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  1. That ‘striker’ was shown up by the U15 kid I couch who put away 4 in a 45 minute trial match against the U17s you just know he’s going to keep his spot though.
  2. Here’s to hoping he applies the same methodology to senior strikers he’s signed that have less footballing ability than some local park prem strikers....
  3. I'd hope they give Ali Auglah a red hot crack before that
  4. With duke returning is always assumed it would be an Ibini/Duke pairing at the front. However right now I can’t imagine there’s anyone less deserving of a starting spot than Ibini. Good to see Natta continuing to grow. Very handy player.
  5. This needs to be a comfortable win tomorrow. Pheonix back line has been slapped together with bang average midfielders. Ball obviously having a well deserved break. Cam Devlin coming off an injury. If we can’t kill off these sorts of teams inside the first half, we should be worried
  6. I’m not a Lucy zelic fan in the slightest, but I’ll support anyone firing rockets at Brenton Speed
  7. I'm less concerned about how we won than the fact our young fellas will build some confidence from that. Backline - Too many good footy players there. Never a problem I thought we'd have this season. I feel for Natta because he's going to lose his spot when everyone is fit. However we saw the end result of Russel being slowly worked into the team over 2-3 seasons, be patient. Ziegler seems less ****, though he didnt have much pressure on him tonight. That may change against a team like Brisbane or Perth. Must be said, Ziggy Gordon is the acquisition of the season, we cried out for players
  8. My U15s striker could replace him at this point. 5 goals in a game against the U17s. Didn’t fall over the ball once, there was even a slight breeze! In all seriousness, commentators keeps talking about him being out of confidence. It’s no longer our job to help him get it back. His incompetence has costs us points. Directly. Two of our draws he could have scored winners. Bugger him. Loan him to an NPL club and let him get his **** together. Get Auglah up there. We have Tommy one small stint and it turns out he’s got serious potential. Auglah might be a similar case
  9. I’d love to see it but hasn’t he amassed a whooping 8 games in 2-3 seasons? Though surely 15 minutes off the bench would be good for his confidence too. To victory, they have some decent players and have looked dangerous in ten minutes spells (doesn’t that sound familiar) but we should be blowing them off the park. We can’t be continuing to draw these games and expect to be competitive come end of the regular season. We really need to start putting **** teams to the sword If Troisi can play for 70 minutes like he did in the last 10 against the Bulls, we will start banging goal
  10. I'd go jump on r/soccer subreddit one day. I don't think I've seen a single supporter of any league or club who is satisfied with their officiating. The reality is football is officiated by human beings with the responsibility of applying subjective rules at high speeds. Still gonna give em **** if they make a slight error...
  11. 2 pens, 1FK and 3 corners. Need to scrub up on defending them. Though tonight we got out muscled by 2 giants
  12. I wouldn't fault Feds there. He's surely told to play way off his line on set pieces to stop long ball counters. 3 mistakes in quick succession left Feds absolutely stranded. Short pass to a presured play, the slip, the fluffed tackle
  13. Bordering? Full blown incursion Im totally unconvinced by robinson. The man can recruit but it seems to stop there. Our midfield is absolutely garbage atm; static with the ball, floating to the wrong man in defence, no direction other than route 1. Teams woke up to Aquilina and Russel early and are giving us space down the middle yet we utterly refuse to use it. God I hope Duke can drag us kicking and screaming into the finals
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