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  1. Have to assume that’s Serdar Tasci? Seems like his career has taken a dive of a cliff the last two seasons. Injured?
  2. Joey Champness will be available by Christmas. He’s quit football to become a rapper. Superb decision
  3. Thoughts on Wilfred Bonny? Few injuries recently but he’s currently training at a Newport County and doesn’t seem to have anyone knocking at his door.
  4. It entirely depends what’s on his priority list. Does he want to play football for club and country or keep collecting cheques?
  5. Yes. As we are for any decent football player. He’s likely to end up somewhere like Belgium but Australia for 12 months certainly wouldn’t be a bad choice
  6. How so? We need another CB if we’re playing 3atb. He’s probably be coming back on marquee money so there’s lots of openings across the league there
  7. 12 games in 3 seasons. He doesn’t need another gameless season in Europe.
  8. It doesn’t. Required to have a parent born in Australia, from memory they can’t even just be nationalised. So even if his parents got their citizenship, it doesn’t mean he can automatically apply. But even if that were the case, you’re looking at years to get it all done
  9. Adam looks the goods from tonight. Sullivan was impressive if horrendously unfit. That will come. Elrich certainly can’t be left to fill the back up CB spot. Sloooooooow Time to fire Grozos out of a cannon? Potentially another season ender if it’s an ACL. Feels like we might have a Corey gameiro on our hands
  10. It’s academic now. We have a very solid 1 year stop gap fixing our biggest issue from last year - dumb goals. If it turns out he’s worth the spot, we can extend. And I think we look at this issue slightly the wrong way. We shouldn’t see it as a wasted spot. We should be bringing foreigners in to turn our shitty aspects into strengths. We scored plenty and now we have a full season with duke and Yeboah in the wings as well as a proper midfield. At the same time we leaked goals like mad, why on earth would we not use a valuable visa spot in goals.
  11. Not worried about the budget, and not interested in waiting till Christmas for a marquee. We need someone here impacting the results early
  12. Many Knleague clubs are community owned. Incheon is one of them and the primary shareholder is the local government. The club prefers to spend its money on Korean players. They take foreigners who come cheap
  13. Orenj Traffikone from PPE FC tipped to sign on as an injury replacement so it will be an upgrade
  14. Brattan to Sydney all but done. Means we either needs the like of Mile or we seriously need Ziggy to get his papers sorted.
  15. He’d be great but isn’t he on a decent contract at Panathinikos?
  16. True that. Though I question if he is ready for it. He was still part of a horribly leaky defence. It could be a question of ability or maybe just age
  17. I don’t think signing another CB says he doesn’t trust mcgowan, it’s simply a big risk going into a season with only 2 CBs. Another CB gives us options to push either Ziggy or Mcgowan forward when needed since both can play there. I’d say there’s plenty of Aussie defensive stocks floating around though, we should be looking higher up the pitch to spend a visa allocation. We know Yeboah can’t dtay fit 3 games in a row so we need more options up there than just Kamau
  18. We can spend up to his wages on a replacement. From memory theres no restriciton on who we can replace him with position wise but they need to be aussie.
  19. ALH is being offered out to PE firms right now. It’s as good as gone
  20. Sotirio probably goes in that pile too. Barely.
  21. Yeah it kind of flies in the face of the FB mouth breathers who bemoan every signing of a bloke who’s played at another Aleague club and is over 28. “GiVe A yOuNgStEr A gO” - mate we’ve played a youth player in literally every position in the last 12 months and have them starting every single game. Apparently it’s not enough for some. In the end, we want titles now. If those players are from dads army - fine. If it’s Mo Adam - fine. The team starting every week should be the 11 players most suited to success.
  22. Adelaide, Perth, Mariners, Roar, Jets and Wanderers all won silverware without marquee strikers. Not arguing we should be signing a marquee striker, but it’s certainly not essential for success. Mack pointed this out a few weeks ago - concede the fewest goals, you’ll probably win it
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