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  1. Some of those tackles belonged in the Colosseum with Russell Crowe!
  2. Totally agree mate
  3. Wonder if we'll get another version of 1970 FA cup replay (Chelsea v Leeds), that was the most brutal game i saw on TV as a kid, if VAR and Chris Beath was around there wouldn't have been two teams on the pitch after 20 minutes!
  4. Okay, calmed down now, read through posts i guess all points covered, not going to praise or berate any players by name, not my job that's Babbel's, just want to comment on first 20 minutes, thought we were great, doing a really tidy job on them, out of the gates the quickest and actually looking threatening and dominating, was thinking this will finally be the night to beat them. We all know it didn't turn out that way but I want to concentrate on the positives not the negatives, there IS a football team in there somewhere, I cant disagree with Babbel, it is the mentality thing, the players have got to get the mongrel in them and want to win every match, i firmly believe we have the right coach anyone who watched that post presser can see he cares and is pissed off, i hope he f***king beasts them this week in training and gets in their faces to ask the question; Do they really want to be serious, professional, winning footballers or run of the mill johnnies? From here on in, not expecting too much of this season, but expect seeing in coming months attitudes changing in that team and a more composed professional team making less mistakes, sincerely hope i get to see it.
  5. minute into injury time first half, staring right over the lino's head as Blue player crosses over the bar and smacks into Elrich's thigh on the far side of goal who is standing over the line, obviously out and a goal kick but wait the twat signals a corner and that twat Brosque scores , 1-1 going int the break. that was hard to take, after the brain farts it was here we go again.......after all that effort to even get to to bloody stadium, **** i am too depressed even to pop a coldie, **** it off to bed i've had enough, so promising the start then the devil farts in our collective faces yet again, **** **** f***k......F***kity **** Well done RBB , positive of the night along with Roly coming back, good night all.
  6. You just know that on the day, they'll be some guy outside Parra station shall we say, with a makeshift stall selling..............................half n half scarves !
  7. Just logged in and bought two tickets under 3 minutes, site seems to be working perfectly now.
  8. VAR ! ....................no swearing please.
  9. Not so much our result last week making me feel optimistic of a win, more the wheels wobbling over on the blue side, pretty ineffective games against CCM and especially the Nix, they don't have Arnie shielding them in the press anymore or constantly telling them they're world beaters, think there is an attitude shift in that camp and it's showing in confidence and results. Time to reverse the result from six weeks ago I feel, definitely in plus...
  10. "Ziggy added some stardust" ......Loving your work Beat :-)
  11. Probably sotiro's best game in the shirt, notice he's running a Z pattern more, cutting in to middle bringing side defence with him allowing full back to slide the ball down the line therefore allowing him to chase down to the corner area on speed, worked great last night. Thought Kamau worked his socks off again last night, that Cisse was a beast in defence for them but great to see biscuit charging him back like a rugby tackle just before a corner in first half, in the stamp incident well all flocked in, someone missed the chance to give simon a sly one.... Obviously Ziegler, what a difference and Raul needed to be dropped, Elrich has more nous how to defend full stop.
  12. Well this is exciting, am I going to have a grey seat or a pale cream one? bet I'll have the only squeaky loose one in the block.

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Well we are paying for it now, Iko is tearing it up for Perth.

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    As the game drifted away to it's obvious conclusion, found myself watching biscuit for most of the time, okay he had a few tame attempts at goal but how he reacted to being kicked about by the vics showed me he has some passion, tape up his ankle and shove him back out there. He put himself about with some vigor after that, should have gone for violent play when he dropped toivenen and ploughed into the crosses even with Thomas flying out with his fists, perhaps he should have dropped into the DM position for 10 mins and showed Baccus and Doherty how to plough in, nobody got in Honda's face there was far too much respect and space afforded to him, he is far too good a player to be left unattended, in truth begrudgingly you could see how that one man was head and shoulders above every other player on the pitch out there last night.
  15. We have seen ABJ being kicked all over the park as our AM, think we need to share the yellows round and give Honda a torrid time, not condoning thuggery here, just be cute with the blocking, tackling and jockeying, put him under pressure.