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  1. So Popovic era. The way he talked about Popa without actually saying his name, implies they might not have had the best relationship. Or pop was just giving him the treatment and Devlin has accepted it for what it was
  2. A few points on this, and why I think we have no chance of getting him. 1) In our favour, Devlin was at the academy while popa was here. Devlin spoke about being completely ignored by the coach at the time. I cant quite work out if thats Popa or Gumby. Timelines may help here 2) We have Ugarkovic, Baccus and Dorrans all going into next season. Devlin would be signing on knowing he is probably behind at least 2 of these players 3) If Mutch stays, he knows he's not getting a game 4) If popa is offering him a starting gig in contrast to at least 2 points above.... yeah probably not.
  3. Seeing lots of discussion in here about attackers. From memory we're still 3rd on the goal tally. We are leaking an ABSURD amount of goals. We need 2 top center backs. Gillespe would be a good start there. We also need a GK. @Midfielder (I think it was) called it out. Margush may have a future but he's certainly not on the level of guys who've been involved in winning trophies. A really strong LB would be very useful as well. I very much like Natta, Wilmering and Tommy A, but we aren't winning games consistently with them. We can easily use them from the bench or supported by 3 senior def
  4. What weak spots? The 3ATB is working exactly as expected
  5. At least then all hope will be gone before we actually play.
  6. https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/fixtures#!/t7062 players - here’s a link to the remaining schedule in case any of you feel like turning the fu/ck up...
  7. Aren’t we still playing a 3/5ATB? Agree Aussie pat has stepped up finally. He’s got another hopefully 6-7 games to shows he’s worth an extension. I’d love to see him stay if he’s playing like he has the last 2 weeks. I still worry he’s horribly error prone. He’s given away a metric **** load of penalties over the last 3 seasons
  8. Pretty sure @blameturner would have had his old fella standing at attention if he’d been allowed to get away with that
  9. I was in the couch going commando in my sweat pants... have a guess how I’ll be turning up during finals...
  10. @mack get your sh/it together mate... don’t let the plodders at fox out do you
  11. I suspect they counted all the time WU spent fishing the ball out of the net...
  12. That was a VERY dusty WU. The only thing I take from that is we can still bully sh/ite teams. Take the momentum, start turning up against the top 4 teams
  13. Carl... Robbo... mate... if you put McGowan back on the park, something in your head is completely fu/cked
  14. Wait seriously? Jesus it felt like we had the ball 60% of the time
  15. Good half. Nice to have a solid first half. some stand outs: Natta - so calm and collected in every situation. Mouda might have lost his spot in the olympics to him Gordon/Red Jesus - man loves to play football. A few more players with his effort levels and we’d be killer Good Bruce - he’s started really nicely. He can bully Uskok in the second half if he really wants to We need a few more to run the goal difference up. I suspect making the 6 or getting home finals will come down to GD
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