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  1. They’re dreadful. Slightly better than a-league standard but that isn’t saying much.
  2. So already in that line up I’ve missed Troisi, Yeboah, Ziegler and JOD. Grozos is a myth
  3. So what’s our best line up then? Duke - Cox Muller Baccus - Dorrans aquilina - Tass - McGowan - Ziggy - Russel Margush Bench: James, Georgievski, Mutch, Kamau, Ibini am I missing anyone?
  4. Why does it feel like we’ve played the same way under 3 coaches now? (Robbo, JP, The German Guy) We don’t seem to have god enough players to pass out from the back, we always seem to be a man down in midfield, and our strikers can’t finish their limited chances.
  5. As much as Simunovic would boss the A-League, I doubt him and Kenny Miller would be sending each other a Christmas card any time soon...
  6. I’ll ask in this thread as well. Why did the RBB capo get kicked out and why did several primadonnas follow suit?
  7. My comment was a somewhat self depreciating joke. I have my reasons but for the most part I have moved on.
  8. Just because I’m outspoken on one particular issue that you don’t agree with doesn’t make me an idiot, stringer.
  9. It was a homophobic slur, they knew what they were doing, end of. I don’t think anyone has a problem with people having their own opinions on matters, that much is fine. The issue is this particular person used a public platform that represents hundreds, if not thousands of other people, to express a personal opinion that does not represent the rest. You want to make fun of someone for their sexual preference? Be my guest. But don’t do it on my behalf or whilst representing a group/club that I’m apart of.
  10. Took Cox 3 games to do more what Your Football God did in half a season.
  11. Couldn’t think of many worse ways to spend my time on a Friday night.
  12. It was the first time I’d made that point.
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