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  1. Suman was injured from memory. Vedran still injured I believe. Very happy Greenwood is out, he doesn’t belong around a professional setup. I rated prendergast at Blacktown. He’s a good shot stopper but he had a great black line in front of him. The weak link was probably the LB, Fragioganis, but their midfield was pretty much all ex Wanderers youth players. Point being he wasn’t getting a lot of tough shots hit at him, a Lot of speculators mostly. We also have baby Spider in the mix too.
  2. Schwegler back in the country. This is a good start!
  3. I chatted with a semi regular poster from this forum last week who'd been told he was almost definite to return. No idea who his internal source is but I know he has a bunch. They can stick their heads up here and disclose if they wish
  4. For me: Bruce Kamau - Let him go. Even if he has some amazing games, he's out constantly. Daniel Wilmering - I saw VERY little that said he was anywhere near ready for the mens football. He looked good against leeds and the pretty much only completed passes to the CB after that Mitch Duke - keep obviously Mathieu Cordier - Been on the fringe for 2-3 seasons. Very much not a wingback it seems Matthew Jurman - Keep Nicholas Suman - Meh... never known a GK who was injured this much Nick Sullivan - Keep Pirmin Schwegler - We dont really have a choice but he's fine to stay or go Our issues: Cox - Faaaaark me talk about falling over at the final hurdle. He might have his contract terminated anyway if he cant return to the country. If he's unable to hold up his end of the contract then it voids Vedran - The man isnt going to leave unless the bulls or mariners take him. He might be happy just to take his cash and sit on the bench Majewski - He's just come off an ACL at 33. Part of his value was that he worked like a mad man up front. If he loses that with his knee, it's going to be a **** show. We will at least have the same remedy to void if he cant return to aus Georgevski - Second half of the season was nothing short of horrendous. If he can find his old form then he's fine. If he carries on where he left off... Yeboah - Dude is not a footballer. It's like Bambi had a stroke and then decided to go iceskating Ziggy - He immediately drops off this list if he cant get his paperwork sorted We are carrying a lot of chaff into next season.
  5. I hope not. 33yo returning from an ACL injury. God forbid Grozos get his ******* arse into gear we wouldn’t need a foreigner there
  6. Under normal circumstances you'd be absolutely right. 199 countries currently have moderate to complete boarder closures. That currently includes all the oil leagues. Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia infect rates are starting to really take off now too If I'm an aussie player right now, I would be worried about my ability to even enter a different country let alone hope the league proceeds. Australia already has professional sports on the cusp of kicking back off. I'd be looking for a marquee role in Australia if I were Leckie, and he's probably going to get it too. The issue he's going to face is that clubs are supposedly asking to reduce the cap for next season. Add to that there are players on contracts that simply dont fit a reduced cap and all of a sudden options start to become slim. We have a big problem in Vedran. Old mate is supposedly due back from injury for next season, and he wouldn't even get a run in the U20's but still manages to eat up an enormous part of the cap. Might be time to reclassify him as a striker and put him up against Mcgowan for some training sessions. He's almost assured a catastrophic knee injury
  7. The over whelming response from Celtic fans I've heard is that he simply can't see out 90 minutes at full tilt (which we see pretty regularly with his NT duties). If he cant go hammer and tongs for 90 minutes in the SPL he wont survive the EPL. He's definitely a good fit for plenty of Championship clubs though. But in 5 seasons at Celtic hes only put in 120 odd league games, and im betting plenty of these were from the bench during returns from constant injuries
  8. I’m not saying we will get him any time soon. But the normal player movements will still happen off season, if maybe at a reduced rate
  9. 110% take the Oink. Think about this in context. I’m not worried if he would start for Glory or not. Were are potentially about to lose Duke, we have a ST who doesn’t slot away sitters, and Yeboah who by all rights doesn’t belong in ANY football setup where players are being paid. There’s not exactly a plethora of australian strikers right now and we bugger all foreign spots to spend on someone up front. Sign Oink
  10. Mental. Call the season if we have to do this. 2 teams being punished in such a fashion isn’t a pill their fans will swallow. If Foxtel is able to claw back funding during to a short season, this is going to hurt the league horribly
  11. Talk of condensing the league to three weeks but I can’t see that happening if Nix can’t travel internationally and both Nix+Vic are already on 14 day quarantine.
  12. I couldn’t be more angry with Simon... However if we look at this in perspective, we grabbed a point against second place missing 4 starters. Okay, next week
  13. Pull that against Sydney and we won’t be losing 3-1. They will destroy us. Completely fine with JP benching people after that effort. Play the game back to them Monday morning then ask who thinks they put the effort in. Anyone who sticks their hand up shouldn’t be playing at all next weekend.
  14. God I hope so. We shouldn’t be spending money flying non-footballers to football games if they aren’t support staff
  15. 2-1 win. Pop 2 early goals, defend well until the 70th then inexplicably tune out again. I'm hoping for a big game out of Sullivan again, assuming Baccus is still out. I'm sure he can fill that 6/8 role next season with Schwegler or another strong leader. A win in this game and we put everyone all the way up to MCFC on notice
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