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  1. Wales finish second but the Swiss gave it a red hot go, ah well made it to last sixteen well done boyos
  2. Okay I'll buy into it, let's see how this pans out, welcome on board Adama
  3. Don't know what to think of the Traore signing, not overly impressed going by last season.
  4. Ah well just have to give them a good stuffing then.........
  5. I was thinking of Germany v Austria couple of World Cups back, come to think of it maybe West Germany then, friendly shots from the halfway line bloody boring to watch.
  6. You see these last group games in tournaments all the time where a draw suits both teams, players rested and trying to avoid yellow cards, main players subbed for knockout stage etc, could well be a draw.
  7. Very happy boyo this morning thanks, did not have high expectations going in but fair play they are more than holding their own, Ramsey was purring this morning and Bale showing signs of coming out of his slump but terrible penalty by him, but to win that well in Baku the other side of Europe from Wales with 30,000 Turks in the stand......impressive see if they can pick up a tidy draw in Rome next.
  8. then reviewed it and reversed it !
  9. Quite right...................no Bundy in it
  10. Do you reckon Qatar world Cup going to be on Ten/Paramount or other?
  11. If you are going to lose one, lose it to the championship favourites in your first up group game, still possible to go on and win it from here................... but i don't think they will.
  12. It's a bit weird this tournament from previous, covid obviously, but by that i mean the matches being spread out across Europe instead of a host nation as such. it just loses that little bit extra like the fans going on tour and turning it into a carnival atmosphere, i know there are bad examples like the russian fans in Masellies a few years back, but generally opposite fans do respect each other and a it's a great sporting occasion just following your team at a major tourney. That was a shocker at the Danish v Finns last night, so glad Erikkson is okay top job by the medicos there,
  13. ah bollox why do I follow sport
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