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  1. if sutho ,st george ,wollongong ,fans want to have their own team here it is, get on board, This is your chance to show you can unite and built your club , This will happen with sir les murray,lyle gorman, craig foster,on board and the smart football loving owners who have the ability to float this club ,Talking about building a purpose built ground is whats needed and good luck to them
  2. the mistakes were made when we let casteelin ,alberto , and the midfielder go , then jamo, bridge,dario,topa saw the writing on the wall ,we do not show enough passion in keeping the squad together ,we have made the players and our supporters look for answers when we had them in the palm of our hand ,we only had to say yes ,to the proven team and paid the pio money to the squad as a bonus if they produced the goods [grandfinal win]then do a cull on the left overs and developed the kids . if you keep cutting the tree it will fall down ,learn to prune and add fert and water and watch it grow ,be
  3. Irrespective of salary, I think the real issue is whether these individuals are value for money. Most CEO's are capable of growing their market share and profitability, and to a degree justify their entitlements. If I get paid $1m a year but add $200m to the bottom line then shareholders tend to be happy. I personally think David is completely out of his depth. If you digest his CV it's clear to see he is an administrator - not a business developer, hence anything that relates to growing or maintaining market share appears to get delayed and is overwhelming audit based. This coupled with t
  4. gallops lack of thought into building relationships and heaping praise into all clubs, fan bases owners,when they achieve milestones that build a successful league, like new membership targets, well made tiffos ,pre game marches,massive away game support for struggling clubs,game day support for local businesses, when have we seen gallop in a pre game march , add some spice to a derby or state vrs state theme, the powers that love to sack the passionate fans that are only having a bit of fun on the weekend need to get ass into gear and start leading our sport ,and not hinder,sack,moan,stop, i
  5. the ffa should be put under there own salary cap ,you cant tell me gallop is worth 22000 a week ,money for jam ,all they do is have a cry about supporters ,time to get a boss that will grow the league not ponder and make up excuses why we cannot drive forward [no guts no glory] jobs for the boys, the peoples game
  6. not having the trophy at newcastle to give to us when we won the league first year, when 11000 fans made the trip only to find out gallop and co were to lazy to come up so they stayed home and counted there pay packets
  7. now is the time for the rbb to go on the attack and back up bozza and mark rudan and express their horror at the way the game is being run by greedy yes men with no vision or will for change and development ,all clubs supporters should rally for the new clubs to be welcomed now ,and if the ffa reckon otherwise they should get the same punishment they give out the fans for bringing the game down,lyle gorman would get the job done as ceo ,and let him pick a new team ,and stop the rip off of parents hard earned money ,
  8. we can add forrest gump to that list with his less than impressive field invasion attempt
  9. i have just see the biggest bunch of sore losers ever in the history of the aleague .throw bottles,chairs,shout abuse,cry penalty,run on field to disrupt game, leave early, ,stay strong you wanderers fans we won hands down, and in the process proved the smurfs are no match for our united club ,maintain the passion, pressure, purpose,with in the guide lines ,there shock is evident buy there media rants about one banner, arnie had no answer and was clueless to popa great tactics so stick together and comply with the rules ,cracks have appeared in there coach,players,cove again just look there st
  10. what about santa tonight ,signing all those kids shirts and being an total gentleman about it ,giving people his time to get there photo taken with him ,role model at the highest order
  11. thanks for the kind thoughts and keep up being half hearted
  12. rodney rude lives on ,he would be proud of that banner
  13. clisby and neville are really starting to become confident getting forward and it showed because grant and co were pinned down and failed to make an impact ,there is a different look about this team and if mitch terry nico josh can start to finish of there chances then we become an outside chance in the play offs
  14. we need to get the players we want to keep signed , then worry about the rest ,if city want to raid our players [nico] that tells me cahill is not well regarded buy them
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