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  1. There's no way we are good enough to challenge. Yeboah - every ******* first touch bounces up to his chest or 10m off to the side. Baccus - 50% of his passes are horrendous. Yes he chases to fix the mistake but its too late by then. DG - Wtf happen to this bloke. Twice a game you can see the old DG, but its mostly done and gone Schwegler - Seems to have given up. Wheres the guy that was diving around all over the place and toweling up leeds? JPD - same dumb decisions. Who tf bring on yeboah when you have Adam sitting on the bench? Or maybe a random 8 year old in the crowd Cox - Should have been a 6 month signing. We've locked up at least 3 foreign spots so the next coach is yet again going to need to do a clean out Almost every decision the club has made in the last 12 months has been the exact opposite of what I expected (Except for sacking Babbel, though that came 6 weeks too late). Insane decision making on and off the pitch, its no wonder were are going to be stone cold rock bottom fcking last by the end of the season. The only similarity between these Wanderers and the Wanderers under popa is the colours and the badge.
  2. Is it wrong to sing 'who at all the pies?' at your own players?
  3. He's always been a bucket. But big players like that dont age well. He's slow as a mule but at least he's mostly getting in the right areas
  4. The squad, the coach, the board ... whatever. Chuck the whole lot on the funeral pyre and start again
  5. Valverde just said he wants to come coach in Australia. I suspect that desire will last all the way up until salary expectations. We’ve talked a lot about wanting a local but that’s a big time manager.
  6. Maybe a little. The laziness I was referring to was the chasing back. He made a few half efforts to chase an attacker but seemed like he decided to cut a passing lane because it would be easier
  7. Absolutely no reason to be losing this game. We have a full and fit squad, the dud is gone and jets have had a worse season than us. Muller has been improving significantly each week, Cox looked okay in his first outing (if a little lazy). These two seemed to work well together even if the range was out a few times, Cox got into good positions where muller was expecting him to be Cox and Duke up front means no Yeboah which is a fantastic outcome. Back line is starting to look solid again. Our huge risk is doing the patented Wanderers “lol I’m going to sleep” in the 75th minute
  8. https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/shop-online/2983/durex-lubricants
  9. Wilko is retiring end of season. I’d be shocked if we get to keep Jurman
  10. GG to victory. This guy annoys me. He’s showed signs of brilliance in a few games. Just stay at a club and grow, dude
  11. That’s what scares me about letting him go. If he goes to McArthur, he’ll pull a sotirio and start to improve, except Yeboah ability ceiling is a lot higher than Sotirio. The thing to remember is that Yeboah was in a very capable BR team. He benefited from that. He went to Germany where he slid backwards rapidly to being frozen out of 3rd division teams. Id say he came here with a high level of confidence last year thinking he would go back to dominating **** defenders and now he’s feeling pretty down trodden. His ability has gone backwards with it
  12. Seems the bald fraud is used to brain explosions. The commentators read out a bunch of stats last night. 5 clubs, no more than 4 wins in any of the second seasons coaching them. As harper put it "he's just a bad coach".
  13. The good: - we ******* won! - Kamau suddenly learned to cross, though under little pressure - We’ve started to use Muller well. Though I think it will require either Baccus or Schwegler getting forward a bit to fill the gap when he makes those runs - We have a coach who coaches players during the game. Though the quality of that advice is yet unknown. - Mcgowan has improved with a bit of a gap. Still at least one shocking error. - Mo Adam listens to senior players when he’s given a spray. It resulted in a fantastic goal. The Bad: - First and foremost Yeboah - We didn’t nail down any of the goals from open play that we really should have (with the exclusion of the last goal though that was a 3 on 2) - Schwegler giving away more pens - we completely went to sleep and backed off the ball from the 82nd minute (Sydney will ******* murder us) - Lacking a clear path to goal that isn’t constantly Muller breaking the line. - CCM would have been up 3-0 if they could hit a target. Top 4 teams will out at least half those chances away - Hate to say it but duke is going backwards. He needs an early goal against Sydney to get his mojo back Thoughts?
  14. Currently we have at least 3 vacant senior positions. The club didn’t fill any of them before so I can’t imagine they’ll start now. The fact that we only have one Fullback is a glaring issue
  15. Cox is a 10 apparently. Just misuser in his last season at Southend playing lone 9 or on the wing. This SHOULD mean muller to the LW and Duke to 9
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