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  1. Both Michael Laudrup signings, thought Michu was a brilliant signing till his ankles went, Bony is built like a bullock never gets knocked off the ball.
  2. Don't think so, or marketing would going flat out to bring in more memberships on the back of that "big name"
  3. Interesting also the staff gone to Plymouth who are now currently top of league 2, must twist the knife for the Bury fans even more.
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7349917/Former-28million-man-Wilfried-Bony-training-LEAGUE-TWO-Newport-County-Swansea-release.html Not suggesting we try to sign him, when you scour the world for bargains it's amazing how many players are out there and ferreting out the gems sometimes is harder than it looks.
  5. Ref was absolutely shocking today. A homer if you ever saw one. Going into injury time it seemed like he was thinking " I haven't got time to give these free kicks to Swansea as Derby haven't got long left to score"! Also ironic that he blew the whistle 3 mins after the allotted time when another Derby attack broke down on the edge of our box. Totally inept performance. Excerpt from forum Derby v Swans yesterday as aussie ref Jarred debuts in EFL, also gave a dubious penalty to Derby.
  6. See Leeds won away to Bristol city 1-3 who are no mugs, that 1-2 loss doesn't look sooo bad now, Hernandez again for Leeds. Happy camper now as Swans won despite selling best two players from last year.
  7. Gotta have a strong manager or everything slowly turns to s**t, you know where you stand with Popa
  8. Agree 100%, hope Babbel and co penciled that in for first up in training next week to work on.
  9. Just in, do not know what shape on the right was going on first half, Mcgowan kept drifting back in to CH position and Kamau came halfway back allowing Leeds left side player all the room in the world in that quadrant, they were pumping us from that area. Schweigler has got dog, he could have been booked for any 3 on the trot first half hour, think we found the hitman to upset treejack! How good was young Wilmering? and thank christ looks like we have found a real keeper, was skeptical about buying a keeper first up but he looks the goods. Goes without saying my motm the Duke carrying on from last season, he is effort and class, expecting great things from him this year. time for cocoa.
  10. Off out now down to Parra, catch you later COYW !!!!
  11. See Llorente 34 going back to Spurs for one more season on 100,000 per week reportedly, god there's too much money in the Premier league.
  12. "Apparently" according to my mate down the pub, there were Man U & Leeds half scarves being sold by a seller at Perth, you might be lucky and see this same seller today :-)
  13. Also seen on Bankwest blurb, all rail & bus travel to and from the game cost is covered in the price, just show your ticket ! Does this morning get better and better, pumped!
  14. Is that 20,180 definitely sold? if so 20,180 in Parra waaay better than 7000 in ANZ !
  15. I remember Hernandez signing for Swansea under Michael Laudrup, bloody good technical player, obviously Monk was impressed as well was he the manager who brought him to Leeds? Anyways really looking forward to Saturday night now, march on as well brilliant :-)
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