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  1. Best examples would be Piovicarri and Alvaro Cejudo both were by far our highest earners.... both failed. Not to mention the enigma that is Chris Herd just disappearing. Spending money has never been the issue the problem is how the players fit in to the squad and attracting players. We fallen into a really bad habit of getting players for the sake of getting players.
  2. Yes... trick Wilshere into thinking Newcastle Jets is Newcastle United
  3. I am still waiting for mine (next week) but looks like the camden council 91% have gotten their first shot. I was too lazy to reschedule mine.
  4. Seven news making it culture war not understanding rules of the game standard. The ref should sue them for damages.
  5. Well the search is terrible, but then again none of the corporate channels (7, 9 or 10) have made a good app. But what what the old man is getting is just in general anything on the app won't play properly from "Have you been paying attention?" or even testing out any random show on channel 10, and they need to use the app because satellite isn't great in their area. If it wasn't for COVID I would drive up there to see what's going on.
  6. Seems like there a few issues with AFC champions league game and FFA cup game both started streaming with some delay not a good start. BTW has anyone found issues with 10 app in general? For me it works ok although its a clunky app, however my parents seem to have issues in general playing anything from the app, the satellite is also not good for them for channel 10.
  7. Pretty much this any higher than 80% and that would be lucky, certain restrictions will remain for a while still and hopefully it doesn't blow beyond the Health emergency services capabilities. I mean fingers crossed but I think the important information to take from this article is that sufficient funding needs to be provided to Health services to allow accessibility to ambulances, beds and quarantine equipment etc etc etc. Prepare as best possible so that the impact isn't severe.
  8. The article mentions Singapore is targeting more than 80% of the TOTAL population, far greater than the Australian target which was 80% of people 16 and over. The article also mentions that Singapore has almost plateaued as the people that are left would be anti vaxxers and people who refuse to get the vaccine (can be medical reasons) making it almost impossible to reach 90%. What the article doesn't mention is Singapore's density and limited land space making it difficult to avoid contact and delta transference easier. There are a lot of factors and variables that cannot be applied to o
  9. FFA cup to get under way as of tomorrow all games will be on 10 Play. The Queensland section to kick off Roar vs NPL Peninsula Power. Games on at: 7:30pm Tuesday & another on Wednesday 7:30 SA section will kick off next week . Unfortunately still no news for our section against Broadmeadow
  10. Anyone with kids heading into HSC this year. Next level stress for those wishing to head to the University. THE Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) has announced that the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) for 2021 NSW HSC students will now be released at 9am on Thursday 20 January 2022. The first ATAR-based offer round for Year 12 students will now be released at 7.30am on Wednesday 26 January 2022. Students will have until midnight on Friday 21 January 2022 to finalise their university preferences for this offer round.
  11. I agree with you there its been such a waste of time and with them gaslighting and avoiding questions majority of the time just puts the blood pressure and stress levels up.
  12. I hope the cruises open up. I flew to Fiji last time would love to head there on a cruise.
  13. We will get to a scenario where we can't fly to Perth but we can fly to Fiji.
  14. Well I am pretty sure this will be my response when restrictions are reduced at 70%
  15. Our striking options for Socceroos are literally Taggart and Maclaren so yes Dykes is one that got away. Since Josh Kennedy retired we haven't really had a striker we had Cahill as make shift during the Ange period and Juric was on and off. But there is no depth there for a striker. Personally though I think Dykes is about the same as Maclaren or Taggart so its not a massive loss.
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