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  1. I had a ZX80 and used it, my brother had a commodore 64 though. A forward thinking man, RIP.
  2. Deja Vu i was just watching that old disc last night !
  3. And Terry wearing Newcastle Utd socks, cmon kitman where's the red n black ones!
  4. If i have my facts straight here Mariners (or Roar?) turned him away so he went to the other side of the world (scottish family ties) and Queen of the South took a chance on him, now leading the line with QPR riding high in the championship, easy to opt for the Jocks when they're backing you and living there i suppose.
  5. is Dykes one that got away? it's looking more and more like it...
  6. A psychic dwarf has escaped from Goulburn prison, local paper headline: SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE
  7. Just watched the highlight reel of Jerome Polenz, man forgotten just how good he was! of course it failed to highlight his more colourful challenges, remember him picking up cards like confetti.
  8. last day of deadline coming up overseas, expect a bit more interest from agents spruiking their clients by end of the week.
  9. Or possibly go on the WSW forum
  10. Has Andy Carroll ever been prolific? If you want to bypass football on the ground and lump it in to the box every time then he's your man, seen him many times over the years a bloody handful in the box but holding up and passing triangles not his strongest suite but has mentioned lots of injuries and fitness issues.
  11. Natta just reminds me of the guy from Wolfmother
  12. By far the coolest dude in rock'n'roll, RIP sir.
  13. Wise words from Ange whilst defending his Japanese striker yesterday, regarding the racism aimed at him by Rangers fans, well done Ange. https://wwos.nine.com.au/football/ange-postecoglou-against-racism-celtic-football-club-japanese-player-kyogo-furuhashi/67fcd041-ed79-4eac-8b67-ba0d53569cd6
  14. Bafflingly vague, european leagues just about to start or already started, is he playing for them or not? a January signing?
  15. Depends which part of the image was distorted surely .......
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