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  1. Ive seen his passing. No way he would cut the mustard in your Div5 team
  2. IMO he's cooked, gone and past it.
  3. The beatings will continue until moral improves!
  4. He’s basically never played CB. Occasional RB Bit of a difference. One came from Thailand and the Spanish third division. The other has come off the back off 300 games in La Liga. This one certainly has a better feel to it
  5. Nah, he’s saying it’s a young group and he’s looking to add more [experienced] players
  6. Give me some terry baby! Spira hasn’t played football in almost 2 years so I can only assume he’s retired and just CBF saying anything. We really need and improvement at 10 from last year. Mueller is so direct he separated the midfield from the front 2 quite badly. Dario could do it but I don’t think some would be very happy with his return
  7. Adam waterson is a definite no. Just spoke to another Aussie coach in the US. He said it’s simply a TFM balls up. Firmly planted in the MLS for a long time
  8. Nah. Been to both. They're pretty on par. City just has a fancier lunch room Though from most reports their player care programs are far better, and the culture is too
  9. Annoucement today. Apparently all aleague fans will be happy with this according to some tweet by some dude. Speculation?
  10. Sure, but theres always flexibility with these things. Say after a week Mouda is showing far more in training then Timo gets an offer from adelaide to trial, I wouldnt be surprised if Robbo gave hima tap on the shoulder
  11. The club. PFA source also said this was happening a few days ago
  12. Jordon Mutch would be a great option. He’d settle in just fine with the physical football. Potential longer term option even under the current financial strain
  13. Scuttlebutt is Ugarkovic and Ibini. Ill take both right now
  14. That is the most un-German and Aussie response to admin ever ”You want screen shots!? Yeah nah **** that” Give him his passport. He’s passed the test
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