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  1. Always had a Bovril and a cornish at a night game back at the Vetch, years ago.
  2. i don't know never done it, serious question can you take a thermos in?, obviously in your new clear bag of course!
  3. maybe i'm being a bit finicky but it would be good to see the subs names go up in LARGE on big screen who is going off and who is going on as the substitutions take place in real time, being up in the gods myself bit of an eye strain to the half flag other side of the pitch.
  4. Keep reading bright things about this lad especially on this forum, don't really know a lot about him, but in the brief time he played yesterday i can fully understand the hype, thought he was energetic and skillful. Think he will slot into Raddy's place seamlessly in coming weeks hope he starts in front of Sullivan next game. on a side note, really how good is Duke? we are blessed to have him.
  5. Moment of the night for me, injury time and Grozos chasing down a big punt out and putting Birighetti under pressure to slice it out, great effort young man !!!!
  6. Saturday 3.00 Liberty Stadium, Swans top Stoke bottom, who to win? Bollox, this is a bloody hard league everyone can beat anybody on the day, cannot really judge by league standings until after xmas !
  7. Will they be running a Sunday morning magazine programme featuring A league?
  8. You had me with "Field trip to Amsterdam".
  9. That's a bugger as I bus it down from the North west, thought Bankwest had an initiative to subsidise travel built in to ticket or was that just for Leeds match?
  10. Yep agree enjoyed that, the guy must have a pair of coconuts to brazen it out so long. Took a while to just get past Borat in my mind though, kept expecting him to burst into "veeerrry niiccceee"
  11. "Integrated public transport which includes rail travel for all home matches " Not 100% crystal clear to me, i understand your membership includes public transport to and from match, is that correct?
  12. just got to say I'm gutted for Rado, it's a hit for the Wanderers and life will go on, but it must be absolutely gut wrenching for him, all the best mate hope it pans out well for you in the coming months.
  13. Just saw this https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11696/11808919/pride-park-evacuated-due-to-flare-ahead-of-derbys-championship-clash-with-cardiff One Cardiff fan with flare empties the stadium with 30 mins to kick off, really?
  14. I'll be honest and do not know a lot about Meier, but the man looks a real handful and from the montage has great technique, I am feeling the most confident now for a looooonnng time that this season will be a successful one! just need to manage his energy levels in the Australian summer and be smart with the hard knocks, but I would expect MB and his team to be well in control of that aspect.
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