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  1. Upthehill

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Higher up the park? When we already have 5 wingers?
  2. Upthehill

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Cmon, you can admit it buddy. He did good
  3. Upthehill

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Definitely agree the playing gap is hard to overlook. Wages would be interesting, many La Liga clubs offered to let him train but all came offering hugs, not contracts. He’d need to have his leg amputated if he got injured in China, I can’t see him there simply for health reasons. MLS maybe? **** bundesliga team? We shouldn’t be complaining about ugly. We’ve had both Mullen and Clisby on our squad list. Both have a face like a smashed crab
  4. Upthehill

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Posted this in the wrong thread before. Santi Carzorla has just been released. At 33 is he a genuine marquee option or too old and too injured?
  5. EDIT: Disregard - wrong thread. We’ve derailed this discussion into a squad rumours thread
  6. Upthehill

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    I'll still be surprised if that happens. Kilkenny, is a like for like on Roly, and is better at it. Glory need defenders and new wingers.
  7. Upthehill

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Leroy, Roly, Llorente, Oriol, Foreign CB I day foreign CB cause there is basically no aussies up for grabs this season
  8. Yeah he’s from Kings Park I think. Re Olly Bozanic, don’t get too worried about where he’s been. He only played 5 games for Joyce. He’s up to the task. He’s also the best Aussie free agent CM available this off season. Babbel started him regularly at Luzern. I think Bozanic will be keen to get under him rather than risk another Warren Joyce situation
  9. Upthehill

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    So it sounds like most agree we need a 1st class CB. Assuming the Bozanic thing happens, and #LeroyDay dawns on us, that would leave us with a giant hole at ST, also assuming Babbel plays a 442 again. I count 5 foreigners gone. What aussies strikers are knocking around? Bridge doesn’t seem to have the legs for 90 minutes on the wing any more. Could he do the job of support striker?
  10. But this rumour is literally appearing out of the fact that Popa and Roly were briefly in the same city - and for both we know why they were there. It wasn’t some secretive fly by night visit. It was perpetuated because many want him gone. Strangely, despite Rizzo being there as well, that rumour never bounced around
  11. Cant see it happening. That rumour started because he posted pics in perth for Italiano's wedding. He will be at Wanderers next year
  12. Is the Roly rumour from your mate? Sorry for the persistent questions. I cant always work out what is your gut feeling and what is your mate from the way you out the comment. They were all in perth for a wedding so a few gram pics doesn't fill me with any confidence
  13. Is this from your Journo mate or just a gut feeling?
  14. Im going to go off topic for just a quick sec to admit guilt on this issue. I've held a few negative opinions about the RBB in the past, and many I still stand by, but I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong - and I was wrong on this. We are better off as a club with the RBB than without. We got a taste of dead air at the end of the season and it was dire. I'll take the issues along with all the great things they bring. This would be a great time for the FFA to get along side the RBB and the NT (does it even still exist? I dunno??) and build positive relationships. If Babbel brings nothing but passion back to our club, I reckon I can deal with that. (But seriously mate, win us a trophy of something) Stringer - re your comment about Jumplow being marquee, that is righteous anger, and we need more of it.
  15. Im hoping for a mix. We've seen what can happen when head coaches dont have their own assistants (Fox) around them. Babbel will be at a disadvantage when it comes to our grassroots football, I just hope he gets good guidance. Though I suspect he will be appalled by the stat of Australian football. I remember a number of complaints from Polenz about how we mature our players and charge the pants off youngsters trying to make it. I suspect a clean out will come at the end of the next season. Even if Gombau had was here for this season, he would still have been locked into a number of players and staff he clearly didnt want. Hopefully Babbel can live up to his comments about adjusting tactics to fit the squad (and staff)