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  1. How's the grass taste, Bumjocarnt?
  2. How about the tekkers on Sullivan though? Pleasant surprise tonight.
  3. Physio/ ACL reconstructee checking in. Certainly can. Literature shows no significant functional differences between non-ops and ops 5 years post injury. There is also a theory/ emerging research that suggests non-ops are in fact less prone to long term issues (arthritis) compared to ops due to the invasive nature of surgery, which affects joint integrity. However, despite no functional differences, a large proportion of the non-ops ended up getting surgery due to perceiving instability, something that may affect performance down the track. ACLs can also heal depending on the grade of injury And yes, as @hughsey mentioned, there was an EPL player who returned to play after 8 weeks and was still playing 2 years after their injury. Though injury healing rates are very different case to case due to many intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The EPL player was probably a rarity, as conservative management tends to take almost as long as post-operative mangement. Also, Australian sports medicine is a bit behind, with surgeons/ physios pushing patients under the knife immediately compared to other parts of the world...
  4. That would be a great idea! Having noise coming from every direction would be so much more intimidating, like the old days. And yes, that WDWSF was piss poor.
  5. Who's idea was it to make the WHOLE western stand corporate? Surely there aren't that many of them to warrant a whole stand...
  6. Raheem Sterling confirmed 😂 https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/sterling-reveals-dream-to-play-abroad
  7. One of the best halves we've had this season was against roar, when we had both Fitzy and Kamau on the wings. Fitzy plays positively, and I am baffled why Sotirio has been above him in the pecking order.
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