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  1. The bubble had to burst, too many clubs sailing close to the wind financially it seems, maybe the lower leagues are heading back to regional semi professional (though i doubt it) but clubs will be looking at their budgets and turnovers more severely now that's for sure, buying a star striker on big bucks has always been a gamble but more prudent scouting buys and home grown talent is the way forward atm. who'd want to be a professional footballer these days.....
  2. pleasantly surprising and educating teams with total football in the English upper leagues since 1912
  3. I may be a bit slow on the uptake here, if they are tearing it up and re laying yesterday & today, the Eels playing Friday that's just TWO days for the grass to settle. Does that eliminate the risk of injury substantially rather than playing on last week's surface?, i am not an expert just mow my little patch out the back i'll pull my head in and leave it to the experts.
  4. Dear oh dear, the August football whilst it was going to be hard anyways is going to be tougher again now, if it's bad for league then ...... bit disappointing really all that money spent on the pitch and they feel the need to rip it up after how many games? is it really that bad?
  5. you guys will be safe, right man right place right time, i also fancy Luton doing a Lazarus Nathan Jones back there after his Stoke debacle. Would be nice to see a little club like Brentford go up at the end season (beat Cardiff in playoffs would be nice), share the love for the smaller clubs i say.
  6. If true that's disappointing then headers it is then, get Duke & Cox on heading practice
  7. Nice to see no Sepp Blatter backhander shenanigans going on to stuff it up , i hope, none of us would know anyways cough cough Catarrh (is that how it's spelt?)
  8. he is exceptional at championship level, always gets his sides in at the pointy end come season's end. expect no frills football and constant moaning at referee's assistant all game, likes giving players a bollocking, more a stick than carrot style, your chances of staying up have just improved i would say.
  9. oh err no Lopar or Vedran, see how good our reserve string is now.
  10. G'day Smoggy, hope all well with yours, looking towards the weekend how do you rate Boro's chances against the Swans? got 0-0 written all over it i feel.
  11. Yeah a crap year for the fella, hope his luck turns around for him and his family now.
  12. He has got to be 90% safe i would say, continuity and stability is a comforting thought in these very uncertain times. After all he has not done too badly after Markus's departure.
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