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  1. Admin: Account banned for trolling & multi-account use.
  2. I am predicting the future for Sydney FC , in 2 to 3 years they will be badly shamed for salary cap breaches rest on these words Manly has been caught and all it will take is for Sydney FC to hold on to this team next year and pay a player like Jordy Buis 3 times more on his salary and Adrian will be holding his hand out for a substantial increase ,Brilliante will think he is worth more , O'Neill will be looking for an increase Brosque will have to pay to play to afford the others ,Zullo will want an increase so watch this pace if they hold the team together and it will back date to last season and Ninkovic will of course raise the Ante further again
  3. You have to wonder , 5 minutes firs half and 7 minutes second Half Sydney FC behind on the Scoreboard Remember the the Newcastle win I think that was 8 minutes add on at full time cant remember the half time addon. What is going on surely we couldn't expect any cheating from the powers that be by instructing Refs to give FC every chance to win
  4. Why did Popa run so quickly to what was obviously a graveyard for coaches and players for a number of years , what was he thinking and to leave the WSW's in the poo like he did. I thought Popa was a great coach gone stale, 5 years is to long for any coach but surely he should have felt obligated to see out this year. Loyalty is a big thing and Popa showed none to the club and along with it took the support staff leaving the Wanderers floundering,. He should never ever be considered for a coaching role at the Wanderers again but should always be held in high regard as WSW legend !!!!.
  5. I think every soccer supporter was barracking for the Jets this afternoon , screw Arnie and Jordie Buijs
  6. selfish people being those stupid People the ripped the flairs
  7. If we where to receive a points deduction Western Sydney Wanderers would have a strong case in the high courts of Australia and certainly the FFA would not be prepared for that as they would struggle to prove that a wanderers supporter lit the flairs and was supported by the club in doing so. A court case like this would bring both the FFA to their knees and the A league. Hopefully Western Sydney Wanderers will make this point very clear to the FFA early on before the FFA does something stupid.
  8. 2 examples above of what the wanderers don't need
  9. Its alright for the club to do this but at the least Western Sydney Wanderers will be fined and suspended points deduction , at the worst immediate points deduction. Forget all the dribble about how unfair this ban is and you in the RBB tell the club (anonymously if you wish) who the hell these hooligans are and add them to the banned for life list. RBB manage your group, if you see a stranger in with you check them out see if their not a rival supporter (might be a bit difficult) Club how about spending some money on camera monitoring in these situations , especially if flairs were found in the toilets at Alliance the day before , put enough cameras up so these hooligans get caught. Lets solve this for good , Wanderers need the RBB but not under it's current form. Geez I have been at games where just the presence of RBB gives us an advantage has anybody been to Newcastle and listen to the march and noise as the go along the back of the eastern stand , you can see it in the eyes of the Newcastle people that the Wanderers are here to play. Come on lets fix this before we lose points if it is not to late.
  10. I agree with FCB something smells at The Smurfs not just the fact the quality of the team this but to be able to retain most of a premiership winning team and still remain under the salary cap and only lose 1 significant player in Holosko does not seem right even if they are maxing their investment on 13 players , there is still another 3 or 4 being payed fulltime wages to be available to play and if they were on a wage eqivilant to a tradesman they would be earning 60 to 70k each . All of the premiership winning team would be piutting their hand up for more pay and remember Zullo was on the move in January and they held on to him , only one way to do that and that is more money. Their is way to much protection for Sydney FC including on the park from referee's , at Admin level from the FFA and in the published news. It is time an investigation is carried out to look for other forms of payment going on , like where is Ninkovics wife employed , who pays for the weekly groceries etc: There is a lot things that can payed and covered by being and expense item in the books. One day the truth will be told
  11. Geez Fellas Give Gombeau a go , he has 3 good results and lose to a cheating salary capping bunch of chunts coached by the greatest Grub in Australian sporting history and captained by a frigging western suburbs turn coat who does nothing but put crap on anything this side of Alliance Stadium. Gombeau is right , swings and roundabouts the end of this season is nigh and watch all the bigshot Smurfs will want more money and overseas they go , (back in 12 months with their tail between their legs that was proven in the last 2 weeks in Asia) Arnie will spend 12 months as Aussies coach without a win and get the sack Brosque will retire and then find out what life is like in the west , Carney will join a carnival as an actor Simons will retire to Taronga Park Zoo and live his life out as a Giraffe Merzulesi (the Pole) will go back to Poland and become a farmer after he finds his muscles aint that big, Ninkovic will go Back to Serbia and become a full time carer for his aged parents Bobo will join the carnival with Carney and become a clown Remayne will be exposed and sacked and that will be his 4th club sacking The wanderers with Gombeau as our leader will recruit very well and we WILL be Grand finalists in 2018 /2019 oh how the wheel turns !!!!!!!!!
  12. We don't need flares surely we have learned the stupidity of that and lets hope the culprits don't get to see a live A league game for along time. We don't Need Roly he is suspended next week keep him on the bench , we don't need bridge who you would think liked The smurfs more than his employer , he was cuddling up with Arnie after the game get rid of him NOW and give Cejudo game time he can't do any worse. Give the baccus brothers more time on the field Geez I hate Arnie and still struggle to think The smurfs are under the salary cap Green the ref was very obviously leaning to The smurfs every time we breathed on a Smurf his whistle was out and they could do what they wanted to us. Cant wait for next week
  13. I think we have turned a corner and will only get better , great game of Football from both teams
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