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    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Running out of Brexit stories I guess.
  2. Not a lot of lights on the tall tower showing, very odd.

    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    Well we started off dodgy, couple of yellows and soft goal, could VJ got a hand to it? going by the last minute save YES he could have ! But we kind of ground our way back into it and half time came, and the general consensus at the ground we were in it, keep grinding away, then they came out hard at us in the opening minutes and hit the post, bit of a wake up call, couple of typical derby handbags and then the crowd started believing. Shouted so much my voice has gone, i don't know how the RBB do it all game long - kudos. But really enjoyed the last 20 mins was sure we were going to win it, biscuit hitting the bloody post Jesus he wasn't going to get a better chance than that all night!, Roly and Majok at the end and VJ pulling one off at the death, came away entertained and hopeful for next season, but at the same time gutted, we were in with a great shout of finally beating them tonight and let it slip, but even so Cove & RBB going for it, Easter fireworks and 22,000 crowd best atmosphere all season there tonight, as i say came away entertained and a bit of a buzz at the end of a football match, good night.
  4. Score a hat trick Saturday and you just might find that option realised.
  5. Bloody great pics there, add to it sun going down , smoke, red lighting and music pumping when teams lead out, goose bump time.
  6. Just reading this thread and imagining Saturday night, not in my household but far away in Perth, Santa and Spiro with a couple of kebabs and a few coldies in front of the telly screaming "C'mon Wanderers beat this f****g bag of s**t!!"
  7. Just watched the Spurs stadium link above, very impressive, and some of that high work on the steel, getting the freezing of the toes just watching the video.
  8. The wheel turns, we've had a couple of seasons at olympic park now the Easts can have a couple, i'm sure they will be all be too happy to play there, so will the SCG mob i suspect.

    Finals Hopes Extinguished

    You're right, let's get back on track, can we get Birighetti off Melchester's bench and into the no 1 jersey next season, thought Verdan had bucked up his game in the last month, but dear oh dear failing to catch a corner kick not a good look.

    Finals Hopes Extinguished

    Wood, plums, bananas, Mrs Jack loves it :-)

    Finals Hopes Extinguished

    I'm a lot more hopeful about next week than i was 2 months ago, things have improved not massively but none the less improved. Biggest query for me, is MB gonna pick Verdan?
  12. 1 - 5 would be nice, that was the worst performance I'd ever witnessed from the Wanderers that night.
  13. Spotless seemed popular for a lot of festivals and one off events such as X games.
  14. Josh Risdon can have an early look at what he's missing as well.