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  1. For mine margush is party to blame for those goals. Up until the derby last week, he never ever comes out for corners. The opposition know they can crowd the six yard box, swing it in 4m from the goal line and it’s anyone’s ball. Sooner or later it’s going to end up it the back of the net. Wanderers would have been better off with vukovic rather then MacDonald for this last part of the season. (No criticism of MacDonald intended)
  2. Thought as much, just we have soooo many midfielders and not enough (quality) centre backs
  3. I wonder how urgarkovic would go playing centre back?
  4. In x7. Heart obviously says Wanderers win. Head says 3-0 loss. Anyway COYW!
  5. I’d be interested in an updated ladder at the moment
  6. Vedran has been getting paid via insurance money so the club aren’t worried about it. Although, that expires next month so next season my be a different story
  7. Yep that’s it. I would play either troisi or Cox ahead of O’Doherty but the rest is spot on
  8. I would love if we played 4-2-3-1 from the outset. Just ONCE! At least then we could make some kind of qualified judgment. Seems to me that is far and away the best formation to suit our roster
  9. I think it’s something about a new rule saying that players should not be “double penalised” when they give away a pen. I.E you don’t give away a pen AND get sent of cause that’s too harsh. Seems ridiculous to me, besides we’re not talking about a straight red, just a yellow and if it’s his second then so be it
  10. It doesn’t make any difference now, but I’m sure the goal we conceded was a James Troisi own goal. I’m just surprised nobody picked it up. I think it’s been credited to mark Milligan who never touched the ball
  11. In x 3 The bulls should be one of the stronger teams this season I think so hopefully playing them first up will be to our advantage COYW
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