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  1. It seems quite strange the lack of communication from the club. I wander if they are short staff?
  2. It this was always going to happen. I remember I had a friend that worked on the NBN upgrade and an American transferred to work and actually asked why were installing obsolete tech. This was back in 2014 and the bloke said the system being installed was 10 years obsolete. Its now 2020 6 years later and we have a system that is still being installed from Abbot's government that was already outdated and now they are installing the system they should have paid 7 years ago with billions of dollars wasted. Liberals are "great Economic managers" yea right
  3. Should just cancel 2020 Champions league. Sooo many clubs are in disarray
  4. Club is just rushing renewals to get the cash injection which I get, but there is just too much uncertainty and we still don't have a date for the restart they should wait until a date has been set
  5. Seems like when popa leaves a club they fall apart straight after
  6. Getting a bit off topic but yes the club owners have been forking a lot of money keeping clubs afloat. FFA regulations were a big part of that, if Qantas was a sponsor for FFA clubs couldn't get Virgin or Qatar airways as a sponsor because it violated the agreement. Bruce Djite came out of foxsports podcast and he use to think like any player and any other fan but then became Football director at Adelaide and looked at the numbers and say what you will about the owners but they foot in a lot of the bill its not sustainable and its been like this for 15 years without any relaxation. Its a poor business model that has no chance to succeed hence the independence push from club owners
  7. One thing is for certain the quality of play will drop considering who has left the A-league already.
  8. 15 years.... 15 years to get this point and this is where we are at. If players we currently have aren't already looking overseas they most likely will
  9. not sure if this was the right place but Optus rejected Rugby Union tv rights. I highly doubt they will come in after the foxtel deal as A-league is now far less appealing to the tv market than ever. https://www.msn.com/en-au/sport/rugby-union/optus-not-interested-in-rugby-australia-broadcast-rights/ar-BB18Zcv1?li=AAHAbBJ&ocid=mailsignout
  10. I wander because A-league may not return until January whether we should loan players overseas on short term contracts to get games in their legs? Or if such a thing is even possible
  11. Not much but more that people actually are watching or talking about the league in spite of how things get run
  12. BUT we will be the 3rd best team in Sydney for the next season
  13. Forgot to mention some positivity from the finals. On google the final between Smurfs and City was trending on the search function and was more popular search than AFL Collingwood. The only other time I have seen A-league trend is during the Sydney derby.
  14. COVID seems to have helped this club with recruitment. Looks like they have a bit of money in the bank go spend. They will be stronger than us next season no doubt.
  15. Offside call was 50/50 but linesman would have called it otherwise it seems. But City should have been 3 up anyway by halftime and faded as the game wore on. Wales is literally the picture of the average A-league striker has lots of pace but doesn't know what to do with it. Macca and Noone seem to fade the longer the game went. All jokes aside I really thought City had this but seemed to fall onto old habits of finding ways to lose a game. Sounds a bit like us hahaha
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