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  1. ReticentWarrior

    Coach and Staff Thread 2017/18

  2. ReticentWarrior

    Campbelltown Cup Calamity

    The missed header from Riera.....seems as though the cross took him by surprise. The majority of all other crosses that came in where not on target, over cooked or under done. Finally gets a decent cross aaand misses. This is what could potentially affect strikers confidence, I hope it doesn't and is back on the score sheet against Newcastle. Fox did good, considering the circumstances and if he has aspirations to be head coach, the hard truth is, he can go somewhere else and get the experience. Was hoping he would do better as a name change from soulless to "The Den", if the unbeaten run continued at home, would've been great. When the new coach comes in I'm sure and hope he will stay as he seems to have been able to develop a great relationship with the players.
  3. ReticentWarrior

    Wanderers CEO Threatens RBB

    After reading through this thread Can somebody please think about the children
  4. ReticentWarrior

    Football Media Discussion

    There's also a shitload of politics that is getting in the way of fostering the genuine talent. I've heard so many stories of who you know or what your name is, overriding how you actually play. The cost for just local players is getting ridiculous too, I payed $300 plus for this season and my club is one of the cheapest in our association. I'd really like to know where that part that doesn't go to my club is actually going. My neice pays upwards of $2.5k for her son to play u14 npl1. There must hundreds of talented kids that never get a chance because the parents can't afford it, meanwhile the FFA can give cash handouts to players like Tim Cahill. I have the utmost respect for what Tim has achieved on the field, especially for the national team, but he is not more important than spending the money on Junior development. Eventually we will struggle to qualify for a WC even with 48 Teams. Bozza mentioned that there fees were considerably less when he was growing up. Now there at 1.5-2.5k mark. My son is 4 now will i be expected to pay 10k to possibly 20k for the year, in 10 years time, at which point sponsors will come into play??? WTF Strong words by Rudan, soft excuse by CFO (FFA) to say we'll loose money if we bring in another 2 teams. Completely agree. These guys are so tight with their money that not even a good old cavity search will release any.
  5. ReticentWarrior

    Football Media Discussion

    yep, i think everyone got a hard on with that banner
  6. ReticentWarrior

    Taranaki Triple Against Wellington

    If there was a way to sum up the whole game via action, it's that hug between Santa and Antonis after the 3rd goal. Magic.
  7. ReticentWarrior

    Around the Bloc S05E16: Brissed Off

    Thanks and credit to Mack. Taken from Vedran players forum Popa does give it back to a meow player.
  8. ReticentWarrior

    Vedran Janjetovic

    each time i see that goal i cringe. If you're going to catch that ball make sure your index finger and thumbs are either touching or overlapping. IMHO he needed to have put a fist to that, he timed it well enough to get up there... All well and good in hindsight.
  9. ReticentWarrior

    Vedran Janjetovic

    naahhh, the vanderans
  10. ReticentWarrior

    2016/17 Season Feedback

    I think the intern got fired for googling "blow up donging stick". Hahaha that was a revised name. The original: 'blow up donger' made me blush you mean those condom looking things??? why not just blow one up????
  11. ReticentWarrior

    Music Thread 2

  12. ReticentWarrior

    Coach and Staff Thread

    If they're shifting from last minute signings to looking ahead, why not? If there are rumors of Popa leaving, I would hope that they have an idea of which coach to go for in 6 months time. Glass half full or wishful thinking.
  13. ReticentWarrior

    Coach and Staff Thread

    but why did we sign risdon from next season? no point signing players for next season if the current coach isnt going to hang around. Especially if they're good players Maybe Risdon knows or has an idea of who the next coach would be???? maybe.
  14. I honestly don’t get this whole thing we’re going to lose, maybe pull out a draw. F@k that. As players do you honestly think they go in with this mentality???? As fans do you think we should show up to the stadium with this mentality???? I sure as f@k don’t. I go in with we’re going to win, no matter how dire the situation and how shitty I feel after a draw, especially a loss. I take it out on my punching bag and prepare for the next win. Granted we haven’t been playing all that great; players need improvement, transfers, recruitment, soulless have been an influencing factor this season – all I have to say to this is LEAVE THIS S*!* AT HOME. When you wake up Saturday morning your first thought has to be we’re going to win Walk to the bus we’re going to win Walk to the train we’re going to win Walk to the pub we’re going to win March to the stadium we’re going to win Driving in the car…you guessed it…we’re going to win. Each step you take, we’re…going…to…win, we’re…going…to…win, we’re…going…to…win, we’re…going…to…win, WE’RE GOING TO WIN F@RKN. End rant That was a load of my chest, thanks for reading.
  15. ReticentWarrior

    R15 - Smurfs - Sat Jan 14

    It's as if you read my mind. This seems to indicate there are around 5-7k SCGTrust membership seats. Would that be correct? Yes that was strange. In response to your question, i wouldn't have a clue.