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  1. Makes sense our first off season signing is a left back.
  2. If there was a position on the field that we probably didn't need any coverage, it's left back.
  3. Would love to see them try a new formation that removes all our rubbish defenders. Something like........ Muller - Troisi - Cox - McDonald - Duke - Kamau Baccus - Dorrans Tass - Ziggy Margush
  4. Bringing my 10 month old to his first WSW game Saturday Please score 4 in the first half as we probably won't last 90 minutes.
  5. First half rubbish. Second half brilliant. We are going to get better and better as the season goes on and can do some damage in this comp.
  6. I would love to see us go to 4 at the back and think with all the attacking options we have, it suits our squad the best, but that 5-3-2 formation is one thing I'm pretty sure Robbo is locked in on. We legitimately have cover in every single position. Our "B Team" is stronger than some of the teams we've trotted out over the last few years. A Team Cox Duke Muller Baccus Dorrans Aqualina Russell Tass - McGowan - Gordon Margush B Team Ibini Yeboah
  7. Reckon it was more to do with fitness then wanting to take Cox and Mueller off at the same time.......
  8. Sucks we lost, but definitely don’t think it was as bad as people in here think. Federici was unreal and the Bulls are going to be pretty solid this year, and they definitely didn’t outplay us. Good - Russell, Gordon, Tass, Baccus Meh - Margush, McGowan, Dorrans, Ibini, Troisi Bad - Georgevski, Cox As I said in the game thread, the formation just doesn’t work at all and whilst Cox should have done better on occasions for sure, 90% of the time he was getting the ball played into him with a 6’6 center back all over him. Using practically the same players, with Mueller in
  9. We’ve also just gone to 4 at the back so maybe Aquafina is a natural RB and suits this system more
  10. Tate was one of our best. Strange sub that’s for sure if he could have lasted the 90
  11. He came off and just walked right past us and he wasn’t moving completely freely. Might have copped a knock mate, or it was just how you walk after playing 75 mins first game of the year. Haha
  12. Dumb dumb dumb dumb foul By a dumb dumb dumb dumb footballer Shame because he’s been good tonight
  13. I don’t love 5 at the back and 2 deep lying midfielders. I do love Tass and Ibini. The formation doesn’t work and we need 1 more man in the front half if we’re ever going to do anything other than look semi dangerous on the counter. PS - Margush is very loud
  14. Bruce has quality that not many Aussies have in the A-League. We don't see enough of it, but I'm happy he's still on our books. Hope Robbo can turn is 1/5 good games into 1/5 bad games.
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