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  1. exciting second half though
  2. Jungle

    A letter from the Chairman

    I don't think anyone expected him to say something... We expected him to do something. We have now received more lip service. Hopefully it means that he is hearing us loud and clear and something will be done next transfer window and to support fan engagement..
  3. Jungle

    A letter from the Chairman

    I don’t believe it isn’t being run or make a profit if there are ‘silent members’ of the owners consortium. Either to make a profit or wash money.
  4. Jungle

    Why can't we score?

    Because our recruitment doesn't put any emphasis on people who can find the net. I can't think of a single signing we have ever made who had a good goal tally before they came to us.
  5. Looking forward to Roly coming back into the squad
  6. -The airport arrival lounge after the ACL win -The semi against Brisbane at Pirtek
  7. We need to pick up an injury replacement. No excuses
  8. @mack I think the time is incorrect in the title (perhaps kiwi time?) Should be 5:35
  9. Yeah any chance we can we get an update on this or was it in reference to the kit?
  10. Jungle

    WSW Merchandise 2017/18

    Don't like the JD logo.. it's too bold and a round logo doesn't look right. Maybe it would have worked better if it was inverse coloured.. like a coloured JD and a coloured ring around it with clear inside
  11. “It’s in very early stages”
  12. Jungle

    NRMA Gone.? Who's next.?

    come on tell us what it is like... It better not have **** yellow on it.