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  1. Fool me once shame on you, full me twice with an article about exploding cattle semen shame on me.
  2. I am personally outraged that you skipped over days of important information garnered from random Transfermarkt searches, vague Instagram stories and definitive FIFA player ratings.
  3. Now he gets to play his 200th in front of a... ummm... 'packed' house at Spotless next Sunday.
  4. As fans, as stakeholders we have the right to air our grievances at the state of the squad so long as we show up on match day to support our team. I wish Griffiths the best, I hope he finds the back of the onion bag as soon as he sets foot on the field and I will clap, cheer and sing for him. The club however needs to know that their signings have left us with the most impotent final third in the league and they don't get that message by us throwing a parade for a guy who would generally be welcomed as a bolster to our squad through the ACL period.
  5. https://www.fifatms.com/itms/worldwide-transfer-windows-calendar/
  6. Yeh. Seems a bit pointless to me. well ask him different questions? i want to know what Tony really thinks about the Olympic Park precinct, and if he has any special requests for the new stadium like a jumping castle in the change rooms for the players when they win. *screws lid on Mt Franklin bottle tighter* "I think every player wants a jumping castle in this league and that's the consistency we expect form our players. Unfortunately there has been some individual errors in regard to acquiring the right castles so we have been unlucky in those respects. Nevertheless we're moving forward in training as if none will be acquired because we can't plan for these things in the castle transfer window. We just show up each week as we have been doing and put in a good performance of trying to get them and we have been generally unlucky in that regard but everything is coming together."
  7. Pity - seems like he really wants out of Motherwell, and they're being bitches about it. Lederer should be smooching the Motherwell board. ie. An all expenses trip to Sydney for a month to escape the depths of a Scottish winter. Staying in his Eastern Suburbs pile and unlimited Wanderdogs in exchange for releasing Scotty from his contract. Think outside the box Paul... Motherwell, this could be you but you playin...
  8. Gatty also reckoned that Keane was a done deal in november. He meant Keanu.
  9. Makes sense to me: "Registration Window 2: for Participating Clubs entering at the Group Stage, thirty (30) days prior to their first Match of the Group Stage;"
  10. If we sign a striker how much playing time is he going to see this year? Popa doesn't play new recruits until they are 'fit'. Antonis signed 3.5 weeks ago, probably knew he was coming on board a bit before that and is a professional athlete who I imagine would be in some sort of physical condition. Say the same situation plays out with the current 11 games to go, doubtful we'll have anyone on the books by week's end so that leaves 10 available rounds. We input the Popa health-fitness-time-continuum and they aren't playing until 6 rounds left minimum. They definitely don't start immediately because they still aren't 'match fit' so 2-3 games of 15-25-30 minutes. Best case scenario we have a striker starting the last 3-4 games of the season of which we currently would be expecting 6 out the 12 points on offer. Knowing all this, would you be cleaning out your wallet to sign something or wait until there is much more on offer, at season's end? Let's face it. We're in a night club, it's 3am and we are trying to find something, anything. Just waiting for someone to make eye contact. Best grab a kebab, head home and login to Brazzers.
  11. Is Joey GIbbs doing anything over the holidays?
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