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  1. Maybe its time to review the Gombau era never lost 4 in a row took over from popa and had no pre season with the team babel has had two full pre seasons. need to review cornwabbles, santa, bridgy, riera, tsatsies. involvement in tanking the last part of the season. just saying
  2. The knives were out for gombau from day one. Titsy and lockeroom snitch gavin had bridgy, roly,santa,riera,cornballs feed the media with crap. Titsy undermined Gombau’s authority very early as well. Riera refused to adhere to tactics, bacchus refused to travel when he knew he was on the bench. Have a look at the media capaign after only one game with gombau in charge. The fox camp had a plan to undermine the new coach as they were bitter about not giving foxy the job. A very well orchestrated and loyal coup put in place and it worked. Daily reports were made to foxy by phone by gavin and co. its amazing in this day and age that forums such as this are not capable of reporting/uncovering the truth. drug bust in double bay was also a massive coverup during popa’ reign as it was no secret the vice captain had issues all season but to save popas face titsy had to do a massive please keep it quiet plea to the media. good luck MACK with head in the sand approach
  3. Just shows how uninformed most forum members on here are or they are being fed what to say by mr tittysimos. All the above players were signed by tittysimos and Gombau had no say in it. Mahazi was also signed by tittysimos. Babel is a yes man and will do as he is told. A few players have already open their mouhs. A few more losses and there will be chaos. Bridgy, roley and riera cant keep quiet for long.
  4. So roly, bridgy, riera, santa got rid of Gombau. who is going to be the ring leader to start babel and titsimis out. word on the street is babel is titsy’s yes man. Wsw rubbish rbb not much better Pitch even worse
  5. Sotirio are you serious. Cujedo and Bonevacia need 200 chances to score.This was reiras 2nd penalty miss this season. This one cost us the game.
  6. Who was it that said he was happy to see Aspro play and that he would add pace to the backline. Obviously didnt watch too many games last season. Made more errors than Borda.
  7. What frkn numpty gave Aspro a wanderers shirt.If he continues to play this season forget winning anything.Get him off!
  8. Sat behind the bench and was in clear hearing distance of most comments from popa. Jumpee was on his tongue for the entire first half. Sotirio and clisby were chastised the entire second half including extra time. I heard him tell Lustica you will have to run for all of them as they are all faaaarked. He did also shout out a lot in another lingo but i didnt have an interpreter with me. Gave me a diiferent angle hearing this first hand. My views Lustica was immense when he came on. Should have had two assists. One for bachus and the other a simple header for riera. Class penalty Bonavacia was terrible and i cant beleive how most on here did not see it. Aspro cannot play out and cant defend. Sotirio how does he get to start. Melling gave away more passes than he made.
  9. Watched the game with 50 or so in the stand. Maybe you source watched it from the car. Herd played like a lumberjack Majok and Melling were terrible and definately the two worst on the field. As far as keiran goes i think his understanding with the blacktown forward was far better than with roly. His pass to him was brilliant only for the forward to stuff it up. Lustica was far more impressive as the number 8 DM playing behind roly as the no10. Comfortable on the ball. Roly have to agree. Thwaite also did well without being tested. roly 3 lustica 2 thwaite 1. show this to your source.
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