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  1. Tickets on sale for members. Just got 4 in case.
  2. I think we'll see a new formation after the bye. Well, not a new one, but back to the 3 at the back which worked in pre-season. The 4-2-2-2 isn't working, and with Ziegler now back in the frame it wouldn't surprise me to see us go back to 3 at the back. We played 3 at the back for most of the pre-season, then Meier arrived and it didn't quite work and we didn't have enough fit CBs so we mixed it up. I think Georgevski (and Kamau) were just about our best in pre-season playing as more advanced wing backs, as opposed to left and right backs, so if Bruce is back after the bye, we might see Wilmering back to the bench and move back to the wing back formation. Yeboah can have a spell on the bench as well. I think if he and Adam are both on the bench, they provide us 2 attacking options that have some pace and can seriously cause some trouble. I'd also give Baccus a rocket and make sure he knows that his spot in the starting XI is no longer secure / guaranteed. He has gone backwards after such a good year last year and needs something to wake him up. It might even be a week or 2 on the bench. Duke - Meier Muller Baccus - Schwegler Georgevski---------------------------------------Kamau Jurman - Ziegler - McGowan Lopar Bench - Suman, Tass, Russell, Wilmering, Grozos, Adam, Yeboah.
  3. Looks like the team and coaching staff enjoyed themselves as much as the away fans. Geelong is a shithole - don't blame the coach and team wanting to get out of there as quickly as possible.
  4. Quote from the wife after the game tonight. Keep in mind the wife never really experienced the disaster of SOP and was originally a Wellington Pheonix girl. "I really appreciate how nice the new stadium is. I thought it was too steep and hard to get up and down at first but the views from every single part of it are a million times better than the other grounds we go to"
  5. What a horrible experience this weekend has been. Rubbish Sydney airport cancelling 50+ flights yesterday. Rubbish drive from Melbourne to Geelong today - there is literally nothing here. Rubbish atmosphere in Geelong itself - place is a shithole. Rubbish stadium. Rubbish weather. Rubbish atmosphere. Rubbish crowd. Rubbish performance by us. Rubbish performance by the referee. Rubbish game in general that hardly deserved a winner. If they are going to be "based" out of Geelong for 3-4 years whilst they wait for a new suburb to be built so they can build a stadium in this new suburb, then they are going to never get off the ground and fail as a new team. How the **** anyone can decide that this franchise was a better option than South Melbourne, Canberra, Illawarra, or Tasmania I will never know. Onto our performance - also rubbish. Outside of 45 mins against Victory and putting the body on the line against Sydney, our results have definitely not matched our performance. Bye next week has come at a good time and I'm not prepared to give up yet because we have plenty of talent, but I'm not convinced the 4-2-2-2 formation is the right one for us and fingers crossed we find a way to get Schwegler on the ball more and Muller / Meier involved in the game in a positive way. **** Western United - never doing an away trip here again.
  6. I walked the stadium twice trying to find the ticket office pre-game and saw the same 2 people that were taken out of the march walking with 3 police back toward the away fans gate. At that stage (10-15 mins after they were first stopped), everything looked ok.
  7. Was that on the march Cynth? Or inside the stadium? I was 200m behind the march walking to the ground and saw police bail up 2 wsw fans who clearly had nothing to do with the flare. One of them MAY have been drunk, but they were clearly not involved.
  8. Airport is chaos this morning. 41 flights had been cancelled yesterday afternoon / evening (ours was one of them) when I checked at 4pm so wifey and I are just about to leave now. Good luck if you're flying down later this arvo. See you at the pub 👍
  9. Airport is chaos this morning. 41 flights had been cancelled yesterday afternoon / evening (ours was one of them) when I checked at 4pm so wifey and I are just about to leave now. Good luck if you're flying down later this arvo. See you at the pub 👍
  10. AWAY DAYS DETAILS! WSW v West of Somewhere United Pre drinks at the Cremorne Hotel - 336 Pakington St, Newtown, 3220 Join us from 2pm, with the march starting at 6.45pm.
  11. Ok - reading my post again, maybe I went a bit over the top. Sorry if I offended anyone. haha What I was getting at........I expect rubbish comments like this on social media pages - not on a Wanderers fan forum where we are all Wanderers fans.
  12. Jesus Christ. You'd think this was the Wellington Pheonix forum reading the general vibe in here. 4 games, 4 losses, 3 of them absolutely dudded by the match officials and they have every right to be feeling a bit down this morning. Oh, no - this is the Western Sydney Wanderers forum and the team is on top of the league and hasn't lost a game yet. Brisbane are horrible to watch this year. The game against Perth, the game against Victory - both absolute scraps and every single game they play this year is going to be like that. They will be hard to break down, they will be tough and gritty. They have a limited skill-set so that is their style of play, so if you want to watch some nice attacking free-flowing football, can I suggest skipping Roar matches this season? If you weren't expecting the type of game that occurred, then your opinion on how we played or how we should play means f*ck all because you know absolutely nothing about football. On to our performance. Was it great? No. Was it good? No. Did we look slightly fatigued after the emotional high of winning the derby last week? Yes Did we play in stinking hot and humid conditions and as a result not move around off the ball or play as quickly as we have in the past? Yes Did we somehow find a way to keep our second straight clean-sheet? Yes Did 2 of our imports start on the bench, coming on to get their first minutes of the season? Yes Did our best player go off injured 10 mins into the match, forcing us to replace him with a centre back? Yes Are we four games into the season, currently unbeaten, on top of the league, having conceded only TWO goals in 360 minutes of football, one of which was a deflection and one of which was a penalty? Yes, although you wouldn't f*cking know it reading the tripe in here. Give yourself an upper-cut, the lot of you.
  13. The ball didn't cross the line. Lucky, sure, but the refs got it right. But to me, the Baccus one looked a handball live, looked a handball on the first replay, and looked a handball on every replay I've seen since. I genuinely don't know what the interpretation of the rule is now so if they've looked at it and said it isn't, fair enough, but if that was down the other end I'd still be screaming at them calling for a pen.
  14. With any luck, Nizic and Vedran will not be our problem come January. Tarek is a good clubman who can sit on the bench and provide defensive cover in 3 or 4 positions. He won't be challenging for the first team. Kamau will be effective as a WB in a 3-5-2 formation. I don't know where he fits into the team if we play 4 at the back though. He probably doesn't unless it's to give Duke / Yeboah a spell and he plays further up the pitch. JOD is the unknown and I hope he gets a chance to prove himself when fit. I get the feeling Babbell likes him.
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