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  1. Im carefully wishing our current coach had Muscats record. In order he got 1st, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd.He made 3 grand finals, 2 of them he won. 49.7% win ratio (100 odd wins to about 50 losses). He might not be the best coach out there but our current coach has our club rocketing toward the bottom of the ladder at a pace that makes your eyes water.
  2. A 442 definitely wouldn’t go astray for us right now. We don’t have a 10 so we are borderline playing with a flat 4 since Muller is pushed so high all the time. Up front Duke and Meier/Yeboah. Muller and Adam at LM/RM. Baccus and Schwegler at CM. Back line DG, Jurman, Ziggy/Mcg, Kamau Saint Lopar between the sticks.
  3. How you get the ball there matters a lot. If your route to goal is whacking long balls from Jurman straight to Yeboah, you’ve got no hope. The attack basically never wins those, compound that with the fact that Kamau wouldn’t win an arm wrestle with a child and Yeboah has the first touch of a baby elephant. Baccus and Schwegler are only using one option, and that’s to slide the ball into wide channels. And that’s pointless too because Wilmering is mostly on his heals. And even if he is going forward, it’s going to end up being passed back to Jurman because he can’t beat his man. And most importantly, we don’t have a 10 in the side. Muller doesn’t know how to affect the play in the middle of the park and Grozos’ isn’t ready, if he will ever be. yeah you’re probably right about Kamau though. He got service at City and was all round meh
  4. I understand your point. I’m just not swallowing that any more. 4 seasons on analysing where we’ve been good in the build up, minor improvements here and there defending. It’s all for nought if the ball doesn’t end up in the other net. Ive said this before. A victory won’t change my perspective. Consistent ability to be clinical in front of goal, stringing consecutive wins together and not relying on VAR will change my perspective
  5. We’re now sitting in 6th with bottom of the table in striking distance of us this weekend. 2 more weeks of this and we will be proud placeholders of the newly created ‘11th place’.
  6. The Gombau one was weird. But it sounds like he wasn’t towing the club line. That makes it JTs problem for not making it perfectly clear what the deal was before he was signed. We all expected big things from Babbel. And he went and recruit half a bloody bundesliga team from varying divisions. It turns out there is no clear direction in this setup what so ever.
  7. Heh I had to look that up. Didn’t realise it was part of the recent change. Still, was pretty obvious that didn’t happen. Either way, the pen was garbage. Arms by his side and retracting further
  8. I agree it was a dumb penalty but why would it matter if it touches his chest first?
  9. #byebyebabs I could hack a loss if we showed improvement. But we are completely aimless. Then poor performances are compounded by looney formation shifts.
  10. It’s like inking a girls name on you. There’s always a chance she gives you the punt.
  11. I’m not worried about the reputation issue. We kept a manger for 5 years. We sacked one. Babs is now 18 months into his tenure and has accumulated 7 wins. There will be replacements. Muscat is the first option. It’s the right time if we can turn the season around. Finishing second or third will do more for our reputation than holding onto a bloke who can’t win games. Were currently 3 points off the bottom of the ladder. 2 more losses and that’s exactly where we are going to be. At that point I imagine most fence sitters will be all out of patience
  12. Genuine question. Why would you not want Babs out if you think he can’t fix this?
  13. It was his shoulder. Trying to say it was his arm is just flat out wrong. We’re not on 4 straight losses because of VAR decisions. We are on 4 straight losses because we don’t have the ability to score goals in volumes that nullify the bad decisions when they come along. If we were up 3-0 we’d be annoyed at the decision then move on. We focus on the issue because we aren’t capable of winning games. Other than giving the ball to Georgevski or hoofing it to the striker, I have no clue what our route to goal is. Not sure the players know either.
  14. Meier was an odd choice from the get go. We had an all action, go go go front 3/4 then we went and signed a 36 year old 6’6 giant who could be out paced by a glacier. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t in the #byebyebabs camp at this point.
  15. Still no squad thread so I’ll put it here. We still lack a 10, but we should have options in Jan. Turns out vidosic was back in Australia pretty much as soon as he left. Apparently the plan is to sign for Adelaide. Is he worth a 6 month deal if we can pinch him?
  16. No muller at all? Ouchy. But yes I agree, in a 3/5 ATB he doesn’t fit in.
  17. How many All Blacks games are played there in a year? 3? 4?
  18. Ah bugger, I thought the other 79 expansion teams had been brought in already. Lithgow will probably be down there at the bottom of the ladder with us
  19. Shouldn't be any excuses in Wellington. He's got a fully fit squad, no heat, softer pitch, a limp opposition, cool rain, a light breeze, opposition players not deemed good enough for our squad and the list goes on. No points from the next 2 games could see us a low as 90th of 10th. It will be interesting to see how much good will is left if that occurs
  20. Win here is the only acceptable outcome. If you’re not winning games against the Nix, you’re not winning silverware. 2-0
  21. I mean this in the sense that he knew how to play the position. He might have been a bit passed his used by date based on preseason but he was extremely active in that front third. He chased down the play and got into good positions. His passing was a C- at best. Regarding the TWG, I give that almost no credibility. I don’t think anyone does. But it’s started a conversation
  22. There's none right now. January might be a different story. We had 3 opportunities to obtain a CAM, foreign or local. We only took 1 opportunity. 1) Sign a local CAM preseason - Missed 2) Sign a foreign CAM preseason - Hit, then injured 3) Sign a foreign replacement - Missed
  23. Internal turmoil is fine if the status quo is crap. And you are right, ''on paper'' is for preseason bragging. What would I change? Meier - enjoy the bench bud. Muller - get him out wide. Wilmering - bench, he's offering nothing going forward. Georgevski to LB and Kamau to RB. Mcgowan out for Ziggy. Sullivan - goes to AM (he's pretty average but he's had 2 OK games there). Jan 1 - GO AND GET A GOD DAMNED CAM. We have 3 slots left. They don't need to be a world beater, they just need to know how to play the damned position. OOOOOR We take the outrageous approach of returning to the formation we used all preseason. But the again, we have the problem of having 3 wingers and the 352 doesn't use a winger. Is it all forgotten if we when the next 3 because Duke scores a bunch of worldies? No. Is it forgotten if we win 3 games and look like a competent attacking force? Yes. Again, I'm not calling for Babbel's head just yet. But lets not forget last season happened too.
  24. 4th and dropping FAST. Lopar and Jurman are the reason we aren't 8th or something ridiculous. I'm not saying it's time to go. But people we're getting pretty upset after the first three rounds when some of us voiced concerns about how we got the points. Where does the protection of table position end? 6th? 8th?
  25. Lots of those points came to us at the start of the season under Fox from memory. Gumby arguably had a worse squad though. Id suggest in this scenario part of the problem is Babbel having a football brain, having coached tier 1 footballers and having coached in tier 1 leagues that he’s struggling with guys who just aren’t quite up to it. What you get with guys like Ange, Popa, Musky and Arnold is a strong knowledge of the local players. Saying “you’re all ****, were using the academy players” is a proven formula for failure in Australia.
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