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  1. They are the 3 that can go to better things, if they are given the game time which hopefully means transfer
  2. State government have shown how much power they still retain against Federal government during COVID. I need a massive refresher on where the line is.
  3. Curse them Western Fraudsters picking a generic name.
  4. OK is it because I am paying attention lately on the news or is this a daily thing? Because it seems like every week there is something on Gladys and Giovanni (John) Barilaro doing a shifty and everyone just kinda looks the other away.
  5. The biggest difference between say A-league and K-league domestic players is that when an A-league player has the ball and they are in the attacking third they will often go backwards or panic. K-league Domestic players will instead try drive down the wings and expose space. The skill level is almost the same but Koreans have more confidence to do one-on-ones, have confidence protecting the ball and have vision to attack space. I have consumed my share of K-league games (big fan of Taggart) the level is almost the same, the difference is they are far more confident attacking defenders but the finishing is... well peak A-league and that's why they are in the domestic league if its not military requirements. J-league is far more complex the way Japanese play is like a chess game and A-league teams really struggle but again some of the finishing is reminiscent of peak A-league. Chinese are rough thug players I agree A-league players are at the moment better but since we have been Asia they have improved the gap is not as much as it was say 10 or even 5 years ago.
  6. Koreans are also better than Aussie players. They play with the same physicality while also having great technique
  7. Yep looks like imminent signing of Victor Sanchez to the Wanderers and Javi Lopez to Adelaide united according to the Spanish articles
  8. Football Queensland involved shady stuff involving fees. No surprise Bonita Mersiades is in the thick of it trying to expose them and will be on tonight at 7:30 on ABC https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-11-25/second-whistleblower-attacks-football-queensland-governance/12910828
  9. Classic A-league use the derby card as early as possible then nothing in the middle.
  10. The Gong game will be good and far easier to get to then Kogorah (at least for me) however parking is terrible around the stadium probably just make a day out of it and come early.
  11. Kamau's problem has been playing out of position consistency 4-3-3 would probably suit the team best and if he can channel what he showed against Adelaide last season then sky's the limit. No one was stopping him that game.
  12. Hoping Carl can get the best out of Kamau.
  13. In all seriousness you need to ask why they keep failing when you watch the games the A-league teams aren't far off these teams. The big issue is that when the chance comes around for the A-league teams they more than often scuff it, where as the Asian team just need one chance and its over. And if your not set up properly you get killed.
  14. I think they also get to spend a bit more than the salary cap. The foreigners look good on paper but its summer 40 degree heat when the season starts they are gonna spend some time adjusting. In terms of domestic players you got: Federici boss keeper, Milligan where its arguable the guy is getting on in age, Franjic decent RB Denis Genreau who is a more attacking version of Baccus And Tommy Oar who has been beyond disappointing since he came back from overseas (seriously this guy should of gone and done better things with his career and its like he peaked in his early 20's and been in downward spiral) Along with the foreigners you have almost starting 11. They look one injury away from finishing 5th > 8th. With Milicic as coach to me it looks like our team will be in direct competition with these guys on field for those finals places.
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