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  1. https://www.getreading.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/ex-reading-fc-striker-makes-17577190 Played with le fonder at reading

    Simon Cox

    Seem to remember him in a Reading shirt, take it you know more about him than some here, is he any good?
  3. Just a quickie, notice Wilfred Bony still a free agent training with English 4th tier club Newport County, his son plays in Swansea youth team maybe why he has not moved from south wales.
  4. If you see Roy Race down there ask him if he fancies a gig
  5. 3 games into the season looking down the ladder from up top and thinking how easy is this, WTF HAS HAPPENED? what an implosion, what a fall from grace, Babbel and the squad have been given time and the expectation this is the blip that happens, she'll come good soon, but no coming good happening! Just feels a continuation of the last 4 years, very very disappointing, if Babbel stays or goes couldn't give a stuff now, season is over, players are losing their confidence as a group big time now, IF form suddenly turned around it would be absolutely dumbfounding, cannot see it happening though.
  6. Paint facial hair on the women, strap their boobs up and send them out for next match
  7. is his brother having a word in his ear?
  8. Knew that would be an hand grenade i soon as i pressed 'enter', as i mentioned maybe rose tinted specs there.
  9. Guess i miss the winning (rose tinted specs on maybe), previously on paper Gombau & Babbel at outset looked good on paper and yet did not set the world on fire, just goes to show you got to have a strong manager with a purposeful vision how he wants his team to play and enforce his will.
  10. Great points there BD, we should be putting more balls behind their left back last night Mo had the pace over him yet we did not deliver enough in that area i thought, we were really good first 30 min moving the ball around and keeping possession which makes it all the more baffling why we dropped off so badly after the break. if Popa wanted to come back next year i'd say yes but so much to go under the bridge before that could even be contemplated.
  11. no more north european based footballers, euro leagues are winter and generally cold played on soft pitches, being mentioned a few times on this forum. look at the temperatures of the last couple of games a young fit footballer would need to be in good condition to last an Australian season on hard pitches, let alone a 30 something from north euro leagues. have to go back to basics somewhat, bring on the youngsters local and inject quality from hot countries only, obviously targeting and identifying that special talent is in itself a skilled discipline, might be rehashing older posts here but it sounds sensible as I'm typing it out. change is a coming sadly, it has to or WSW will be left standing still or worse.
  12. 'When Meir and Muller ran into each other it summed up our game and the season' Can you allow me a small edit 'When Meir ran into Muller it summed up our game and the season ' at least Muller is trying to raise his game and is scoring the same cannot be said of Meier, he might have been a football god in Germany but i cannot level a decent adjective for his performances thus far.
  13. While we are at it, when Baccus and Schweigler back would you keep Ziegler in DM alongside PS or drop him back to defence? or to bench? thought first half he was doing okay then the collective were not performing to their abilities second period, believe he is a better DM than centre half myself.
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