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  1. Ideally, you flew to Australia for eight games. You could have let your contract expire comfortably on the sofa at home. Why are you taking on the strain again? It's just not my way. As a young player, I wouldn't have thought it cool if the older players behaved that way. But of course I am already aware that it would definitely have been easier to stay with my wife in Frankfurt. Especially since I have to quarantine for two weeks after my arrival in Australia. Respect Pirim.
  2. That sounds good in theory. Until there is a Married at First Sight style edit and the vision cuts to flares in Turkey with Cynth's family photo-shopped in the back-ground and the 5 year ban becomes a lifetime ban with ACA pushing for the death penalty.
  3. I can only assume he is one of the "already signed elsewhere players" and given he doesn't add any value to the team's performance this year, there is literally no point in persisting with him.
  4. Maybe if there is $1000 walking out the door the club might actually give a f*ck.
  5. That is horrible. I was at the Geelong game, about 100m behind the march thanks to food coming out late at the Away Pub and saw the police with your brother-in-law / nephew up against the fence when we caught up (after getting stuck behind the Police Horses). It was clear-as-day that they had nothing to do with the flare on the march. Stevie Wonder could have figured out they weren't involved. The fact that the club has done nothing and are acting like they want to help "after the ban goes through" is absolutely disgusting, poor management, and shows exactly where the club puts it's fans on the scale of importance.
  6. Some very interesting comments in there, huh!!
  7. Has there been any confirmation from Ticketek about refunds?
  8. How's your little f*cking shed of a stadium now East Sydney you sh*t c*nts.
  9. Sorry @Wanderboy Tickets have been claimed.
  10. 2 tickets gone. 2 tickets still available.
  11. Hello friends. I bought 4 tickets to the derby back in November. Since then, my parents have booked a family holiday next weekend for the entire family, and I'm already in trouble off Mum for skipping the Sunday to play golf! So I won't be able to go to the game Anywho...... 4 tickets, front row, the bay immediately to the right of the RBB. Don't remember what I paid (given it was Sydney FC and they try to gouge us, I probably got concession tickets - f*ck em), but if anyone wants them I'll sell to you for the same price. Shoot me a PM if anyone needs them. Section: SCONCW Row: A Seat/s: ***** Price Category: Away Bronze Reserved
  12. Prepared to give Meier a bit of slack. If your personal life isn't sorted off the pitch, there's no way your performance on the pitch can be at it's absolute best. Would be interested to see why his wife and child were denied visas?
  13. The thing that makes me nervous with caretaker coaches stepping in, who were previously the assistant...... If the players would not "get-up" for the head coach, but all of a sudden play like world beaters for the 2IC and show a bit of pride for the club, then what kind of culture is at the joint that they are deliberately not putting in to get the coach sacked? Do not like this at all, no matter what way it plays out.
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