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  1. I think he mentioned on the pod once because he does multiple sports. Although he is wary because Fox lost the French open. The content is getting smaller now.
  2. Will get there hahaha. Hard to get people use to the fact that is nice in the stadium.
  3. https://www.givemesport.com/1708868-andriy-yarmolenko-mocked-cristiano-ronaldo-vs-coca-cola-incident-after-euro-2020-win
  4. I don't know about this one just purely based on the Victory the last 2 seasons he has been poor not entirely his fault. However this signing clearly means the back 3 is here to stay -SIGH- Traore still has the engine to get up and down which means Russell and Aquilina will fight for the RB position with Wilmering and Traore battling for the LB. Ziggy likely to stay at CB where he should he is too slow for RB in A-league I have doubts though he could end up like Troisi this season.
  5. They should fix Campbelltown while there at it. Just to roof up these stadiums and get cover from the weather. Its one of the few things I am grateful for with bankwest is that your covered no matter what, so weather isn't so much of an excuse not to go.
  6. I think they are waiting for the season to finish and then confirm details for the start of the next season. Then the announcements will begin and I am sure Simon Hill will be one of them.
  7. I think Staj may go to Western United. And yea I think he may have asked for money to improve the squad and the owner said no, that is disappointing if your Mariners supporter.
  8. Yea the issue is that he sent Counter Terrorist Squad to a youtuber's producer home. It wasn't even Jordan Shanks it was his producer. That is GROSS use of power and needs to be called out because all of a sudden we normalise these things to the point that you can't talk back to anyone. There are even question marks on the defamation as the Jordies hasn't been officially served since the defamation case was filed a month ago. Filing the case and serving are not the same thing. And technically the producer Kristo who was arrested hasn't done anything wrong either. The two incidents in
  9. I read it this morning I laughed.... I'm still laughing. Just priceless.
  10. Because the whole team started to decline hahaha. I think Margush's save stats started to increase around round 8 or 9 with the saves he was making. 2nd half of the season results absolutely killed us.
  11. That's with SBS. However rumours are they may look at on selling the rights as they shutdown TWG. Foster, Nick Stoll and Lucy are no longer with SBS as well so they don't have panel anymore, could end up at 10.
  12. Portugal vs France and then Portugal against Germany. Big games coming
  13. Ten back soccer to become ‘No.1 sport in Australia’ after $300m investment Vince Rugari June 15, 2021 — 3.01pm Network Ten has outlined its bold ambition to make football the number one sport in Australia after securing the rights to all Socceroos and Matildas matches outside of World Cups until the end of 2024. Ten tied up a five-year, $200 million rights deal for the A-League and W-League last month together with the network’s soon-to-be-launched streaming subsidiary, Paramount+. The Herald can reveal that Ten’s
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