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  1. Forget Alessi, Aspro, Adam and the like. This kid will be the academy star that makes his name overseas and as a Socceroo. Our very own Kieran Tierney
  2. I’d be worried about all of these injuries but I’ve already put the house on us winning the comp because it’s a sure thing.
  3. I was told that we would be at full strength for round one... I guess that means Ziegler, Yeboah and Kamau are not in the Top XI! #wewillwinthecomp #gambleresponsibly
  4. Looked more like a broken arm than a rotator cuff injury.
  5. That doesn’t explain a change of formation. Mariners aren’t the test. We should walk that game in by 3 or 4 goals. The real test comes in the two weeks after, with games against Victory and ESFC. I’m holding judgement until then.
  6. Why are we playing a different formation one week out from the start of the season? Early pre-season, sure. Against lowly opposition, sure. One week out from round 1, the last game of pre-season should be treated as if it’s a regular season game.
  7. Why worry, FCB said we’re winning the league lol put your house on it but don’t forget to gamble responsibly.
  8. Just waiting for someone to come online and say Raddy’s season ending injury was actually a “bullet dodged” and that we can now finally bring someone in that “wants to play for WSW”...
  9. Comment disregarded. We are going to have a full strength team for round 1 (minus Majewski, Ziegler, O’Doherty, Duke, Vedran, Shegler and Jurman), we’re going to win the A-League and Babbel is the greatest coach of all time. FCB said so.
  10. Big ask to get someone to play without an ACL AND and MCL. I tore my MCL playing rugby against Hills Grammar but didn’t even realise until after it had completed healed lol so it can be done.
  11. From what I’ve heard, it was apparently a contact issue where Raddy and Dylan McGowan were involved in a tackle gone wrong. Stinks of when Emile Heskey took Rio Ferdinand out of the 2010 World Cup.
  12. There’s a difference between making a personal private decision to spend your own money and actively implying for others to spend theirs.
  13. So according to articles he’s out until “at least January” but those same articles supposedly confirm that he’s torn both his ACL and MCL. Like I said, if his ACL is torn that’s a 7-9 month recovery and essentially his season is done. Unfortunately these things happen sure but what is going on at training.
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