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  1. We look like a bunch of guys at park football who've never played together before.
  2. WSWgun

    Two Points Ditched In Mudgee

    So I leave for an outing after the first half, and come home to this ****. Night ruined
  3. Excellent football last night, but remember Nux are a pub side. Let's see if we can play like this every week. Btw, ABJ would be a good nickname for Alex .
  4. First half looked ok, but the second half was abysmal. Pissing away possession, and schoolboy errors out the back. I am fookin fed up with losing derbies, boycotting the next few if that's the dogsh1t us fans are getting served. When on earth is a derby in any other league this lopsided? I have a very bad feeling for this season based on pre season form. The "it's only pre-season" excuse does NOT cut it. We got run over by the mariners and jets, and don't get me started on those two NPL teams. We are a bottom 4 team this season, and I'm praying that I am wrong.
  5. WSWgun

    Wanderers Ease Past Bonnyrigg

    We need good wingers. Fitz and Roly ain't gunna cut it.
  6. Yallah, announce Toni Kroos
  7. Torres off to Japan. Suck **** SFC
  8. Trying to liven things up amico. My bad. But me, along with a few others, which I'm sure of, don't think this forum is an appropriate place to voice your thoughts on pulling a knife on your fiance. Just a heads up.