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  1. One pot and any member federation vs A League fixture is played at the member federation home ground. Easy 👍
  2. Still had a year to go on his contract, but there was a clause saying he could leave on a free if they weren't in the top flight. This guy has the pedigree to be one of our best import signings. The perfect foil for our young central midfielders.
  3. Go the Nix (just not this weekend)
  4. Roberts injured. Shame as he’s looked really good on the right. Good news. He’s come back on and trying to run it off.
  5. Scott with a brilliant goal line block.....from a Tarek shot
  6. 1-0 up at halftime. Fitzgerald with the goal at the back post after a beautiful cross from John Roberts. Scott still looks out of his depth at this level. Jordan O’Doherty has been the pick of the midfield triangle with Grozos and Tokich.
  7. Pup55

    Brendan Hamill

    Now that Hamill has been given a position and a chance for him to own it, lets judge him on 2018/2019 rather than the last couple of years where he has been shifted from central, to the right, to the left, and filling in as a Mr Fix It. He will have a breakout season this year and love that a local boy he has been given a chance to captain the team.
  8. I think we’re only one really good central midfielder away from being really competitive this year. Vedran is more than good enough for the A League in goals. Risdon / Llorente as fullbacks with Tarek acting as cover is fine. Hamill / Aussie Pat / Tongyik as central defenders will be fine. I’ve been a fan of Hamill since day one, and being shuffled around the backline as the utility we haven’t seen the best of him. Hamill will step up and have a breakout season this year. Just watch. Riera and Baumjohan as #9 and #10 are better than fine. And a combination of Roly / Kamau / Fitzgerald / Bridge as wingers will score enough goals between to compliment the two attackers. But Baccus / Baccus / Tokich in the middle of the park will get steamrolled in the big games. I like the look of Tokich and next to a ball winning midfielder who knows how to protect his back 4, he’ll do fine. Just need Aussie Pat to get his citizenship so we can get an overseas DM. Bring on the new season.
  9. We were missing - our first choice CB and captain (Cornthwaite). - our first choice left back (Llorente). - our first choice winger (Cejudo). - our first choice central midfielder to partner Baccus (Herd). Of the starting 11 tonight, there were 5 that won't be there when we are full strength. Throw in Bridge and Santa off the bench and we'll be right. Just relax ffs
  10. Thanks mate. Anyone know if those seats on the other side of the ground are what is considered general admission? Doesn't worry me but don't think mum and dad will last 2.5 hours standing on the hill.
  11. How many seats does Lilly's have in the 7,500 capacity? Is it just the one little grandstand?
  12. According to transfermarkt...... The winger is a 360k player. The left back is a 600k player. Jumpeii is listed at 450k.
  13. No Pax. Can't print the tickets yet for some reason.
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