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  1. I get the joy at SFC failure, but is it really a choke when the **** results were in the first 3 games (1 point), and the last 3 games were pretty good (5 points)? You've gotta actually look like winning before you can choke.
  2. That'd be a mode or plurality then, not a majority.
  3. Better than last year when a Victory loss was the clincher, at least the team got to play in the deciding game this time.
  4. Wonder how many dB Buzz Rothfield's sound meter will read at S'less next Sat... (cause you can't be suggesting that MV are any good at the moment) But I'm not here for bants so I'll leave you with this from before I was outed as a Dozy Smurf (thanks mods)
  5. 5 bans for 5 years plus I should expect. You'll need a bit more to back up the "you guys sending" and "your lot" though (particularly given I'm not in active these days so not sure what guys or lot I'm meant to be part of). More interesting was the response to and fallout from the Grand Final flare. But I've only heard rumor there.
  6. Mate call it what you will but it's the best home end in the country at the moment and has never been out of the top 3. Keep caring about looking tough and cool. If I wanted to take cheap shots I could be having a lot more fun this week (for 5 minutes until I got banned), I'm trying to give you guys some perspective, cause I often read interesting views on this forum. As for "protected species all along" sure, if you pretend history started in 2012 it looks that way, but there were heaps of arguments and splits and disputes with the club before things got to how they are now. It's not funny how I know, it's fcking obvious. But then again the homophobia wasn't fcking obvious to many here so maybe I'm giving people too much credit.
  7. Pullover was meant to be a dropdown from the roof like the FFA Cup one but weather made that unsafe. The half pullover/half dropdown from 2nd tier was a last minute compromise. The type of compromise you get when you have productive relationships rather than antagonism. As for the theme, FFA didn't approve another anti-Arnie banner because of the homophobic cock sucking one that RBB refused to apologise for. Amazing how that little incident has been left out of the "2 years of perfect behavior where's our reward?" thinking in this thread. The "Arnie [cock]" banner on Sunday will ensure that future Arnie banners will continue to be denied. Call it chummy, call it favouritism, but it works. FFA, club and cops know those who rip flares will be handed over and who to talk to when people need to pull their heads in.
  8. Perth came pretty close to cycling to a title in 14/15 but they cycled a bit too hard
  9. Imagine the squad Popa could have built if Leder had re-invested the $2.5+ million ACL and CWC prize money into smart contracts for Juric, Ruka, La Rocca et al that were half outside the HAL cap...
  10. Wouldn't that guarantee that clubs run with the minimum number of u21 players? You wouldn't get any youth players thrown a contract for experience when they're still a year away from being ready. Probably easier to say there's a set number of u21 minutes clubs can split over any number of players.
  11. But will he stay when Arnie goes at the end of the season?
  12. Glory and Adelaide don't count?
  13. Vedran has made almost twice as many saves as Redmayne this season. There are a few goals he could have done better on, but he's also pulled out some top class saves.
  14. If Adrian's does enough to get a call up he's probably also done enough to secure SFC the title before he goes.
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