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  1. Have you ever bought a ticket with the stand name on it?
  2. East, West, North, South please
  3. roux played for ccm
  4. Why would AB10 be told to look for another club when his off contract? It's probably Fitzgerald
  5. 18 million would not be fixing every issue with the stadium. Only bits and bobs
  6. It would be faster to go and look yourself
  7. Google Maps on every platform as the same picture...
  8. That's gonna struggle to be approved while that tall for the same reason the new stadium will never be upgraded.
  9. I don't get all the Kamau love. He often gets fouled but that's because he holds onto the ball too long and slows down our entire attack.
  10. Is't this his 3rd year in Australia and you need to be here 5 to apply? How long does the application take after that before its official? He still has ages before he can get it
  11. Last season we regularly saw a newbord at the back if the rbb wearing a wanderers onesie and earmuffs
  12. If wanderers always do their giveaways on the western stand, does that mean that their giveaways will always go to the 16 corporates at each game?
  13. Unless the board members that quit were the people doing the salary checking. But that shouldn't ever be the case.