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  1. I've got the backline done for the Great Hair XI, anyone think of some forwards? Dino ....... obviously
  2. Well glad it's not the Easts as jokingly spouted on here a while back.
  3. There might be some partying & catching up going on in Howard Springs for all we know........
  4. looking forward to the Multiple Matildas tonight (there's a song in there somewhere )
  5. That consistency factor is the reason why i'd have Hersi in over Romeo, Hersi would have less off days ....i believe.
  6. Started to form then got thinking, is this based on "form on the day?" i mean love to put Castelan down; on his day bloody unplayable but some days turned up couldn't get past his man and found touch or goal line with heavy touch, bloody enigma.
  7. that was entertaining but Sweden are going to be a step up
  8. agree with the sub Polk needed in the home box
  9. how good is this young keeper Micah? well done girl
  10. bollox, one more in the time? or pens?
  11. going well here, one more goal could well seal the deal
  12. damn good player Kennedy, I'd rather her last year than McGowan to be honest
  13. Yep good point, cross Popa and your out training with the kids for a fortnight
  14. oh crap you can just see a 88th minute winner from her
  15. Catley takes a great set piece fair play
  16. have to agree with you there
  17. That's a decent size cheque book they've handed over to Popa, spending it like monopoly money atm.
  18. As much as i like the guy, it's a no from me spends too much time on the treatment table
  19. Potter brought him to Swansea started brightly then faded .......badly and released a year later, was not impressive.
  20. No more joking about to Duke to easts please, very bad taste in my mouth
  21. Can see flashes, but i can't take to guy somehow, he also wastes possession and collapses to the floor too easily for my liking. Don't doubt there is a good player in there somewhere but happy to pass on him.
  22. Noticed Andre Ayew gone to Qatar 200,000 per week Tax free, nice work if you can get it eh bloody hell.
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