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  1. I think defensively we did quiet well despite what other may think. Diamanti was limited in his influence but it was Scotty Mac that was killing us. Apart from Macca WU did not not really threaten Lopar but our defense was under constant pressure which lead to the 2nd goal. The biggest problem is our inability to hold the ball and move up as a team and get our attackers on the ball where they are most dangerous. Duke, Yeboah, Muller and AM were getting the ball in midfield with no way going forward. This is where we need to improve we need our attacking weapons higher up the park when they receive the ball. I think losing Raddy, the change in formation and of course the inclusion of AM has changed the dynamic of the team from pre-season so the team is a bit fractured when in possession The BYE comes at a good time for the team to start gelling together and improve on our ability to hold the ball.
  2. Temp in Geelong will be top of 16 degrees and overcast. Perfect for football
  3. The first half is pivotal WU seem to start slow and then grow into the game. Update: De Marigny probably also wants to square up Rudan after the last match at ANZ
  4. There is an opportunity here while they do have the likes of Diamanti, Scotty Mac and Berisha in attack defensively they are not really quick with Durante and Gulum and lets face it we will not be having much of the ball so unlike the previous games we will be hitting them on the counter very likely. Duke, Yeboah and Muller if they find the groove we could sneak a win. Of course the glaring hole in DM without Schwegler is a big weakness a Draw would also be acceptable here.
  5. We were Struggling in our attack granted but the Roar were also struggling against us when Schwegler was still on.
  6. The moment Schwegler came off Brisbane begun running on top of us. Lots of passing around the back four literally because there was no one to pass to Brisbane had 10 men behind the ball every time and we just couldn't link up between DEF, MID and Foward lines. Our most effective attacking outlet was Georgevski pretty much tells you all you need to know how we played. Duke was basically playing at LB to get on the ball. Meier became more effective when Muller was on the ball, and we produced one decent ball for for Meier in 94 minutes, it was the and only time we broke the Roar defensive line could have stolen it there. We were flat all round Mcgowan, Jurman, Lopar and Ziegler made up for our inability to keep the ball with their defensive efforts. A point is good were never gonna play 100% in every game but this is a game we would have lost last season something to build on and 10 points from 4 games. Yes I will take that. Not sure defensive effort will be effective against the Rudan's dad army and Babbel has a big problem in DM. Tass is his plug in for Schwegler but its twice now he has him there and the midfield seems to lose its balance. Baccus is almost lost when Tass is there. As for Grozos I am willing to let the first game go first A-league start. Plus as a comparison Sullivan was almost as ineffective in the first game but improved against Victory and Smurfs. Grozos had a special moment so there is promise there plus the whole team played bad so I cannot judge properly. Babbel was right to lynch him when he did.
  7. Telstra I am assuming is the My Football app
  8. Felt the same about the academy. It will be a massive rivalry brewing
  9. Sure so my thinking is because of how our FFA cup, pre season has been centered on 3 at the back plus the recruitment on defense. This is probably a good chance to revert back and also keep other coaches guessing what will play. Also wasn't sure about the fitness level of Sullivan so again I thought Babbel may think 3 at the back based on who is available.
  10. You would think but Season 2 Popa did drop Beauchamp. You never know it is quiet competitive at the front and I didn't even include Mo Adam who has been impressive with the limited scoring chances he has had
  11. if we do play 3 at the back you would expect Ziegler to come in for Sullivan. But If Muller starts who gets dropped in Meier, Duke or Yeboah?
  12. Simon Hill also placed the commentator's curse on him as well. Talked him up and then had that terrible game
  13. Could see 3 at the back if Muller starts. Must keep an eye on O'Shea bit of a tricky player and of course they Roy O'Donovan who should have scored against Victory. Be interesting how Babbel plays this.
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