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  1. G'day Smoggy, how you feeling about this weekend then?, soon as you lost to Brizzie we then lost 1-3 to them , Pearson bounce....... We play back three with old head Bennet and two youngsters either side, going good best defence record in the league, but he's out injured for a while and we ship 8 goals in 3 games! fear for the weekend with that Bolaise fella up top for your mob, could be a 1-1 draw here which is not that positive for either side as sharp end is close approaching. man to watch right back Connor Roberts in the form of his life right now.
  2. Yep as soon as they pressed us we either played it neatly out or lobbed it straight back at them, infuriating.
  3. Well that first half was up there with anything from Olympic park in the shite scale, not going to batter them, the tirade will surely follow, want to pick up on something positive but christ it's hard. I'll go with Brucey coming on and adding some much needed energy as the most positive aspect of my disappointing night. Oh and **** VAR off right now what a pile of steaming dogshite that is !
  4. Cannot give Baccus another 45 , Troisi Is not at the races, get Mutch on🤨
  5. Big reality check, leagues all over the world need to re asses and cut their cloth accordingly, the money mentioned in most sports sometimes is staggering.
  6. Well a lot of info to absorb here, I'm not at the stage of Gin & the Smiths yet, i'm still optimistic that this will be a good season, way better than previous 5 years, good squad than can and will improve. After watching Mutch's cameo the other night, am really looking forward to him starting, he is going to be our No 10 in my opinion, sprays the ball well and can advance and let a shot fly. two wins and the pressure lifts off the shoulders massively, it's just round the corner i believe, looking forward to tomorrow night.
  7. Noticed that calm down and have a Bovril , see Cardiff & Barnsley hitting their straps lately to push your mob.
  8. See Woy is calling it a day at the end of the season, Eddie Howe is favorite to replace him, just mention Popa as he is fondly remembered at Selhurst Park and usually figures in the betting list when they change manager.
  9. Think he would be an outside bet for the Palace job, not beyond the realms, bookies would list him just to spread more bets.
  10. Reading that just how many aussie players he took there, including Matt Jurman.
  11. Thought he was more than okay, very promising in fact, let's see how he goes starting, he has the ability obviously and essentially the experience in the big league, believe he will be here next season personally.
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