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  1. WSWgun

    Oriol Riera

    Ori scores and wins in his last game as he hangs up the boots. https://sportsfinding.com/oriol-riera-hangs-up-his-boots-coach-oriol-begins/54312/
  2. Need to put kamau or moey on. Need attacking options...
  3. The curious case of play well + lose and play shite and win. Happy to be proven wrong today.
  4. Icing on top of the sh1t cake really
  5. A 360 million dollar stadium with leaks in the roof and no rain cover for 1/2 the seats.
  6. What a masterclass from both teams 😍..... on how NOT to defend
  7. I guess it's okay to say now because it's 2020, I LOVE COX
  8. There's no culture at the club anymore it seems. No one fights for each other or the badge. Is it the coaches fault- maybe? Players- maybe? Something up top- probably? What do you think as a player when you joint a club that pucks off the 3/4 of the squad every season? Most likely "grab my paycheck and go" after seasons end. That being said, give Babbel the season, no other coach will turn us around in this mess anyway.
  9. We looked good in the first 20 mins, actually stringing passes and playing positively. Then once we conceded, it looked as if we forgot how to pass, and everyone stood still instead of running into space to receive the ball. Rubbish effort.
  10. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/muscat-set-to-take-reins-at-belgium-outfit-sint-truiden Muscat to Belgium.
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