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  1. Just seen this new market on Sportsbet: Will the Spin Doctor make an appearance? Yes (if WSW win) - $1.10 Yes (if WSW lose) - $51 No (if WSW win) - $101 No (if WSW lose) - $1.01
  2. If anyone knows how to blow a game they should win, it’s Popa. WSW 2-1
  3. Not to mention encouraging other people to gamble their money away on the basis of said pride.
  4. Tick tock, Babbel and Meier are on the clock.
  5. Sorry Mack, but I don’t see anyone on this forum talking YOU up as the saviour, the god of football, or the best thing that’s ever happened to WSW. How dare you suggest we need to change personnel or formation, when we’ve been adequately convinced that we’re going to win the league. Go on, spend your hard earned money on it.
  6. To come with such pedigree and promise; only to offer so little? Embarrassing and pathetic. You take your pick.
  7. Seriously what’s the deal with Meier? Marquee striker that’s now being reduced to coming on as an injury time sub. Hands down Madaschi Cup champion at this rate, not even a contest.
  8. Can’t believe how much we’ll be laughing about all this when we win the league in May
  9. Don’t forget to let someone else tell you how to spend your money. #gamble #responsibly
  10. We’ll play a different formation, with a different line up, expecting a different result. Lopar will save our back sides, Shweggy will work his butt off in the mid field, and Meier will be chuckling about his free trip to New Zealand. The spin doctor and his side kick will remain #missing.
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