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  1. Theres no way 10% of available free agents would come here Can we trick them by maybe mispelling as Austria? Then just bait and switch
  2. “I looked at it and thought, what we lacked last year was voices." Mmm no, you talked plenty "What we lacked a little bit was understanding in certain scenarios." You're not wrong Mr Robinson. It just wasn't the players that lacked it...
  3. So with baccus back, thats the midfield done and dusted. We've also got 3 strikers. We need this phantom CB to show up at some point. Assuming he does, if CR doesnt go top 3 with this lot then he isn't fit to manage one of those Dutch "Drunk football" teams
  4. Wow that’s bad. You’d get the punt from a local reserve grade for that ****
  5. In years gone by I’d agree whole heartedly. However there’s a few factors that make me rethink this. - Apparently CR knows how to get the ball in the net. Being clinical in front of goal did hurt us though. - we have a significantly improved midfield over last seasons absolute garbage - defence has received some improvement, could do with another big CB as you say For me that GK spot is crucial to winning seasons. If that’s our weak spot, and it can’t be filled by australian stocks, then have at it. Especially if we can find someone who’s a huge improvement ie Lopar. But we
  6. Not shooting that down at all. I suspect that's exactly what he's going to run with. He did it last year a number of times. His team sheet might have shown 2 up top but the second striker was very deep often. We finally have 2 different types of CM's (Ugark holding and Antonis free to move up.) Hemed is going to have his work cut out for him in that system but Russell and Traore can both cross competently (though Russell needs more consistency). With the number of attacking midfielders we have now (inc Baccus) we don't need to take the insane decision of using Ibini deeper, his best (O contrib
  7. This is the same reason why I like him at 10z lots of energy and capable of pure brilliance. If he loses the ball in the final third that’s fine. Its even less of a change than Roly who moved from CDM to LW (Hell, he was a CB at Ajax). Moving higher up the pitch might be the way to go for him
  8. THAAAANK **** Shotton is literally the best English free agent CB outside of england currently not on contract. Ive been unthreading my shoelaces the last 3 hours mate...
  9. He was so unbearably bad he was dropped in favour of NYL players
  10. Wait if it’s Shotton, I’ll be calling the membership team to remove my credit card on file immediately
  11. Always shot stoppers first for me. We should be looking at the best shot stopper available to us. Ball playing should be a far distant second. As far and TA and Natta, any defenders part of last seasons diabolical efforts should consider themselves lucky to be getting another crack. The fact that we’ve only signed 2 starting defenders worries me a lot. I like these youngsters a lot, but I’d be super anxious going into another season relying on them as starters
  12. Im seeing 2 potential signings in the back line. That spot filled by Natta or Mouda could be replaced by a senior foreign player. Im all for youth progression but I'm far more in favour of trophies - Natta and Mouda can fight for spots. We should be looking at a foreign keeper, a foreign CB and a foreign ST. None o them have to world beaters. They just need to push the existing players for spots
  13. Does it really make you scratch your head though? ‘Square peg in a round hole’ could be our fu/cking club motto at this point
  14. Now with all this foreigner and cap space I’d really like to see a new GK brought in. Margush has no one snapping at his heels. I don’t care if it’s an improvement on Margush or a contender but he can’t be allowed to cruise. Considering the hot garbage other teams are signing we have a great chance at finally winnings something.
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