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  1. "Duke had that cannon against the Jets " no doubt he has a cannon in that boot of his, he should have licence to let rip a couple of times every game with that weapon. it's when a player sends them flying over the bar three times In a row, the confidence to have a crack slips and you end up sliding it sideways instead of shooting, don't think that's the case with Duke he's just playing the captain's role of following game plan and involving his teammates, needs to be selfish and have a dip more, heck they all do.
  2. Would have liked to have been a fly on the wall in the Everton dressing room pre kick off with DF's special motivation speech, bet the premier league primadonnas were shitting selves !
  3. Just curious why hasn't Russell made an appearance yet even as a sub?
  4. Well Muller's goal was well taken, looking for solace now.
  5. Am i wrong in thinking that Sotorio was the most effective forward on the park?, i knew he would put a shift in ex player and all that, he timed his run past Mcgowan perfectly, before that we were in control i felt. big moments that did not go our way, Yeboah not finishing against their keeper, Jurman not heading a bit further to the side of their keeper, i'm over VAR the sooner it's kicked out the better it's a carbuncle on the backside of football as far as I'm concerned. strangely i thought we played from the get go quite well and if a chance or two was converted in that first half felt the flood gates would open, but it is a very rough patch we find ourselves atm, just hope we find our way out of it soon hope Popa is not already writing the next page of this roller coaster season.
  6. as someone posted earlier, like DWilmering very much showing great promise but like to see him rested to the bench for this one, still needs coaching to get his go forward game to progress I feel, it will come just keep at it Dan. Like to see a more attacking left side dynamic with DG and Duke, feel there's a goal threat coming from there, two attack minded individuals.
  7. Out and out winger, 7&11 down the white line as fast as you can go and cross into the box before you hit the flag, don't know why this doesn't happen as much these days, everybody obsessed with possession football. Like MB to force this for a half , let Muller have his head he seems pretty good at it on you tube highlights, got to change something up we are not looking attacking and dominant at the moment, just my tuppence on things. BTW how good is Lopar really impressed with this guy.
  8. Must admit I did not turn up early at the double header recently, thought about it but decided no, after watching all the highlights from the recent games and being quietly impressed, I think I'll change tack and turn up and watch the next game, suspect I will not be the only one.
  9. Mr Gillet's competency as a ref being questioned again n the championship, both managers slating him for an "abject" performance last night. one nasty tackle in particular from pre season Wanderer striker possible. http://www.dai-sport.com/steve-cooper-left-angry-terriers-take-bite-mike-van-der-hoorn/
  10. don't forget you've also got Smoggy's discarded manager hovering in the background.
  11. Don't know where you research this but i feel that the majority of VAR decisions throughout the league are 'homers', only suspect this but would be interesting to validate the stats.
  12. Best bit of football we did was in the last 10 mins down near corner, Ps with the drag back and sharp passing in a triangle, juicy got the crowd going that did, gave us hope for last 5 mins.
  13. KY had his best game in a while, good finishing. Meier looked a threat in the box when he came on, sorry but that **** penalty decision has ruined a good game of football for me.
  14. Still waiting for Kamau to transform into Hersi mkII, am I living in hope or deluded?
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