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  1. Everything points to a Victory victory. So maybe we DO have a chance
  2. Two moments come to mind. 1. Juric’s goal in the acl final of course, but also because it was one of the few times I’ve actually watched a game in the RBB. 2. On a personal note, towards the end of our last game at Parra I decided to leave the family for 10 minuets and just take a walk around and soak up the vibe. I remember thinking to myself, “I’m gonna miss this place.”
  3. In x 2. I’m thinking a 2-0 scoreline, but can’t decide who’s way
  4. In x 2. Never been to Mudgee and looking forward to the trip
  5. Agree we will get better when those players come back. Still, if we get beat by the nix (even though it seems they have improved) I think it’s a sign we might struggle most of the season anyway COYW
  6. I think after this game we will have a much better indication of how we are going to go this year the season starts now
  7. Sat in the concourse near the RBB for part of the first half. View was the worst I have experienced in my 40 years of going to matches. Result of course was disappointing (if not unexpected). VAR was simply inexplicable. Still can’t believe that decision! there was a silver lining though. We used our 5 concourse tickets to somehow get 18 people into a empty corporate box for the second half and the black strip looks smick
  8. In x 7. I’m Not expecting a big crowd by derby standards. 1-1 Baumjohann free kick top corner 37th minute Dogdey VAR pen 89th
  9. Brisbane game started late so I’m guessing fox won’t be showing the first ten minutes or so of our game?
  10. Harry Kane would make an awesome defensive mid in the a league actually neuer probably would too
  11. Just a rumour at this stage. Don’t want to get people’s hopes up too much. Would certainly fit the bill though. DM , He’s a westie and would probably take over as captain
  12. That’s the one, not sure about details but I’m guessing the ffa would be willing to chip in
  13. Sooooooo, anyone care to feed this Marquee "expect news midweek" rumour? Im getting some serious withdrawals.... NOT SURE IF ITS BEEN MENTIONED BEFORE BUT I HEARD A RUMOUR WSW ARE TRYING TO SIGN THE CAPTAIN OF ONE OF THE SIDES IN THE 2018 WORLD CUP (I’ll let you guess which one)
  14. In. I can understand every one’s frustration and can’t really complain when people choose not to go, but for mine, fans are meant to be there to support the team. through the good and especially the bad