3) teams will undertake 14 days of quarantine, in an agreed facility, which will allow players to train and prepare before being able to take part in the competition." The next 3 games involving the Victorian teams have to rescheduled as they are with th 14 day window. We are affected. July 16 Melb Victory v Fraudsters July 20 Heartle$$ v Fraudsters July 22 Wanderers v Melbourne Vic
  5. You win. But then again Toledo in the middle of winter in the shade was pretty cold. But me being a descendent of northern italian grandparents, I grew up here with heat and humidity not the bitter north sea winds from the Arctic.
  6. One of the two coldest places on earth I have been is on Hadrians Wall in winter. This must be sunbathing weather for you.
  7. The official word https://www.a-league.com.au/news/ffa-receive-official-exemption-nsw-government
  8. Looks like an English weather chart 😎
  9. Here's a link. https://sport.nsw.gov.au/facilities/sydneyacademy/accommodation/catered Reckon Rudan will be on his own
  10. Rain predicted next week. Fog engulfed the western Sydney airport site again today
  11. Don't think matters when some grassroots clubs don't even have dressing sheds. They have to suck it up.
  12. Reports out there in SMH and News Ltd papers that NSW Health has granted the exemption to Victoria A-league teams. I have used my free quota for SMH so can't post
  13. The Parrot has gone to his natural habitat, Sky News. There he is supported by the former owner of Channel 10 who looks like he has evaded tax for years by living in one of those Caribbean tax havens. Sky News is Australia's version of Fox News USA.
  14. Travellers' 'great escape' over NSW-Victoria border hasn't exactly gone as planned http://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-08/travellers-crossing-nsw-victorian-border-after-lockdown-delayed/12431724
  15. Australian banks 'undermining Paris agreement' with $7bn in fossil fuel loans https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/jul/08/australian-banks-undermining-paris-agreement-with-7bn-in-fossil-fuel-loans?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
  16. And the ACT govt stops the A-league Victree teams canceNSW for the Victorian A-League teams left stranded AGAIN after second night of airport chaos A-LEAGUE July 7, 2020 8:15pm by MARCO MONTEVERDE, STAFF WRITERS Victoria’s three teams cancelled a trip to NSW for the second night i For the second time in two nights, Victoria’s three teams have aborted a flight across the border into New South Wales. Melbourne Victory, Melbourne City and Western United were set to fly to Canberra on Tuesday night after being granted exemptions by the NSW government to cross the border to complete the season in Sydney. However, their plans to fly to Canberra have been scuppered, with the ACT government informing them they will need to quarantine for 14 days without training if they land in the nation’s capital, according to Fox Sports News’ James Dodd.
  17. Soccer Stoppage Time (@SocStoppageTime) Tweeted: Further update on the @FFA shambles. Players were waiting at Melbourne airport now refusing to go to Canberra to self isolate for two weeks after exemption to travel to NSW was not granted. @FOXSportsAUS @wwos @dailytelegraph @TheWorldGame @RNogarotto @JosephCarrozzi
  18. It appears that the community transmission currently occurring is a result of returned travellers with latent infections. They may have been tested at 11 days and returned a false-negative result. Time to extend quarantine to 28 days.
  19. The Corona Virus has another victim, the FFA Cup
  20. Here's a fanciful claim McEnany claims US is 'a leader' in coronavirus fight despite rise in many states White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany shockingly claimed that foreign leaders consider America to be a leader in the fight against coronavirus. “I think the world is looking at us as a leader in Covid-19,” McEnany said during the White House briefing. In reality, the US has failed to lower the number of new infections, and the spread of coronavirus is on the rise in dozens of states. The European Union also declined to include the US on a list of approved countries for nonessential travel as the EU starts to open its borders.
  21. Soccer Stoppage Time (@SocStoppageTime) Tweeted: All 3 Melbourne clubs have awoken their players and told them to meet at AAMI park ina desperate attempt to bus them out into regional Victoria and across the border before the borders are closed. @FFA @FOXFOOTBALL @telegraph_sport @theheraldsun @FOXSportsAUS @TheWorldGame Melbourne residents are now banned from entering New South Wales, as the state began strict border closures in response to the growing coronavirus outbreak in Victoria. And from tonight, all Victorians will only be able to enter NSW for very limited reasons, such as obtaining medical care or fulfilling a legal obligation. NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said from 12.01am today, a NSW HotSpot Order was extended to residents from Greater Melbourne. Previously it had only been applicable to people who lived in Melbourne's coronavirus postcode hotspots. The military will help police secure the dozens of roads across the border, with drones also to be used. The final train from Melbourne to Sydney will arrive at Central Station at 7am today.
  22. ABC News reporting in the news on the bottom of the screen that the border closure between NSW and Victoria from midnight tomorrow. So another 25 and a half hours to go.
  23. But Rudan can just shut the F... up now.
  24. When the top end of town by not paying tax, either by avasion or avoidance, and the rest of us have to pay tax, there is most definitely inequality in Australia.
  25. Soccer Stoppage Time (@SocStoppageTime) Tweeted: Tough for players of all 3 Melbourne Clubs that are now rushed to relocate to Sydney within 24 hours. Hearing Western United FC will be leaving behind 10 players due to quarantine @wufcofficial @gomvfc @MelbourneCity @FFA @dailytelegraph @SMHsport @AleagueHub @TheWorldGame https://twitter.com/SocStoppageTime/status/1280087156384391168?s=20
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