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  1. Sithslayer1991

    Vedran Janjetovic

    Karius level F up and yea it was that bad that i agree we should go into the market for a new keeper
  2. Sithslayer1991

    Vedran Hands Sydney FC Derby Win

    Vedran I'm not sure I can forgive it was just comical what he did. The ABJ comming off to be honest it made sense. In theory have two quick players play off Reira especially when you know your not gonna see enough of the ball
  3. Stadium needs to lift the crowd make the 11th player get our boys over the line
  4. Sotirio killing them... thats not a typo. but zero confidence
  5. Look I would be worried FOR THEM if they are targeting southern districts and Bankstown thats a lot of Wanderers fans. What is left is Smurf bois and Euro snobs.
  6. When you emotionally invest in an asian champions league campaign and have a heart attack for every minute of that Final you are not moving anywhere
  7. Yea I was really scraping the barrel there but the Roar did travel to those away games in decent numbers. More towards Gold Coast than the Fury
  8. yea I think one of their members is actually from Sydney United and was the one trying to get Jedinak as Marquee
  9. Hoping that we take our chances. I feel we will dominate the game.... AGAIN but its a matter of scoring the opportunities we get. Le Fondre gets even minor chance and he will score against us
  10. Watched the SWS press conference yesterday, sounded like they are actually quiet happy to be given another year to prepare for entry so that they can get their target audience, build a community based club and then target certain players. Also on FFA money argument SWS was the one that offered the least for entry at $13mil and it was report South Melbourne was offering the most at $20 mil. The money they were always chasing is the extra $32 million from foxtel , however I do expect Canberra to be next. Everyone focuses on the negative when the whole time it was clear FFA wanted Sydney and Melbourne as their first expansion but Canberra still made that shortlist and Chris Nikou specifically mentioned the Canberra bid during the press conference. Nix the lephant in the room may actually be on their way out of the A-league and Canberra may be the bid that replaces them. OR if Nix do a miracle and stay in Canberra come in as the 13th team with a second Brisbane team as the 14th which is something FFA has also been favouring for some time now. Now although there is an argument "yea but the Roar aren't doing so well off field" I would actually argue back that when Gold Coast and the Fury were in the league the Roar actually as at its peak because of the local competition and it has been in downtrend off field at least since they have left the league.
  11. Sithslayer1991

    Let's give this a shot.

    Sangria is great at outback steakhouse
  12. Sithslayer1991

    Australian National Teams Thread 4

    Hmmm maybe Antonis.... I think
  13. Canberra - should have been in again I do believe they were the strongest. South Melbourne - ok take out the old NSL issues and look at their catchment their stadium is literally a block away from Marvel stadium. There is a an argument they would be taking $ity and Victory fans away. South Sydney expansion never gonna happen the way they were advertising it. Team 11 - Genuinely another area that is unfortunate to miss out. I think West Melbourne guarantee that they would build a stadium over team 11 reliance on government funding for the stadium West Melbourne - I was happy with either this bid or team 11 as they were away from the cbd ask our Melbourne friends whether this was the best option. SWS (new challenger) - If there was gonna be Sydney team this was the place to put it. My arguments against it aside the Campbelltown area although there are Wanderers fans (myself included as I am from Camden now) it is not an area that is strong with Wanderers less so the Smurfs. People in Campbelltown have been bombarded with ads about this new team since the start of the year. My one argument is that I would have preferred them coming next season along with West Melbourne, Wanderers higher ups should have more faith in what its done in the community and what fans feel for the club I certainly am not moving anywhere