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  1. We don't do the whole marquee thing..
  2. Cox as striker, muller and duke on wing, Sullivan as 10. Kwame/Mo subbing on to run at tired defenders
  3. Sad to see Meier go out like this, so embarrassing.. I just noticed it is his birthday today. I feel like he could have worked if we were set up correctly. After one of the games I saw him on an exercise bike 45 mins after the game. I don't know if it was to build match fitness or to cool down slowly but it made me feel like he was giving it everything.
  4. Wtf kind of signing is that? 32 year old international striker who scored 3 from 19 this season in a lower league than A league and we are signing for at least 1.5 seasons!?! If fusballgod is really gone then wouldn't we have marquee wages to throw at someone that stands a chance of turning our season around.
  5. Hopefully not JP as interim...
  6. You know what I think our only problem is.. our creative midfielder is injured and we don't have a suitable replacement.
  7. Are we just going to all pretend the squad development thread isn’t gone?
  8. and the year before that and the ye....
  9. Soo much hate going on towards people in a corporate box. 90% of them are going to be working class fans just like you who work for a company that sponsors our club. Rich executives never show up to the corporate box, it's for the people at the company who are fans. The construction company my mum works for has a box at ANZ and every week they just invite all the subbies that they know go for the teams that are playing and send one of the young fellas to host.
  10. Jungle

    Brendon Santalab

    especially with some of the players we retained... would there have been no part to play for Santa off the bench this season. I bet we would be in top 6 territory
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