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  1. IF Graham were to come, the Rivers faithful are going to be pissed......they all think very highly of him. Everyone does, except the coach it would appear. https://www.brfcs.com/mb/index.php?/forums/topic/34183-dg-off-to-australia/&page=2
  2. Rumours are that Blackburn have signed attacking midfielder Lewis Holtby who has gained a release from Hamburg........
  3. Posted at 3:18 on Friday afternoon....... Graham to be left out of the squad tomorrow night, manager quoted pre game as "not in the right head space to play", before the deal is pushed through early next week. It's happening πŸ‘€
  4. Well, well, well. After being "so important" to the plans, Danny Graham is an unused substitute for the first time all season πŸ‘€
  5. Graham to be left out of the squad tomorrow night, manager quoted pre game as "not in the right head space to play", before the deal is pushed through early next week. It's happening πŸ‘€
  6. I would have thought the coach of Blackburn giving quotes on Danny Graham being offered a deal by WSW was a reputable source
  7. Australian side Western Sydney Wanderers are interested in a move for Danny Graham – but the Rovers striker looks set to stay at Ewood Park. Tony Mowbray revealed he was approached by the A-League side about the possibility of signing Graham whose deal expires at the end of the season. But it is understood the A-League side, managed by former Rover Markus Babbel, had floated the prospect of Graham ending his contract with Rovers early to sign an extended deal with Wanderers ahead of the new season which starts on October 11. β€œI did take a random call and I think that was a possibility,” Mowbray told the Lancashire Telegraph of Graham who has 55 Rovers goals since arriving in January 2016. β€œI ran it by Danny out of respect for Danny Graham. The conversation I had was about the term of that contract. β€œI would hope that he’d want to stay and fight for his place and enjoy his career at this club because I want him to enjoy his football. β€œAt the same time, the terms I was told of that deal would have been good for Danny Graham so I felt rather than keep that one discussion to myself I would let him make the decision. β€œIt looks to me, because nothing has come of it, is that he’s happy to stay here and fight for his place and be part of Blackburn Rovers.”
  8. I have no doubt he'll do a job in the A League. Graham is just a bit of a let down from some of the other names mentioned and the comments that the owners have been making, that's all.
  9. Bankwest is a sell out for the Eels semi final.
  10. I think someone like this guy shows us one thing.....the season is now less than a month away and we're running out of time. Graham is a serviceable journeyman who is rock hard fit, has a clean injury record, and has a long career getting hacked all over the UK. We know (hope) his body will hold up in Australia. He isn't a marquee, and he isn't a big name that puts bums on seats, but he is a safe number 9 who would likely do a good job. I don't think he'd be the man to lead the line on his own, but in a partnership with Duke or Yeboah running off him, I think he'd be effective. 124 Premier League games. 233 Championship games. 146 League One games. 45 FA / League Cup Games. 500+ games across England and has scored 166 goals in the process. Compare him to someone like Adam Le Fondre who has done really really well in the A League......similar number of games across the UK, although half of ALF career and 70% of his goals were scored in his 234 League Two matches. A division that Graham has never seen. On paper........Graham > Le Fondre. Maybe we've decided to go safe now a month out, with limited options available, and hope that Ziegler becomes an Aussie between now and January which would allow us to strengthen in any area we see fit? Blackburn play again at midnight Saturday. We'll see if he is in the squad then......
  11. God damn it Santi, I got excited thinking you were leaking info about a new signing. I couldn't find Google translate quick enough. Hello everyone, I am Argentine I do not understand much of English but I will limit myself to reading, thank you very much
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.lancs.live/sport/football/football-news/blackburn-rovers-boss-danny-graham-16750618.amp This article (from a month ago) makes me think a move wouldn't be off the cards either.....
  13. We're up to page 137 btw. Signing imminent πŸ‘€
  14. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2019/january/a-z-danny-graham/ DONE DEAL. DANNY GRAHAM TO WESTERN SYDNEY. (Scroll down to the letter W in the A to Z)
  15. So it looks like we've decided to settle on a mid ranger because all the other options have run out of time with the season only weeks away now. Graham is a safe bet who will probably do a job for 12 months. But he's no marquee.
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