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  1. The team is better than last season because at least were getting forward and making some meaningful attacks. We are also better organised defensively instead of being camped in the 18 yard box unable to get out like last season, however we also saw the fact that there was no main striker like a Reira or Juric as a weakness to the team. The fact that we are over reliant on our attacks on the 2 young wing backs is a bit of an issue because we don't create much through the middle more evidence in this City game that we struggle unless we get the ball out wide quickly. Because they stay high
  2. Just rewatched the first goal. Ziggy has to take some of the blame on that one. There are no less than 3 city defenders on top of Baccus before he even has the ball. Baccus doesn't even look at where his passing just reacts and City block all his options before he even had the ball. Ziggy should have gone long and get us to reset the play.
  3. I think criticism on the owners is fair but for this particular game and the last 2 are on Robinson's shoulders. You cannot really blame recruitment either because its a good team we have no matter how you look at it. I get everyone is frustrated by the last 3 games and we need to turn it around quick but we were looking pretty good before that with improvements all over the park. No disrespect to the other teams but we should have destroyed the Nix and Adelaide on the form we were on, but both teams exploited the weaknesses in our system and got results. Against City Robinson got it tota
  4. I think the bigger issue is that City utterly closed us down and we had no response in the entire 90 minutes. Wilmering and Aquilina were pretty much shut off for our attacks while Nabbout and Noone had a field day. We struggled to get the ball out defence unless which launched it long or Dorrans was able to get us out pushing the balls to the wings. City exploited the back 3 which has now occured for 3 games straight and Robinson needs a solution by next game if he wishes to persist with it. He also needs to settle on his front 3 I feel like the constant changes isn't helping. The better
  5. Overall poor from the boys but City is a dam good team. They haven't really let us be comfortable on the ball at all. No counter for the game plan against us
  6. That high press of theirs still causing problems. Even with Baccus off and Mutch in we are still struggling to get the ball out of defence
  7. that high press and width they have is absolutely killing us. One change I would do is take off Baccus.
  8. Well he is a midfielder I don't think we have enough
  9. Wow very random sport selection... Wander what it means for A-league
  10. Everyday more and more comes out. Seriously insane
  11. Just heard that on the Shim's podcast. That's insane $115 million in debt
  12. Yea between Nix and Adelaide Natta side was targeted a lot. Obviously targeting the younger kid over Ziggy
  13. Its a lot to pack from that last game. Set piece defending is crap and within the first minute as well which does come to Margush and the defenders protecting him. Margush doesn't command the 18 yard box but I think its been mentioned before its something he needs to work on his only young. So first goal probably his fault but our defence should have cleared their lines as well. Goodwin was absolute thorn against us, and I think he made a massive change to Adelaide every time he had the ball we just didn't look comfortable against him. Then in attack. Look we didn't play too bad actually
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