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  1. Collect my long shot 1000 to 1 bet for light failure during shoot out from local Indian bookmaker
  2. in his good spell at home this year, one of the games was against Robbo's Jets was'nt it? or am i imaging that? he might have left an impression on Robbo
  3. Only one team with a gold star on their badge
  4. He seems to have done well enough for himself over the last four years, good on him, and he's saying the right things to put himself in the window, a few trials coming up for him very shortly i would expect and take it from there.....
  5. Given a choice I'd keep Kamau over Yeboah
  6. Have to say after JP took over and before the covid break, the couple of home games we had he was blisteringly good easily his best patch of form over his WSW career.
  7. Wallabies in their sights now, Pumas are looking strong (with Cheika in coaching team!)
  8. Is that where your username Carns come from then, Cairngorms?
  9. See Lyndon Dykes was MoM, could have chosen Oz, but well done Jockos always good to have the tartan army at a championship.
  10. Meier's 17/18 , what's fitness injury do you think?
  11. https://dundeefc.co.uk/news/dorrans-departs/
  12. my mate is a big Arsenal fan and calls him sicknote, reckons he is made of glass due to all the injuries he's picked up over the years.
  13. Well he has the PL pedigree, don't know how he has been going in the Scottish leagues recently though, just glad it's not Ledley to be honest.
  14. Remember him playing for WBA against the Swans years ago, can remember him because he was pretty good against us that day, a decent player.
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