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  1. Always think of Italians, Argentinians and Uruguayans as strong defensive tackling midfielders, stereotypical I know many more out there of other nationalities, I have forgotten already the Uruguayan from last season Bruno something? He had spurts of good and bad performances in him last year, was he a one season contract player?
  2. Not beyond the realms of possibility. Have a soft spot for Tomi, but I had a soft spot for Bridgey, careful what you wish for eh. But I guess I wouldn't be too upset to see him back in Red & Black, too much sentiment clouding my judgement there I'm afraid, as I suspect with others.

    Josh Risdon

    As someone noted elsewhere, must be without a medical, thought he was injured.
  4. My son prefers Spotless hot dogs to ANZ hot dogs apparently, myself could not give a ....... just looking froward to a couple of brews in Parra then walk to Bankwest next season, roll on!
  5. He is not sitting in his seat, where are the stewards to march him on!
  6. Underwhelmed, is what springs to mind, thought it was an average game between two below average sides, dragging out to conclusion but not due to VAR but drink breaks this time, seemed like a pre season trial match at times. but hey ho, we won but why am i not turning cartwheels? Maybe it's the shock of winning, yep that must be it, i am in shock, forgotten how winning feels...
  7. Frankfurt stadium, red & black also, few vids on youtube.... bonkers! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3607671/Rocking-stadium-Stands-shake-thousands-German-football-fans-jump-celebrate-team-s-goal.html
  8. Something along these lines, both teams leak goals for fun. Going into the new stadium will there be a trophy room a la Barcelona's for example, we don't want a bloody wooden spoon sitting next to an Asian cup winners trophy for f***s sake!

    Babbel Out?

    Was wondering about the "coaching team", you mentioned JP there, he is flying under the radar as MB cops the flak, is he Babbel's choice or foisted on him for A league knowledge?
  10. remember coming across this when Grimsby were relegated from 4th tier, a pissed off fan wrote a letter how he felt the effort shown was not enough, here's a link to the clean version, worth a laugh. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/6579407/Grimsby-Town-fan-letter-the-full-text-of-Poojahs-rant.html

    Babbel Out?

    I liked Cornflakes bit of nous about him, but too old now surely, he was also good at scoring from set pieces.

    Babbel Out?

    Herr Babel in, but i want more of that fire i saw at SCG when he got red carded, get yer arse off that comfortable bench and stand on edge of coaching area and communicate with your team ! If they are out of shape and imploding - tell them, if they are playing well - tell them, communication big, word big meaning.
  13. Reading all comments, taking in the relevant points, what is the take on this? Length of contract for a player at WSW. What is a good term contract, 1, 2, 3 or 4 year?, as per points raised in this forum, are players on long contracts coasting, losing the urge to perform to the peak of their abilities?, are the kids being pushed too early, i mean when they play well they get the plaudits and must feel pretty good about themselves, get it wrong and play a stinker are they mature enough to cope, do they get any assistance from the older pros and coaching staff? Popa never seemed to sit with his squad, perform or get driven out seemed his mantra, never seen a turnover in a football team from season to season as with him, regardless of previous season performance in league or cup. It's a funny league with no relegation and players on a club merry go round, too insular maybe, but that's where we are at, personally unless you are a Messi, Bale, or Ronaldo type player, 2 years is the maximum length contract at this club i believe, some may disagree, enlighten me please.
  14. I'll try again, bit calmer now, first 30 min it seemed we really tried to push Llorente & Risdon up over the halfway line, yeah all good if we're scoring and dominating, but leaving Elrich & Hamill guarding the roost I was just wondering when the counters would come and the Jets worked it perfectly, they were too pacy and quick of thought for our centre halves and our full backs were too far up the pitch to do any sort of defending, when they were back it seemed they were lost in the crowd as the Jets just basically found space at will and passed and shot through the spaces, and there were spaces.....our jockeying and closing down was pretty average really. I am not a tactical expert but I felt the defence needed to do their job first then help the midfield to attack, felt we were too attack minded and got our trousers pulled down all too quickly and did not learn and react to a change in the moment. ah well i'll be back there next week, i'll continue to support the Western Sydney Wanderers because their my team, but cmon give me something back in return, where's your pride?