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  1. Eyyyy g'day all Life has been good. Spent some time in Oz last month, went to see WSW vs Melbourne City as one of my 3 games. Also got to see my beloved Perth lose 6-0 and just struggle over the last few weeks. Clubs been in a mess. I was wondering if any of you guys have any contact with someone who is at WSW? There is a player I want to recommend alongside a scout to try and get a Peruvian in the A-league. Cheers
  2. Away form can be dodgy but we are a good tournament team as proven in the Copa America. I'm a big fan of the socceroos, I watched most of their games in qualys but I think we're better. Not by a long shot mind.
  3. I'm used to it haha It was a piss take though - even in Wellington all they could do was defend. They couldn't string 3 consecutive passes. If I was an All Whites Fan I would have been embarrassed.
  4. Guinea Pigs * Gareca is doing that to put pressure I reckon but I don't know on who. I do think we're better than Australia but it will be a much tougher game. New Zealand was almost a piss take.
  5. Good time to show up I reckon
  6. Yeeeeeeesssssss, Victory and WSW visit Wellington when I'm there
  7. Think I'm going work and travel New Zealand. I'll get the opportunity to visit Australia as well. Going in December most likely, but I have to confirm things through. If it goes through I'll probably spend more time on here due to being able to catch the A-League at a decent hour
  8. First of all, congrats all on your game vs Chile. I was supporting you guys as I can't stand La Roja. Secondly, I'm going over to Australasia in December to March. Not sure which between Australia or New Zealand. I'd be going over there as a work and travel or internship. It depends on which field interests me most. Should I choose Australia, what are good work and travel sites I can look at?
  9. All the Peruvian sides are out. Bar Municipal and a few decentish performances from Melgar, they were all embarrassing. Sporting Cristal in particular I hope just don't qualify as I'm sick of them now. Year after year they do the same thing and get progressively worse. Conceding 5 to a dull side like Santa Fe is just unacceptable. They barely score 1 per match. The current favourites I'd say are River and Gremio. Barcelona de Guayaquil and Nacional de Montevideo are my 2 dark horses.
  10. Of course! Well I'm working now. Still a student of the career but I've pushed myself to get some experience on my CV. Have interviewed 5 players now, work for a youth club as their journalist and I'm going on my first trip for research. To Huancayo. I'm on a new twitter by the way. @B_Bertie98. I probably won't post much about the A-League but you'll see a post every so often. Expect some on the confederations cup where I'll be cheering for Oz. I'm usually for the South Americans but I can't stand Chile, so Australia it is. I'd say the A-League research helped in learning about foot
  11. Hey guys, how are you all? Its been a while since I've been on. Just wanted to say hello. I've progressed a lot in my career since I left. Also, while I haven't watched many A-League games in the past while, I have been keeping up. I was hoping for Batistuta to take over Adelaide and win the ACL in a fairy tale. Wasn't to be haha
  12. So I was speaking to an Aussie at 5 AM (I actually stayed up and not woke up early). He was watching the Ulsan - Roar game and told me they were getting thumped in 15 minutes, where it was 2-0. Woke up and saw it ended as 6 to nil. What the hell!?
  13. Said this on FB. Can't remember the last time I've enjoyed life as much as I currently am
  14. With permission from Mack, I'd be interested if any of you would like to listen to this and give me feedback? I'm not quite prepared to fully advertise it yet as I want to keep it on a low until we have everything set (so ideas, me doing a better job as host) If you're interested let me know and I'll send a PM.
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