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  1. I've got 12 year old and 14 year old sons at school today, i know where you're coming from, i reckon we are days if not hours from schools in NSW shutting
  2. just back in from running around supermarkets trying to buy bog roll, I'm over it, queuing for over 30 mins for woolies to open then charging in with 100 others to grab a packet off one pallet, the word locust springs to mind. honestly this panic buying nonsense really brings the worst out of people, had no choice but had to go and forage we're a family of four with a legitimate (desperate) need as many here I'm sure, wasn't savvy enough to go out and bulk buy like other doom preppers now I'm trapped in the oh bugger cycle along with the majority. got a cold? use a tissue oh wait none on the shelf, bloody hell this is frustrating. as for the footy well it's cactus isn't it, roll on next season, thank christ there is no beer shortage..........................yet!
  3. Surely attendances are going to be down massively from here on in.....closed doors? it's happening elsewhere
  4. seeing those faces being crushed against the face in that photo is very disturbing to me. agree with you mate, no place for it.
  5. aha but what's the humidity in Melbourne this weekend?
  6. Would be gutted to lose Duke, first name on the sheet for me.
  7. Whoops getting ahead of myself there, looking at the "six pointers"
  8. After watching AU get fisted by a rampant WU at the weekend, concerned about Risdon, he's showing the form again that got him into the socceroos, probing into the corners and whizzing a fast ball along the 6 yard line for BB to attack, will Jurman cut it out? will Mcgowan out muscle him? Lopar tends to sit on his line and be a reactive stopper as well, so sure Rudan has got this penciled in already. of course he holds it up and passes inside to Diamante as well, like i say........concerned on left flank defensively atm.
  9. put a bit of effort in getting up them rows of seats there fair play, if a fan gets on pitch he is in a world of ****, bans, fines etc, it will be no different for Dier i suspect.
  10. As Bob the Builder would say "reduce,reuse,recycle", got some second hand ones if anyone interested
  11. Looking forward to couple of pints and a 1-2 win, love that term 'six pointer' as it gets to the sharp end this is really the game to stick it to the pussycats, 6th place beckons... we done the leaders on their own patch last week, of course we can do the Roar as well !
  12. Maybe DW was a bit green he's only young, thought he had a brilliant game against Leeds and that match thrust him forward into first squad, when he did play not spectacular i grant you, not much forward threat, i believe overawed slightly of having senior professional team mates (& coach) telling him when to pass and play safe defensively, i am more than happy to keep him and see how he progresses.
  13. Remember behind the goal Swans V Everton years ago, we were singing 'Who ate all the pies etc" bloody comedian Nev just turns around and rubs his belly like a bhudda and puts the thumbs up, 2 minutes later pulls off a blinding save and gets a round of applause from the Swans fans, great bloke.
  14. One for you Stringer Neville Southall ✔ @NevilleSouthall People keep going on about washing their hands to stop getting corona virus Just give them gloves As a lot of people say I caught **** all when I wore mine
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