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  1. Biggest indication on youth from the club and Babbel was the Leeds game where the final 12 mins was just the academy players.
  2. Sithslayer1991

    Aaron Mooy

    Mooy may also be one of their higher earners. Not good to have a player on such a high wages in the Championship when you need to spend somewhere else
  3. Hence the emphasis on "Stamp out"
  4. Well if you ever wanted to go NZ and wanted an excuse it may be the last chance you have. Everything is still up in the air for Nix
  5. The through balls ABJ did to Le Fondre is something to stamp out when we do come up against them.
  6. This is a great signing he commands his 18 yard box, great positioning and not afraid to talk to his defenders. Greenwood and Suman can learn a lot and hopefully they get promoted to first team when the time is right.
  7. Game was very even to me. Mo Adam comming in was great as it changed our shape and helped Yeboah get into the game who was very isolated. But we are one Yeboah injury away from attacking crisis. We need that striker.
  8. I like re-reading the match thread. Going from low expectations, to we have a blunt attack. The Diego Castro to rip us a new one, Shoot *****, F-off Foxsports coverage and Ref, Dam Extra Time More Shoot ***** 1-0 (We the best we gonna win the league, Thats how you Shoot *****) 1-1 We're SHITE 2-1 We da best Full time that was good and enjoyable game I cannot wait for the next one. That's Gold
  9. Rumour: Keogh is off to Saudi
  10. Unacceptable. Only Mariners R1 should be opening up our stadium. Sydney derby first is a joke and a waste
  11. I think Jumpei was really the only flop. Tanaka and Takahagi were good and Ono is legend status
  12. Mid table sounds about right but still better than last season's team minus the striker.
  13. Kruse is an upgrade on Kosta so 100% Victory will be happy with this signing. Lets hope he finds his old form back for Socceroos (hopefully he doesn't find it against us) he hasn't been the same since 2015
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