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  1. homerj

    The Refereeing Thread

    I agree. The newer ones seem to start out better imho. I liked seeing some of the newer refs in the FFA cup.
  2. homerj

    The Refereeing Thread

    My 12 year old son asked a good question the other day. He was remembering the Japanese ref a few weeks ago, having just witnessed the latest VAR screw up. Can we have a marquee fund for imported refs? I said that sounds like a great idea.
  3. When Risdon went off, mini bacus was having trouble handling Fitzgerald. He needed more help. The Jumpei sub was a good one to get some help on the right. Although it looked like Bridge was loosing his effectiveness as the game went on. So it might have been a tough call. I thought Gambau used the last sub well.
  4. Since last year the kids have been nagging me to do an away trip. As soon as the schedule was released this was identified as the best opportunity for our first away game. And they are still keen after last week. We'll be driving up. What are the parking options around the ground?
  5. I hope you are right, but timing is everything. There was that time in Parra, when they had to get the tractors out to clear the hail.
  6. FFA have moved the Jets v Victory game due to forecast heat. Was Sat afternoon, now Monday night. I was looking forward to our game being 5pm, but not in 40+ temps. Hope they make it a 7pm kickoff. I suspect ours will only move if Foxtel approve. Given the glory game is a 7:50pm AEDT kickoff its not going to happen.
  7. I'd love nothing more than to see Timmy suspended. Such a goose. But it won't happen. Can you imagine the FFA handing the daily terror and the NRL/AFL such a gift? I can see the squires cartoon now.
  8. Note to self check Hughesys not going before booking any away trips.I'm cursed. Every season, the player I've gotten on the back of my jersey has ended up leaving too. Why won't you let me love you WSW? 😭 I hope you have ordered the Borda and Cornthwaite jerseys!
  9. Thanks for the podcast. I'm at 206 for spotless, and who do we sing for is awesome. Please keep it up. From my point of view it seems like the active bays are doing a great job, and have been trying to compensate for the ground. Mind you my parra tickets were very ordinary. +1 on giving Redmayne support. +1 on the pa being too loud. Also I love the new chant, I've taken to using the podcast clip of it for waking my kids up!