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  1. Singapore and Japan look to be heading that way slowly relaxing based on the stats. But I honestly do not have enough faith that Aussies will follow this and just be silly which makes the lockdown go longer. NZ seem to really have it down at the moment and probably will be clear in that time frame
  2. I don't think we void the season we have that much of an off season there is some flexibility. Plus earlier this year there was discussion about moving the season to winter. Not saying they should but A-league has such a big off season there is flexibility to play with. Of course assuming A-league still running because the clubs are gonna take big hit.
  3. a festival of football at Lord Howe Island... in all seriousness if state lockdown occurs I am not sure how we continue.
  4. Was it me or did the Smurfs give us almost too much respect. Its almost like a mental thing for them that we are the only to beat them this season and despite making those 2 chances in the first half they didn't really impose themselves and just kinda let us boss the game. If we face them in the finals with Schwegler and Mueller we will very likely beat them... IF we make it that is the draw just doesn't help us but we got Fraudsters next and we absolutely need to beat them and we haven't as of yet
  5. Watch again the goal against us Tate Russell was a little at fault but the goal was created by affording Ninkovic the whole half without any pressure. Baccus was caught too high and JOD wasn't in a position to cover both his and Baccus space. I place the fault on those 2. It was the only mistake they made the whole game otherwise they did quiet well
  6. Schwegler would have stopped their goal Baccus and JOD one mistake the whole game. Yeboah scored the goal we deserved but you feel its another 2 points dropped after the city game and only 5 games left
  7. That information has been put through a lot through the socials. Tend to agree and I believe they should have suspended the league all it takes is one professional player to fall down with this
  8. Play this day by day but I have feeling suspension is possible. I don't think any Aussie sport League wants to be first because that would mean other sports would have to follow as well
  9. Last weeks result compounds this result but still ok with the draw this team is 2nd and we are 8th. Russell I am a massive fan of his and yet again showed what he is capable of with his goal. We always complain about technique in Aus players but this guy has it in spades every touch that he made for that goal was incredible. However he still has tendency to shut off and do some weird passes. The penalty and first 5 mins of the game are examples of this. I think this all comes down to inconsistent game time for him. Which raises the question should we have Kamau at RWB or push him forward and have Russell in the starting 11?
  10. if u told me before we get a draw against city i would take it. It could have been more but we don't do well in Melbourne so i will take the result
  11. Yea that actually does put into context. Thank you I was looking through simple eyes.
  12. Ah how you know NRL is on season hasn't even started yet. Can someone explain to me what was wrong aside from the girl bragging about it on insta as everything was consensual and above age of consent?
  13. Clearly our accountants are not as good as those East of the City to keep Duke, we should be throwing cars and houses at the bloke to keep him. Surely there is some sort of loophole we can exploit the bloke does have family to take care of and probably has another 5 or 6 years left. on another note I am surprised the oil countries, Thailand or MLS haven't taken notice yet.
  14. Macca was on fire against us yesterday. Again he is very intelligent player that gets between the lines Rudan is deadset dropkick for letting him go not coincidencethe Fraudsters have struggled since he left. As for us look like before Babbel left and It will very tough from here to make it with 7 games to go and up aginst 3 other teams for 2 positions
  15. JP better get into them the season is literally hanging by a thread. We need something from this game
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