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  1. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/51229865 Sam Kerr on her move to England
  2. Ah Liverpool still clinging to the dream of getting its own stadium. I remember they tried to get the Bulldogs and now its just amatuer rugby team because it fell through
  3. Duke needs to be secured. If we don't we lose him to Macarthur Fox pod confirms that one of the main reasons he signed was to come back home be close to family and Macarthur is sniffing around any player with contract expiry
  4. Yea Babbel definitely does not like Bossi. The Foxsports podcast with Duke confirms the relationship between Babbel and JP was and still is really good. Must be careful with journo like that because those stories can really unsettle the club.
  5. Just FYI Aloisi should not be mentioned on this forum. I fear saying his name enough times might summon him as our next coach...
  6. We haven't seen his ability to spread the play and distribution in this competition yet. He is capable of more but agree he is the best of what we have outside Riley Mcgree
  7. Soooo... who were gonna replace Babbel with? Season still can be saved were 4 points from 6th 6 from 5th.
  8. Does Vince Rugari listen to Around the bloc?
  9. I think we are all in agreement as much as we like Babbel's pressers and the bright start to the season it really has fallen apart, but we have a number of players that are under performing and yesterday was no different. Jurman since our first bye has been suspect, Mcgowan has been patchy, Schwegler defensively still sound but in possession very suspect as the weeks have gone by but the biggest issue by far is our attackers. Duke seems to be trying to do it on his own and doesn't link up as well as when we had started the season. You have Muller who has gotten better as the season has gone but again doesn't link up well but the times he has often there is opportunity for us to score and then the biggest problem is Yeboah. Now I like Yeboah but geez he is having a shocking season his confidence is down he is frustrated and it shows. before the injury he was leading the line for us but ever since the injury he hasn't looked himself. The problems are far deeper than just the coach we have squad that is grossly under performing
  10. Heard on FNR podcast as well they aren't sold on Baccus. With the Olyroos his performance has been safe and when trying his passes to open up defence tends to lose it. He has been average in the green and gold
  11. Credit to the guy knew he just didn't have it in him anymore
  12. So which commentator is gonna scream out COX??!!!
  13. Attacking may have been better for us. But I guess we need goals somewhere
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