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  1. He’s already taken it. Clearly the blood has been diverted from his brain...
  2. Thats my assessment too. There's lots of good footballers who flourish on the wing but struggle up the middle. Ibini looked decent when he's being put in behind but lost in the build up where guys like Juric are much better. The problem we now have is that Aquilina and Russell are fast becoming our 'go forward' outlets (btw Georgie, time to start looking in the job section of the sunday paper mate). The back line is looking good even when those two are pushed way up looking to be released. Gordon has been fantastic in his first two outings, as have Mouda and Mcgowan for me. If we swap to
  3. Interested to see if Cox makes the line up if he’s on the way out. Much rather have Muller, Troisi and Ibini than Cox on there. The problem I’ve seen with Cox is I still don’t know what he’s good at after 12 or so games. He doesn’t finish tap in, he can’t seem to hold up the ball, he can’t beat defenders, and he can’t seem to nail a killer ball. Is there something I’m missing?
  4. If he can't bring a strategy that hasnt been seen by the stand in we have the wrong coach. The flip side of that is Carl should be well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of that back line. This should be 2-0 win against a team that is surely favourites for the spoon. If we fall at this VERY low hurdle then I'll be very disappointed
  5. All in all im pretty happy with the Midfield now. Love a big midfielder with footwork. They offer a lot in many different situations. Here's to hoping we keep him fit. Giannou would be fantastic for us if we can bring him in. It sends Cox back to the bench too
  6. I wouldn't say major. having a strong midfield in front of you is a huge bonus to keeping the pressure off the backline. Ziggy has been an improvement there too. He made some huge tackles where Ziggy 0.5 ballsed it up and gave away pens last season. Lets see if it continues beyond 1 game
  7. We need a classic 9. We’ve signed so many upfront but if he can bag 15 this season he’s be very much worth it. Let cox fight for the spot or go home. Unfortunately I doubt he will be cheap.
  8. They definitely got it wrong with DG last season, they even admitted it during the week. i honestly can’t say that was a pen last night. His hands were by his side and the ball pretty much smashed him in the gut. Our frustration should be directed towards things like Cox getting an intercept, being 1v1 with the keeper then deciding to wait for support rather than driving at the goal. Or Yeboah spooning a header into the fourth row. These are things we (the players) can control. We can’t control refs and we can’t control VAR. I want to see DG getting fired up about mistakes and bei
  9. You say that but week in week out we see simple stuff hit the back of the net. Feds is a clear standout. Lesser keepers will make mistakes in those positions. Even if we say only 1 was a real stunner, we forced 4 saves out of Feds. Margush was bested by Milligan’s arse. Other than that there was no threat on goal, though mostly because Najjar couldn’t head a ball to save his life
  10. Dorrans is a different player to Schweg, looks better with the ball at his feet despite a few little **** ups he mostly fixed himself. Federici had a great game to avoid 2-1 maybe 3-1 scoreline. If you go from the back; We have no idea with Margush but decent enough early signed a back three of Ziggy, McGowan and Tass seems to be improvement on last season. Ziggy was great tonight. Midfield looks messy with no clear roles. I’m not sure if that’s by design. Dorrans will finds his feet. He’s been ill and confined all preseason. Front line is without doub
  11. He had a great game last season. Jets fans were very unhappy he’s been loaned out. However I think it’s a good move for him and the jets. He’s got a chance to push Margush out if he’s training well and Margush has a few howlers
  12. Robbo doesn’t rate them. They’ve given them a way to save face while being told they’re unwanted I’d say
  13. No tears shed for those 3. Mo Adam had so much potential but showed basically nothing last season. Seems like other players are already ahead of him
  14. Ziggy said he was committed to the Mariners just over a month before joining us. I put almost no weight behind these things. However it is a little more damning that a presser was held just for this
  15. Whooping great big backflip from 3 months of arguing with the exec team
  16. Next signing will be very telling around his intentions for formation. Signing another 9 now while he has no intention to use wingers would leave use with 4 wingers and no where to use them. It would make the signing of Ibini very odd. A proper LWB is what we really need in this setup If it ends up a 4231 then I’d say we have most positions sorted and a 9 would be a priority. I don’t see many goals in Cox A GK should be on that list too
  17. "Ugarkovic is free to sign a pre-contract elsewhere on January 1, and it’s understood he has until the middle of the month to finalize his departure from the Hunter if he’s to head to Wanderland." From the article
  18. 100% My thoughts around Aussie Pat is that even if he improved I wouldnt have wanted to keep him due to being foreign. I dont believe he can lift his game enough to justify a spot. However with a PR/Cit im more than happy to see him stay another 2 years
  19. If he can get his act together this season I’d happily resign him now that he’s Aussie. He’s been decent but he’s made some colossal errors. Normally you would notice them as much as we did last season but the issue is McGowan was making them too.
  20. **** guys, someone broke the motbot again
  21. Glad to see you haven’t lost your usual sense of humour...
  22. Jets just signed Duncan. Reckon we could poach him too?
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