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  1. F*ck I would love to see Gary Hooper in the red and black hoops.
  2. Yeah but just wait until Ziggy gets another long term injury and the new Swiss midfielder always seems to be “one or two weeks away” from hitting his straps. Blah blah blah, I know you’ll defend the German until the cows come home FCB, but I’ve hardly seen an ounce of promise from this team since THAT semi final against the Roar. And there’s been an entire new stadium built in that time...
  3. You can’t polish a turd... Listen, I want this team to succeed as much as possible, and I really want MB and the squad to prove me wrong; but I honestly can’t see us doing much better this season. Not while we’ve got Brendan Hamill as our starting CB. Not while the Baccus brothers are our starting midfield. Certainly not while Bonevacia and Kamau are our starting wingers. And certainly definitely not when Jaush Sotirio and Lachlan Scott are our “game-changing” super subs. I hope Babbel is given more time than the bus driver to develop a squad he wants and make a fist of it. Because while the Victards are signing Honda and Toivonen, the Smurfs are signing De Jong and Le Fondre, and even Perth are signing Spira and Ikon.... we are falling behind.
  4. Beer

    Perth Glory: Season 2018/19

    Mitch Nichols? Theyll win the league.
  5. Tell me Oar isn’t better than Kamau or Nick bloody Fitzgerald.
  6. Tommy Oar is a free agent. Buy him so we can move Roly back to the midfield. Two birds with one stone.
  7. Beer

    NRL Thread 2

    You’re a sick dog.
  8. You’re spending too much time underground with your own thoughts...
  9. Couldn't care less and neither should you.
  10. Here's why i can't see us doing well this season: We can't even fill out a first team with quality players. As it stands, I only see 6 of our starting 11 (assuming we play 4-2-3-1) as players that would (or potentially could) displace the members of our 2015/16 team that made the grand final and arguably should've won the plate. Striker: Riera > Pio CAM: ABJ > Nichols LB: Llorente > Jamieson CB: Ziegler >/= Alberto RB: Risdon > Neville GK: Vedran > Redmayne However, outside of these 6 players, the rest of our squad is very thin. Who even are our wingers going to be? Bonevacia, Kamau, Fitzgerald and an aging Bridge? They dont even come close to the quality of Castelen, Vidosic and a younger, fitter Bridge. The Baccus brothers in midfield versus the silky Spaniards Andreu and Dimas. What a mismatch. I'd even take Topor or Aspro from that season over Hammil.
  11. Christ there are some softc*cks (pardon the language) on this thread lately. Hawks mate, you’ve completely taken Chief’s bait hook, line and sinker. Surely you’ve got more important things to worry about than seat colours, statues and the names of stands at the new stadium? Its not their stadium, no. But we aren’t solely entitled to it either. It’s a shared stadium and if they want a ray price statue put up, good luck to them.
  12. Is Marko Marin a free agent?
  13. I’ve heard you haven’t heard sh*t, Gremio.