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  1. Vedran has been getting paid via insurance money so the club aren’t worried about it. Although, that expires next month so next season my be a different story
  2. Yep that’s it. I would play either troisi or Cox ahead of O’Doherty but the rest is spot on
  3. I would love if we played 4-2-3-1 from the outset. Just ONCE! At least then we could make some kind of qualified judgment. Seems to me that is far and away the best formation to suit our roster
  4. I think it’s something about a new rule saying that players should not be “double penalised” when they give away a pen. I.E you don’t give away a pen AND get sent of cause that’s too harsh. Seems ridiculous to me, besides we’re not talking about a straight red, just a yellow and if it’s his second then so be it
  5. It doesn’t make any difference now, but I’m sure the goal we conceded was a James Troisi own goal. I’m just surprised nobody picked it up. I think it’s been credited to mark Milligan who never touched the ball
  6. In x 3 The bulls should be one of the stronger teams this season I think so hopefully playing them first up will be to our advantage COYW
  7. Definitely one of these three I think. My guess is Dorrans
  8. Well I certainly got this one wrong, thankfully
  9. Troisi SHOULD be a good signing for us, but as has already been mentioned, it will depend on his mindset and if he’s heart is in it. Perfect test to see if robbo really can get the best out of his players
  10. "I'm still looking to try and add three, possibly four, players to a group of young players” my interpretation of this quote is that Robbo is looking to add more YOUNG players to the squad. We have 5 foreigners so I’m not expecting any more major signings
  11. Out. Unfortunately the wife and kids want to spend a week holidaying in Byron bay. Not expecting a great result anyway but there’s always hope. We have the bye the week after and then it’s Cox to the rescue. Our season starts in two weeks!
  12. Of course when I said ‘Today’ I meant ‘on Friday’
  13. Never doubted him for a second😜. Apparently they decided to wait for the Cox announcement to be made first. The club haven’t officially confirmed Meier has gone though have they? Not sure what they’re waiting for. Anyway Good luck to the new guy. Time will tell which is better, Cox or God🤭
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