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  1. Neville's best asset was his engine, up and down the line all game a willing runner, his worst trait as been mentioned here was his crossing, I'll try to be kind and say 50/50 at best but a feeling it's lower than that.
  2. the sub Johnny Williams that came on that played a pivotal role in extra time, was also a Sunderland player last year just to rub extra salt into the wound. Also see in the Independent the Barcodes Mike Ashley looking to sell NUFC to cousin of Man City owner, if it goes through sure the cash will splash there, just to pile a little bit more misery on the mackems. See their manager Jack Ross popped up in the bookies list for new Swansea manager also.
  3. We'll see if he has the right mentality or still on holiday :-)
  4. What's with the football in the last week or so? great entertainment for the neutral...
  5. just one more thing as a football fan, the family has gone to the expense and effort of turning up at the ground (school the following day) , to follow their team in a semi. Their team stuffed their opponents out of sight, a joyus thing to behold for any fan, the kick in the guts is they didn't even get to enjoy that!, poor buggers.
  6. Would be a nice gesture by Sydney FC to take this family over to the final as their guests, wouldn't hurt them would it?, probably cover themselves in lots of kudos. Just hate seeing the anguish on that little girl's face , just gets my blood boiling.
  7. Begrudgingly have to admit, Le Fondre and Toivenen have been good signings by their clubs, certainly turned better than i expected they would at the start of the season, Honda takes the plaudits but i found Toivenen impressive this year.
  8. Agreed, hope they plough that footage all over the morning TV shows, seems it's not just Homebush with the jobsworth power mad fluros then.
  9. Just talking about that with my Spurs mate yesterday, never saw so much sweat sitting on one man's head before, except in the Sauna in Stanhope !
  10. Another LU v AV scenario, this player played to the whistle all right, you could say good finish as well, but sporting,,,,,,,,,,,no
  11. Not so sure, just keeping an eye on the Frank Lampard/Jody Morris management set up, they seem to be motivating the right attitude in that Derby team, results seem to be backing that up. if they are the outsiders then a cheeky tenner might be winging it to the tab. Harry Wilson the loanee from Liverpool is having a brilliant season for Derby.
  12. Surely a Boro win over Rotherham, but the Rams v Baggies that's a tough call, how badly do the Rams want it?, this is a hell of a marker for Lampard, how good is his man management and motivation?
  13. For a nothing season for the Roar, Bautheac was the only player that seemed to stand out for them, bit of a firebrand too I remember him getting a red card also scoring a screamer, he's a busy player.
  14. Just went over it again, maybe the Football authorities need to come out with some sort of statement now, that play continues until the referee blows, it's the same mantra you hear in park football all over the world "play to the whistle!". Players kicking it out when a player goes down hard is all good and sporting and all that, but with the amount of cheating diving rolling actors abounding the leagues all over the world, more than happy for them to be ignored lying on the ground as if a sniper from row f has popped them, just as in Rugby a trainer should be allowed to run on and "treat" the injured player, then when he is off not allowed back until he elapses the same amount of time injured. How many times does a shirker milk an injury then as soon as he is off, bang arm up "all good Ref !", it's a tricky one, the Ref as to be seen as empathic to injured players but there are some out there who take the piss far too easily.
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