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  1. Being one of the clubs that has opted to force pay cuts, I suggest we start looking at replacement options from the NPL. This is going to be another dreadful year
  2. I’d say the biggest change for us this off season will be swapping kits from Nike to Kappa. Wonder if stealing DDS is possible. Dear lord we need a 10
  3. I suspect he has a vastly different opinion and prefers not to discuss the issue, no drama with that at all. The reality is he has probably seen far more of kosta than the rest of us put together and as such differs on his stance. Its entirely fair, however my trust levels in oour youth setup are dropping fast when I see the out put from Adam and Grozos. He itsnt really the type to debate stuff with people, rather state his opinion and leave it at that And lets try to avoid chasing people off the forum like was done with FCB. He is great quality around here and I think felt unwelcome after a prediction backfired
  4. If you’d like more examples, go check out his finishing in game 3...
  5. It’s not one game. There’s been a series of terrible showings over the last 12 months. Negative progression is the problem. He might have been a marginally talented junior but he has quickly joined the rank of highly touted players coming through our youth system that appear to be destined for mediocrity.
  6. Jesus Christ I hope we aren’t reliant on Grozos for a 10 next season. Go watch the highlights for Marconi V WSWNPL rd 4. Misses a tap in and an open goal. This kid is either going backwards fast or our talent grading is ******* horrendous
  7. Adam - lazy He got involved in a bit of build up then when the breaks on he slowly jogs forward. Like **** dude, you’ve been on the park 8 minutes, you’re 19 and need to prove yourself. Run cu/nt!
  8. You really need exceptional wingbacks, and we’ve only got one that’s found sound half decent form in the last 3 games. Flat back 4 for me please
  9. None of this impresses me. Not at all. We've been utter ****. The only thing I care about is winning senior trophies. That's it.
  10. Have to agree there. we had the second most expensive team supposedly, the year that Popa ran off. We then got a coach who refused to use that squad the way is was meant to be.
  11. Right now you can’t convince me that the academy is even working. We’ve heard jibber jabber to no end about how good some of these players are, and to be quite frank it simply isn’t true. The only one showing some ability atm is Russel, though I think Mouda has the plumbs for it too. Grozos was downright god awful and has been parked on the bench ever since. Adam has shown very little (though strikers need time). Not to mention the academy hasn’t produced a keeper that could save a ******* duck from drowning. Also it’s pretty clear we have very little coming through based on the last 12 months results of the NYL/NPL.
  12. Thats the Jurman approach. He played 11 games in a sand pit and walked away with about 1.5m And yes, definitely ask for that upfront or you wont see a cent
  13. Suman was injured from memory. Vedran still injured I believe. Very happy Greenwood is out, he doesn’t belong around a professional setup. I rated prendergast at Blacktown. He’s a good shot stopper but he had a great black line in front of him. The weak link was probably the LB, Fragioganis, but their midfield was pretty much all ex Wanderers youth players. Point being he wasn’t getting a lot of tough shots hit at him, a Lot of speculators mostly. We also have baby Spider in the mix too.
  14. Schwegler back in the country. This is a good start!
  15. I chatted with a semi regular poster from this forum last week who'd been told he was almost definite to return. No idea who his internal source is but I know he has a bunch. They can stick their heads up here and disclose if they wish
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